Movement in Art
Other Painting Techniques

Movement in Art – Defining Visual Movement in Art

 Most works of art do not move. However, art that is completely devoid of movement can appear uninspiring and bland. It makes sense that from Impressionism onwards, much of modern and contemporary art has striven to create a sense of compositional ebb and flow. Master artists take pride in their ability to take their viewers…

What Colors go with Pink
Color Theory

What Colors Go With Pink? – Colors That Complement Pink

The hue of pink is one of exceptionally playful charm, imbued with a sweet innocence that delights the senses. Whether it is no more than a soft blush or a more vibrant fuchsia, pink has a way of captivating the heart and igniting the imagination. When it comes to selecting colors that complement the ethereal…

Lime Green Color
Color Theory

Lime Green Color – Explore Different Shades of Lime Green

Much like the fruit after which this color is named, the lime green color takes on a vibrant and invigorating energy that simply exudes positivity. It has been seen as the perfect hue to add a dash of freshness and liveliness to practically any space or design. Its unique blend of greens and yellows creates…

What Colors Go With Orange
Color Theory

What Colors Go With Orange? – Best Orange Color Combinations

Named after the fruit of the same shade, orange is a bold and energetic color that can add life and warmth to any space. When paired with the right counterpart, it can create a combination that is simply visually striking while remaining harmonious throughout. From earthy browns to cool blues, there are just too many…

What Colors go with Red
Color Theory

What Colors Go With Red? – The Complementary Color of Red

Evoking feelings of energy, power, and love simultaneously, this fierce and passionate hue is the color of fire and blood, and of sunsets and sunrises. Red simply demands attention and cannot be ignored, standing as a symbol of courage and strength. Join us as we come to terms with the expansive variety of colors that…

Analogous Colors
Color Theory

Analogous Colors – What Are Analogous Colors?

For some of us still finding our bearings in the world of art and design, the term “analogous colors” may seem foreign and maybe even overwhelming. The concept itself is far from difficult to understand as simply put, analogous colors are those that share a profound sense of camaraderie and connection, or rather, they can…

Mahogany Color
Color Theory

Mahogany Color – Making and Using Mahogany Paint Color

  The mahogany color gets its name from the majestic mahogany tree. You will find the tree in deciduous forests and rainforests in Southern Mexico, Central America, and also in South America. Mahogany trees have also been spotted in Florida. The Mahogany color is a dark red-brown color. When we envisage a mahogany color, we…

What Colors go with Sage Green
Color Theory

What Colors Go With Sage Green? – Sage Green Contrast Shades

  Wondering what colors go with sage green? Being the color of the year for 2022, you have most likely seen sage green all over social media, as well as in the most popular interior design magazines. These high-quality images might have enticed you to buy this paint color, and now you are sitting with…

What Color Does Red and Blue Make
Color Theory

What Color Does Red and Blue Make? – Creating Shades of Purple

  The world of color is fascinating, yet there is still so much to learn about color and all the scientific research surrounding it. Learning about how light affects color and how color can affect our moods is even more fascinating. We can tell how the seasons change by going outside and looking at how…

primary colors
Color Theory

Primary Colors – Learn All About the Main Colors

  It is fascinating to learn that by mixing and manipulating three very unsuspecting colors called primary colors, we can create a wonderful world of color that is far-reaching and almost never-ending. What are the primary colors and how can we use them? Primary colors are considered to be the main colors and mixing them…

art prompts generator

Art Prompts Generator – Get Inspired by Creative Drawing Prompts

In our fast-paced everyday lives today, it is often difficult to find time and inspiration for creative projects. However, a small impulse, a little push, can often be enough to get us going and unleash our creative potential. This is exactly where art prompts come in. Art prompts are prompts or suggestions that help us…

Crafts to Do at Home
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Crafts to Do at Home – Our Best Family Craft Projects

  Family time has become so precious to all of us, and with more people spending so much time at home, television has become our number one escape from reality. Of course, we all know that sitting around doing something could be better. If you have time, why not use the opportunity to attempt a…

azure blue color
Color Theory

Azure Blue Color – Learn all About the Various Shades of Azure

  Azure falls under the huge blue umbrella on the color wheel. Blue remains one of the most popular colors in the world. Let us delve a bit more into this fascinating color so that when questions arise, such as what color is azure, we can answer with confidence. We will talk about the azure…

Pottery Painting Ideas
Other Painting Techniques

Pottery Painting Ideas – The Basic Concepts of Pottery Painting

  For many, having a kiln and pottery wheel to create their own pottery designs at home can be impractical and expensive. Painting your own pottery can bring store-bought ceramics to life and turn them into personal one-of-a-kind pieces or give something you love a second life. If you are looking for a three-dimensional canvas,…

Painting vs Drawing
Drawing | Other Painting Techniques

Painting vs. Drawing – Exploring the World of Paint vs. Draw

  The debate of whether pineapple belongs on pizza will never be resolved, just as the timeless question of which is better – painting vs. drawing? This answer is not a simple one and will take a lot of deliberation and arguing among the masters of their craft. We might never find out whether pineapple…

chartreuse color
Color Theory

Chartreuse Color – A Deep Dive Into Chartreuse Color Palette

  Unless you are a seasoned and well-versed painter of many years, the words chartreuse color will rarely be heard in general conversation. It is a historical color, dating back to 1892 when chartreuse yellow was first recorded in American English. The question then arises, what color is chartreuse? Although the explanation is not simple,…

bordeaux color
Color Theory

Bordeaux Color – Using Shades of Bordeaux in Art and Design

  Bordeaux! Difficult to spell – yes. Challenging to pronounce – yes again! But it is not hard to imagine what the Bordeaux color might be. As we learn more about the different shades of Bordeaux, we are confident that your question of what color is Bordeaux will be answered very quickly. Just talking about…

hunter green color
Color Theory

Hunter Green Color – What Color is Hunter Green?

  When saying the words “hunter green”, our minds are instantly drawn to hunters and the camouflage colors they wear when on the hunt in the woods or forests. The connotation of the name certainly does not give justice to the actual hunter-green color. The hunter-green color is not regarded as a hunting color but…

What Are Art Commissions
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What Are Art Commissions? – A Guide to Getting Art Commissions

  Being a professional artist involves much more than simply creating. You have to learn and understand the business side of things as well. For some, this is a challenging aspect, as it can take up a lot of time dealing with drafting letters, advertising, marketing, and sales. One of the ways to make sales…

Certificate of Authenticity for Art
Other Painting Techniques

Certificate of Authenticity for Art – What Is Art Proof of Authenticity?

  Being a professional artist involves more than just creating exceptional artwork by expressing your skills and imagination, it has now evolved into a proper business of buying and selling artwork. Therefore, if you want to be profitable selling art pieces, you need to have some business skills. The most valued addition to your business,…

How to Copyright Your Artwork
Other Painting Techniques

How to Copyright Your Artwork – Copyright Paintings and Digital Art

  Maybe you are considering selling your artwork and you want to make sure that all your hard work is protected, and you want to learn how to copyright your artwork. Read further for some ideas and discover how and why it is necessary to protect your artwork.     Why Copyright Paintings and Other…

Artist Residencies
Other Painting Techniques

Artist Residencies – A Guide to Finding Artistic Residency Programs

  Are you an artist looking for a unique experience, something that can help you develop professionally, grow your creativity, or simply learn something new? Then, you should consider artist residencies. These artistic residency programs are available locally as well as all around the world.     What Is an Artist Residency? Artist residencies are…

Best Art Podcasts
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Best Art Podcasts – A List of Great Podcasts About Art History

  Podcasts are mainly a series of audio files that you can listen to, and which you can download. Podcasts have been active for quite a few years, but there seems to have been an upsurge in listeners over recent years. There are podcasts available on absolutely every subject you can think of, including the…

How to Make an Art Portfolio
Other Painting Techniques

How to Make an Art Portfolio – What to Put in an Art Portfolio

  If you are an artist, be it a designer, painter, or photographer, you need to showcase your work so that you can sell your art. Maybe you would like to study and apply to an art school? Creating an art portfolio is an important step for application. Whatever you decide, be it a physical…

how to arrange art on a wall
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How to Arrange Art on a Wall – The Perfect Wall Art Placement

  A home is not complete if it does not have some form of wall art, which helps to enhance those empty spaces in your home. You can create your own wall art, where you can display your beautiful art pieces or photographs, and at the same time, work with your interior design schemes. However,…

Other Painting Techniques

Notan – What is a Notan and How to Create Notan Artworks?

  The use of Notan in paintings is not something spoken of often. When hearing sentences such as Notan art examples and Notan artwork, you are probably conversing with a seasoned art teacher or a professional painter. In this article, we will answer questions such as, what does Notan mean? We will talk about Notan…

Color Theory

Aqua Color – Learn all About the Various Shades of Aqua

  The beautiful color of aqua brings us to the sea and the wonderful shades of aqua witnessed as the waves break on the shore. As we venture deeper into the sea, we start noticing that two specific aqua color combinations are more noticeable than others, aqua-blue and aqua-green colors. Join that up with a majestic…

Ochre Color Interior Design
Color Theory

Ochre Color – How to Create and Use your Ochre Color Palette

  What color is ochre? This question comes up time and time again when discussing color in the paint world. It is not a color that is spoken of very often but is certainly a color that is commonly used, especially when discussing the interior and exterior of our homes. The ochre color is versatile and…

aesthetic color palettes
Other Painting Techniques

Aesthetic Color Palettes – Most Beautiful Color Combinations

  Color can stimulate your imagination and mood, and colors from the aesthetic color palette, which are artistically and visually appealing, will bring beauty to a room, an outfit, a photograph, or a garden. Aesthetic colors do not follow any popular visual combination but stand out as eclectic personal choices. Wanting to use an aesthetic…

Are Sharpies Toxic
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Are Sharpies Toxic? – How to Avoid Ink Poisoning From Sharpies

  The colorful world of Sharpies is so interesting, yet there are many questions regarding the Sharpie. The first main questions that we all want the answer to are: Are Sharpies toxic, is it bad to draw on yourself with Sharpie, and can you get ink poisoning from a Sharpie? Well, it depends on the…

Difference Betwen Art and Craft
Other Painting Techniques

Difference Between Art and Craft – How to Differentiate Art vs Craft

  The difference between art and craft is not always so obvious, they have always been linked to each other and are often mentioned together. In this article, we will look at craft’s definition and art’s definition with the purpose of understanding what separates the art object from the craft object. We will also try…

Orientalism Art
Other Painting Techniques

Orientalism Art – An In-Depth Guide to Orientalism Art History

  The Orient, a term referring to the countries of the East, such as East Asia and the Middle East, became connected with the exotic in the minds of people in the West and provided artists with an abundance of subject matter during the 19th century. The Western world is known for often being fascinated…

What Is Gesso
Other Painting Techniques

What Is Gesso? – Everything There Is to Know About Gesso Primer

  When we think of painting supplies, very few people think of gesso. Gesso is a vital step that should be incorporated into your painting regime. Now, naturally, the first questions that come to mind when hearing the word gesso, are, what is gesso, why do I need it, and what is gesso used for? Gesso…

Tracing Pictures
Other Painting Techniques

Tracing Pictures – How to Trace a Picture With Different Methods

  Drawing can be such a fun activity to pass the time and exercise that artistic muscle in your brain. But just like any other muscle, drawing is a craft that takes years to master no matter the discipline. So, what do we do when we want to draw something that requires a degree of…

Types of Visual Art
Other Painting Techniques

Types of Visual Art – Exploring The Many Exciting Visual Art Forms

  Art is the product of applied human imagination and creativity. Art can take many forms and appeal to each of man’s five senses. When it comes to artistic pieces that must be seen with our eyes, we call them visual art. If you want to learn more about visual art and the ways in…

Complementary Colors
Color Theory

Complementary Colors – What Are Complementary Colors?

  What are complementary colors in art? As we can observe on the color wheel, complementary colors are located directly opposite one another. In this article, we will examine the complementary color theory and look at a few complementary color examples. Having a better understanding of complementary colors will go a long way to improving…

Bright Seafoam Green Interior
Color Theory

Seafoam Green Color – Tips for Designing with Seafoam Green

Recently, the seafoam green color has become popular in fashion runway shows from Milan to New York. Designers have been creating impressive ranges incorporating contrasting hues of yellow and seafoam colors. But what color is seafoam green, and what are the colors that complement seafoam green? In exploring the shades of seafoam green, we will…

best chalk paint
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How to Chalk Paint Furniture – Step-by-Step Guide

  An increasing number of people around the world are choosing to upcycle and revamp their furniture as opposed to buying something brand new. This environmentally conscious trend promotes sustainability, is a lot of fun, and is much cheaper! Upcycle your old furniture with chalk paint to give it a new lease on life –…

Hand Lettering Guide for Beginners

Hand Lettering Guide for Beginners – Easy Lettering Tutorial

Hand lettering is a great skill to learn; it can enhance your hand lettering activities as well as provide you with an additional feature for other creative projects. Hand lettering is a great way to also explore different font styles and how to achieve different styles with different tools. Hand-letter designs can provide you with…

Blue, Lavender and Periwinkle Colors
Color Theory

Periwinkle Color – All About This Warm Purple-Blue

What color is periwinkle? Is periwinkle blue or purple? These are common questions about the periwinkle color. Other people want to know the difference between periwinkle vs. lavender. There are many shades of periwinkle, from light periwinkle to dark periwinkle, and in this article, we will answer all your questions, including providing you with the…

Famous American Artists
Other Painting Techniques

Famous American Artists – Exploring American Art Classics

  For ages, visual art has been created in many forms in America, ranging from traditional American art created by early indigenous groups (which included a variety of different media and styles) to more recent contemporary art, which appeared after the arrival of the Europeans and looked toward portraiture and landscapes. The United States has…

Types of Illustration
Other Painting Techniques

Types of Illustration – Visualization Techniques and Styles

  Are you an aspiring illustrator looking to discover more information about the craft and the many forms it can take? Or maybe, like us, you have been struggling to find a suitable definition for exactly what illustration is. In either case, worry not for you are in the right place. We have compiled all…

String Art Ideas
Other Painting Techniques

String Art Ideas – Designs and Patterns for Nail and String Crafts

If you are searching for a unique gift idea or an original décor idea, then you will want to go through our list of string art patterns and ideas. String art is easy to do and is an affordable hobby that can be done by almost everybody. We have made a fair collection of string…

Air-Dry Clay Ideas
Other Painting Techniques

Air-Dry Clay Ideas – Fun Air-Dry Clay Projects for Everyone

  Do you want to start a hands-on creative hobby, but just do not know where to begin? Why try crafts with air-dry clay? There are many easy and fun things to make with air-dry clay, for both kids and adults. To provide some inspiration, we have created a list of clay ideas. We hope…

Find an Artist by Name
Other Painting Techniques

Find an Artist by Name – How to Identify the Creator of an Artwork

It is easy to find out more about an artist or their paintings by consulting biographical dictionaries or web searches, but what happens when you do not know the name of the artist? We have found some of the best ways to show you how to find the artist of a painting that you love,…

Types of Art
Other Painting Techniques

Types of Art – Major Forms of Creative Expression

Human beings are expressive creatures with boundless imaginative and creative skills. When we apply these skills, we create what we call art. The arts are various forms of abstract expression with histories as ancient and convoluted as the history of our species. Scholars of early human development have identified the first known intentional graphic marks…

How to Draw Legs

How to Draw Legs – Anatomically Correct Male and Female Legs

  Drawing legs can be really fascinating. As both the skeleton and musculature form part of the visible structure of the leg, it is essential to understand these anatomical aspects when drawing human legs. In this lesson, we will learn how to draw muscular male legs as well as a toned female legs. We will…

How to Draw Human Proportions

How to Draw Human Proportions – Scale the Figure Correctly

  Human body proportions are fascinating to depict since bodies vary in height, breadth, and ape index. Despite individual differences, there is a broad rule of thumb regarding human proportions, but it may be modified to fit particular human figures. Drawing the human figure in its proper human body proportions can be a simple process…

How to Draw Skeleton Hands

How to Draw Skeleton Hands – Anatomical Hand Bones Sketch

  The skeleton hand is an interesting anatomical feature that makes for an excellent introduction to human anatomy. You are effectively studying how to create a hand when you master how to draw skeleton hands. You may better grasp the relative sizes of the fingers by learning the basic underlying bone anatomy of a hand….

How to Draw Eyelashes

How to Draw Eyelashes – An Eye Detailing Tutorial

  We’ll learn how to draw eyelashes in this lesson. Eyelashes are a distinctive characteristic of the eye and drawing them well can add a great deal of detail and realism to your portraiture. In this lesson we will create eyelash sketches that demonstrate how the length and curvature of eyelashes characterize feminine and masculine…

How to Draw a Brain

How to Draw a Brain – Illustrate a Cross-Section of an Organ

  Discovering how to draw a brain is an intriguing activity since it improves both your drawing abilities and your knowledge of the brain. In this lesson we will be drawing a cross-section of the brain allowing us to identify the various parts of the brain. This is an exciting subject because the brain is…

How to Draw Eyebrows

How to Draw Eyebrows – A Facial Feature Drawing Lesson

  Our eyebrows are a very distinctive feature of the face. They frame the eyes and define the upper part of the face. You cannot fully capture a person’s likeness until you are able to accurately draw their eyebrows and their eyes. Given the intricate and complicated aspects of the eyes and brows, drawing them…

Color Wheel
Color Theory

Color Wheel – Our Color Theory, Harmonizing, and Mixing Guide

  Understanding color theory is vital to creating visually striking and balanced pieces of art. The color wheel offers an excellent tool to explore the basics of color theory and understand how to create beautiful color pallets for both muted and loud color schemes. The color wheel and color theory not only benefit your art…

how to draw a face from the side

How to Draw a Face From the Side – Realistic Side Profile Drawing

  Creating faces can be tricky since the technique varies greatly based on the perspective you are using. But if you know how to use instructions as a guide, creating a realistic side face drawing need not be challenging. A side profile drawing highlights the anatomy of the head and face in very precise ways,…

How to Find Your Art Style
Other Painting Techniques

How to Find Your Art Style – Develop a Unique Creative Voice

  How to find your art style can be a confusing and overwhelming question in becoming more creative in your life. You need to think about all styles of art and develop one that sets you apart from other creative people. There are so many different art styles that it can be difficult to know…

Shading Techniques

Shading Techniques – How to Create Volume with Light and Shade

  If you want to draw, understanding how to create the illusion of volume and mass through the application of light and shade is arguably the most useful ability you can master. There are several approaches for shading drawings using both pencils and pens. Studying the various shading techniques will help to improve your drawing…

How to Draw Hair

How to Draw Hair – Easy Method for Depicting Hair Tutorial

  Learning how to draw hair or drawing hairstyles is simpler than one may imagine. The core principles of hair drawing is fairly straightforward. Do not approach the task with the idea that you should draw each strand individually. Instead, if you draw hear as one overall shape, then it only takes a few pen…

How to Draw Arms

How to Draw Arms – Anatomy of the Male Arm Made Easy

Do you want to learn how to draw arms? How about drawing a human body? Developing an understanding of the anatomy and proportions of the human form is a requirement for successful figure drawing. To draw arms correctly can be a complex task. Achieving the correct proportions and structure requires a combination of knowledge of…

How to Be Creative
Other Painting Techniques

How to Be Creative – Our Top Tips to Unleash Your Creativity

There are many who wish that they were those naturally creative people whose heads readily spin with fresh and exciting ideas. But what most people don’t realize is that creativity is actually a skill that can be developed with time, patience, consistency, and effort. Lots of different activities can tune in on your creative abilities…

How to Draw a Face

How to Draw a Face – Achieve Realistic Proportions and Details

A crucial drawing talent to master is understanding how to draw a face. Your sketching abilities will improve as you gain knowledge of facial proportions and the development of a face drawing, giving you a greater understanding of how to depict the proportions of the face by locating the features in their proper locations. You’ll…

Art Challenges
Other Painting Techniques

Art Challenges – Exercise and Showcase Your Creativity

  If you are part of the art community, you may have come across art challenges on social media. There are a huge variety of art challenges across a range of different mediums and platforms, and they are a fun way to practice your skills and explore different mediums and subjects, while also building your…

how to draw eyes

How to Draw Eyes – An Easy Realistic Eye Drawing Tutorial

  Mastering how to draw eyes is incredibly difficult since they have highly special anatomy and are challenging to depict. It might be much more difficult to accurately depict a specific set of eyes in an eye drawing. Nevertheless, the process of drawing eyes becomes a lot easier if we divide it up into a…

Acrylic Painting Ideas
Other Painting Techniques

Acrylic Painting Ideas – Easy and Fun Painting Ideas For Beginners

  Acrylic paints are widely regarded as one of the best painting mediums for beginners and professionals alike. Acrylic paints are available in a variety of colors and finishes, are non-toxic, very forgiving, generally inexpensive, and are easier to work with when compared to other mediums such as oil or watercolor paints. Acrylic paints are…

Zorn Palette
Color Theory

Zorn Palette – Everything You Need to Know About Zorn Palette Colors

  Many artists make use of limited palettes to improve their skills, challenge themselves, or meet a certain aesthetic. Limited palettes are great for artists of any skill level to work and experiment with. One of the most famous limited palettes is the Zorn palette, which is named after a famous artist who used it…

Types of Easels
Other Painting Techniques

Types of Easels – What Are the Best Kinds of Easels for Drawing?

  An art easel is an important piece of equipment for any artist to make use of. Easels have many different benefits and come in large varieties to suit a wide range of needs. Whether you need a compact and portable tabletop easel for painting, a large easel for bigger canvases, or just a basic…

how to draw a nose

How to Draw a Nose – A Realistic Nose Drawing Tutorial for Beginners

  Drawing a face is challenging for any artist, and nose drawings are an especially challenging factor to consider! No matter how difficult it may seem, it is very important to get the proportions of the face correctly aligned! In this how-to-draw-a-nose tutorial, we will look at the method used to achieve the correct proportion…

Pastel Colors
Color Theory

Pastel Colors – Creating and Using a Pastel Color Palette in Your Design

  Welcome to the wonderful world of pastel colors! These lovely hues are tints of a lighter and softer shade of each color on the color wheel. In other words, pastel colors are just muted, paler, and softer versions of the brighter and more vibrant colors we use every day! While we may not realize…

How to Draw Ears – An Easy-to-Follow Human Ear Drawing Tutorial

How to Draw Ears – An Easy-to-Follow Human Ear Drawing Tutorial

  Ears are a part of the body that many artists avoid, often covering the ears with hair when sketching a portrait. But, drawing ears doesn’t have to be an extremely complex project to undertake! Once you learn the general rule of light and shadows, the art of drawing ears will be easy! The human…

Fall Crafts for Kids
Other Painting Techniques

Fall Crafts for Kids – Simple Autumn Crafts to Make for Young Children

  Fall and winter produce cooler days where the kids spend more time inside, and you have to start wondering how to keep them busy. Why not try some fun and easy fall crafts for kids? There are many kids’ fall crafts that can be done on a budget and most of them can easily…

Triadic Colors
Color Theory

Triadic Colors – What Is a Triadic Color Scheme and How Can It Be Used?

  The world of color is boundless, yet, to the average person, colors are seen at face value. It is the moment you begin to unpeel the layers does one begin to understand the multiverse of color and how color combinations can influence and affect your mood, or completely change a space! Art students who…

Taupe Color
Color Theory

Taupe Color – Exploring Shades of Taupe and Colors That Go With It

  When learning about the taupe color, you may be wondering if the taupe is gray or brown. You likely will have many more questions about this unique color, such as what color is taupe, what are the various shades of taupe, and what colors go with taupe? If you have been thinking about taupe…

how to draw a skull

How to Draw a Skull – A Step-by-Step Human Skull Drawing Tutorial

  Learning how to draw a skull is a great exercise for refining your drawing skills. A Skull is a very interesting subject to draw, as the form and structure are very unique and contain little intricate details. Human skull drawing is a fundamental task for understanding human anatomy. To draw a skeleton head is…

How to Make Lavender Color
Color Theory

Lavender Color – Exploring and Using Shades of Lavender in Your Art

  Fields of lavender purple bushes spanning over hills as far as the eye can see are commonly seen in the valleys of France, their sweet fragrance is used in many bath and cosmetic products and perfumes. But what color is lavender? Lavender purple is one of nature’s most glorious colors. Did you know that…

Pewter Color
Color Theory

Pewter Color – Exploring Unique and Beautiful Pewter Color Combinations

  In the world of art and design, there is a multitude of colors, hues, and tones to explore! A seemingly simple color such as pewter has many different shades and hues to complement it. The options are endless and somewhat overwhelming if you have to choose a color pallet for interior or graphic design…

How to Bullet Journal
Other Painting Techniques

How to Bullet Journal – An Easy and Exciting Bullet Journal Guide

In today’s modern world, life can seem overwhelming with all the things that need to be done. Making lists and posting them around the house may seem helpful, but they can be a pain to stick up. Generally, journaling is considered a form of writing your feelings and thoughts – this process of writing is…

Watercolor Skin Tones
Other Painting Techniques

Watercolor Skin Tones – Create Your Own Watercolor Skin Tone Chart

  Watercolor painting is a soft medium to use when creating beautiful art pieces. It has light tones and brushstrokes compared to oil painting or acrylic paint. This is perfect for achieving gentle color mixes and imagery. Most painters and artists will agree that painting skin tones can be extremely challenging, as you have to…

How to Paint Rocks
Other Painting Techniques

How to Paint Rocks – Your Guide to Creating Unique Decorated Stones

  Creating decorated stones and painted rocks is a fun activity for the whole family, being an easy project for all ages. If you have been looking for ideas for things to paint on rocks, or want to learn how to paint on rocks, you have come to the right place! Painted rocks make beautiful…

Color Emotions
Color Theory

Color Emotions – Different Colors Associated with Emotions and Moods

  Despite the portrayal of old photographs, color has and always will be all around us. It is only natural for people to form attachments and emotions towards things as we go about life and link certain events, things, or colors to emotions and experiences. Over time these colors associated with emotions became essential to…

Crafts for Seniors
Other Painting Techniques

Crafts for Seniors – Creative, Fun, and Easy Craft Projects for Adults

  If you are a senior or an elderly person, and you want something fun to do in your spare time, then this article is for you. We will be sharing with you many different adult crafts and activities that cover a wide range of skill levels and interests. There are so many ways you…

How to Paint Watercolor Sunflowers
Other Painting Techniques

How to Paint Watercolor Sunflowers – Sunflower Watercolor Painting Guide

Creating a sunflower watercolor painting is a simple and enjoyable undertaking. Due to their simplified structure, learning how to paint watercolor sunflowers is excellent painting practice. Sunflowers are a wonderful, lively feature that can be incorporated into a variety of landscapes or created as a single theme on your canvas. In any case, painting this…

How to Paint Mountains with Watercolor
Other Painting Techniques

How to Paint Mountains With Watercolor – Watercolor Landscapes Tutorial

  Learning how to paint mountains with watercolor is a fantastic way to get acquainted with this type of medium. The watercolor medium has the ability to produce some amazing effects which can be extremely useful when painting watercolor mountains. This lesson focuses on teaching how to paint mountains for beginners in a rather easy…

How to Draw with Charcoal
Other Painting Techniques

How to Draw With Charcoal – Your Guide to Charcoal Drawing Techniques

Hello and welcome to the fascinating universe of charcoal sketches! If you want to expand your creative thinking or enhance your technical artistic abilities, drawing with charcoal pencils is an excellent medium for learning and mastering the art of sketching. In this lesson, you will gain knowledge on how to draw with charcoal, explore new…

Easy Art Ideas
Other Painting Techniques

Easy Art Ideas – A Few Exciting Art Inspiration Ideas for Beginners

Do you have a creative streak, but you’re not quite sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. You don’t have to create fancy, elaborate works of art to truly make an impression through your designs. Usually, simple yet impactful artworks are what resonate the most with people. We have some easy art ideas for…

Best Paper for Oil Pastels – Reviewing the Best Oil Pastel Canvas Options
Other Painting Techniques

Best Paper for Oil Pastels – Reviewing the Best Oil Pastel Canvas Options

Oil pastels are an immensely popular artistic medium, and for good reason. The pastel medium comes in different forms for different kinds of artists to enjoy and love, with chalk and crayon forms being two of the most popular. However, you can also get pastels in other formats for different finishes. The foundation you use…

Watercolor Poppies
Other Painting Techniques

Watercolor Poppies – How to Paint Poppies in Watercolor Paint

  Creating your own watercolor poppies is an excellent watercolor painting activity. It is not only easy to do, but it also provides you with some essential watercolor techniques and methods that you can apply to other works. A watercolor poppy appears to be a straightforward flower to create. As we discover how to paint…

How to Paint Watercolor Leaves
Other Painting Techniques

How to Paint Watercolor Leaves – A Guide to Watercolor Greenery

  For two main reasons, mastering how to paint watercolor leaves is a fantastic workout. For one thing, we learn a range of watercolor techniques and tricks, and for another, it’s a useful aspect for many more watercolor artworks in the future. Watercolors are available in a wide range of styles and palettes. As we…

Best Spray Paint for Cars
Other Painting Techniques

Best Spray Paint for Cars – An Easy Guide to Automotive Paint Spraying

  Maybe you are thinking about spraying your car for a new look? You might want to discover if this is at all possible for a first-time do-it-yourself enthusiast. In the event you decide to jump to the challenge, you will also be looking to find the best spray paint for cars. So, before you…

Watercolor Landscape
Other Painting Techniques

Watercolor Landscape – A Tutorial for Nature Paintings With Watercolors

  If you have ever attempted to create your own nature paintings with watercolors, you would have soon realized that Watercolor is a sensitive medium to work with. Watercolor is a sensitive medium to work with. Because there are various approaches that may help make our watercolor landscapes distinctive, the best outcomes can often be…

How to Paint a Watercolor Butterfly
Other Painting Techniques

How to Paint a Watercolor Butterfly – A Beautiful Butterfly Painting Tutorial

  Understanding how to paint a watercolor butterfly is a valuable skill to have since it can be used to improve a variety of different paintings. Painting butterflies in watercolor is somewhat easy, but it does take some time, so patience is required during the project. While following this watercolor butterfly tutorial, keep in mind…

Best Paint for Wood Crafts
Other Painting Techniques

Best Paint for Wood Crafts – Your Guide to Finding the Best Paint for Wood

  Art is a fun way you can relieve stress as well as pass the time. Wood is traditionally used for many crafting ideas; this is due to its strength and versatility as it can be used in many ways from making a jewelry box to a small toy. Painting on wood seems to be…

Best Printer for Stickers
Other Painting Techniques

Best Printer for Stickers – Finding the Top Printer for Labels and Stickers

  Stickers and labels have numerous uses and many budding hobbyists have made printing their own stickers into a lucrative business. However, whether you start a sticker printing business, or you simply want to print for fun, you must get yourself the best printer for stickers. However, there are some technicalities you need to consider…

Crafts to Do When Bored
Other Painting Techniques

Crafts to Do When Bored – Exciting Things to Make When You’re Bored

  Perhaps it is the last days of school holidays when the kids are looking for things to do, and you do not want them sitting in front of the television or computer. You might also want to utilize your free time better. Thankfully, there are thousands of crafty things to do when bored. Some…

how to use watercolor pencils
Other Painting Techniques

How to Use Watercolor Pencils – An Easy Watercolor Pencils Tutorial

  Firstly, what are watercolor pencils?  It is a pencil that is water-soluble which means the pigment responds to water and can be activated by water. Using a watercolor pencil is a very unique medium that sits in between both watercolor painting and drawing. Most watercolor pencil art that you may have come across was…

Unique Color Names
Color Theory

Unique Color Names – Exploring Rare Color Names and Color Hex Codes

  When we were first introduced to colors at school, we thought we knew all there was to know. We learned about all the colors of the rainbow: orange, blue, violet, yellow, red, indigo, and green. However, the different shades and hues of these basic colors go on and on and many of the names…

How to Get Permanent Marker Out of Clothes
Other Painting Techniques

How to Get Permanent Marker Out of Clothes – The Best Methods

  We have all used permanent markers at some time or other in our lives, from marking things that we are going to store or just helping the kids with their school project. However, some may have also experienced those times when they have found permanent marker stains on clothes. This does not mean you…

Rainbow Colors
Color Theory

Rainbow Colors – Exploring the Bright and Vibrant Colors of the Rainbow

  Almost everybody has seen a rainbow, one of the most beautiful natural marvels in our world. However, even though you have seen a rainbow, can you name each of the colors in order? In this article, we will be discussing what makes a rainbow and what are the colors of the rainbow. By the…

Best Paint for Ceramic
Other Painting Techniques

Best Paint for Ceramic – Your Easy and Detailed Guide to Ceramic Painting

  Ceramic painting is a creative way to add some color to a plate, mug, or tile you might have lying around. You can paint some really fun and interesting patterns or designs onto ceramic if you have the right paint! Painted ceramic makes for a thoughtful, personalized gift idea for friends and family members….

Watercolor Painting Ideas
Other Painting Techniques

Watercolor Painting Ideas – Fun and Easy Beginner Watercolor Ideas

  Interested in immersing yourself in the world of watercolor painting, but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will highlight and deep dive into creative watercolor painting ideas that you can play around with and use to gauge your inner watercolor artist. You can look forward…

Split Complementary Colors
Other Painting Techniques

Split Complementary Colors – How to Use a Complementary Color Palette

  Color is everywhere around us; in nature, in art, and in design. However, it might be difficult to choose a color scheme that works for your designs. Selecting a good color combination can be done by understanding certain color principles. These methods can be used to choose colors and will most likely include things…

Best Resin Coaster Mold
Resin Epoxy Art

Best Resin Coaster Molds – How to Create Exciting Resin Coasters

  While we might not think of them as often as other furnishings in our homes, coasters are one of the little things that can really bring a space together and even complement other furnishings and ornaments in our homes. While our parents and grandparents might have used wooden ones, and even ones made of…

Polymer Clay Ideas
Other Painting Techniques

Polymer Clay Ideas – Exciting Things to Make With Polymer Clay

  Polymer clay is a well-liked and versatile crafting hobby. Many create wonderful clay items as a hobby and for gifts, but you can also sell your polymer clay products as there are so many ideas you can use. This is why we have created this article, to help you discover all the amazing and…

How to Remove Acrylic Paint from Wood
Other Painting Techniques

How to Remove Acrylic Paint From Wood – What Removes Acrylic Paint

  It hasn’t always been easy to decorate your home. Before things like paint were readily available, the only way to make something unique was to smear it with berries or simply make it bigger and more intricate than your neighbors. Thankfully, these days we have so many types of paint and finishes available to…

Art Mediums
Other Painting Techniques

Art Mediums – Exploring Some Exciting Artistic Mediums You Should Try

  Art is a form of human expression; where would the world be if there were none? All through history, artists are using various techniques and different art mediums to create beautiful art pieces. The whole process may have begun as simple as mixing earth pigments to paint on cave walls, but it has grown…

Best Clay for Sculpting
Other Painting Techniques

Best Clay for Sculpting – Exploring the Top Professional Modeling Clay

  Sculpting clay is something everybody can try and is a great way to express yourself. Creating clay sculptures does take some time to learn, but with the right clay, tools, and techniques, you can create anything from jewelry to beautiful, sculpted art pieces. To do this, we need to choose the best clay for…

How to Paint Air Dry Clay
Other Painting Techniques

How to Paint Air-Dry Clay – Your Guide to the Best Paint for Clay

  Air-dry clay is an amazing art medium for both young and old, beginner and skilled artists. Products are easy to come by and affordable. Air-dry clay is also easy to use as you do not need a kiln to help harden the clay, so clay projects can be done at home. Painting clay after…

How Long Does Air Dry Clay Take to Dry
Other Painting Techniques

How Long Does Air-Dry Clay Take to Dry? – Exploring Air-Drying Clay

  Working with potter’s clay requires a little more equipment like a kiln, which most of us do not have. An easier and more fun alternative is air-drying clay. This is a type of clay that doesn’t need a kiln or even an oven for the clay to dry, making it an easy hobby to…

Best Soap Making Kits
Other Painting Techniques

Best Soap-Making Kits – A Guide to Hot and Cold Process Soap Making

  Soap making can be a fun hobby for both young and old, maybe even turn it into a business once you have mastered the techniques. When starting, it is important to get the correct soap-making supplies. The more popular method is to use the simple melt and pour options, which makes it safe and…

What Is Enamel Paint
Other Painting Techniques

What Is Enamel Paint? – A Guide on How to Paint with Enamel Paints

  You may be planning to refurbish and repaint your house, and we all agree that a new coat of paint can completely transform your home. However, the problem comes when deciding on the type as well as the color of the paint. Should you use enamel paint or try acrylic paint? These two types…

Other Painting Techniques

Pyrography – A Beginners Guide to Wood Burning Art

  Ever since we started painting on the walls of caves, the need to express our experiences, desires, and ideas has increased exponentially. We have come a long way since depicting the best way to hunt a woolly mammoth though, in fact, eras like the renaissance have shown that there are no limits to the…

Best Felt Tip Pens
Other Painting Techniques

Best Felt Tip Pens – Your Guide to Buying High-Quality Artistic Pens

  In this modern age where everything is digital, most people capture or record their information using cell phones, tablets, or computers. However, the age-old writing medium of the pen is still popular, as it gives that personal touch. The felt-tipped pen is one of those writing mediums that can be quite useful whether you…

Best Wood Burning Kit
Other Painting Techniques

Best Wood Burning Kit – Finding the Best Pyrography Kit for Beginners

  There are hundreds of different art mediums out there, each with its own subcategories and disciplines which form part of the greater whole. Crafting in particular has a wide variety of art forms that initially were simply hobbies, but as technology evolved, tools and supplies not only became more readily available but more affordable…

Watercolor vs Acrylic
Other Painting Techniques

Watercolor vs. Acrylic – Differences Between Watercolor and Acrylic Paints

  While watercolor paint and acrylic paint may seem similar to some people because of their affordability and water-solubility, they are actually very different. In this article, we will explain the difference between watercolor and acrylic paint. We will also be discussing when and why you would choose to use either type of paint. While…

Light Burnt Orange Color
Color Theory

Burnt Orange Color – An In-Depth Look at Burnt Orange Shades

  Orange is a color between red and yellow that consists of a range of shades, tints, and hues, with burnt orange being among them. When you think of burnt orange shades, it might bring up images of flames and fire. Over the years, burnt orange color has carved a special place in fashion and…

Best Wood for Wood Burning
Other Painting Techniques

Best Wood for Wood Burning – The Top Options for Wood Burning Crafts

  The art of wood-burning is mesmerizing, allowing us to take a medium that has been around since the dawn of time and use it to create beautiful works of art that have a unique look and feel to them. Wood burning, in general, seems to have exploded in popularity recently. This is due to…

Best Drawing Pencils
Other Painting Techniques

Best Drawing Pencils – How to Find the Best Art Pencils for Your Needs

  In many creative art projects, what is the most general tool used? Whether it is for sketching, writing, or marking something, the pencil is an important tool many uses in everyday life. Art pencils are especially an important part of any supplies an artist owns, and today you can get some amazing drawing pencil…

Best Deep Pour Epoxy – Recommending the Best Epoxy for Deep Pour
Resin Epoxy Art

Best Deep Pour Epoxy – Recommending the Best Epoxy for Deep Pour

  Epoxy resin is great; you can use it to create pretty much anything you set your mind to, from jewelry, tabletops, masks, floor coatings, food containers, coasters, and even protective coatings for tabletops! Not all types of resin can be used for every application though, as certain resins are only graded for surface applications…

Burnt Umber Color in Design
Color Theory

Burnt Umber Color – How to Make Burnt Umber Paint Easily

  The burnt umber color can be placed alongside other earth tones like raw umber, yellow ochre, and burnt sienna.  These natural earth pigments have been used throughout history from as early as prehistoric times. Some artists seem to have an aversion to burnt umber, but it is a valuable asset to any color palette….

Resin Crafts to Sell
Resin Epoxy Art

Resin Crafts to Sell – Your Easy Guide for How to Start a Resin Business

  These days, having a second job or side hustle is a pretty common thing. Whether you’re doing door dash or giving Uber a try in your spare time, it’s always nice to have some extra money in your pocket One small business idea that’s really taken off in recent years is the selling of resin…

Olive Green Color
Color Theory

Olive Green Color – Exploring The Variety in Olive Green Shades

  Some people like an olive green color, while others might not even consider it on their list of favorite shades. However, it has moved up the ranks and gained popularity over the years, especially online on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. If you are still doubtful about an olive green palette, let us go…

Wet on Wet Watercolor
Other Painting Techniques

Wet-on-Wet Watercolor – Exploring the Best Watercolor Tips and Tricks

  Wet-on-wet watercolor is probably the most common technique of using watercolor paint. Wet-on-wet painting is an essential technique to learn for watercolor. With wet-on-wet watercolor, you can achieve a variety of beautiful gradients as well as different kinds of color combinations and effects. The wet-on-wet technique is also a great way to make seamless…

Best Travel Watercolor Set
Other Painting Techniques

Best Travel Watercolor Set – Our Top Travel Paint Set Recommendations

  A travel watercolor set is ideal for those artists who enjoy painting while on the move. Watercolor painting does not require a lot of equipment and setup, and cleaning is extremely easy. We are here to help you choose the best travel watercolor set, whether you are a beginner or a professional artist.  …

How to Mix Watercolors
Other Painting Techniques

How to Mix Watercolors – A Guide to Easy Watercolor Mixing Techniques

  Learning how to mix watercolors is a great way to grasp the medium and its potential for color variation. Often, we think we need all the colors to be available to us for us to create bright and colorful paintings. However, learning how to mix watercolors helps you to gain confidence in making new…

Watercolor Techniques
Other Painting Techniques

Watercolor Techniques – Everything You Need for Easy Watercolor Painting

  Watercolor is a very playful medium, there are so many ways in which one can make watercolor paintings. However, when starting watercolor for the first time it can seem confusing and overwhelming to make creative decisions. In this tutorial, we will be breaking down various watercolor painting tips and techniques into eight different types….

Burnt Sienna Color – How to Make and Use Burnt Sienna Paint
Color Theory

Burnt Sienna Color – How to Make and Use Burnt Sienna Paint

  Burnt sienna conjures up images of warmth, earth, and sand. The color ranges from a reddish-brown to a yellowish red and the raw sienna is commonly used in glazes and stains. The sienna color is also perfect to use with other natural elements like wood or leather as all the natural earth tones work…

Neutral Colors
Color Theory

Neutral Colors – Exploring and Creating a Neutral Color Palette

  What comes to mind when neutral colors are mentioned? Maybe, you think they are uninteresting, or you just might consider these colors comforting and sophisticated. The basic neutral colors definition can be seen as various hues that seem to have no color and do not appear on the color wheel. Most commonly these include…

How to Use Watercolor Paint in Tubes
Other Painting Techniques

How to Use Watercolor Paint in Tubes – A Guide to Watercolor Paint Tubes

  Children, students, and even professional artists love to work with watercolors. There is hardly any mess, no strong odors from solvents as they are water-based, and it is easy to clean up. Watercolors can also be bought anywhere, and they are the most affordable art mediums on the market. The art of using tube…

How to Make Resin Letters
Resin Epoxy Art

How to Make Resin Letters – Exploring Unique DIY Resin Letter Ideas

  If you’ve been watching the crafting scene over the last few years. You may have noticed a substantial shift in mediums used to create various crafts and even professional art pieces. Resin has provided many of us with a means of creating intricate, polished workpieces that have an incredible aesthetic impact as well as…

Shades of White
Color Theory

Shades of White – How to Make and Use Different Shades of White

  Shades of white are often referred to as colors that differ very slightly from the original pure white color, also known as “off-white” and are regarded as part of the neutral color scheme. Technically speaking a shade is referred to as a pure color that is mixed with black. However, shades of white comprise…

Best Gel Pens for Coloring
Other Painting Techniques

Best Gel Pens for Coloring – Discovering the Top Vibrant Colored Gel Pens

  Being creative is fun and helps to relieve stress, but for many, it should also be easy to do. This is where coloring pens come into play as they are effortless to use, and you can produce some amazing results. Another advantage is that gel pens are for both younger kids and adults. Since…

How to Thicken Acrylic Paint
Other Painting Techniques

How to Thicken Acrylic Paint – The Best Way to Create Textured Paint

  You have just organized all your equipment and supplies, and you are about to start with your painting, but as you load your paintbrush with your acrylic paint, you discover that the paint is rather thin. It does not matter how many layers of paint you apply to your painting; the result is a…

How to Make Magenta
Color Theory

What Colors Make Magenta? – How to Make Magenta Paint Yourself!

  What color is magenta? There are a few variations to its description, but it has been defined as a reddish-purple or purplish-red. Magenta has also been described as part of the pink and violet family. In this article, we will try to clarify what two colors make magenta if there are any, and how…

Shades of Yellow
Color Theory

Shades of Yellow – A Deep Dive Into the Wonders of Yellow Colors

  Yellow colors are warm, bright, and happy. Yellow can help with feelings of encouragement and is an inviting color. There are many shades of yellow, some of them very popular and well-known, for example, lemon yellow, bananas, yellow roses, pineapples, and yellow forms part of a rainbow. Yellow shades are everywhere, from light yellow…

Can You Use Food Coloring in Resin
Resin Epoxy Art

Can You Use Food Coloring in Resin? – How to Color Resin Easily

  Color: It has the potential to make or break anything. Color can bring a wedding together, make you fall in love with a dress, make you buy a car that’s far outside of your budget, or make your eyes pop through contrast. In the world of resin casting, color can have a huge effect…

Best Pencil Eraser
Other Painting Techniques

Best Pencil Eraser – Exploring the Best Eraser Brands and Types

  We have all used a pencil at some time in our lives, as a kid scribbling on some paper, or a student at school, or during your working life. We all know that mistakes happen, but that does not mean that the mistake must become permanent. If you have a good quality pencil eraser,…

Shades of Teal
Color Theory

Shades of Teal – How to Create and Use Your Own Teal Color Palette

  Teal colors are formed by the combination of two colors, green and blue. Teal can be described as a darker blue-green color, almost like that of cyan. Sometimes it is often referred to as turquoise, however, this color has a lighter and more vibrant tone. As with any color, there are many different shades…

Why Is Art Important
Other Painting Techniques

Why Is Art Important? – Exploring the Cultural Importance of Arts

  Art has been an integral part of society since ancient times until today. However, the importance of art has deteriorated over the years. Subjects in schools including things like music, art, or drama have been pushed aside, and many students do not go on to study the arts at college or university. However, the…

Best Craft Table
Other Painting Techniques

Best Craft Table – How to Find a Crafting Desk to Suit All of Your Needs

  Maybe you enjoy doing arts and crafts, or you want to seriously start a crafting business? You should, therefore, get yourself a good craft desk. Depending on what type of projects you will be working on, you might only need a small craft table, or if you are short on space, a foldable craft…

Gouache vs Acrylic
Other Painting Techniques

Gouache vs. Acrylic – The Difference Between Gouache and Acrylic Paint

  So, you have decided to explore the world of painting, or maybe you already know all about acrylic paints and want to try something new like gouache. Let us then go on a short journey together to discover the difference between gouache and acrylic paints, how to go about using them, and what is…

Best Calligraphy Pens
Other Painting Techniques

Best Calligraphy Pens – Exploring the World of Calligraphy Markers

  Everyone loves to give and also receive cards for every occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and so on. However, cards today cost a fortune in the stores. Would it not be a good idea to then customize your wedding invitations, or handcraft those birthday cards, sketchbooks, and journals? This can all be done…

Best Paint Pens for Wood
Other Painting Techniques

Best Paint Pens for Wood – Your Easy Guide for How to Write on Wood

  Projects where you write and draw on wood have been quite trendy for a few years now. From décor in houses and restaurants to signs at events, you’re bound to have seen drawings or writing on wood at some point. Are you wondering how to write on wood? Well, this article is all about…

How to Clean and Oil Painting
Other Painting Techniques

How to Clean an Oil Painting – The Best Methods for Cleaning Oil Paintings

  Whether you have a very valuable heirloom or collector’s piece or a less valuable garage sale find, oil paintings tend to need cleaning after a while. Cleaning oil paintings without damaging them is a very difficult and painstaking process. Below we have outlined how to clean old oil paintings, as well as why you…

How to Paint Glass Windows
Other Painting Techniques

How to Paint Glass Windows – Exciting Window Painting Ideas for All

  Painting and decorating glass windows can be fun and add a certain charm to your home or business. There are many window painting ideas, some are functional like providing some privacy, while others provide a festive look and vibe. Whatever window art ideas you have, you will want to learn how to paint glass…