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Best Airbrush Kit for Kids – Safe Kids Airbrushing

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Many parents are always looking for employment opportunities for their children where they can not only be creative but also receive optimal support. Airbrushing for children could be a good opportunity for this. What this is and what parents should pay attention to when airbrushing sets for children, we reveal in this guide.





What is Airbrushing for Kids?

Literally translated airbrush means “airbrush”. The airbrush is an art form in which paint is applied with a spray gun rather than a pencil. With an Airbrush Gun and an Airbrush Compressor, an air stream is created, which sprays the paint onto the paper, canvas or object.

By Airbrushing the Artist has many Advantages:

  • In principle, it can be used on all substrates
  • There are hardly any limits to the freedom of design
  • With a little practice the paint hardly smears and is applied very sparingly
  • Extraordinary works of art can be created

Airbrushing is not only suitable for adults, many children from the age of six can already learn how to use an airbrush gun. But parents should pay attention to some things.

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What should Parents pay attention to when Airbrushing for Children?

There is hardly any other contribution to the advancement of children than the free development of their creativity. Creating their own works of art, sorting their own thoughts, discovering and mixing colours: This provides the children with an optimal basis for their development.

Apart from that, the children simply enjoy being artistically active. Therefore, it is obvious that parents should provide their children with as many different options and materials as possible. In addition to the first crayons and finger paints at toddler age, this may include the first airbrush gun from around six years of age.


When handling the airbrush gun of their children, parents must observe the following:

  • An airbrush gun for children is not a toy, so you should supervise and accompany your children when using it.
  • If possible, design a separate workstation for your child, where you place the necessary utensils so that they are always within easy reach and clearly arranged for your child. Orientate yourself towards Montessori workplaces, for example.
  • Up to a certain age, children are very carefree when it comes to dealing with danger. Used incorrectly, an airbrush gun can even ruin an entire room. You should make sure that the workplace is designed in such a way that no valuable objects can get paint off.
  • The paint particles from a real airbrush gun are extremely small and can be harmful to health. Therefore, your child should only use the gun if it can at least work with a light breathing mask. The purchase of an airbrush suction system should also be mandatory when airbrushing with children. This will ensure that your child’s lungs, which are still developing, are not damaged during work. An alternative to these safety rules is the Gocheer Airbrush System, which we will introduce in more detail below.
  • After the pleasure comes the work: the airbrush gun must be thoroughly cleaned after each use. In this way the children learn to keep their tools clean and to take responsibility for them.

Parents should first consider whether airbrushing is suitable and sensible for their child. In addition to the above-mentioned points, the cost aspect also plays a role that should not be underestimated. When airbrushing for children, the costs should be kept within reasonable limits, because it is always possible that the child will permanently lose interest in art and prefer to do something else. Nevertheless, the airbrush set for children should have a certain quality, because a cheap pistol is at the expense of fun. We have tested various airbrush systems for children and can recommend a qualitatively solid system.

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Imaginative images like this butterfly are just one great example of the creative possibilities that airbrush systems offer children.



Our recommendation: Master Airbrush brush System

When airbrushing for children, you don’t need the most expensive and innovative model. Nevertheless the quality should be right. We therefore recommend the Gocheer airbrush system, which offers not only adults but also children all the basics needed for airbrushing art.

Gocheer Mini Airbrush Kit Kit
  • DOUBLE ACTION DESIGN:The Dual Action trigger controls both air and color, which allows changing the width of the line, the range of value, and the opacity of paint without stopping.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY:Made in high-quality precision components that enable the airbrush to work efficiently while providing exceptional atomization and accurate spray control. Easy fluid refills and easy cleaning.
  • SAVE TIME& EASY TO USE:Comes with fully equipped accessories and takes less time than hand-drawn drawings, making it ideal for your business.
  • MULTI-ACCESSORY:The paint sprayer gun has a lot of different kinds of accessories which can come with all your needs. Different cleaning brushes tools support you a complete cleaning of the airbrush inside. Air filter can effectively isolate the moisture in the air, so that the effect of the ejection is more perfect and longer!
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  • The airbrush set is suitable for children from six years of age.
  • The set can be used not only on canvas and paper, but also on other surfaces such as T-shirts.
  • The Gocheer Airbrush Kit is simple and intuitive to use. As a tattoo studio it is also perfect for a child’s birthday party.
  • The airbrush set for children optimally promotes hand-eye coordination and creativity.



  • You have to clean the Gocheer Kit from time to time

The Gocheer Airbrush Set gives children from the age of six years a good opportunity to let off steam creatively while training their hand-eye coordination. The price may seem a bit high at first, but there is a lot on offer. From us there is a clear recommendation to buy.



Airbrush for the little ones: Wham-O Airbrush Pens

Our second recommendation does not refer to a proper airbrush set for children, but to innovative airbrush pens. Wham-O airbrush pens for children work on a very simple principle: The pens are put together and then the paint contained in the pencils can be applied to the painting surface simply by blowing on it. Of course the Wham-O Airbrush Pens are not as universally applicable as an airbrush for children and do not offer such a clean spray pattern as a pistol. Nevertheless they have several advantages.


Wham-O Airbrush Magic Pens
  • Non-toxic and easy to clean
  • Kit includes: 9 color changing pens 1 activator pen, 30+ stencil designs & 1 pen stand
  • No batteries or bulky equipment needed
  • Now anyone can be an Airbrush artist
  • Use the activation pen to change one color to another
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  • The Wham-O airbrush pens are already suitable for very young children, some children from the age of two are already able to use the pens, they are recommended for children from the age of three.
  • The pens are supplied with several attractive templates, which can be expanded at any time with additional sets. Creative parents can also make stencils for their children themselves from thick cardboard. If the children are allowed to help, it is even more fun.
  • Depending on how hard the child blows, the colours are bright or soft. Nice colour transitions are also possible.
  • Blowing strengthens the mouth and jaw muscles in a playful way, which also promotes oral motor skills and thus language development.
  • The inks dry immediately and do not smudge even when applied thinly. Not even if the stencil slips or is pulled away by the child immediately.
  • Although the paint can be blown through the pens, it cannot be sucked in during inhalation. This guarantees maximum safety when painting. In addition, there is no potentially harmful paint mist as with an airbrush gun.
  • As far as the price-performance ratio is concerned, there is nothing wrong with the pens, especially as they are very robust and cleanly manufactured.



  • Although the colours do not blur when the child gets too close or blows too hard on one spot, they spread in unsightly splashes of paint.
  • The main disadvantage lies in the hygiene: Especially when several children are at work, the exchange of the pens causes a high exchange of germs. Among siblings this is still okay, but if other playmates are at work, it becomes difficult. Therefore, the pens are rather unsuitable for schools, daycare centres and daycare workers.
  • A long preparation and post-processing time is required, as the pins must first be put together before each use, otherwise they dry out. After use, the pencils are very moist on the inside due to the breathing air that flows through them and must therefore be thoroughly rinsed with warm water to prevent a high level of germ formation.

Those who do not find the high workload before and after the application as annoying should in any case try the Wham-O. Great works of art can be created, mouth motor skills are encouraged and the children are proud of their pictures. We give the Wham-O an almost unrestricted recommendation to buy.

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Airbrushing with children is a wonderful opportunity to have fun and be creative with your child. It also offers your child a playful encouragement.


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