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Best Copic Markers – An In-Depth Copic Markers Review

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Copic markers are a brand of high-quality art pens, which are made in Japan, that are available in an assortment of colors. Japanese Manga artists are artists which relate to graphic novels, cartooning, and comics, are big fans of the Copic pens. Over the years these pens have gained popularity throughout the world and are used for an assortment of art projects including design and crafts. The following will provide you with more insight into these stunning products and how to use Copic markers.

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What Is a Copic Marker?

Copic pens are an amazing alcohol-based quality product that has gained popularity with artists around the world. The markers are simple to use, acid-free and non-toxic. They are available in four different categories or types and come in more than 350 different colors meaning that when doing Copic marker art you will have an array of colors to work with. What is also great about these particular markers is that they are refillable and you can blend the ink to create your stunning customized colors.

If needed you can replace the tips of the marker pens which will save you money over time. The pens come with a nib on either end of the pen meaning they are dual-tipped. The ink lies in the reservoir between the two nibs. This reservoir is refillable meaning the pens can last you for a long time, even years! You can layer and blend the colors when working with the Copic pens and create a streak-free and permanent Copic marker art piece.

Copic Alternatives

A set of Copic markers can however be quite expensive this is as a result of the high quality of the product. Each Copic pen is tested by hand before it is shipped out which ensures that there are no color variations between each new batch of ink. This means that you can be certain that any refill you purchase will be the same color as the shade which you ran out of.

The Copic pens can be bought either in a set or individually. So, if you do not want to spend a fortune on a whole set before trying them out you can first try them individually. You will be able to select the correct color effortlessly and quickly thanks to each marker having a color label.

You can also get a Copic airbrush system which allows you to produce a particular effect.



Why Should You Use Copic Markers?

Despite Copic pens being expensive, the cost is justifiable thanks to the pens being so dependable which is why they are so popular with artists and why Copic markers reviews are so positive. Think of them as an investment which if taken care of will last you for many years. The pens do not make a mess and it is simple to transport them making them ideal for travel. They can stand up to varying temperatures with no problems.

Alternative Copic Pens


Copic Pens Have Alcohol-Based Ink

In comparison to water-based products, alcohol-based markers are more durable and are less prone to smudging thanks to drying quickly. You can layer the colors with ease and they provide you with a more permanent effect than the likes of water-based markers.

The ink is non-toxic and acid-free so the markers are safe to use by professionals and beginners, and the old and young.


The Barrels are Refillable

Copic markers can be used forever, when they dry up you simply refill them and continue using them. This makes the product slightly more environmentally friendly as you save on the amount of plastic you throw away. Refilling the pens as opposed to buying new pens also works out cheaper in the long run.

Copic Markers Review


Provides Waterproof Effects

The work produced by Copic markers is hard to wash away and it is difficult to remove the ink meaning your work will last longer. While this feature is something other markers offer it is also a benefit of Copic markers.

Not only are Copic markers waterproof, but they are also very lightfast.


Colors Available

Copic markers can be purchased in more than 350 colors so there are so many color options to work with. You will be able to create detailed art thanks to the many color variations. You can create custom colors by simply adding the Copic colorless blender fluid and your chosen ink colors to an empty marker.

Top Copic Marker Art


Copic Marker Categories

As mentioned, there are four categories available of Copic pens, being the Classic, the Sketch, the Ciao, and finally the wide pens. Each of these markers, except the wide markers, have dual nibs and nibs which can be replaced.

The differences between each type of marker are as follows:

  • Type of nib
  • Available colors
  • Price
  • Barrel size and shape


Original Marker/Copic Classic

This type of Copic marker is available in 214 different colors and is the most popular of all types of Copic markers. They have their airbrush system. These pens have dual tips, the one side having a broad tip while the other side is a fine tip. In comparison to the other forms of Copic markers, these have a barrel that is square, which allows them to hold the most amount of ink. The Copic classic pens can be purchased in nine nib options which are; standard broad, calligraphy, soft broad, brush, semi-broad, round, super fine, and standard fine. The Copic classic is usually used by crafters as opposed to professional artists.

Choosing Copic Pens


Copic Sketch Markers

This type of Copic marker is ideal for use for high-quality art pieces. The pens have an oval barrel and the nibs are brush and chisel nibs. The sketch markers are available in 358 different colors and are loved by professional artists. If required you can change the tips but the only other nib option available is a bullet nib. Most artists find that the standard brush and chisel nib options are sufficient.

Like the Copic classic, these pens can also be used with their airbrush system.


Copic Ciao Markers

These markers are quite similar to the sketch markers but they cost less and are not of the same quality as the Copic sketch option. The barrel of these pens is round and they can be purchased in 180 different colors. It can prove to be difficult to find the color you require as the color names are displayed on the caps of the markers. The Ciao markers have only got two nib options which are super brush nib and medium broad nib.

Best Copic Marker Set

These types of markers are not customizable and as mentioned there are only two nib options available. As the barrel shape is round the pens can roll away from you when you put them down on a flat surface. Of all the Copic types of pens, these hold the least amount of ink, so they run dry quickly meaning you will have to refill them frequently.


Wide Copic Markers

These types of Copic markers offer you a wide nib on one side of the pen and can be used to cover large areas when necessary. The wide nib is roughly 21 mm and the sharper edges can be used to create finer lines. The markers are available in 36 colors.

You can also purchase a marker that is empty that you can then fill with any color of your choosing.


Copic Marker Comparison Table

We have put together a table that summarizes the above information in terms of the different types of Copic markers and their barrel size, nib type, barrel shape, and how many colors are available in each type of Copic marker.

Copic Original/ClassicCopic SketchCopic CiaoCopic Wide
Nib TypeBullet and Chisel (can fit 9 different nibs)Brush and Chisel (Bullet nib if required)Broad and Brush Chisel (cannot be customized)Wide nib (just one size)
Barrel SizeLargeMediumSmallLarge
Barrel ShapeSquareOvalRoundLarge oval and flat
Added DetailsIdeal for beginners/CustomizableVery popular, with many colors available. Perfect for use by professionalsLess expensive and made for beginnersAvailable as an empty marker that you can then add your color combinations to



Copic Tip and Nib Types

In terms of the tips of your Copic markers, nib or tip types are one of the top features to take into consideration. The standard terms used for the majority of markers are normally bullet, brush, and chisel shape.

Best Copic Markers Review

That being said Copic markers have their names which we have also included. We have put together a summary of the tips available for Copic markers;

Copic MarkerNib/Tip Type
Classic Copic PensRound Calligraphy (3 – 5 mm), Soft broad, Brush, Standard broad, Superfine, Semi-broad, Standard fine
Sketch Copic PensMedium round, Super brush, Medium Broad (Chisel)
Ciao Copic PensSuper brush and Medium broad
Wide Copic PensBroad and Extra Broad calligraphy


Brush Tip

On a Copic marker, the brush tip is referred to as a super brush tip. You can produce both thick strokes and thin strokes by holding the pen at an angle. How you use the marker on the paper and how you hold the pen can allow you to adjust the thickness. The brush can be used to create many effects and can be used to create a whole art piece.

Both the Ciao and Copic Sketch are equipped with this form of a tip.


Bullet Tip

A bullet tip (or a fine tip) assists you in applying a thin stroke and can only be found on the classic type of marker. You can buy the bullet tip separately to be used on the Sketch marker, so it can be used in conjunction with the brush nib. Most users would rather work with the brush tip when applying fine lines thanks to them offering more control.

Top Copic Alternatives


Chisel Tip

A Chisel tip or also known as a Broad Nib for Copic markers and is found on a lot of the marker pen brands. You can create an assortment of stoke widths and it provides you with more than the plain bullet tip. However, the most versatile tip remains the brush tip. If you will be doing illustrations the chisel tip is ideal, but you can see what else it can do by experimenting with it. You receive a chisel tip with all three of the markers, excluding the wide marker. However, it is important to note that the chisel tip on the Classic Copic is bigger than the ones for the Ciao or Sketch markers.

Before purchasing replacement tips always look at the size of the nib.



Choosing the Best Copic Markers

Since we still have your attention, we can assume that you are eager to try the Copic markers out and create your piece of Copic marker art. But you are probably wondering where to begin and what you will need to look out for. Do you purchase individual Copic markers, or buy a full set? This all depends on what project you will be doing and it is, therefore, a personal choice. You will need to select the art project you will be tackling and then only can you determine the colors and features you will require. We have put together a few things to assist you with your choice.

Copic Marker Set


Aspects of Copic Markers

Now that we have discussed the differences you will need to decide what it is you require and what type of effect you wish to create. Perhaps you wish to apply fin details and draw, or you want to color in larger areas. Some markers are best used by a beginner such as the Ciao or Classic marker, while others have been designed for professional use, such as the Sketch marker.

Each type of marker has different types of barrel shapes and are different sizes, so they can hold different quantities of ink.


Ink and Nibs

Copic markers are all refillable, yet each type of marker has a different capacity. If you wish to use a custom color this is possible, simply purchase an empty marker and add the color you require. Once your marker nibs become tired and or damaged you can replace them and you can change the nib on the marker. It is important to note in terms of changing nibs not all nibs work with all of the markers.

Copic Pens


Color and Labeling

Copic markers are available in an assortment of colors and which colors you require will depend on your chosen art form and subject matter. So, for example, if you were doing anime art you would require more flesh tone colors. You can identify the markers easily on their labels, which we will go into more detail about later on in this article. As a beginner, we suggest you look at a small Copic marker set of 12 before you spend money on something bigger.

There is a specific system designed for blending Copic markers, which is made up of colors from the same family, and you can use these to form highlights and other such effects.


Design and Ease of Use

You want to choose Copic pens that are hassle-free, particularly if you are a beginner, rather than attempting to use markers that have been created for professionals. The Ciao or the Copic Classic markers are perfect for beginners. The markers have also been made a little differently such as oval or round barrels which are more comfortable to hold. The round barrels can cause the pens to roll away from you from time to time, while the other shaped barrels stay put.

What Is a Copic Marker



Our Recommendations for the Best Copic Markers

Copic markers are not cheap so you want to ensure you are purchasing the correct ones for your project. When you have an idea of what you require, you can then choose between a Copic marker small set, a full set, or simply purchase individual markers. We suggest you buy a Copic marker set, as this will offer you the best value for money as opposed to purchasing individual markers.

How to Use Copic Markers

We suggest you consult a few of the Copic markers reviews to assist you in selecting the correct product for your requirements. Though to be honest Copic markers do not often receive any bad reviews. What follows are a few suggested Copic markers for your consideration.


Highly-Rated Copic Marker Set for Beginners: COPIC Ciao Set

This set consists of 12 markers and provides you with the basic colors to begin your exciting journey with Copic markers. You can add to this set and it is ideal for beginners. The markers offer you stunning vibrant colors that work well with an assortment of art forms from illustrating to designing, and crafts. The colors all dry quickly, are non-toxic, and are permanent colors. The majority of the Copic markers reviews are stellar so you can be certain you are buying a great quality product.

COPIC Marker SB12 12-Piece Sketch Basic Set
  • Packaged in a clear plastic case for safekeeping and traveling
  • Refillable markers and replaceable nibs for ease of use
  • Alcohol-based ink is permanent, non-toxic and dries acid-free
View on Amazon

Thanks to the tips of these markers being replaceable and that you can refill the ink, means that the markers will last you for years. These markers have round-shaped barrels so be careful when you put them down as they might roll away. These markers are comfortable to hold and simple to use so are ideal for kids and young adults to use.


  • Amazing quality
  • Bright colors
  • Simple set and well-priced, perfect for beginners


  • Nib choice is limited
  • Limited colors available


Best Copic Markers for the Professional Artist: COPIC Sketch

This set consists of 72 colors, with each of the markers coming with a chisel tip and brush tip for sketching and blending. The markers are refillable. The markers are ideal for architecture, fine art, product design, drawing, and so much more. The set has a color from each of the color families. They are the ideal markers for those who love crafting and are hobby enthusiasts.

COPIC Marker Set
  • Replaceable tips and refillable barrels for affordability
  • Ethanol-based ink is non-toxic, permanent, and acid-free
  • Compatible with the Copic air brushing system
View on Amazon

The set offers you an assortment of colors and shades and is thought of as a Copic markers full set. The set comes in a transparent, plastic carry case that makes them easy to transport and keeps them all together. The colors are great for blending and are vivid and bold. While the set is quite expensive you can consider it an investment as you will receive amazing quality markers that will last you a good length of time. These markers have an oval barrel shape so when you place them down on the surface, they will not roll away.


  • Can be used in conjunction with the Copic Airbrush System
  • Available in an assortment of shades and colors
  • Smooth application
  • Blends with ease
  • Bold and vivid colors


  • Pricey


Amazing Value for Money Option of Copic Pens: COPIC Sketch Set

This set of 6 markers is available in skin tone colors and can also be bought in secondary colors such as green tones, pastels, blue tones, and bold primary colors. You can achieve a very realistic look when using the skin tones which makes them an amazing investment.

COPIC Markers 6-Piece Sketch Set
  • This skin tone set is a great way to start your Copic collection
  • Safe for use by children and adults
  • More affordable thanks to the replaceable parts
View on Amazon

The Copic marker reviews for this set are wonderful. The markers each have a wide and brush tip, which can be replaced, and the markers are refillable. The nibs which can be interchanged or replaced include the medium round nibs, medium broad nib, and the super brush.


  • Skin tones are perfect when doing anime art
  • Blends well
  • Consistent colors
  • Amazing tone options


  • Will provide best results when used on quality paper



Copic Color Labeling

As there is such a variety of colors available for the Copic markers, you need a simple way to identify the color you require. This is made simple thanks to the color code which is usually located on each marker’s cap. The code has the color intensity, color family, and color saturation included in it. Underneath the code, there is normally the name of the color. Should you wish to blend colors, you want to select colors that are found close to each other. Copic provides its chart for quick reference.

Copic Pens Nibs


Color Family

When looking at the color code, you will notice one or two letters at the start of the code. These letters identify the color family, so if markers have the same letters, they are part of the same color family. We have included examples below, but these are only a handful of them, there are many more.

  • Y-Yellow
  • B-Blue
  • RV-red Violet
  • V-Violet
  • BV-Blue Violet


Color Saturation

You will then see some numbers, after the letters in the color code. The initial numbers specify the saturation level. The numbers range from zero to nine, zero reflects a high level of saturation, while nine means a low level of saturation. A color with a high level of saturation contains no white and is a vivid color. To ensure your saturation level is constant when blending you should identify another similar number.

What Is a Copic Marker Alternative


Color Intensity

The final numbers specify the color intensity, they also go from zero to nine. Nine is the darkest color, while zero is the lightest color. In terms of selecting different tones, note the following:

  • Blending: use two or three
  • To create highlights: use colors with a number between zero and four
  • Shadows: use numbers seven, eight, or nine
  • Mid-tones: use numbers four, five, and six



Using Copic Markers

Having so many different tips and nibs and colors available means there are no limits to what you can create using your Copic markers. What follows are a few techniques and effects that can be achieved using your markers and assist you with how to use Copic markers.

Best Copic Alternatives



The assortment of nibs you receive with your Copic markers provides you with many different ways to create lines. From broader or thicker lines to fine and thin lines for special art projects, you can show your creativity in many ways by using this basic application. By using a Medium Broad nib, you will be able to cover a large area. Yet, when using the same nib, you can create dots and finer lines using the edge. To produce thin lines, you can hold the marker straight up while using a Super Brush nib.

You can produce thicker lines by slanting the nib a little, this will allow you to cover larger areas.


Layering with Copic Markers

You can create shading effects and layer colors with ease, it is as simple as coloring over your initial color layer. You can also create different saturation levels and intensities by consulting the color family chart i.e., shadows, or skin tones, or different colors of grass.

How to Use Copic Markers Colors


Blending Colors

It does not matter which color Copic marker you use they are perfect for blending. That being said the best colors to blend are those close to the same family that works the best. You do not only have to stick to this, you can experiment and create your variations and colors. To create the best results when blending we recommend you use top-quality paper.

You also get the option of a colorless blender, you are not required to blend the colors, but it is helpful and assists the process.

These Copic markers have transparent ink but use the same type of ink as the other markers. To work with the blender first fill the area you wish to blend with this pen. Apply the color you want on top of the blender layer, ensure that the ink of the colorless blender is still wet. The color which you have added will look smoother thanks to the colorless blender assisting the ink to be distributed evenly over the surface.

Copic Markers Full Set

The blenders are a great option to create highlights, by applying lighter colors to darker areas. You can also create a faded effect using the colorless blender. To see how the colorless blender reacts with a particular color we recommend you first test it on a separate piece of paper first. You can also fix mistakes using the colorless blender by pushing colors back which have gone outside of the area you want them. You can also use the colorless blender to achieve the following:

  • Tidy up the edges
  • Bringing in texture to a color image
  • Softening and blending colors
  • Can be utilized on a transparent image
  • Pre-soaking the paper
  • Can assist in fixing mistakes


Applying Even Colors with Copic Markers

When applying color with a Super Brush nob on your Copic marker in a zig-zag application from side-to-side you will create texture and the color will look uneven. To ensure you do not create uneven colors start at one side of where you want the color to be and move in small circles and carefully move to make larger circles while not lifting the marker from the surface of the paper.

Apply the color in one direction, so if you want to color in a circle area, start applying color in one direction across the circle and then do the same in the opposite direction to ensure a smooth and even finish.


Using the Correct Paper with Copic Markers

Copic paper is the best paper to utilize when working with Copic markers, as it has been specifically made to work with Copic markers. Copic Marker Blending Card is thought to be the best Copic paper and amazing quality paper with a surface that retains the bold colors of the markers and offers a smooth surface. The paper can also be used with inkjet and laser printers and is ideal for illustrations and blending, though it is quite pricey. Another more affordable paper is the Canson XL Series Marker Paper, which is a bleed-proof, lightweight paper. You can also look at Canson XL Series Bristol Pad, this is a more durable, heavyweight paper. Though it does seem to soak up a little more ink and dries a lot slower.

Copic Marker Set Nibs

The majority of paper for use with markers is quite smooth, as the nib or tip does not perform well on a rough surface. When using the tip on rough paper you can cause damage over time. if you intend to do a fair amount of layering on your art piece, we highly recommend using heavy-weight paper. Unsuitable paper may absorb too much ink or get damaged and you will not be able to achieve the results you are looking for. You might find it best to experiment first to determine the perfect paper that works for you. One of the important things to consider when using Copic markers is the paper you are using’s a bleed-proof element. Bleed-through can be a great concern particularly when you are sketching.

We suggest you place something under the paper you are working on with your Copic markers, just to ensure you do not damage the surface below.

A lot of the other brands of paper are created for all types of alcohol markers and other paper forms that can provide the unique effect that you are looking for. If you would prefer to stick with Copic brand paper, the following are options:

  • Gasen-shi: ideal for watercolor artworks, bleed-proof
  • Premium Bond Paper: a slightly off-white paper that is ideal for beginners, it is a bleed-proof paper
  • Thick Marker Paper: ideal for gradation effects and will offer you bright colors
  • PM Paper: can be used with pencils and pastels, this is a bleed-proof paper good for designing
  • Custom Paper: white paper that offers vibrant colors, this is also a bleed-proof paper



Refilling Your Copic Markers

An amazing advantage to Copic markers is that their ink is refillable. You can purchase all the colors in different ink bottles. Each bottle holds 25ml and how long it lasts will depend on the type of marker you are using. You should be able to fill a Classic marker 9 times with the 25ml. You should be able to fill a Ciao marker fifteen times and a Sketch marker twelve times. The Wide markers use a fair amount of ink so they can only be refilled seven times. There are two options when boosting or refilling your Copic markers, namely using refill bottles or the drip method. There is an additional method whereby you use a Copic ink needle but these needles are not easy to come by.

Copic Alternatives Colors


Drip Method

This method is simple, and to do it you will not have to remove the nib. Pick the right ink color you wish to refill, and ensure you are working in an area that is protected or covered. This is just in case you spill some of the ink, as you want to avoid getting ink stains on your work surface. If you wear gloves you can avoid getting any ink on your hands.

  • Remove the caps from both sides of the pen
  • Open the refill bottle
  • Holding the refill bottle over the Copic marker nib, turn the refill bottle upside down
  • Ensure you have tilted the marker at an angle of 45-degrees
  • Carefully squeeze the refill bottle
  • A drop will appear and then will soak into the nib
  • You will need about 20 drops
  • You want to be careful to not overfill the marker
  • When the ink starts to drip out the other side you have filled the barrel completely


Refill Bottles

This is also an easy method to use and is quick to do. Ensure you have everything ready. Like the drip method lay down some newspaper over your work surface to protect it from any messes. Copic as a brand has created a new refill design that offers you more control thanks to a longer nozzle.

Copic Pens Colors

  • Take both caps off each side of the marker
  • By removing the caps you will be balancing out the air pressure that is inside the barrel of the marker
  • Use some tweezers to remove the nib
  • Remove the cap from the refill and put the nozzle into the marker in the place where the nib was
  • Allow the ink to move into the barrel by gently squeezing
  • When filling hold the bottle vertically
  • Once you have filled the marker you can replace the nib

NOTE: as the Copic pen is not transparent there is no way of seeing the amount of ink that is going in. It is necessary to determine the amount more accurately. If you know for certain the marker is completely dry or empty, you can use the measurements on the refill to determine how much ink goes into the marker. A Copic Ciao requires 1.4ml, a Copic Classic needs 1.8ml, and the Copic Sketch needs 1.8ml.

If your marker is not completely dry, we suggest adding about 1ml to ensure you do not overfill the marker.



Changing the Nibs

Should your nib become worn or damaged it is a simple process to change the nib. You are also able to change the nib to achieve different strokes, effects, and lines.

Copic Alternatives Nibs

Keep in mind that not all nibs are compatible with all markers. The Copic Ciao is the least customizable while the Copic Sketch has the most interchangeable nibs available. It is really easy to change the nib.

  • Protect your work surface by covering it with some paper towel or newspaper
  • Take the cap off the Copic pen
  • Remove the nib using tweezers
  • Insert the new nib into the marker and replace the cap
  • Put the marker down and allow it to rest for roughly three minutes
  • The ink should flow easily into the nib the next time you remove the cap



Top-Quality Copic Alternatives

As Copic markers are quite pricey it is natural for you to look for an alternative to the Copic marker. There are a few brands that are cheaper that have similar formulations. The alternatives to Copic markers are cheaper and provide great quality alcohol ink and dual-nibs which are similar. If you are tempted to buy a Copic marker but would like to first experiment, then using the more affordable Copic alternatives are a great option. What follows are a few suggestions for Copic alternatives.

Best Copic Marker Art


High-End Quality Copic Alternative: WINSOR & NEWTON Promarker Set

This set of markers offer a dual-tip design which has a broad chisel nib on the one side with a fine bullet nib on the other side. You can create many line widths with the two-tip designs. The marker provides stunning coverage, amazing quality, and is streak-free. The colors can be used on plastic, paper, glass, and wood and can blend well. The markers are perfect to be used for sketching, crafting, and illustrations. You can mix and layer the colors without any risk of smudging. You can get an assortment of tones such as earth tones, skin tones, skyscape tones, yellow tones, etc.

WINSOR & NEWTON Promarker Set
  • Dual-tip markers with a fine bullet nib and a broad chisel nib
  • High-quality alcohol-based ink is vibrant and streak-free
  • The colors can be layered and blended with ease
View on Amazon


  • Dual-tip offering chisel and bullet nibs
  • Dries fast
  • Blends with ease
  • Vibrant alcohol-based colors


  • Are not able to refill the markers
  • If the paper is not of a high quality the ink will bleed through


Best Value for Money Copic Alternative: ART-N-FLY Brush Markers

This set provides you with a brush and chisel dual-tip nib that you can replace. The marker can be refilled and you can use the refillable ink 15 times per bottle. You will get similar quality from these markers as you would from the original Copic markers but at a more affordable price. In the set, you receive 24 colors which are made up of a mixture of vibrant colors and muted shade, as well as earth tones and natural colors.

ART-N-FLY 24 Professional Brush Markers Set
  • The ink is refillable and the nibs are replaceable for longevity
  • Real Japanese brush tips with high-quality alcohol-based ink
  • The set includes 24 gorgeous and vibrant colors
View on Amazon


  • Can be blended with ease
  • You can refill the ink
  • There are the most similar to Copic markers
  • You can replace the nib
  • The markers are comfortable to hold as they come in a chunky hexagon shape


  • Does not have many colors available


Popular Copic Marker Alternative: PRISMACOLOR Double-Ended Markers

These markers are amazing quality alcohol-based markers that offer stunning bright colors and give great results when blending. These are dual-tipped markers with a chisel tip and fine tip that ensure you can create several line widths. As either a professional or beginner these markers are great to use and are available in 200 gorgeous colors.

PRISMACOLOR Premier Double-Ended Art Markers
  • Double-tipped markers with a sharp bullet and wide chisel nib
  • Highly durable and versatile art markers with alcohol-based ink
  • Includes a range of vibrant and neutral shades for versatility
View on Amazon


  • Well priced
  • The barrel is round, for comfort
  • Non-toxic
  • Offers rich color
  • Ink flows smoothly


  • The nibs are permanent and cannot be replaced
  • The caps can be challenging to remove
  • The markers are not refillable



Copic Marker Tips and Tricks

Like with any form of art there is an assortment of things to discover and learn, and this also applies to Copic markers. Those that have had the fortune of using these versatile markers have discovered several tricks and tips to use them. What follows are a few tips and trips to assist you in creating gorgeous artwork with less hassle.

  • You want to first test the paper you are using to see if the marker will bleed through it.
  • Even if the paper advises it is bleed-proof rather place some additional paper underneath.
  • Should you be working with multimedia art pieces make sure all your other work has completely dried before you start using your alcohol-based markers. This is to ensure that no smudging occurs.
  • Work from light to dark when shading. It is difficult to correct any errors if you work the other way round.
  • Working on good-quality paper will ensure seamless blending and creating gradients of color while also preventing bleeding.
  • A Copic colorless blender can be utilized to push the ink of your Copic marker.
  • If you wish to soften colors or add texture, you can use the colorless blender.
  • You can create your own unique colors, by mixing colors, for example, red and blue make purple.

Copic Pens Alternatives

  • If you notice some of the opposite color coming off onto the nib when you are blending, just draw with the pen onto some test paper which will ensure the added ink color is removed.
  • Use colors that are in the same color family to create simple blending.
  • If you wish to create an assortment of shades, but you do not have a lot of different shades of colors, you can use a grey marker with your colors.
  • You can leave some of the white paper open to add the effect when creating bright highlights.
  • To create a darker shade using just one marker you can just apply the marker, allow it to dry, and then using the same marker apply it once again over the area to make it darker.
  • If your colors turn out darker than you would like or you are experiencing bleed-through it may be a result of your coloring too slowly.


There are many reasons why Copic markers are the most loved coloring pens on the market. Thanks to their high-quality, waterproof, and lightfast ink, refillable barrels, and replaceable nibs, the money you initially spend on your Copic markers is well worth it. If you simply cannot afford Copic pens, we have outlined some of our favorite dupes, to help you create beautiful artwork.



Frequently Asked Questions


Why Does the Cap Color and Actual Ink Color Differ?

The ink and the plastic cap are made from different substances, the cap has resins and pigments, while the inks are dye-based. It is hard to achieve a perfect match due to the different substances. You should only consult the cap color as a guide. To ensure a more accurate color vision, you can consult the ‘Copic Collection’ which is downloadable from the App Store or via Google Play.


What Is a Copic Marker?

These markers are manufactured in Japan are alcohol-based, high-quality ink markers. Each side of the pen has a different tip. The markers are low in odor, non-toxic, and can be found in 300 different colors but they are quite expensive.


How Long Do Copic Pens Last?

If you store your Copic markers correctly and use them properly they can last a long time, for many years. This is thanks to the fact that you can replace the worn or damaged nibs, and you can refill the markers.


Why are Copic Markers so Expensive?

The markers are alcohol-based and provide amazing quality, and are long-lasting as you can replace the nibs and refill the ink. They blend well, and can be purchased in over 300 different colors, and are also fast drying. Each marker is hand-tested to determine their quality and color consistency by the manufacturers, to ensure you get what you paid for.


Are Copic Pens Permanent?

These are permanent markers, which you can refill with ink. You can even create personalized colors by purchasing empty markers and filling them with your desired color combination. Keep in mind the color may fade with time depending on which color you have used and the environment the piece is in.


How Can I Best Store My Copic Markers?

Your markers should be stored in a dark and cool place, ensuring that they are not exposed to sunlight. The majority of sets come in their carry case for simple storage, but, laying them horizontally is your best option to ensure the ink does not pool on one side of the pen. This is not imperative as you can just turn the markers around and after a while, the ink will work fine. Ensure the keep the ink away from open flames as it is flammable.


Are Copic Colors Lightfast?

The Copic markers may destroy the paper due to being archival, but they are not lightfast. Over time any art piece you create will begin to fade but you can slow down the fading by keeping the art out of sunlight.


Will the Copic Pen Bleed Through the Paper?

If you are using paper that is too thin or is low-quality your Copic marker will bleed through. You should use Copic paper which is specifically designed to be used with Copic markers. Alternatively, you will require a piece of paper that is heavyweight and bleed-proof.

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