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Art n Glow Resin – All you need to know about this Epoxy Brand

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There are more and more Epoxy Resin brands on the market. Art n Glow is out there for several years and delivers high-quality Epoxy resin as well as different kinds of pigments and paints for DIY crafters. We would like to give you an insight of the company and its products.




About Art N Glow

Art N Glow was established after the founder’s visit to the exhibit at Dallas focused on bioluminescence at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. He was in search of a possibility wherein he could potentially capture the beauty of all that glows on a canvas so that it could be admired whenever and wherever. Art N Glow produces a wide range of products including epoxy resins, glow powder and paints, Metallic and Pearl pigments, and, charging lights.



Why is Art N Glow Resin so popular?

Art N Glow resin can be effectively used as a casting resin or as a seamless table epoxy resin. The fact that it dries up crystal clear is what makes it lovable by users. Additionally, the product ensures that it is self-leveling, self degassing, and odorless. Although it is odorless, it is ideal to use it in airy and open spaces. This resin has sufficient work time of forty minutes that assures smooth and facile work. It is great for beginners as the work time is sufficient to manipulate until it gets dried up.

This resin is UV proof which denotes the mitigation of the yellowing process. This resin works efficiently for projects under the sunlight. Please note that longer exposure to light might gradually result in yellowing. The mixing ratio of the product is 1:1 which is simple and easily understandable even for beginners.

The resin was engineered in a way that enhanced its brightness in dark pigments. The optimum casting capacity of the resin is six fluid ounces in total. If you use it for coating purposes, there are no limits of the total amount you can work within one pour.

epoxy tafel maken




16 ounces cover about 3 sq. feet at 1/16th inch of thickness

32 ounces cover about 6 sq. feet at 1/16th inch of thickness

64 ounces cover about 12 sq. feet at 1/16th inch of thickness

1 gallon covers about 24 sq. feet at 1/16th inch of thickness

2 gallons cover about 48 sq. feet at 1/16th inch of thickness

You can also check out our Epoxy calculator if you want to calculte the amount of Resin you need for your project.



Available Kits and Procedure

Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin
  • Cures crystal clear and resists yellowing with high gloss finish
  • 1:1 Mixing Ratio, Self-leveling
  • BPA and VOC free, low odor
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The product comes in five different sizes; 16 ounces, 32 ounces as well as 1 / 2 / 10 gallon kits. To optimize the output, make sure the temperature is anywhere between 72 F and 78 F. Epoxy tends to cure easily when it nearly reaches 78 F. The resin can bear temperatures up to 120 degrees. While working with the product, you can alter the heat to change the course of action. When you shift the resin from a cool to hot temperature, for example, you could keep it in a hot water bucket, you will witness that the resin cures faster. This can also be effective in reducing the bubbles. Note that you will get 30 minutes of work time rather than the regular forty minutes.

  • To prevent the formation of air bubbles in your mixture, you need to mix it thoroughly and consistently. You can also push the stirring utensil to the bottom of the cup to resist bubbling.
  • When the resin and the hardener are combined, wait for two minutes, and then you can use a toothpick, straw, kitchen torch, lighter, or related articles to get rid of the bubbles. Continuously keep a check on the mixture for the next two hours to prevent air bubbles.
  • When you realize that the resin and hardener are becoming milky or cloudy; note that the temperature of the resin is too low.
  • One tip to mitigate the bubbling while utilizing this product is to add the hardener to that side of the bucket where the resin is placed. You need to be firm while slowly combining the two materials to avoid bubbles.
  • In case your project requires multiple layers of coating to acquire the desired thickness, you should wait for a minimum of three hours and a maximum of five hours to avoid clouding or stickiness. Make sure you sand and clean the resin for further layers of coating.
  • The resin will be hardened after a day and will be totally cured after 72 hours. Art N Glow casting resin is considered to be safe and non-toxic. Although it doesn’t induce fumes, it is ideal to wear goggles and gloves while working.
  • Art N Glow resin sticks to mediums like wood, canvas, aluminum, concrete, oil paint, leaves, rocks, and many other mediums. On the other hand, it doesn’t stick to wax papers, silicone, plastic tarps, and the backside of tape.



How to mix Art and Glow Resin with Color Mediums

The ratio of resin and hardener:

Carefully follow the 1:1 ratio while mixing resin and hardener to ensure that the resin cures properly. Mix the material thoroughly and consistently for about three to five minutes.

The ratio of Glow powder and resin

Apply 1:4 ratio which means for every 7 grams of glow powder you need to add one ounce of resin and hardener mixture. This ratio assures you of the desired glow for a longer duration. You can try experimenting with different amounts of glow powder.

The ratio of pigment powder to clear paint medium

You need to apply a 1:4 ratio of pigment powder to a clear paint medium. This ratio ensures the brightest glow for a good amount of time. As being stated earlier, you can try experimenting with more or fewer quantities.

The ratio of Pearlescent powder and resin

You require one gram of pearlescent powder for every ounce of resin and hardener mixture. Although this ratio is perfect, you can experiment to attain your desired effect.

Tolerance to heat

The maximum point of heat tolerance of the product is 120 F. Art N Glow resin works well as a coaster but it cannot be used for hot coffee cups or as a hot plate.



Is Art N Glow Resin Food safe?

When used as per the guidelines, Art N Glow is considered to be non-toxic and is one of the few food safe epoxy resins in compliance with FDA regulations CFR 21 175.300. This product conforms to ASTM D4236 and is suitable to work on home premises. According to the American Society for Testing Materials, Art N Glow resin doesn’t produce volatile organic compounds or fumes. It is not flammable and additionally doesn’t possess airborne qualities.

This is why Art ‘n Glow Resin is a very good choice for Epoxy Resin Tumblers.

food safe epoxy


Safety Tips to work with Resin

Use gloves:

It is highly recommended to wear disposable gloves while working with the resin and hardener mixture because it is sticky before the hardening phase and makes it easy for you to clean up. Just in case in come in contact with the mixture, make sure you wash your hands with soap and rinse it off thoroughly. You can also count on rubbing alcohol.

Use safety goggles:

Wear goggles to protect your eyes. In case the mixture, unfortunately, gets in your eyes, immediately rinse it with water and do not rub your eyes. Seek medical help if necessary.

Work in open and airy and well-ventilated spaces:

It is ideal to work in ventilated spaces and if not you might need respirators.



Further Products of Art n Glow


Glow in the dark pigments

Neutral 5 Color Pack Glow in The Dark Pigment Powder
  • Neutral Green, Aqua, Sky Blue, Dark Blue, and White Glow Powder
  • Each order includes five, 12 gram containers of coated strontium aluminate glow powder
  • This products are made from naturally occurring elements and are non-toxic and non-radioactive
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Art ‘N Glow is also well-known for its Glow Paint and Powder, as they use strontium aluminate, the brightest pigments. If you look for high-quality glow in the dark pigments, you should try them out.

glow in the dark epoxy table
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Pearl Pigments

Mica Pearl Pigment Powder 10+ Colors
  • High qualtiy Mica Powder in 10 different colors
  • Non-toxic, made from naturally occurring minerals
  • Maximum particle size is between 10 and 60 microns - the ideal size for mixing with epoxy resin
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Art ‘n Glow also offers their own Pearl pigments for metallic effects in 19 different colors.


Thermochromic Pigments

Also a very innovative product is their thermochromic pigments, which change from a color to clear or from one color to another when the heat is applied.



Conclusion about Art ‘n Glow Epoxy

Art N Glow epoxy resin works wonders for both beginners and professionals. Although there are different variants available in the market, this product is definitely of premium quality. It is not the cheapest one on the market; however, you need to consider its effectiveness for clear casting projects and pouring applications. The long cure time, self-leveling and self degassing aspects are an added advantage. UV resistance is ideal for users who work extensively in the sunlight. This resin can be used to cover tables, casting smaller objects, jewelry making, and many other projects.

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