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Best Glitter Pens – All about the Sparkly Gel Pens for Coloring

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Sparkly gel pens are an easy and fun way to add a little extra something to your art and craft projects. The best glitter pens are also a great way to add sparkle to homework, journaling, or that birthday card you want to make. Mostly, sparkly gel pens are used to highlight or add something to catch the eye on an already colored picture, however, they can also be used alone. When used along with other mediums, pencils, and pens, the sparkle pen can add amazing effects, creating more dimension to your chosen project. Let us now take a closer look at glitter gel pens.




What are Glitter Gel Pens?

The very first gel pen was manufactured by a Japanese company known as the Sakura Color Products Corporation. Their ‘Gelly Roll’ pens have become an extremely popular choice for many over the years. Today, many other brands sell sparkly gel pens and they come in many colors as well as types. Many of the gel pens come with refills and offer other options besides glitter.

For example, white, black, metallic, and neon colors. Most of the glitter gel pens use a rollerball that dispenses the water-based gel. The glitter is suspended in the gel, this makes it easier to work with and a lot less messy. Most of you know that working with glitter can be problematic, as it gets everywhere and weeks later you still find glitter in places you thought were clean. This is why the glitter pens are a great alternative, no mess, no fuss but you still have all the fun.

The roller-ball pens also provide better control and glide evenly and smoothly over paper.  This makes it easier to draw and color finer details. Also, the sparkle pen gives a burst of color and works great on darker surfaces. Kids just love the sparkly gel pens, as they are non-toxic and extremely easy to use. There are many options and brands available today, each offering something different. You might find one glitter gel pens set offers more glitter than another, or the colors might be different. Some might have a gold glitter pen or a combination of glitter and neon colors. You will have to choose the best glitter pens for your project.

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The best gel pens for coloring will go onto paper smoothly and offer vibrant colors. The application is effortless and is usually much easier than when using a colored pencil. The gel pens also do not bleed through the paper as much as the felt tip pens and can be used on thin paper. As mentioned, gel pens can be used on their own, or to add highlights to your drawings and designs. Some ideas for using the best glitter pens include:

  • Adult coloring books
  • Making greeting cards
  • Invitations
  • Journaling
  • Scrapbooking
  • Illustrations
  • Letters and notes


Pros and Cons for Glitter Gel Pens

Glitter gel pens are a great way to add that special touch to your special designs, or just a fun way of coloring in. Whatever you use the sparkly gel pens for, you are sure to create something unique. However, with all things you do have your advantages and disadvantages. Thankfully, when it comes to the best gel pens for coloring, they are fun to use, and the pros far outweigh any cons.


  • They are fun to use for the whole family
  • Non-toxic
  • Offers smooth, easy, and controlled application
  • None to minimal bleeding through the paper
  • Many vibrant colors available
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable to use


  • Some glitter options may not work on darker surfaces
  • Various glitter pens should not be used for coloring
  • Only some products are refillable
  • Some tend to smear
  • Not for everyday writing
  • Pens might need a shake to unclog tips



Other Types of Glitter Pens

Besides the glitter gel pens, there are also a few other glitter pen options including glitter paint pens, glitter glue, and metallic pens. The metallic gel pens are usually a combination of the gel pens and metallic colors that come in the gel pen set. All of these pens can be applied to paper and cardboard. However, the glue and paint options can be used on other surfaces. Choosing which one is the best glitter pens, will depend on what you want to do.


Glitter Paint Pens

The paint pens use acrylic paints combined with glitter as well as various color pigments. These glitter pens are perfect for adding a little sparkle to surfaces besides paper. For example, rock painting, which has become an extremely popular craft. However, if you do use the pens on an item that is going outside, it is a good idea to add a sealant coat as the acrylic paint can be washed away. We have a separate tutorial on how to seal glitter. A few more examples for where glitter paint pens can be used include:

  • Canvas
  • Ceramics
  • Terracotta
  • Decorate a pair of shoes
  • Fabrics
  • Wood

The glitter paint pens are perfect for outlines, highlights, and in areas where you want a little sparkle. The colors could fade over time and can be left in the sun. The glitter paint pens are liquid and will, therefore, flow more quickly than the gel pens. For this reason, you can also use the pens to paint and color with, not only just adding highlights


  • Safe and easy to use
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Acrylic paint is easy to clean up
  • Will not fade
  • Can be used for outdoor projects


  • For outdoor projects, a sealant is needed as it is not waterproof
  • Works best on surfaces other than paper

glitter gel pens


Glitter Glue Pens

As the name states, it is liquid glue with glitter. These are great for kids to use on their school projects and giving a little extra bling to greeting cards. These come in more of a tube or pen shape that has a fine tip for easier application. This helps to regulate the glue that you want to use for your project. Glitter glue is affordable and easy to use for crafting projects. You do not use glitter glue for coloring or an entire project, it is used more for adding a little extra to what you are working on.

The glitter glue does require time to dry after using it, maybe even a full day before it dries thoroughly. Touching the glue before it dries, will cause smudging. However, once dry it becomes hard and permanent. Also, use it sparingly to avoid it from saturating the paper and ruining the project. You might want to take the lid off and use a long stick or the end of a paintbrush to mix the glue and glitter before using it, so you do not just get a big blob of glue. Can be applied to metal, fabric, wood and lots more.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy and safe to use for kids
  • A lot of different colors available
  • Provides a textured effect
  • You can use on many surfaces, not just paper


  • Should only be used for adding accents to craft projects
  • Cannot color with the glue
  • Takes a long time to dry
  • Can smudge before it dries

glitter gel pens set



Shopping for the Best Glitter Pens

Now that you have read all about the best glitter pens, you might want to go out and purchase some of your own glitter pens. But since there are so many choices available, we have put together a basic list of things to look out for so that you can choose the right glitter pen for your project.


Color Choices

All glitter pens offer a variety of amazing colors like a gold glitter pen, and most of the pens are available in a set. You can get anything from several colors in a set up to 200. So, there should not be a problem finding the colors you want. Many of the glitter gel pens set products also come in a combination that includes neon as well as metallic colors. Many of the sets are also refillable and come with a few refills.

Choosing the right color palette is always dependent on the individual, everyone having their own preferences, techniques, and skills. If you are only starting, it might be best to choose a smaller set with basic colors to experiment with and you can always add on if you want to. A larger color selection is best for those who do illustrations, designs and enjoy doing adult coloring and other crafting projects.


Various Glitter Finishes

When choosing glitter pens, the most obvious effect you are looking for is the sparkle the glitter offers. However, different glitter pens offer varying finishes. The most common glitter pens have larger glitter pieces that can clearly be seen in the pen and while applying. These provide the best reflective features that do not affect the colors.

Other glitter pens, such as metallic pens, provide a finish that is not quite the same. The outcome is still amazing, but the product contains smaller glitter pieces that are not as discernable with the naked eye. The finish is a smooth, metallic effect that has a beautiful shimmer.

best gel pens for coloring


Glitter Pen Refills

As mentioned, some of the glitter pen products come with refills. This is more convenient, as you do not have to go shopping and pay again for more glitter pens. Also, it ensures you use the correct refills for the glitter pens you purchased. Remember this if you ever run out of refills and have to get some more. The refills are also cheaper to purchase than having to buy a whole new set of pens.


Glitter Pen Application

When drawing, doodling, or crafting with glitter pens, the most satisfying thing is a smooth and even application. The flow of the glitter pens can be what you love or hate about the pens you purchase. The perfect effortless smooth stroke provides the best colors and helps prevent any smudges or messes. The quality of the paint, glue, or gel also plays a role in the application.

Finding out the type of pen you are using is important, especially if children are going to be using them. A glitter pen should, therefore, be non-toxic and safe to use. Also, you want your art or craft pieces to last, so knowing that the glitter pen is also acid-free is important. Being acid-free also makes the pen work better with paper and helps to maintain the quality of the paper for longer.

Most glitter gel pens have roller ball tips for smooth and even application, while the glitter paint pens mostly have felt tips. So, the quality as well as the size of the pen tips can play a role in the application. Make sure that whatever glitter pen you choose, that application is continuous and comes out in an even flow.

sparkle pen


Glitter Pen Design

You might be holding the glitter pens for long periods, so comfort is an important factor. Many of the pens come with rubber grips to help prevent the pen from slipping and providing more control and comfort.


Glitter Pen Purpose

You also have to consider what you want to do with your sparkly gel pens. If you want to do rock painting, you will need to use glitter paint pens. Different glitter pens work better on different surfaces, so taking this into account before purchasing is vital. You can use your Glitter Pens for example also for Handlettering.



Glitter Pen Packaging

When shopping around for glitter gel pens set, look for something that comes in a suitable storage container or package. This will not only be great for storing the pens but help you to keep the pens in order, especially if you are thinking of purchasing one of the larger sets.



Look for a product that offers value for money. Make sure to check for the number of different colors available and how many pens there are in a set. If you want metallic colors included, check to see if these are included and compare prices. It is also not a bad idea to read the product reviews before deciding on what glitter pen to purchase. Checking to see if the product has a refund policy, warranty, or guarantee. This will help save you money if you happen to get a bad-quality glitter pen set from a reputable brand.



Best Gel Pens for Coloring

Are you looking for glitter gel pens set or the best glitter pens? We know how difficult it is to make a decision, as there are so many options available. So, we have gathered together a few of the glitter gel pens as well as glitter glue and glitter paint options for you.


Amazon Choice Glitter Gel Pens: AEN ART Glitter Gel Pen Set

The AEN Art glitter gel pens set offers 100 non-duplicated glitter gel pens. This is a great set for kids and adults alike with vibrant colors that last. The set also provides shades of color, making it great for techniques like blending or shading. The gel pens apply smoothly and can easily produce fine lines without smudging. The product offers excellent quality, with just enough glitter to give that sparkly shine and not too much that the effect overpowers everything.

AEN ART Glitter Gel Pens
  • The comfort grip allows longer and comfortable use
  • The acid-free and non-toxic ink does not smear or fade
  • The 0.8 mm - 1.0 mm fine point tip produces strong fine lines
View on Amazon

The gel pens are easy to use and hold, especially since the pens have a comfortable grip that prevents your hand from getting tired while working. The water-based ink will not bleed through the paper and the pen itself is transparent so that you can see how much of the ink is still left. These glitter gel pens are perfect for adult coloring books, greeting cards, doodling, and lots more.


  • Non-toxic
  • Acid-free
  • Comfort grip
  • 30% more ink
  • 100 vibrant non-duplicated colors
  • Affordable


  • No numbers or names on the gel pens
  • Many similar colors
  • There are better premium quality products available


Best Artist Gel Pen Set: DASKID Gel Pens

The DasKid Color Artist Gel Pens contains 48 pens including 12 metallic gel pens along with 24 glitter gel pens, six neon, and pastel gel pens. You also get 48 refills for the gel pens, so this set should last you quite some time. The gel pens are comfortable to hold, and each grip is color-coded. The gel pens come in a convenient carry case, so you can take the pens wherever you go. The ballpoint tip offers smooth application and glides over the paper. The ink will also not bleed through the paper, however, make sure that if you layer a color that the first layer is dry as it could smudge if done too quickly. The gel pens can be used for all types of projects from scrapbooking to doodling, greeting cards, and more.

DASKID 96 Color Artist Gel Pen Set
  • 24 Glitter Gel Pens, 12 Metallic Gel Pens, and 6 Neon Gel Pens, 6 Pastel Gel Pens
  • Each pen is fitted with a Color-coded comfort grip.
  • Includes: Travel Case and 48 Matching Glitter Gel Pen Ink Refills
  • The fine 0.8mm – 1.0mm ballpoint tip allows for smooth and precise color application.
View on Amazon


  • A 48 piece set that includes refills
  • Vibrant colors
  • Smooth application
  • No bleeding
  • Comfortable grip
  • Convenient carry case


  • Some of the pens appear to produce too much ink
  • Fine tips best used for drawing than coloring


Best Premium Glitter Gel Pens: SOUCOLOR

The Soucolor glitter gel pens come in 60 vivid colors, including 21 colors in neon glitter. Let your craft projects stand out using these easy to use ballpoint gel pens. You can use these glitter gel pens for coloring books, writing, scrapbooks, greeting cards, doodling, and lots more. Spend hours creating with these gel pens, as they have a comfortable grip for effortless use. The ink flows smoothly, providing an even application.

SOUCOLOR Glitter Gel Pens
  • Set includes 21 neon glitter and 39 glitter ballpoint gel pens
  • Smooth ink flow for precise drawing, coloring, and writing
  • Comfort grip pens in traveling case with 60 matching refills
View on Amazon


  • Easy to use with comfort grip
  • Used for different craft projects
  • Precision tips provide a smooth application
  • Beautiful shiny finish
  • 60 amazing glitter colors


  • Some of the gel pen colors do not work well on darker paper

sparkly gel pens



Best Glitter Glue Pen: ELMER’S

Elmer’s Rainbow Glitter Glue Pen Set has a variety of 31 glitter color pens that will add that sparkle to your next art project. Not only can you use these glue pens to write with, but you can also add them to slime for an added glitter effect. The glue will not run and is easy to wash away.  The kids can also use the glue, as it is non-toxic and safe to use. Give a little extra something to those school projects.

ELMER'S Rainbow Glitter Glue Pen Set, 31 Count
  • Rainbow of 31 glitter pens add a sparkly pop to slime, writing and art
  • No run, Washable, safe and nontoxic formula
  • Use the kid-friendly recipe on the back for quick and easy custom Slime
View on Amazon


  • Non-toxic and safe to use
  • Can be used for a variety of projects
  • Easy, no mess fun
  • Great colors
  • Creates interesting textures for kids


  • The cap can be difficult to open
  • Difficult to squeeze out
  • Long dry time
  • More of a tube than a pen


Best Glitter Paint Set: ARTSHIP DESIGN Metallic Acrylic Paint Pens

The ArtShip Design Acrylic Paint Pens comes in a double-pack, one set provides a fine tip while the other set tips are a medium size for better coverage. Altogether, there are 35 pens that come in 22 different colors. These are versatile paint pens because you can use them for a variety of projects from rock painting, to painting mugs, glass, wood, and lots more. You can apply the acrylic pens on a smooth surfaces and porous surfaces. The water-based pens are non-toxic, and you can easily clean up after using them. The paint will dry quickly but once dry, it becomes permanent. The nylon pen tips are durable and the pen body itself is clear so you can check on how much paint is left.

ART SHIP DESIGN 35 Metallic Acrylic Paint Pens
  • 20 Extra Fine tip pens and 15 Medium tip pens; 22 different colors
  • Drys quickly and sets permanently yet cleans up easily while still wet
  • Vivid, smooth writing permanent paint; long-lasting nylon tips; clear pen body for checking paint color uniformity and volume
View on Amazon


  • Non-toxic
  • Dual tip box set
  • Can be applied to smooth and porous surfaces
  • Easy to use


  • Ink may run out too fast
  • Watery flow



Tips for Glitter Gel Pens

When you have purchased your sparkly gel pens, you will want to get the most out of them. You might be thinking that they are just pens, you take the lid off and write, draw, or color. And it is that easy, however, there are a few tips that can help you to improve the performance of your sparkle pen. When using glitter as well as metallic gel pens, the simplest way to use them is to add small details to your work. Sometimes the biggest effect only needs the smallest adjustments. For example, take a green leaf, add a highlight with a glitter gel pen for a more whimsical look. Outlining shapes is also a great way to apply the glitter gel pens. The glitter gel pens are perfect for blending.

Whatever you do, less or more glitter and sparkle, it is up to each person. So, there is a place for adding extra glitter if you feel like it. Try to keep it simple, maybe think about using only a single or a few colors at a time. However, if the kids get involved, it does not matter if the entire page turns out glittery.

metallic gel pens

A few tips When using glitter gel pens:

  • Always make sure that the cap is placed back on correctly and clicks in place to seal the tip end of the pen so that it will not dry out
  • Do not drop the gel pen, as this could create bubbles to form in the ink which could cause problems
  • Many of the larger sets have duplicate colors, however, if you draw or color a lot, having a second color might be a good thing
  • Be aware of the different tips available, if you want to color, a fine tip may not be the right choice. You might have to experiment to find the best choice
  • The clear pens are great to see how much ink is left over, there is no guessing as to if you can use the pen the next time or not
  • Clean the tips if the ink flow seems to be too slow. You can also have a test page handy to scribble on, which should also help to clear the tip
  • How to store the gel pens seems to be a debate, so whether upright or horizontal, as long as it is in a safe place, it is up to you
  • Gel pens tend to smear, so if you are right-handed it is a good idea to work from left to right, and if you are left-handed from right to left.
  • Always check the colors on a separate piece of paper, not all colors are the same as displayed on the caps or pens. Some might also dry darker or lighter and the glitter can also hide the color
  • When choosing your design, check to see if it has smaller spaces or large spaces. Gel pens are best used for smaller detailed designs
  • Thicker paper will give you more vivid colors



Frequently Asked Questions


Who can use Glitter Gel Pens?

Glitter gel pens are for everyone, whether you are an artist, a child, or just somebody who loves to doodle, gel pens are a fun way to create your art or craft pieces. The gel pens are also great to use in illustrations and designing to add a sparkly and eye-catching effect. You do not have to be a seasoned artist to use these pens, so go ahead and give them a try.


Can you use Glitter Pens for Coloring?

The gel glitter gel pens have roller-balls, which means that they can be used for fine and detailed work. These are usually great to use in adult coloring books, where the designs are mostly quite detailed. Larger areas will take up quite a bit of ink to fill it in. However, the liquid in gel pens comes out wet and can then be used to blend colors using a wet paintbrush.


Should you Clean a Gel Pen?

Taking care of your gel pens is easy, make sure you keep the caps on properly and store them in an appropriate case. If the ink happens to streak on the pen barrel, you can easily wipe it off. Also, if the tip gets clogged, you can simply wipe it with a wet cloth.

best glitter pens


Can you use Sparkly Gel Pens on Different Surfaces?

The gel pens are mostly made for paper, but there are glitter pens that you can use on different surfaces. The paint pens, which are acrylic-based, are the best option for this and work great on porous and smooth surfaces.


Does a Gel Pen Smear?

The gel pens liquid comes out wet, so the chances of smearing or smudging are high so you will need to be careful. Some people use this property to apply certain effects. Once dry, the color is fade-proof and great for archival projects.


Are Glitter Pens Messy?

In most cases, glitter pens help to prevent a mess. The pens make it easy to use and apply a glittery effect to projects without having to worry about the glitter getting everywhere. If the ink does get onto your clothes or your hands, it is easy to remove with a little water.


How to get a Gel Pen to Write Smoothly Again?

If you find the pen is not drawing or writing anymore, take the gel pen and unscrew the top. Use a water dropper to place a drop in the ink and then see if this works. If not, add some more water and try it again.


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