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Best Gold Spray Paint – All about Metallic Spray Paint Colors

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Since we first found gold on earth, it has become a currency and driven humanity forward. And, ever since that happened, people have been obsessed with the status and wealth that it can bring, as well as the beauty of its color. These days, we have made the color easily available. Gold pieces are common but in contrast to what most think, not every gold color is considered equal. We will consider some varieties of gold that can be purchased, which ones are fit for the job task and exactly what to look for when sourcing the best gold spray paint.



Which Different Kinds of Gold Paint are There?

As with all colors, the different types of gold available are only ever limited to the painter’s imagination. Approximately 33 common types of gold color are regularly manufactured. Following on is a table of the most common varieties with their related color code. Gold shades are used to convey a certain aesthetic or feeling, so selecting the best colors for each purpose can sometimes be difficult. Then there is also gold paint for woodwork, metal, glass, gold paint for woodwork, and even ceramic. There are also specialist paints like metallic gold spray paint which is available in a multitude of metallic spray paint colors, as well as gold chrome spray paint, so envision what look you want and create it in your work.

Gold VariationColor Shade
Color Code
Metallic Gold#d4af37
Old Gold#cfb53b
Golden Yellow#ffdf00
Golden Poppy#fcc200
American Gold#d3af37
Aspen Gold#ffd662
Bungalow Gold#ad8047
Caduceus Gold#ffee66
Christmas Gold#caa906
Cream Gold#dec05f
Dull Gold#8a6f48
Faint Gold#b59410
Harvest Gold#da9100
Vegas Gold#c5b358
Gold Deposit#e0ce57




Which are the Most Sought After Gold Spray Paints?

Gold has often been linked to status and wealth in various forms. It’s not surprising that it was used with purple for royal colors, along with blue. The reason is that gold, blue and purple were the rarest and most difficult to create, so they were the most expensive. Gold is still considered a sign of wealth, achievement, greed, and salvation as the traditions of the past still stand. These are a few of the best gold spray paints that can be purchased.


metallic spray paint colors


Number One Overall: RUST-OLEUM Pure Gold Universal All Surface Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum is considered a trusted and excellent brand of spray paint by many. The brilliant customer reviews are not surprising as it is considered one of the best brands of spray paint in the world. Rustoleum gold spray paint is high-quality and is both pleasurable and easy to use. The can’s ergonomics and great trigger are what make this paint easier to paint with, though the paint is a bit thicker than similar spray paint on the market. Rust-Oleum gold is also one of the most versatile spray paints because it sticks to most surfaces. According to the manufacturers, it will stick to ceramic, glass, cement, wood, fiberglass, and even rubber if used correctly.

RUST-OLEUM Pure Gold Universal All Surface Spray Paint
  • Fast drying formula dries to the touch in 30 minutes and covers up to 15 sq ft per can
  • Prevents rust and corrosion for enhanced durability
  • Provides an attractive, rich, shimmering metallic look on surfaces
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Rustoleum gold spray paint has an oil base so it gets absorbed into the wood with ease and is water-resistant and scratch-resistant. It also stops corrosion, rust, and oxidization in metals as well as rot in wood. So painting with this gold spray will protect most surfaces and increase the lifespan of your artworks for many years. The best part of the Rustoleum gold spray paint is the lovely finish it gives. If you want to have a wonderful surface that looks like polished gold and has a lovely sheen, then this product is just what you’re looking for. It is true that you could mix your color and even possibly do a fabulous job, but the skills required to create an amazing paint color with a high-quality sheen, it is far more convenient to buy this at a store and it will be difficult to beat. Rust-Oleum dries and is completely set in half an hour, making it a great weapon to choose for your projects.


  • Very Versatile
  • High-quality sheen and finish
  • Stops oxidization
  • Comfortable can and trigger
  • Top brand
  • Oil-based


  • Small at 11oz
  • Hard to take off


Greatest Finish: DUPLI-COLOR Engine Ceramic Gold Paint

Often, the best product for the job is one that was not created for that particular job. Dupli-Color’s ceramic universal gold engine paint is a great example of this. It is also considered one of the best-known brands in the world, but instead of being versatile and good for most surfaces like Rust-Oleum, Dupli-Color is only particularly good for one surface. It is best for cylinder heads and engine blocks that are built out of aluminum.

DUPLI-COLOR Ceramic Universal Gold Engine Paint
  • Resists temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Durable ceramic formulation
  • EZ touch nozzle, Superior high gloss finish
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Aluminum is brilliant at distributing heat, but it can warp and scratch much easier than iron. A lot of people will use a high-heat paint spray to cover the surface and protect it from scratches, make it look much better, and make the heat distribution more efficient. These strengths mean that this spray paint is brilliant for many uses besides engines, especially because of the great adhesive strength, which means it can stick to most surfaces, giving a flush, gold metallic finish when fully dried and set The trigger nozzle and can are not as ergonomic as the Rust-Oleum cans but the patented EZ spray button will provide easy and consistent aerosol pressure, even with a very light touch. A light touch on the nozzle will release enough paint for a pass and a half.

As we said earlier, this spray is heat-resistant, as are most ceramic paints, and can handle temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit without any bubbling, flaking, or warping. It is great for outdoor metal fences, grills, garden ornaments, and light fixtures. Dupli-Color is the best gold spray paint for robust needs. Though most spray paints are multi-purpose, for some needs metallic gold spray paint is perfect, and Dupli-Color is one of the highest quality paints available. The best for metal applications.


  • Top Brand
  • High heat resistance to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Best for metal
  • Excellent finish
  • EZ spray button
  • Excellent for outside uses


  • Limited use on non-metals
  • Only one gold color
  • Small delivery circle
  • Not the best finish for wood


Most Reasonably Priced: KRYLON Gold Spray Paint

Another well-known brand is the Krylon set of primers, paints, and sealers. Though many would not consider Krylon to be the best gold paint spray, it is very versatile and gets good reviews from many happy customers. Krylon also does specialized products and if you went to one of their retailers you could buy everything to paint your entire house. Their metallic gold spray paint is very popular because it can be sprayed onto most surfaces with very little preparation.

KRYLON Spray Paint, Gold
  • High performance 12 oz. aerosol can
  • Brilliant metallic gold finish
  • Dries in 15 minutes or less
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One complaint that some reviewers have had about the Krylon gold paint is that the color is not the same when applied as the color on the cap. Most people feel that it should be the same color as on the cap. It shows a somewhat tin-like reflective finish but apparently, it is not quite as refined as some feel it should be. That does not mean that the finish is not great, it is very refined and one of the better finishes we have seen, as good as the Dupli-Color. It is very reasonably priced and that is why it is so highly regarded on our list of spray paints. Kyron’s golden 12oz aerosol gives a tin-like metallic finish, but it has a xylene base. That means that even though the finish is shiny and wonderful, it is quite thick. That means that it will also stick to most surfaces, without using more than one coat. Painting with this spray on metal, plastic wood, or even ceramic will pleasantly surprise you, especially on a budget so you don’t have to spend too much.


  • Very versatile
  • Ease of use
  • Reasonably priced
  • Tin-like finish
  • Great value
  • Top brand
  • Thicker than most paints


  • The ergonomics are not the best
  • The color on the cap is different from the finish
  • Also has a primer



What Should You Look for in the Best Gold Spray Paint?

A few things should be remembered when you are looking for gold spray paint to purchase. One of the most important properties would be the adhesive qualities, as well as a few other characteristics in the paint for your next project.

gold chrome spray paint




If you are choosing paint for wood or other material, you should always be on the hunt for good value. Paint can be expensive, so make sure you have the right product for the material you are working with. Often a good versatile option will be fine, though sometimes you will need a more focused product that is good for special surfaces. Focused products will often specialize in adhering to a specific surface very well and, due to the cost of research and development, they usually cost a bit more than all-purpose, more versatile gold spray paints. Some manufacturers will overinflate the efficacy of their paints, especially if they claim it is versatile.


The Texture of the Surface

It does not matter if you are looking for metallic spray paint colors, muted spray colors, or even something that just does the job well, always check that the texture matches the surface it will be applied to. Not much looks worse than a botched spray job, so always make sure the textures match. When selecting metallic paints when you should have taken sheen, matte, or muted color, you would take a long time to undo the hard work you have done. Take care before applying the wrong paint to your project as it will take a lot of work to remove it. The best gold spray paint for metal will be dependent on what finish you want and what metal you are spraying. Customer reviews are a very important way to find out if a product is good for the purpose that you need to use it for. Many YouTube tutorials will also give you a practical demonstration of the texture.

metallic gold spray paint


Drying Time

The time a paint takes to dry is extremely important when purchasing a type of spray paint. It is very easy to get caught up in the looks of the can and the feel if it feels good, but like the old cliché, don’t judge a book by its cover. Drying time is important as most arts and crafts are time-sensitive projects. You don’t want to be waiting too long for the paint to dry. Therefore, the quicker your paint dries, the less time you will spend working on and creating it. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations on drying time, as well as the best conditions for the paint to dry in. The material being painted will also affect the time for drying. Paint will dry on wood much faster than it dries on metal as the paint gets absorbed into the wood fibers. So the best paint for the job will usually give you the best quality finish and likely decrease your drying time. In any commercially viable job, time is money, so rather spend a bit more on the right product and you will save yourself a lot of time in the long run.



Considered the so-called icing on the cake, the finish is extremely important. Spray painting is a cosmetic art, considered superficial by many. People are not going to question the hidden meaning of your orange peel, splatter, or bad finish. Many brands would claim to have the best finish with their gold paint for woodwork, using their gold-colored spray paint, meant for metal, but the proof is in the work, especially when it comes to the quality of the finish.

The finished quality could only be fully determined by sampling, with the second-best thing being a YouTube or other video tutorial. Advertising by brands should always be taken lightly as many will make claims that are designed to market their product and wouldn’t necessarily be fact.


Besides purchasing good quality paint, you have to be sure that the finish will be suited to your artwork. When you work with engineered or hardwood, specific finishes look better on some surfaces as opposed to others. You, therefore, need to have a vision of what you would like the piece to look like when it is done. This mainly comes from experience, but educating yourself well beforehand can also help. There are many resources available that will help you to look up pictures and references, will help to give you ideas, and help you progress towards creating and finishing your piece. Either books or the internet are great ways to research and learn what your piece could look like, though the process of trial and error is often the best teacher.



Using Gold Spray Paint on Different Surfaces

Though spraying a piece of work with paint may seem straightforward and easy, there are hundreds of varying techniques and skills you can learn through practice and experience. Just knowing how to get a surface ready for painting can increase the adhesion immensely and boost the quality of the finish. Some of the more common surfaces for gold spray paint are discussed below.


Using Gold Spray Paint for Wood

Wood is one of the more simple surfaces to prepare for painting as it absorbs well, being fibrous, so the paint sticks better. It is also commonly used for art and crafts, so is often the subject of many spray paint questions. Wood should always be sanded down to show fresh fibers on the surface, no matter what kind of wood it is. When that is done, you should apply a wood primer, then let it dry and set properly. Once the primer has been set, you can spray your first coat of gold paint onto the piece. Then do another coat, and repeat, until you are happy with the color and intensity of the finish. Make sure you let each coat dry for the recommended amount of time before you apply the next coat.

gold paint for wood


Painting on Plastic

Plastic is usually manufactured with colors dyed into them, mass-produced in the thousands, so spray painting it is unusual. PVC shouldn’t cause any issues when being sprayed, especially since most spray paints on the market are considered plastic friendly. Much like metal or glass, the plastic surface should be cleaned with soapy water, cloth, and water and then allowed to dry in the sun. A little bit of light sandpaper will roughen the surface a bit so that the paint sticks better to the surface, with some friction to ensure better adhesion.

You could also apply some primer to the surface, but most spray paints take well to plastic, so it should not be necessary. You can start to spray the plastic, allowing the recommended time to dry between each coat. It is probably better to use acrylic paint as it is thicker than oil-based paint, which may run on the surface, causing an uneven surface. This can happen even if you have used a primer on the surface.

rustoleum gold spray paint


Spraying Glass

Some would say that glass is the most pleasant surface that you could spray paint with gold. Different from some of the best aerosol sprays for metal, Gold spray paint for glass can have a hypnotic effect on people when the finish is set.  This is mostly because glass is hardly ever produced in gold color, so it makes pieces like this rare and unusual. To prepare glass to have gold sprayed onto it, the surface needs to be cleaned and then allowed to dry, usually best in sunlight.

Then, once the surface is dry, a glass primer should be applied. Glass has a sheer surface with very little to stick to as there is no surface friction, so the primer is an exceptionally important step. A glass primer is usually alcohol-based, so your space should always be well ventilated when using it. It usually dries off immediately so you can get to painting straight away without having to wait for a coat to dry.

You can spray paint as many coats on as you want, but the best is to keep some light transparency, much like glass is see-through. That is what will give you the best look for your glass, the unusual color, and the transparency to keep the depth that glass has. The more coats of paint, the less transparency, so remember to be aware of how much depth you want to keep on your glass art piece, and how much light you would like to pass through.


Spraying Metal Surfaces

Spraying paint onto metal is often done to fix the aesthetics and make it look great, so it is both strong, long-lasting, and looks fabulous. The best gold spray paint for metal would be dependant on a few options, and even which metal is being used. Preparing metal for spraying on paint is similar to preparing wood, though there are a few other factors that need to get done beforehand. Make sure that the metal is clean by wiping it down with a soapy cloth or detergent, then you should allow it to dry, usually in sunlight is best. Once it is dry, you can apply a metal primer to get it ready for painting.

There are many types of primers available for different types of metal, so be sure to get the right one for the metal you are painting. Once the primer has dried, you can sand the surface a bit with very fine sandpaper and then clean off the residue. Once the art piece has been thoroughly cleaned, you can spray it with as many coats as you like, though, with metal, multiple coats are almost always necessary. Always allow the recommended time for drying between each coat if you want the best adhesion and for the paint to last for the longest time. Using metallic spray paint colors requires care and preparation, so be thorough. Specialist finishes like gold chrome spray paint are tricky and require skill, so practice your work a lot.

best-gold spray paint for metal



Using Aerosol Paints Safely

Safety first, always. There are a few safety precautions you must take when working with aerosol paints, no matter how skilled or experienced you are. Inhaling paint particles is dangerous, and could damage your health by causing respiratory problems or choking. Take these precautions seriously and look after your health. It is the most important part of your life, more important than any work or piece of art you have or will ever create.


Use a Decent Mask

We know that many people hate masks after the circumstances of our times, but, that said, all professional spray painters that work with thin layers of paint, will not work without a mask. The dangers of paint particles are well documented, so, be careful around spray cans and aerosol paints. The best practice is to use a good quality mask with wash-safe or interchangeable filters.


Spray in a Well-Ventilated Space

Working in a well-ventilated space will make the chances of you inhaling paint particles much less and be safer for your health. It will also be better for your clothing, coveralls or overalls will be a good idea to keep your clothes clean and keep your possessions clean and free of paint spatter or particles on your things. Working outdoors is often better for spraying, but dust and insects can be an issue.


Wear Some Gloves

Some people feel that gloves make it harder to spray, as it is harder to feel the trigger nozzle and feel how much pressure is needed. Paint on your skin can also cause issues with your health. Aerosol paint can also be very cold, so gloves will keep your fingers warm. Nobody wants calluses on their skin from paint. Clogged pores and having to wash the paint off your skin with thinners or alcohol is not fun. Now that we have discussed how to use gold spray paint, which is the best gold spray paint for which purpose, and how to prepare any surfaces that you need to paint, it is time for you to get some experience and work on your projects. Always plan properly and remember that safety comes first. We wish you good spray painting and great work on your pieces.

gold paint for woodwork



Frequently Asked Questions


Can a Lamp be Spray Painted Gold?

Lamps can be spray painted any color you like, just don’t spray the globes as they might burn and break. There are plenty of different kinds of spray paints available for all different applications and infinite possibilities of pieces to create, so check the material your lamp is made and choose your favorite shade of gold. Spray the lamp with the gold spray paint and make sure that your finish looks great.

gold spray paint lamp


Is Spray Paint Stick Adhesive to Metal?

Spray paint is highly adhesive, and with the right primer, does stick very well to metal. There are primers available for all kinds of metal surfaces and should be used along with the best gold spray paint for metal. Make sure that your metal is well cleaned and prepared for your primer.



Is Gold Spray Paint Water-resistant?

There are a ton of different kinds of spray paints out there and if you look well enough you will find waterproof paint, but most paints are only water-resistant. Gold spray paints are often oil-based paints and tend to be damaged by water over time. Applying a waterproof sealer over your paint should solve the problem though. It will be weatherproof and protect your workpiece or artwork for a long time and make sure that it looks great.

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