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How Long Does Spray Paint Take to Dry

How Long Does Spray Paint Take to Dry – Reducing Spray Paint Dry Time

  Spray paint has effectively made its way into every facet of society, from street culture to high art, from DIY projects to automotive engineering, spray paint has provided all of us with a quick, effective, effortless means of beautifying our workpieces at a fraction of the price of using a spray gun. Yet have…

Best Airless Paint Sprayer

Best Airless Paint Sprayer – Finding and Using the Top Airless Paint Gun

  Whether you are looking to repaint your interior or exterior walls, or simply looking to add a splash of color to your latest DIY creation, you are going to want to ensure a beautiful, smooth finish. You will also want to get the project done in the most efficient and professional way possible. This…

best gold spray paint

Best Gold Spray Paint – All about Metallic Spray Paint Colors

  Since we first found gold on earth, it has become a currency and driven humanity forward. And, ever since that happened, people have been obsessed with the status and wealth that it can bring, as well as the beauty of its color. These days, we have made the color easily available. Gold pieces are…

spray paint for furniture

Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture – Furniture Paint Spraying Review

  A furniture paint sprayer is a painting tool that has gained popularity over the years with both amateurs and professionals. The main benefits include completing a paint job faster with less effort and ending up with a smooth and professional finish. The problem is deciding on what the best paint sprayer for furniture is….

paint masks

Best Paint Respirator – All About Respirators for Painters

  At some stage in our lives, we have all done some home improvements or various jobs in and around the house. Some of these have involved exposure to dangerous, harmful toxins and chemicals. The job may have been painting your house or furniture, spraying pesticides in the garden, using adhesives or caustic products, or…

best paint sprayer for kitchen cabinets

Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets – How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with Spray Gun

  It can be a daunting task to take on painting a cabinet, with the detailed specifications required and the various steps to follow. Working with a spray gun allows for a quicker and easier application process and provides a smooth, attractive finish. If you are looking for the most effective way to paint your…

interior paint sprayer

Best Paint Sprayer for Walls – All about Indoor Paint Sprayers

  We all want our homes or projects to be presentable and look their best; painting is one of the ways we can use it to achieve this. There are so many types of tools that enable us to paint for example brushes, rollers and paint sprayers. Due to technological advancement paint sprayers have proven…

copper paint for metal

Best Copper Spray Paint – Our Copper Spray Paint Comparison

  Copper spray paint is used to paint pretty much anything. However, this does not mean that all copper paints are the same or equal. Some copper paints work well than others. This makes the process of picking the right one a little bit complicated. Picking the right one will make a lot of difference…

low cfm spray gun

Best LVLP Spray Gun – All about Low Volume Low Pressure Spray Guns

  An LVLP (Low Volume, Low Pressure) spray gun is best known for having low air consumption, utilizing a lower strength air compressor, saving you money and giving you an upper hand when it comes to DIY projects. If you have those semi-professional jobs that you would like to complete, then this spray gun is…

best spray paint primer

Best Spray Paint Primer – Perfect Primer Spray Paint for Your Project

  Whether you are painting a beautiful artwork, a model, a wall, wooden furniture, or various other things, having the best spray paint primer will make a huge difference. Primer is required before starting most painting jobs, and a spray primer offers greater convenience and a smoother finish. If you are looking for the best…

best spray paint for graffiti

Best Spray Paint for Graffiti – Graffiti Spray Paints Overview

  Graffiti is a totally unique art form. The world is full of amazing graffiti spray paint artists that produce widely-respected, famous works of art. For those that take graffiti seriously, the best spray paint for graffiti will be needed. This is a very specific type of paint as it needs to be able to…

best polyurethane spray

Best Polyurethane Spray – Your Complete Guide for Spraying Polyurethane

  Polyurethane offers a brilliant finish for a wide range of DIY projects. Many people get intimidated by using polyurethane, as this substance can offer challenges. However, once it cures, polyurethane is durable, clear, and offers a good looking finish for a wide range of surfaces. Using a polyurethane spray is always a good option,…

How to Thin Paint for Spray Gun – Guide for Thinning Paint for Sprayer

How to Thin Paint for Spray Gun – Guide for Thinning Paint for Sprayer

  The result of your spray paint project relies not only on technique but also depends on how you go about thinning paint for spraying. You can be as careful as possible with spraying but if the paint is uneven or lacks consistency, your results will not be what you want. How to thin paint…

automobile paint sprayer

Best Automotive Paint Gun – Overview of Spray Gun for Painting Cars

  When it comes to automotive painting, it is something that requires a firm hand and precision. The best way to accomplish a professional job is to have access to the proper equipment. In many cases, the final results will indicate whether you have used the best auto paint gun or not. Those that deal…

best cordless paint sprayer

Best Cordless Paint Sprayer – Everything about Battery Paint Sprayers

  Using a battery powered paint sprayer for painting projects offers numerous advantages. These devices make the work much easier and faster compared to a brush or roller. The other obvious advantage is that they don’t require a power point, and can be used absolutely anywhere. If you have large areas to paint, then a…

best spray tan machine

Best Spray Tan Machine – Guide to Spray Tanning Kits

  For many, an evenly tanned body is part of the summer. It stands for vacation feeling, self-confidence and attractiveness. A sun-tanned body lets however also always thoughts of the harmful UV-RADIATION arise. The so-called airbrush or spray tanning, tanning with the help of an airbrush gun is a healthy alternative. Some time ago, only…

makeup airbrush

Best Airbrush Makeup Kit – How to create a flawless Skin

  Make Up Artists represent a very special form of artists. They do not create their works of art on canvas, but on the faces of people. Nowadays the airbrush technique is often used for this purpose. This is known mainly from industrial painting, such as car bodies. Here you can learn what makes airbrush…

iwata eclipse airbrush

IWATA Eclipse HP-CS Airbrush Kit – Large Review

  Airbrushes are amazing and versatile tools as you can use them for creating stunning artworks, models, crafts, cake decorations, tattoos, T-shirts and much more. However, how do you go about purchasing the right one to suit your particular project needs? This can be an overwhelming task as there are many airbrush types on the…

airbrush enamel paint.jpg

Enamel Airbrush Paint – How to thin Enamel Paint for Airbrush

  All enamel paints are recognized for their glossy finish and durability. The question is can you use enamel paint with an airbrush? Enamel paints have been on the market for many years and in that time have seen significant improvements. Below you will discover how to use enamel paint with your airbrush.    …

airbrushed mask

Airbrush Mask – Should you wear a Respirator for Airbrushing?

  When using an airbrush, you are spraying paint that could be inhaled. This brings us to the question, whether or not you should wear an airbrush mask or respirator. Read further to discover more about airbrushing and what type of airbrush mask is best to use.     Why you should wear a Respirator…

thinning acrylic paint for airbrush

Thinning Acrylic Paint for Airbrush – Recipes and Tutorial

  Airbrushing acrylic paints can be used for many purposes because it comes in opaque as well as transparent options. The acrylic paint is safe as it is water-based. Other benefits of using acrylic paints include no odor, no fumes and you can easily use the paint indoors even if the space you are using…

iwata airbrush compressor

Iwata Airbrush Compressor – Overview of best Iwata Air Compressors

  Iwata has developed a reputation for providing superior air compressors. They only use Grade A materials and the most sophisticated technology, which makes the Iwata air compressors so popular and trustworthy. The Iwata airbrush compressor is efficient, neat, produces hardly any noise and best of all, is reasonably priced. You can easily use the…

airbrush shirts

Airbrush Shirts – Tutorial how to create your own Airbrush T-Shirts

  Airbrushing T-Shirts has become a popular craft today. However, doing the job might be a lot more difficult than it first appears. The most difficult job being able to control the airbrush. This means you will need to learn how to produce consistent and even strokes with your paint. Once you have mastered this…

airbrush spray booth

Airbrush Spray Booth – Find the Best Model for your Projects

  Airbrushing is suitable for many different art forms and offers a wide range of possibilities for creative work. However, the fine atomization of paint also has a disadvantage: When working with atomized airbrush paint, it can get into the respiratory tract. Therefore, when airbrushing, you should not only wear a breathing mask, but also…

silk luminess airbrush

Luminess Silk Reviews – Helpful Guide for Luminaires Makeup

  There is a vast range of makeup products available on the market today, each proclaiming to restore or enhance your beauty. However, there is one product that stands out from the rest and that is the Luminess Airbrush Makeup System. The following Luminess Silk Reviews will help you learn all about this special Makeup…

cake airbrush

Cake Airbrush Guide and Tutorial: Best Airbrush for Cakes and Pastries

  The eye eats, as is well known. Therefore, a beautifully designed cake, whether with fondant, marzipan flowers or cream, is equally appealing and appetizing. Within the last few years, a new possibility has emerged in the field of baking: Airbrush for pastry and cake design. In this guide you can find out what this…

airbrush stencils

Airbrush Stencils – Use Airbrush templates and make your own [Guide]

  The airbrush technique makes it possible to conjure up lifelike works of art on the most diverse surfaces. In particular, subtle color gradients and shadows can be applied effortlessly with an airbrush gun. However, clear lines and contours are rather difficult to place. Often the airbrush artist still uses a conventional brush for this…

how to clean airbrush

How to clean Airbrush – Valuable Tips for using Airbrush cleaner right

  The airbrush gun is an extremely precise tool, which consists of different parts that are precisely matched to each other. To ensure that you can enjoy your airbrush gun for as long as possible, careful treatment and regular cleaning is essential. With the correct cleaning you ensure that the spray pattern is consistently fine…

airbrush kit for kids

Best Airbrush Kit for Kids – Safe Kids Airbrushing

  Many parents are always looking for employment opportunities for their children where they can not only be creative but also receive optimal support. Airbrushing for children could be a good opportunity for this. What this is and what parents should pay attention to when airbrushing sets for children, we reveal in this guide.  …

miniature airbrush

Miniature Airbrush – Helpful Guide and the best model Airbrush Kit

  Hobby model makers usually want to give their miniatures a realistic look. With an airbrush pistol, designing is particularly easy. This technique can be learned quickly, and you can create beautiful works of art after only a few exercises. In this way, a large number of model dioramas, figures, or miniature buildings can be…

best airbrush compressor

Best Airbrush Compressor: Helpful Guide with Market Overview

  As soon as you start airbrushing, the question of which compressor is most suitable inevitably arises. There are several important characteristics that make the choice not so straightforward. We will help you to choose the right model – with our in-depth Airbrush Compressor Guide.       What is an Airbrush Compressor? In general,…

airbrush paint

Airbrush Paint Guide – Suitable Colorants for Airbrushing

  If you want to create art with an airbrush gun, you won’t be able to avoid the question of which colors are the best. Besides the basic question of which paints are suitable for an airbrush, there are several well-known manufacturers to choose from. We tell you which airbrush paints are the best, whether…

master airbrush art

Master Airbrush Art – The Best Guide to Using an Airbrush for Beginners

  Many artists like to experiment, and sooner or later come across the subject of airbrushing. But what exactly is airbrushing? In this airbrush tutorial, we explore everything that you need to know about the airbrush technique, the different types of airbrush guns available, and how to airbrush for beginners. We also explore the difference…