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East Coast Resin Epoxy – Review and Guide

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Currently trending on several social media websites, epoxy resin is a long-time favorite of DIY communities. If you’re new to epoxy resin, you may not be familiar with East Coast resin, a highly rated resin producer. With great reviews and claims of a crystal-clear finish, East Coast resin remains a top contender on the epoxy market. In this review of the popular resin brand, we will tell you why that is and if East Coast Resin is right for you.





Why is East Coast Resin widely used?

What is it about East Coast resin that makes it so popular? There are several qualities we want to look for in our epoxy resin that East Coast is known for.

EAST COAST RESIN Crystal Clear Super Gloss Table Top Epoxy
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Clear and Glossy Finish
East Coast Resin is known for helping even beginners get that smooth, glossy, and (most importantly) crystal-clear finish that seals and protects your work without leaving it dull or cloudy. Yellowing and other disruptions to your project’s finish are a common problem when working with epoxy resin, but East Coast Resin has built a reputation for its near-perfect finish.

Odorless Materials
Epoxy resin often has a strong, chemical-smelling odor that deters some DIY enthusiasts. East Coast Resin has both a resin and a hardener that are virtually odorless, making it easier to work with and keep in your home or workspace while curing.

Durable Finish
Scratching, denting, and overall durability are important concerns to DIY workers. Epoxy resin is often used to cure tabletops and other surfaces that require a durable finish. The surface of this resin is highly resistant to spills and scratches, making it a perfect finish for coffee tables, nightstands, or any piece that will see a lot of daily use.

Easy to Layer
One popular method in epoxy resin art is layering. Applying thin layers of the resin and allowing each layer to cure fully before moving on to the next, artists are able to create depth within their work. Often, the epoxy resin will become discolored or cloudy as the layers build up. East system epoxy is great for layering, as the finish remains crystal clear even as the materials are layered.

Can be Used as Adhesive
East Coast epoxy doubles as an adhesive, making it perfect for decorating your pieces as well as curing them. To ensure that it doesn’t start to dry while you are using it, be sure to control your workspaces’s temperature. You should keep your space between 70 and 80 degrees when using East Coast resin as an adhesive.

Easy to Use
This resin brand comes with instructions on how to be successful when using their epoxy. When the manufacturer instructions are followed, East Coast resin is considered an easy to use brand. It is important to fit the size of your container to the amount of resin used so that it does not build up too much heat, and to never scrape the sides of your container when pouring to avoid mixing in resin that has already begun to set.


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Epoxy Resin for Supergloss Coating

East Coast resin brand offers an epoxy that promises a “supergloss” finish. Their most popular product, the standard kit comes with a gallon of Crystal Clear epoxy resin and a gallon of the partnered epoxy hardener. This resin brand boasts a pristine finish and, when used correctly, its customers tend to agree.


Pros and Cons



  • Consistent Supergloss Finish: Consider cloudiness and yellowish discoloration a thing of the past when using East Coast resins. While it is important to adhere to the manufacturer’s directions when using this resin, the results are consistent across most users- a crystal clear finish that seals and protects your work!
  • Easy 1:1 Ratio: When mixing your resin with the curing agent, it may be difficult to ensure the ratio you have mixed is exactly right. This ratio is important because it determines pot time, or the amount of time you can work with your resin before it begins to cure. The East Coast supergloss epoxy uses a 1:1 ratio of hardener to resin for an easy mix. This makes it easier to ensure your epoxy resin will have a decent pot time and cure evenly.
  • Normal to Fast Curing Speed: This resin, while considered easy to use, is not a slow-curing formula. Slower resins are popular among beginners as they allow for more time to work with the material before it begins to cure. Depending on how much of the resin you mix, this resin has an average pot time of 30-40 minutes, making it a faster curing epoxy than some beginners may be accustomed to.



  • Not Compatible with Other Products: East Coast manufacturers do not recommend you use any alternative curing agents or additional hardening agents with their products. Pairing products from other resin brands with East Coast epoxy can cause discoloration, cloudiness, and an inability for the resin to cure.


There are many possible applications for East Coast resins. The supergloss epoxy is a versatile product that can be used to seal, protect, and preserve many different types of projects. Listed below are just a few of the most popular applications of the product.

Jewelry Making: Using epoxy resin to make jewelry is a popular DIY activity. The epoxy is poured into a mold and often decorated with glitters, gems, and other materials that can be safely preserved in resin.


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Sealing Artwork: Because it is waterproof and scratch resistant, the supergloss resin makes a good sealant for most artworks. Using East Coast resin brand to cure artwork not only protects it from damage, but it coats it in a crystal clear finish which enhances your work.

Using as an Adhesive: The supergloss epoxy resin can also be used as an adhesive for decorating mirrors, showers, fountain beds and more. This resin brand works particularly well as an adhesive because it is strong and waterproof. This product is dependable as an adhesive even when in a place of constant running water, such as an at-home fountain.

Household DIY: Epoxy resin can be used for plenty of different projects! The supergloss resin from East Coast is a versatile product, and its possibilities are endless. It can be used to make coasters, phone cases, figurines, decorative pieces, and more!

Tabletop epoxy resins: Tabletop epoxy resins are resins made specifically to cure pieces of furniture such as tables. The mixture will generally have a shorter pot time than products such as the supergloss coating, and it is extremely scratch and dent resistant. Below are some pros and cons for this type of epoxy resin, and some of the product’s possible applications.




East Coast Tabletop Epoxy

The Table Top Epoxy Resin from East Coast is also a laminating Resin, designed for coating bar tops, tabletops and countertops. It’s formulation is specialized to coat surfaces and have a better hardness and better scratch-resistant. It is suitable for almost every surface, like wood, metal and stone. It cures within 20 hours and results in a high gloss look. The pot life is up to 35 minutes, so you have plenty of time to work with it.

The mixing ratio is 1:1, which makes it very easy to use.


Pros and Cons




  • Strong and Durable Finish: Most resins have a strong finish that is meant to withstand minor damage and protect your project. Because of the types of projects tabletop resins are used for, they have an extremely durable finish that is meant to be completely scratch-resistant and waterproof.
  • Scratch-resistant: The formulation gives the Total Boat Epoxy Resin a better hardness to protect the surface of your projects
  • Easy to Clean: When curing a piece of furniture like a table, it is important that the piece fits well into a busy lifestyle. Because East Coast resins are easy to use and cure evenly, the finished product is a solid piece of inert plastic that should be smooth and easy to clean.



  • Shorter Pot Time: Tabletop resins, while stronger and more spill-resistant than other resins, generally have a shorter pot time than other resins. This means you will have less time to work with your resin once it has been mixed, making it more difficult to work with for beginners.
  • Needs to Account for Thickness: When using the tabletop resin from East Coast, you can get about 25 square feet of coverage from your resin. However, if you’re looking to apply a thicker layer of resin to your tabletop, you may need to purchase more than one of the resin kits. For 25 square feet of coverage, your resin will be about ¼ of an inch deep, so plan accordingly.


River Tables: A trending project popular among DIY communities, the “river table” is a table that uses epoxy resin to simulate the look of a river. Tabletop resins from East Coast are an excellent choice when completing a river table project.

Nightstands, coffee tables, and more!: Tabletop resin can be used in many different tabletop projects. Curing a wood nightstand, creating a marble effect on your living room coffee table, and more can be done with this durable and easy to use product.


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How to use East Coast Resin

  • East Coast resin is considered easy to use when the included instructions are followed, and you should always default to manufacturer instructions when using their products.
  • When you receive your kit, you will have a gallon of each to work with. First, decide how much resin you need. Pour an equal amount of resin and hardener into a safe container of the manufacturer recommended size and mix the two products thoroughly. After the resin is mixed, it is ready to be used in your project. You have a limited amount of time to work once your resin has been mixed, so be sure to take this into account.

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  • When pouring you resin, be sure not to scrape the sides of your container, as this material may have already begun to set. Scraping the sides of your container when pouring may result in an uneven cure. After your resin has been mixed, let it set for the full recommended cure time before touching it or removing it from any mold.



Can East Coast Resin be used for food purposes?

While it is considered an inert plastic after it has cured, epoxy resin is not approved by the FDA as a food safe material.




East Coast epoxy resins are considered top tier in the DIY market. With 4 to 5-star ratings and thousands of satisfied customers, this resin brand is a popular choice for beginners and experienced workers alike.

Is East Coast resin a recommendation? Because of their high satisfaction rate and the quality of their products, we recommend East Coast resin brand. However, we also recommend you carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions and general safety guidelines to achieve the best results in your epoxy resin projects.


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