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IWATA Eclipse HP-CS Airbrush Kit – Large Review

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Airbrushes are amazing and versatile tools as you can use them for creating stunning artworks, models, crafts, cake decorations, tattoos, T-shirts and much more. However, how do you go about purchasing the right one to suit your particular project needs? This can be an overwhelming task as there are many airbrush types on the market today. In this article, we will be helping you make a decision. We suggest the Iwata Eclipse Airbrush Gun, as it is very versatile and will suit most purposes.





About the Company Iwata

The Iwata Company has been operating since 1982 with one main goal, “creating a great experience” for all airbrush artists. To accomplish this, they endeavour to produce the finest high performing equipment available, which includes airbrushes, compressors, accessories and colors. All this equipment is backed-up with the airbrush industries exceptional service and is supplied with all the technical information you will need.


This is made possible because the company follows certain essential activities daily:

  • Iwata is fully involved in training, customer support, hands-on workshops, information articles as well as educational videos.
  • They aim to constantly develop new products for their customers.
  • The company has the attitude of treating all customers alike, whether they are new or existing customers.
  • Iwata makes sure you get the correct equipment you need for your project.
  • Iwata Company Motto: «You Imagine, Iwata Performs, You Create»
  • The company is also producing high-quality Iwata airbrush compressors




The Iwata Eclipse HP-CS in Detail

The Iwata Eclipse HP-CS model airbrush is a favorite amongst many airbrush enthusiasts. This is especially true because of its multi-purpose and comprehensive functions with a high paint flow rate. The Iwata eclipse airbrush is an amazing tool when it comes to applying various paints as it gives you a precision spraying job.


IWATA Eclipse HP-CS Value Set with Hose Cleaner and Paint
  • 0.35mm needle and nozzle combination
  • 1/3 ounce sized cup
  • Resists Breakage - Needle made of high quality Spring-Steel
  • Solvent resistant needle packing for longer life
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When you buy the Iwata hp-cs airbrush as a set, you will get:

  • the Eclipse HP-CS Airbrush
  • a 10-foot long air hose
  • bottle of paint
  • cleaner
  • users guide

This not only suits the American user because they also have branches in all the major continents around the world.


The features of the Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Airbrush

  • You have a 0.35mm needle with a drop-in, self-centring nozzle combination
  • The airbrush comes with a fairly large-sized 0.24 ounce (or 7 ml) gravity-feed cup. This cup has a funnel shape, which allows for a more effective paint flow and is a lot easier to clean.
  • The gravity feed, dual-action airbrush when bought as a set, comes with the airbrush, a medea airbrush cleaner, special Iwata lube, air hose, commercial Art Ultramarine Opaque Acrylic Paint and a users guide.
  • The system maintains a high-detail Spray Characteristic even when spraying with heavier acrylic and Medea Textile paints.
  • The needle is manufactured from high-quality spring steel. This makes it last longer and it is solvent resistant.
  • Produces a spray pattern from hairline to 2 inches or 50 mm round.
  • There is a wide range of applications
  • Perfect buy for beginners
  • Extremely economical with the paint
  • Unlike other airbrushes, it is not too particular with different paint consistencies
  • Cutaway handle, which assists in freeing up paint clogs that appear without you having to remove the needle and handle.


iwata eclipse



Problems and Solutions

There might come a time when you encounter a certain problem with the operation of the equipment, no matter how good the product is. At this stage, if you are a beginner, your first reaction is to give up, discard that piece of equipment and simply go out and buy another different make or model.

Maybe, you think, another particular type or make will operate without any problems. We all know that this is not the case. So, here is a chart that lists most of the common problems you will encounter with your Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Airbrush. You will also find some tips on solving the problem.




Bubbles appearing in cup or bottle

Loosehead capTighten head cap using a wrench
Loose nozzle capTighten nozzle cap with finger
Nozzle not fitting properly  to the bodyReseat nozzle
Damaged or cracked nozzleReplace nozzle


Double line forming

The paint dried on tip of needle (Tip-Dry)Clean the needle
Airbrush is dirtyClean airbrush after each color
Nozzle tip dirtyClean nozzle with a toothpick
Needle bentReplace needle
Nozzle cracked or damagedReplace nozzle





Airbrush not spraying

Needle is looseTighten chucking nut with finger
Needle is stuckRelease needle and reseat
Head cap is looseTighten head cap using a wrench
Incorrect air pressureFollow instructions to increase or decrease air pressure
Paint is too thickRefer to paint preparation
Vent hole on the cup is blockedUnblock vent hole using a push pin
Nozzle is blockedClean nozzle with a toothpick
Nozzle cracked or damagedReplace nozzle
The pigment is too thickRefer to paint preparation
Air pressure is too highFollow instructions to lower air pressure
Nozzle not fitting properly  to the bodyReseat nozzle
Airbrush is dirtyClean airbrush after each color
Nozzle cracked or damagedReplace nozzle




Air is spattering

The paint dried on tip of needle (Tip-Dry)Clean needle using cotton swab immersed in cleaner
A build-up of pigment on the needle capUnscrew needle cap and clean using cotton swab immersed in cleaner
Air pressure is too lowFollow instructions to increase air pressure
The pigment is too thickRefer to paint preparation
Airbrush is dirtyClean airbrush after each color
The trigger is sticking (Backwards and Forwards)Airbrush is dirtyClean airbrush after each color
The trigger is sticking (Down and up)Air valve packing O-ring has dried outLubricate trigger shaft




Advantages and Disadvantages




  • The Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Airbrush is an excellent tool for all types of spraying.
  • Often referred to as workhorse airbrush.
  • Efficient for general types of spraying as well as detail work.
  • This airbrush works well and is guaranteed to last.
  • Most popular airbrush painter on the market.
  • The workmanship and finish of the Iwata eclipse hp-cs airbrush is first class.
  • For model builders, the airbrush has a 0,35 mm needle is the answer. Perfect for fine painting.
  • The airbrush also has a 0,5 mm needle if you want to do larger work.
  • Ideal for the beginner.
  • Replacement parts for this model are cheaper than other airbrushes.
  • The system has been manufactured with a cutaway handle, this allows you to get rid of paint that has clogged up without you having to remove the needle.
  • Comes with a 0.24 ounce (or 7 ml) gravity-feed cup which makes it ideal for your color mixing
  • Has a dual-action, which allows easy control of the amount of paint it dispenses.
  • The trigger action is very smooth
  • Only weighs 103 grams, which makes it very easy to handle.



  • The airbrush is fairly expensive
  • It is rather time-consuming to clean.
  • Using the brush with a coarser pigment paint may cause problems with the needle as it is only 0,35 mm.
  • Only effective when used for miniature models and smaller work.


What Users are saying about the Iwata Eclipse?

The Iwata eclipse hp cs reviews on the Amazon website are 87% positive. Users of the airbrush discovered its amazing performance and reliability. Let us have a look at some the positive review aspects of the Iwata Airbrush.

  • Easy to use: requires no previous experience
  • Easy to clean
  • It is an excellent airbrush and recommended by experienced airbrush artists
  • Durable and many have stated that their airbrush has lasted many years with no problems.
  • Worth the money as it is one of the best quality airbrush brands out there
  • New to Airbrushing, the Iwata hp-cs eclipse airbrush kit is great for beginners.
  • Great to use for multiple projects from t-shirt painting to other small paint jobs.

iwata hp cs





So, is the Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Airbrush a good buy? Most definitely, as it is an excellent airbrush for those just starting out as well as for the more skilled artist. The airbrush covers many applications, so it would an excellent buy no matter what you intend to do with it.

This particular brush falls in the middle range of airbrushes, between the fine and the wide spray. So, it is perfect for whatever you want to use it for. Iwata has produced an exceptionally reliable and versatile airbrush, great for those who require a multi-purpose, high paint flow and fine detail spraying airbrush.

Each airbrush is individually tested before dispatch, to ensure that you as the user enjoy a quality product that functions at maximum performance. If you ever find yourself with a problem, you will always find someone at the company manufactures, who is ready to help you.




Tips and Tricks when using the Iwata Eclipse Airbrush



Before you use your new Eclipse Airbrush, you need to lubricate it. You don’t have to lubricate your airbrush after it gets cleaned each time. If you find that the lever is slow to respond, all you need to do is lubricate the air valves O-ring. Be careful not to over-lube the needle or any of the airbrush mechanisms, as this may cause bad paint flow problems.


Needle Care

Take great care with the needle, as it is very delicate and can easily be bent. The needle needs to be cleaned properly, which means you need to remove it and make sure it is properly clean. For gravity-feed airbrushes, you need to do a painted flush whenever you change colors. You need to remove the cup lid and either use water or cleaner, then spray through the airbrush until it is thoroughly clean.


Air Pressure

Working with the Eclipse Airbrush, the air pressure is important and needs to be between 20 and 60 PSI. The paint viscosity and how you intend to spray will affect your air pressure. Basically, it means the thicker the paint the higher your air pressure will be. Warning: Never exceed 98 PSI.

iwata eclipse hp cs


Paint Preparation

Your paint preparation is important for best results. It is recommended you first filter your paint through a nylon mesh before using. Remember, use the correct solvent when thinning your paint. Prepare your paint fairly thin and then repeat spraying until you have your desired shade. By doing this the quality of your work will improve and you will also decrease the number of times you have to clean your airbrush. The Eclipse Airbrush sprays better when using a thinner paint.


Safety Tips

  • Always do your spraying in a well-ventilated space.
  • Be careful not to spray your paint near an open flame.
  • Make use of the proper ventilator to avoid breathing in the harmful vapors.
  • Protect your eyes by wearing goggles.
  • Never exceed the maximum air pressure of 98 PSI.


Fine Line Spraying

The thickness of the lines is controlled by the distance of your airbrush to the surface of your work, as well as air pressure.

  • The further you are away from the surface of your work the thicker your lines.
  • The closer you are to the surface of your work the thinner your lines.
  • If you increase your air pressure you increase your spray width.
  • Decrease your air pressure you decrease your spray width.
  • The very smallest lines are only possible after much practice and skill.

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