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 Madison Ninemire FlatLand Artistry

Christi und Madison Ninemire |
FlatLand Artistry

Behind FlatLand Artistry are Christi and Madison Ninemire, a mother-daughter duo from Texas, USA. The two create fascinating resin geodes using different techniques. Their great passion for geode art has its origin in their love of nature. On request, Christi and Madison are also happy to accept individual commissions and produce breathtaking resin works of art to customer specifications.




 Karin Zimmer art4youkarin

Karin Zimmer | art4youkarin

Since 2016 Karin Zimmer has been a passionate artist (not only in acrylic pouring) and lets each of her paintings flow intuitively and with feeling. She sees her task in triggering her pure joy in the colours and structures in the viewer and taking him on a spiritual journey of imagination and deep inner well-being. Karin is happy to pass on her knowledge in private coaching sessions in order to give as many people as possible access to this art form.






Sylvia Hauffe Art & Collagen

Sylvia Hauffes passion is working with structures, collage materials, different colour techniques, pigments and resin. Especially the resin art in combination with structures. The charisma of these paintings, with their luminosity and depth, has fascinated her. It is her wish to inspire the viewer with her kind of art, to take him on a creative, imaginative journey and to inspire him.




Patricia Jaggi PJ Resin Art

Patricia Jaggi | PJ ResinArt

In her studio in Basel Patricia Jaggi works with various techniques – but her great love is resin art. She was fascinated by the luminosity of the pictures and their depth. It is her wish to arouse enthusiasm and positive feelings in the viewer through her paintings. Since Patricia wants to share her joy and knowledge about resin art with others, she also offers workshops.




Jennifer Pace Pace Fine Arts

Jennifer A. Pace | Pace Fine Arts

For Jennifer Pace, art is part of everyday life, whether through photography, sketching, writing and calligraphy, or expression through abstract art. Fluid Art is currently her favourite form of expression. What applies in photography to the principles of image composition and the interplay of colors can also be transferred to abstract art – with the loss of control – and that is what makes it special.




Other websites



 malen lernen



malen-lernen.org is the information source for all painting techniques. On this website you will find all the information you need to get started in acrylic, oil, watercolour or pastel painting. Also get all informations about mixed media, fluid painting and drawing. Also for advanced artists there are always new, interesting articles.





Sarah Caudle Art

Sarah Caudle is a seascape artist based in Honolulu, Hawaii who creates a visual escape to paradise for others to find a sense of peace, happiness, and aloha. Inspired by the sea, she depicts its beauty through dynamic colors, fluid movements, and organic compositions. Using acrylics and resin on wood panel, each original painting is completely unique and full of depth.




ana paz

Ana Paz

Ana Paz is a multi creative artist from Romania, living in Switzerland. In addition to her art from various materials, she also offers workshops.




 Sandra Dürr Real Art

Sandra Dürr | real ART

In her studio in Herzogenbuchsee in Switzerland Sandra Dürr offers a lot of different painting workshops and has already inspired many participants. Whether casting with structures such as marble powder or acrylic pouring, or working with resin – Sandra lives out her passion and likes to share her knowledge with others. She enjoys passing on her own knowledge, motivating people and creating beautiful things together.




 Sandra Lett

Sandra Lett, Artist

Sandra Lett is a passionate, acrylic artist. Art chose her – it is therapeutic, healing and inspirational to anyone. Art can change an attitude in an instant. She embrace a passion for color, love and positive energy. Art speaks a deep and uplifting language to the soul. She has a realistic as well as a colorful, fluid, abstract style in her art.




genialisch zeichnen


learn to draw ingeniously

Ingenious drawing by Jan Müller is dedicated to the brain-friendly learning method for correct and expressive drawing right from the start.





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