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Art Resin – All about this popular Epoxy Brand

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Art Resin is prominent among DIY communities, artists, and craftsmen and is one of the notable brands in the resin industry. That being stated, it is also one of the expensive variants available on Amazon; the online website where mostly everyone buys their essentials. The price of Art resin is double the price of other variants. Is it worth buying or are there any other alternative products with an affordable price tag.





About the Brand ArtResin

In advertisements, Art resin claims that the epoxy is created for “artists by artists”. Back in the days when a couple (both of them being photographers) needed resin for their photographs, they realized that resin was manufactured to predominantly suffice the industrial need and not the aesthetic requirements. The couple extensively worked to establish the brand in the market for the DIY communities, artists, and craftsmen which is now known as Art Resin. Resin Venture Inc, a Dallas company, is engaged in producing, marketing, and distributing the Art resin epoxy.


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Characteristics of ArtResin

Art resin is extensively used in creative projects including the making of jewelry, coasters, art, photographs, woodwork, tumblers, and many more. Using Art resin is facile because a two-part kit is applied in a 1:1 ratio which is pretty straightforward making it easy even for the beginners. Additionally, the product gives a crystal clear and glossy finish with self-leveling capacity. The product is non-toxic when used as per the guidelines. It also claims to be non-hazardous with no volatile organic compounds and fumes. Art resin is mechanized to prevent the yellowing of the output. However, it is a proven fact that epoxy turns yellow over some time.

You can create a tinted epoxy by discreetly mixing Art Resin with different pigments and dyes. You can also use Art Resin liquid pigments which the brand solely manufactured to complement their resin. Disclaimer: Let me remind you once again of the hefty price tag.

Note: It is better if you test your epoxy before and after tinting before you apply in the project.



Package Sizes

Different package sizes are available and here is the list:


Starter Pack

The starter kit of Art resin will be sufficient for a few projects. It comprises of 16 ounces bottles of hardener and resin which will cover about eight square feet

ART RESIN Epoxy Resin Starter Kit, 16 oz
  • No VOCs. Without BPA. No fumes. Non-flammable food safe, non-toxic
  • UV- and HALS-stabilised for unrivalled protection without yellowing
  • Easy to use: 1:1 mixing ratio; approx. 473 ml lid. 4 m²
  • High-gloss, self-levelling clear coat formulation especially for art. Manufactured in the USA.
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Studio Kit

This kit is used by artists working on multiple projects. It comprises of half-gallon jugs of hardener and resin which will cover about thirty-two square feet.

ART RESIN Epoxy Resin Studio Kit, 1 gal
  • Very high-quality epoxy resin, which was developed for the application in the field of art
  • Thus no vapours are produced by volatile organic compounds when using ArtResin and after drying the surface is food safe
  • UV filter which protects the artwork from yellowing. The surface is high-gloss after drying
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Excellent Alternative Product from ProMarine

This product is a very good alternative to ArtResin and is comparable in composition and properties. In addition, the ProArt Resin from ProMarine has a maximum color stability.

PROMARINE Supplies ProArt Epoxy Resin
  • Specifically designed for art projects, excellent color stability
  • Very easy to use with 1 : 1 mixing ratio, 100% solids, hard-shell finish
  • High gloss and crystal clear, your all-seal solution, excellent air release
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Art Resin Calculator: How much will you require?

Art resin denotes that a one-gallon kit will cover about 32 square feet at the thickness of 1/8 inch. Please note that the epoxy will self-level up to 1/8 inch thickness. Likewise, a two-gallon kit would approximately cover 64 square feet while on the other hand; 32 ounces kit covers about 8 square feet. You can rely on the epoxy resin calculator as well.

We have created an easy-to-use Resin Calculator you can use.


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Why is Art Resin Safe?

Art resin is carefully examined by toxicologists at the American Society for Testing and Materials and is certified as non-toxic when used as per the guidelines. Art resin is engineered not to produce volatile organic compounds and fumes. The high-quality product bags in a clean system wherein the absence of solvents and non-reactive diluents doesn’t release reactants that might cause health problems. Additionally, the liquid form is non-flammable. Considering all these factors that account for non-hazardousness, the product is also shipped by air. Several curatives possess strong and powerful odors however, Art resin has mild odors and is customer friendly.



Is Art Resin a Food Safety Hazard?

No. After Art resin is cured, it can be safely used as a food contacting material because it is fully inert. Art resin is extensively tested for leaching and migration following worldwide standards. It successfully passed all the tests and is certified that it would not leach into food articles when used as per the instructions.

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How much is Art Resin resistant to Heat?

Art resin can tolerate up to 120 F or 50 C of heat. When the temperature reaches that point, the cured items turn flexible however; it gradually hardens once it cools down. The resin surface on the coaster will not get disrupted by the heat from a hot mug but if too hot objects that surpass the tolerance point like the food right out of the oven might incur damage.



Can cured Art Resin be considered waterproof?

Art resin epoxy carefully seals the project thoroughly when poured and prevents the water damage of the surfaces.


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Does Art Resin have non-yellowing Protection?

Art resin uses museum-conservation grade materials to assure that the water-clear clarity is retained for a longer duration. Mostly, resins comprise a UV stabilizer that assists in the delay of the yellowing of the epoxy. However, that solely wouldn’t benefit. Art resins are comprised of not only UV stabilizer but also an advanced additive called HALS [hinders amine light stabilizer that helps in disrupting the yellowing process before it even starts. The outcome is that it remains clear both in the bottle and when cured.

UV light degrades epoxy resins and they are often prone to yellowing. Stabilizing additives thereby assist in reducing the damage. UV stabilizer works to safeguard against the perishing of gloss, cracking, de-lamination, chalking, and the yellowing of epoxy. As UV stabilizer cannot delay the yellowing process for more time, Art resin has HALS [hinders amine light stabilizer] enabling non-yellowing protection for a longer duration.


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Special Colorants for Epoxy: Resin Tint

Art resin ResinTint is a high-quality liquid pigment colorant that produces tint with rich saturation and amazing hues when combined with Art resin epoxy. Additionally, resin tint colorants are considered to be non-toxic and adhere to ASTM D-4236.


Metallics Set

This set of eight includes Pearl green, Pearl Yellow, Pearl Purple, Pearl Blue, Pearl pink, metallic gold, metallic bronze, and metallic silver; each in 25 ml bottles.

RESINTINT Metallic Resin Coloring Set
  • 4 brilliant and shimmering colors for the extra bling efect
  • Non-toxic when used as directed.
  • Non-flammable when encapsulated in resin.
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Complete Resintint Coloring Set

This set of ten includes turquoise, black, brown, white, purple, red, green, orange, yellow, and blue; each in 25ml bottles.

RESINTINT Liquid Pigment, Complete Set Bundle
  • This is the ResinTint complete set with all basic colors
  • Also included: metallic & neon set contains 8 shimmering colors
  • High-quality coloring agents for epoxy resin
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What do Users recommend: is it worth buying?

Art resin has a good fan base and they enjoy using it. That being stated, some users complain of bubbling, complicated process, and comparatively longer cure time. Some others noticed that the epoxy started yellowing. Please note that epoxies do turn yellow in a period. Customers felt disappointed regarding the hefty price tag of the product considering the notion that several good variants are available in the market for half the price. Art resin is packed in a different size. It would be ideal to buy a smaller bottle and then you can figure out if the huge investment is worth it.


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