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Olive Green Color
Other Painting Techniques

Olive Green Color – Exploring The Variety in Olive Green Shades

  Some people like an olive green color, while others might not even consider it on their list of favorite shades. However, it has moved up the ranks and gained popularity over the years, especially online on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. If you are still doubtful about an olive green palette, let us go…

Wet on Wet Watercolor
Other Painting Techniques

Wet-on-Wet Watercolor – Exploring the Best Watercolor Tips and Tricks

  Wet-on-wet watercolor is probably the most common technique of using watercolor paint. Wet-on-wet painting is an essential technique to learn for watercolor. With wet-on-wet watercolor, you can achieve a variety of beautiful gradients as well as different kinds of color combinations and effects. The wet-on-wet technique is also a great way to make seamless…

Best Travel Watercolor Set
Other Painting Techniques

Best Travel Watercolor Set – Our Top Travel Paint Set Recommendations

  A travel watercolor set is ideal for those artists who enjoy painting while on the move. Watercolor painting does not require a lot of equipment and setup, and cleaning is extremely easy. We are here to help you choose the best travel watercolor set, whether you are a beginner or a professional artist.  …

How to Mix Watercolors
Other Painting Techniques

How to Mix Watercolors – A Guide to Easy Watercolor Mixing Techniques

  Learning how to mix watercolors is a great way to grasp the medium and its potential for color variation. Often, we think we need all the colors to be available to us for us to create bright and colorful paintings. However, learning how to mix watercolors helps you to gain confidence in making new…

Watercolor Techniques
Other Painting Techniques

Watercolor Techniques – Everything You Need for Easy Watercolor Painting

  Watercolor is a very playful medium, there are so many ways in which one can make watercolor paintings. However, when starting watercolor for the first time it can seem confusing and overwhelming to make creative decisions. In this tutorial, we will be breaking down various watercolor painting tips and techniques into eight different types….

Burnt Sienna Color – How to Make and Use Burnt Sienna Paint
Other Painting Techniques

Burnt Sienna Color – How to Make and Use Burnt Sienna Paint

  Burnt sienna conjures up images of warmth, earth, and sand. The color ranges from a reddish-brown to a yellowish red and the raw sienna is commonly used in glazes and stains. The sienna color is also perfect to use with other natural elements like wood or leather as all the natural earth tones work…

Neutral Colors
Other Painting Techniques

Neutral Colors – Exploring and Creating a Neutral Color Palette

  What comes to mind when neutral colors are mentioned? Maybe, you think they are uninteresting, or you just might consider these colors comforting and sophisticated. The basic neutral colors definition can be seen as various hues that seem to have no color and do not appear on the color wheel. Most commonly these include…

How to Use Watercolor Paint in Tubes
Other Painting Techniques

How to Use Watercolor Paint in Tubes – A Guide to Watercolor Paint Tubes

  Children, students, and even professional artists love to work with watercolors. There is hardly any mess, no strong odors from solvents as they are water-based, and it is easy to clean up. Watercolors can also be bought anywhere, and they are the most affordable art mediums on the market. The art of using tube…

Shades of White
Other Painting Techniques

Shades of White – How to Make and Use Different Shades of White

  Shades of white are often referred to as colors that differ very slightly from the original pure white color, also known as “off-white” and are regarded as part of the neutral color scheme. Technically speaking a shade is referred to as a pure color that is mixed with black. However, shades of white comprise…

Best Gel Pens for Coloring
Other Painting Techniques

Best Gel Pens for Coloring – Discovering the Top Vibrant Colored Gel Pens

  Being creative is fun and helps to relieve stress, but for many, it should also be easy to do. This is where coloring pens come into play as they are effortless to use, and you can produce some amazing results. Another advantage is that gel pens are for both younger kids and adults. Since…

How to Thicken Acrylic Paint
Other Painting Techniques

How to Thicken Acrylic Paint – The Best Way to Create Textured Paint

  You have just organized all your equipment and supplies, and you are about to start with your painting, but as you load your paintbrush with your acrylic paint, you discover that the paint is rather thin. It does not matter how many layers of paint you apply to your painting; the result is a…

How to Make Magenta
Other Painting Techniques

What Colors Make Magenta? – How to Make Magenta Paint Yourself!

  What color is magenta? There are a few variations to its description, but it has been defined as a reddish-purple or purplish-red. Magenta has also been described as part of the pink and violet family. In this article, we will try to clarify what two colors make magenta if there are any, and how…

Shades of Yellow
Other Painting Techniques

Shades of Yellow – A Deep Dive Into the Wonders of Yellow Colors

  Yellow colors are warm, bright, and happy. Yellow can help with feelings of encouragement and is an inviting color. There are many shades of yellow, some of them very popular and well-known, for example, lemon yellow, bananas, yellow roses, pineapples, and yellow forms part of a rainbow. Yellow shades are everywhere, from light yellow…

Best Pencil Eraser
Other Painting Techniques

Best Pencil Eraser – Exploring the Best Eraser Brands and Types

  We have all used a pencil at some time in our lives, as a kid scribbling on some paper, or a student at school, or during your working life. We all know that mistakes happen, but that does not mean that the mistake must become permanent. If you have a good quality pencil eraser,…

Shades of Teal
Other Painting Techniques

Shades of Teal – How to Create and Use Your Own Teal Color Palette

  Teal colors are formed by the combination of two colors, green and blue. Teal can be described as a darker blue-green color, almost like that of cyan. Sometimes it is often referred to as turquoise, however, this color has a lighter and more vibrant tone. As with any color, there are many different shades…

Why Is Art Important
Other Painting Techniques

Why Is Art Important? – Exploring the Cultural Importance of Arts

  Art has been an integral part of society since ancient times until today. However, the importance of art has deteriorated over the years. Subjects in schools including things like music, art, or drama have been pushed aside, and many students do not go on to study the arts at college or university. However, the…

Best Craft Table
Other Painting Techniques

Best Craft Table – How to Find a Crafting Desk to Suit All of Your Needs

  Maybe you enjoy doing arts and crafts, or you want to seriously start a crafting business? You should, therefore, get yourself a good craft desk. Depending on what type of projects you will be working on, you might only need a small craft table, or if you are short on space, a foldable craft…

Gouache vs Acrylic
Other Painting Techniques

Gouache vs. Acrylic – The Difference Between Gouache and Acrylic Paint

  So, you have decided to explore the world of painting, or maybe you already know all about acrylic paints and want to try something new like gouache. Let us then go on a short journey together to discover the difference between gouache and acrylic paints, how to go about using them, and what is…

Best Calligraphy Pens
Other Painting Techniques

Best Calligraphy Pens – Exploring the World of Calligraphy Markers

  Everyone loves to give and also receive cards for every occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and so on. However, cards today cost a fortune in the stores. Would it not be a good idea to then customize your wedding invitations, or handcraft those birthday cards, sketchbooks, and journals? This can all be done…

Best Paint Pens for Wood
Other Painting Techniques

Best Paint Pens for Wood – Your Easy Guide for How to Write on Wood

  Projects where you write and draw on wood have been quite trendy for a few years now. From décor in houses and restaurants to signs at events, you’re bound to have seen drawings or writing on wood at some point. Are you wondering how to write on wood? Well, this article is all about…

How to Clean and Oil Painting
Other Painting Techniques

How to Clean an Oil Painting – The Best Methods for Cleaning Oil Paintings

  Whether you have a very valuable heirloom or collector’s piece or a less valuable garage sale find, oil paintings tend to need cleaning after a while. Cleaning oil paintings without damaging them is a very difficult and painstaking process. Below we have outlined how to clean old oil paintings, as well as why you…

How to Paint Glass Windows
Other Painting Techniques

How to Paint Glass Windows – Exciting Window Painting Ideas for All

  Painting and decorating glass windows can be fun and add a certain charm to your home or business. There are many window painting ideas, some are functional like providing some privacy, while others provide a festive look and vibe. Whatever window art ideas you have, you will want to learn how to paint glass…

How to Seal Acrylic Paint on Wood
Other Painting Techniques

How to Seal Acrylic Paint on Wood – Exploring Acrylic Paint Sealers

  Painting your wood items with acrylic paints is a fairly easy process and is a task that can be done by any do-it-yourself enthusiast. Whether you are renovating a piece of furniture or working on a craft item, you will have to follow a few simple steps. From preparing your wooden surface, and painting,…

Acrylic Paint on Leather
Other Painting Techniques

Acrylic Paint on Leather – Your Guide to Using Acrylic Leather Paint

  Leather is an amazing, durable material that looks great, and can be used for furniture items, shoes, jackets, and other clothing items, as well as many different types of accessories. However, at times your leather furniture may just require a little touch-up, or you may want to customize your shoes or add some extra…

Is Acrylic Paint Safe for Skin
Other Painting Techniques

Is Acrylic Paint Safe for Skin? – How to Remove Acrylic Paint from Skin

  Acrylic paints are a popular medium when it comes to painting on canvas and other arts and crafts projects. However, even though acrylic paint is easily cleaned up using some soap and water, the paints might not be the best option for certain applications, such as painting on your skin. In this article, we…

How to Paint Cardboard
Other Painting Techniques

How to Paint Cardboard – Exciting Ideas for Cardboard Painting

  Cardboard is a versatile item that is commonly used in packaging and storage. However, cardboard can be repurposed or reused in many ways. One of the simplest ways is painting on cardboard, with many ideas for creating unique art and crafts. Even if it does not work out, it will not cost you a…

Best Masking Fluid
Other Painting Techniques

Best Masking Fluid – How to Use Watercolor Masking Fluid

  Various techniques can be utilized in all forms of art. Watercolor painting, for example, uses various techniques to create a range of different and interesting effects to form amazing art pieces. One of these techniques is using masking fluid, which leaves white areas on the paper to create a unique contrast. Simply leaving areas…

Top Glass Paint Markers
Other Painting Techniques

Best Markers for Glass – Beautiful Ideas for Using Sharpies on Glassware

  Glass markers are one of the best choices for various purposes and projects, ranging from practical and pretty to post-modern aesthetics. For many years, being creative on glass surfaces as an expression or for practical reasons has been well-liked. We will discuss which markers are best for working on glass and which choices are…

Shades of Red
Other Painting Techniques

Shades of Red – Exploring the Variety in Hues of Red Color

  As with all colors, there are so many different types of red from light and dark red to more descriptive names like cherry red or wine red. All these variations of red color can almost seem infinite. However, do all these colors come entirely from red? Since many of us see colors differently, there…

Best Jewelry Making Kits
Other Painting Techniques

Best Jewelry-Making Kits – How to Make Jewelry at Home Easily

  Are you thinking about starting a new hobby or even a side hustle to make some extra money? If you think you are creative enough, why not try jewelry making for beginners? Beginning jewelry making can be fun and easy to do, and your unique jewelry piece can make a great gift. There are…

Cool Colors
Other Painting Techniques

Cool Colors – What are Cool Tones and How to Use Cool Colors in Art

  Imagine there was no color in the world; how sad and depressing the world would be! Color brings life and meaning into art, design, and even your home. Even though there are only a handful of primary and secondary colors, there are amazing and vast assortments of different shades and hues. Amongst these are…

Acrylic Glazing
Other Painting Techniques

Acrylic Glazing – The Best Method for Glazing with Acrylic

  When referring to acrylic glazing, we often conjure up an idea of a top or seal coating applied over the acrylic paints to preserve your painting. However, by acrylic glazing, we refer to a very thin layer of paint that is lustrous and transparent and is applied over your paint to bring out the…

Secondary Colors
Other Painting Techniques

Secondary Colors – What Are Secondary Colors and How to Use Them?

  Colors are remarkable and interesting, and everybody sees color in different ways. We were all taught about primary and secondary colors in school, so most of us should have a fair idea of the subject. An artist, when selecting a certain color or shade for their work, needs to consider if the color matches…

Can You Use Oil Paint on Wood
Other Painting Techniques

Can You Use Oil Paint on Wood? – Preparing for Painting on Wood Panel

  Artists can use many surfaces to paint on, a canvas being one of the surfaces most commonly. However, you can also do your painting on a wooden surface. Wood is a lot more durable and stronger than canvas, which makes it more archival and has been used by painters even longer than the canvas…

Color Combinations
Other Painting Techniques

Color Combinations – Exploring Unique and Exciting Color Scheme Ideas

  Many of us go through life without even realizing how much color plays a role in influencing how we feel and what we do. Various colors and good color combinations can have a positive effect in many areas of life including your home, workplace, school, and even out shopping. Do you want to use…

How to Prepare Watercolor Paper
Other Painting Techniques

How to Stretch Watercolor Paper – Stretching Watercolor Paper Easily

  Is stretching watercolor paper important and why do many artists feel it is necessary to follow through with this process? The watercolor paper itself is designed to work with watercolor paints, however, when applying washes and using techniques that require more water than usual, it can have an impact on the paper. The paper…

Shades of Green Color – Creating and Using a Green Color Palette
Other Painting Techniques

Shades of Green Color – Creating and Using a Green Color Palette

  Green, the most predominant color in nature, also has multiple shades of green color. When used for painting and printing, the two colors that make green are blue or cyan and yellow, making it a secondary color. When it comes to light, as well as computer screens, it is an additive primary color and…

Best Marker for Metal
Other Painting Techniques

Best Marker for Metal – Finding and Using Permanent Markers for Metal

  Not all markers will work on metal, some will simply wipe off. If you want to mark metal with a permanent mark you will need to use the correct metal marker. This will be required especially in particular industries where marking metal is a daily occurrence. A permanent marker for metal can be used…

Best Drawing Pens
Other Painting Techniques

Best Drawing Pens – Discovering the Best Art Pens on the Market

  In the past, sketching pens were mainly used by professionals like architects, but today, you have illustrators, artists, and hobbyists that also make use of these amazing pens. Also known as illustration pens or art pens, they are recognized for their precision and detailed applications. The drawing pens are not something you would have…

Spray Paint Art
Other Painting Techniques

Spray Paint Art – The Best Tutorial for Spray Paint Art Techniques

  Spray paint art is a fairly new form of craft when you compare it to others, as it only became a legitimate art form in the 1980s. Ever since then, the art form has grown in popularity from smaller art pieces to spray designs on the side of buildings and walls. Many artists simply…

Painting Ceramics with Acrylic Paint
Other Painting Techniques

Painting Ceramics With Acrylic Paint – The Best Paint for Pottery

  Do you want to attempt a piece of artwork made from clay or ceramics? The scope of ceramics is wide open as you can create any form or shape. However, you need to take care and follow certain procedures if you want to create your very own masterpiece. Working with ceramics is fairly simple,…

What Is Bristol Paper
Other Painting Techniques

What Is Bristol Paper? – The Versatility of Strathmore Bristol Paper

  Some only use paper for printing, and others who are only beginning to paint or draw, might not be aware of the many different types of paper out there. They might also not understand the importance of using the correct paper for each medium. A lot of frustration can be avoided by making sure…

Shades of Orange
Other Painting Techniques

Shades of Orange – Exploring the Versatility of the Orange Palette

  Orange colors are warm and bring to mind sunsets, autumn leaves, pumpkins, and fruit. The different shades of orange are located between red and yellow on the color wheel and generally are associated with feelings of joy and happiness. There are many orange hues, and some of the color names include exotic names like…

Best Copic Markers
Other Painting Techniques

Best Copic Markers – An In-Depth Copic Markers Review

  Copic markers are a brand of high-quality art pens, which are made in Japan, that are available in an assortment of colors. Japanese Manga artists are artists which relate to graphic novels, cartooning, and comics, are big fans of the Copic pens. Over the years these pens have gained popularity throughout the world and…

Best Watercolor Sketchbook
Other Painting Techniques

Best Watercolor Sketchbook – How to Choose Your Watercolor Journal

  This medium has seemed to grow in popularity lately, and it does not appear to be stopping any time soon! Many of us began our journey with watercolor as children, and our love for this beautiful medium never stopped. Whether this is the case for you, and you are a seasoned professional, or you…

Best Oil Paint Brushes
Other Painting Techniques

Best Oil Paintbrushes – Exploring the Top Oil Paint Brush Sets

  To produce great artwork, you must have the right materials and tools to do the job. If you are a seasoned artist, you already have a firm understanding of what works and what does not work. However, for many, it is the first time they are entering the world of oil painting. So, when…

shades of blue
Other Painting Techniques

Shades of Blue – Discover all Colors of Blue with Color Codes

  More people love the color blue than any other color in the world. It is easy to understand why too. Our oceans and skies are varying shades of blue, the things we love the most are blue. Regardless of your artistic passions, whether you love doing graphic design or if you are a painter,…

what are standard canvas sizes
Other Painting Techniques

What Are Standard Canvas Sizes? – Ultimate Canvas Sizes Chart

  Many like to display photographs of their family, while others want to display their new painting projects. To do this you first need to choose the right frame for your photographs or choose the right canvas for your next painting, and for this project to be perfect, the size of the frame or the…

watercolor paintings tips
Other Painting Techniques

Watercolor Paintings Tips – Watercolor Techniques for Beginners

  Watercolor painting is a wonderful art medium to take up as it is affordable and you only need a few materials to start. Watercolors can also blend easily, the transparency of the paint can produce beautiful results, and there are no harsh chemicals involved. However, some of the techniques can be difficult to learn…

painting with gouache
Other Painting Techniques

How to Use Gouache Paint – Ultimate Gouache Painting Tutorial

  What is gouache painting and how do you use it? This type of medium is not that well-known; however, it is extremely versatile and easy to apply. Painting with gouache is comparable to both watercolor and acrylic paints. All of them are water-based mediums, and you will be able to create many gouache painting…

muted colors
Other Painting Techniques

Muted Colors – Complete Guide About Desaturated Color Palette

  Vibrant colors are attractive and eye-catching; however, they can be used a lot more effectively when combined with muted tones. Bright colors draw your attention, but if used excessively, they can become uncomfortable to look at. Even though more vibrant colors have their place, so do muted colors, which have a more subtle and…

oil paint drying times
Other Painting Techniques

How to Make Oil Paint Dry Faster – All about Oil Paint Drying Times

  An oil paint’s main feature is its ability to dry slowly, so there is no such thing as fast drying oil paint. This feature is what attracts many artists as you have plenty of time to work before it becomes dry. However, certain factors can affect the drying time of paint and when it…

what is tempera paint
Other Painting Techniques

What Is Tempera Paint? – How to Use Tempera Paint and How is it Made

  Painting is great to keep the kids busy, but it can also be used as an educational tool. Trying to decide what is the best type of paint to use can be challenging, as there are so many different types of paint available. For kids of all age’s two types of paints come to…

best paper for colored pencils
Other Painting Techniques

Best Paper for Colored Pencils – All About Colored Pencil Paper

  There are many different types of paper available, some are for inks, and pens, while others are more for graphite pencils and paints. When it comes to pencil and paper drawing, colored pencils also perform differently on each type of paper. You need to discover the variety of paper for color pencils, and which…

tertiary colors
Other Painting Techniques

What are Tertiary Colors? – Tertiary Colors Definition

  Most of us know about primary and secondary colors, and these are simple to understand. However, for some, it may get a bit more complicated when considering tertiary colors, intermediate colors, and how all these work together. Learning all about the different types of colors and the relationship between them can help to create…

watercolor brush
Other Painting Techniques

Best Watercolor Brushes – Ultimate Guide for Perfect Results

  To truly embrace the beauty that comes with watercolor painting, you need the correct tools to turn your dreams into a reality. Watercolor paint brushes should be the first thing on your list. Now, when it comes to looking for the best watercolor brushes to bring your creations to life, there are a lot…

what is acrylic paint
Other Painting Techniques

What Is Acrylic Paint? Complete Introduction for Acrylic Paints

  Do you want to start painting with acrylics and want to learn about all the acrylic paint uses? Acrylic paints have only been available commercially since the 1950s, however, it has become quite popular amongst all artists and hobbyists. The reason being that acrylics are easy to use and are extremely versatile when compared…

how to make teal
Other Painting Techniques

How to Make Teal – Lean to Create the Shades of Teal

  What comes to mind when you think of the color teal? Maybe images of tropical beaches or rainforests come to mind? Teal is a combination of the colors green and blue and provides a feeling of calmness, balance, and renewal. We will be taking a look at what colors make teal, the different shades…

what is a watercolor block
Other Painting Techniques

What Is a Watercolor Block? Complete Guide for Using Watercolor Pads

  Watercolor painting is an art form that is practiced by many professionals but is also a hobby that many DIY artists love to enjoy. Watercolors are also loved and enjoyed by many kids and families together.  However, it is one of those art forms that are difficult to master, so beginners might either quit…

what colors make turquoise
Other Painting Techniques

What Colors Make Turquoise – In-Depth Turquoise Mixing Guide

  Is turquoise blue-green or is it green-blue? Is turquoise the same as teal or aqua? Ultimately, turquoise is a wide range of colors and shades. The color is appealing and is affiliated with feelings of calmness and positivity. The color is also closely associated with calm ocean scenes and nature. Turquoise can also produce…

How Long Does It Take Gesso to Dry? Our Complete Guide
Other Painting Techniques

How Long Does It Take Gesso to Dry? Our Complete Guide

  When starting a new hobby like acrylic painting, there are many things you have to learn and materials you need to buy. The obvious materials would be your paints, brushes, and canvas. However, there are added tools and materials, such as gesso, that are needed. We are going to help you discover what gesso…

bright purple
Other Painting Techniques

Shades of Purple – Learn All About the Types of Purple

  The color purple is loved by many, as the color is linked to mystery and splendor and comes in a variety of amazing purple shades. In nature, many different types of purple flowers and berries are closely associated with the purple and violet color. Purple colors can range from bright purple to dark purple,…

how to paint wine glasses
Other Painting Techniques

How to Paint Wine Glasses – Guide to Create Stunning Glass Paintings

  Paint wine glasses is a wonderful activity to try in terms of a DIY glass project. You can create stunning and unique pieces while not having to spend a fortune. You can amaze your guests at your next party by offering them gorgeous and unique, decorated wine glasses. Glass painting is a simple, creative…

best acrylic paint brushes
Other Painting Techniques

Best Acrylic Paint Brushes – Your Complete Guide for Acrylic Brushes

  Are you a novice when it comes to acrylic painting? Then you might be wondering what the best acrylic paint brushes are, and what acrylic paint brush sets you should be looking at? Well, if you are going to do something, and you want to do it well, you should get yourself good quality…

what colors make gold
Other Painting Techniques

What Colors Make Gold – Our Ultimate Gold Color Mixing Guide

  The color gold conjures up images of riches, royalty, and treasure, and is something that represents both wealth and prestige. Gold is rich and reflective and can be difficult to replicate when mixing paints. Do it wrong, and you land up creating a color that looks like mustard or rust. Mixing the perfect golden…

color mixer
Other Painting Techniques

Color Mixer Online Tool – Mix and Share your Results

  Try out our free color mixer which gives you the possibility to blend and mix colors and see the result immediately. Create an endless number of color mixes and try out your preffered color mixes. You can change between color modes to have the maximum flexibility.    Usage of our Color Mixer Tool…

what colors make yellow
Other Painting Techniques

What Colors Make Yellow – How-To Guide for Mixing Yellow Tones

  One of the most cheerful and vivid colors that we use in design and painting, yellow is a favorite of many. Vibrant yellow hues are rich in life and energy and are considered to be some of the most highly visible parts of the light spectrum. When creating art, you will always use plenty…

how to make gray paint
Other Painting Techniques

What Colors Make Gray? How to Create Different Shades of Gray

  How to make gray? Gray is considered a neutral color or achromatic and can be created by combining various amounts of black and white. However, gray, and various shades of gray can also be created by using complementary or primary colors. Although it may not be a favorite color to many, it does have…

how to clean paint brushes
Other Painting Techniques

How to Clean Paintbrushes – Ultimate Guide for Paint Brush Cleaning

Unfortunately, no matter how organized you are, or practiced at painting, there will always be that person who forgets to wash the paintbrushes. Perhaps you do not really know the proper way as to how to wash paintbrushes. As artists, most of us have been there, sometimes we are just lazy, and other times we…

what colors make black
Other Painting Techniques

What Colors Make Black – Your Complete Guide for Mixing Black

Black is considered one of the most underrated and the most often forgotten about colors. As a matter of fact, in science, black is an absence of light and not technically considered a color. Most would suggest buying a tube of black paint and skipping the hassle of trying to mix the colors. That said,…

what colors make blue
Other Painting Techniques

What Colors Make Blue – Learn How to Mix Blue Color Tones

  The color blue is a primary color and is a dominant color. Blue is often used by painters and appears on the palette more frequently than many other colors. Therefore, you will do well to learn more about mixing different shades of blue and expand on your ability to blend colors. In this article,…

Oil Painting for Beginners
Other Painting Techniques

Oil Painting for Beginners – Learn Oil Painting Basics Step by Step

  So, you want to learn how to oil paint, but it seems too much of a daunting task. Beginning oil painting might be difficult to get into as there are so many things to learn and understand. When it comes to something that appears too overwhelming, it is always best to keep it simple…

plastic acrylic paint
Other Painting Techniques

Acrylic Paint on Plastic – Will Acrylic Paint Stick to Plastic?

  Acrylic paint is popular because it is so versatile and is a safe option when compared to other paints. But will acrylic paint stick to plastic? This type of paint is not made to stick to plastic and works best on a more porous surface like wood or paper. When applied to plastic, it…

oil vs acrylic
Other Painting Techniques

Oil vs Acrylic Paint – The Difference between Acrylic and Oil Paint

  What medium should I use, oil or acrylic paints? This is one of the first questions that you will need to answer when deciding to start painting. While the answer to this does not need to be set in stone, it will play a pivotal role during the early stages of your painting journey….

how long does oil paint take to dry
Other Painting Techniques

How Long Does Oil Paint Take to Dry – Your Complete Guide

  Leo Tolstoy said, “All the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow”. This duality is as present in art as it is in life and is reflected in both the finished piece and the creative process that led to it. The process is naturally characterized by joys as well as frustrations….

Using the Color Red
Other Painting Techniques

What Colors Make Red? – How to Make Different Shades of Red

  Red is one of the more popular colors used by artists, thanks to it being a bold, bright, and vibrant color. As red is a primary color in theory this means you shouldn’t be able to mix red, but there are certain techniques you can use to form several different red hues. This guide…

what colors make pink
Other Painting Techniques

What Colors Make Pink? – How to Make Different Shades of Pink

  The color pink as we know it today is really a variation and subtle shade of the primary color red. The color pink was first coined around the 17th century. Pink represents various meanings in different cultures around the world. It is seen as the color of trust in Korea and in Japan a…

painting leather
Other Painting Techniques

How to Paint Leather and whats the Best Paint for Leather

  A really fun craft is learning how to paint leather. You can transform old and tired leather items like shoes, bags, clothing, furniture and more, to give them a brand new look with very little effort. The following article will teach you about painting leather and the best methods to use for your project….

what colors make purple
Other Painting Techniques

What Colors Make Purple? Creating Different Shades of Purple

  To be an artist, it is vital to understand colors and how to blend them. There are so many colors and shades that it is a vast subject, but today we are going to deal with the purple color. Purple represents many things, one of them being royalty and creativity. As with all colors,…

Best Markers for Adult Coloring Books – Coloring Markers Review
Other Painting Techniques

Best Markers for Adult Coloring Books – Coloring Markers Review

  Do you love creating beautiful artwork? Maybe you are a seasoned professional or simply enjoy doing the now popular adult color books available, you will need a good set of coloring pens. When walking into a shop to buy coloring markers, you will discover the many brands that exist. What do you look for…

oil painting medium
Other Painting Techniques

Oil Painting Mediums Overview – Best Medium for Oil Painting

  Oil paint mediums seem to be very mysterious, which causes a great deal of confusion and uncertainty as to their actual uses and properties. Many artists never use a medium when first starting, but once they are fully understood, they begin to make use of these mediums all the time. Oil mediums are used…

glitter gel pens set
Other Painting Techniques

Best Glitter Pens – All about the Sparkly Gel Pens for Coloring

  Sparkly gel pens are an easy and fun way to add a little extra something to your art and craft projects. The best glitter pens are also a great way to add sparkle to homework, journaling, or that birthday card you want to make. Mostly, sparkly gel pens are used to highlight or add…

how to get acrylic paint out of carpet
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How to Get Acrylic Paint Out of Carpet – Remove Paint from Carpet

  Accidentally messing paint on your surfaces can be frustrating enough. Messing acrylics on carpets can be a downright painful experience and often because we are unsure of how to react, we end up damaging the area with harmful methods. This article will explain the right ways on how to get acrylic paint out of…

how to clean acrylic paint brushes
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How To Clean Acrylic Paint Brushes – Best Acrylic Brush Cleaner

  Every painter or artist knows the worst thing about cleaning up after painting is cleaning your paintbrushes. When using acrylic paint cleaning up can be very difficult as it dries so hard and just using water will not be sufficient in removing everything when cleaning acrylic paint brushes. Luckily for you, we are going…

mod podge and glitter
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How To Seal Glitter – Sealer and Glue for Glitter Overview

  Glitter is known for beautifying crafts and projects, bedazzling items, or clothing and can even be used in hair and makeup. With so many wonderful functions it’s no wonder glitter is such a popular tool. The only disadvantage being the mess, thankfully this can be avoided by using a glitter sealer. If you would…

what two colors make orange
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What Colors Make Orange? – How to Mix Different Shades of Orange

  Orange is an incredibly loved color among artists throughout history. Some cultures consider orange to be a sacred hue, and others associate it with royalty. As a secondary color, orange is created by mixing two primary shades. Dynamic, warm, and bold, knowing how to blend vibrant oranges is worth your while.      …

drawing markers
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Best Art Markers Overview – Find your Perfect Markers for Drawing

  As an artist, you deserve the very best tools to help bring your vision to life. When it comes to finding the best art markers, there are so many options it can be overwhelming. In this article, we review some of the best artist markers on the market. From cheap art markers to professional…

acrylic vs latex paint
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Acrylic vs Latex Paint – The Difference between Acrylic and Latex Paint

  When presented with the various paint options out there, you may have asked yourself what the difference between acrylic and latex paint is. Why you would choose one over the other, what their benefits might be and why latex paints are often cheaper than acrylics. In this article, we are going to answer those…

best watercolor pencils
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Best Watercolor Pencils – How to use Watercolor Pencils

  Watercolor pencil art is a great medium for those who love to draw and paint. The watercolor pencil is also the perfect tool to start with if you are a student. You have the convenience of using a pencil and the ability to produce watercolor techniques. You can easily create amazing watercolor pencil drawings,…

what colors make green
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What Colors Make Green? – Tutorial How to Mix Different Shades of Green

  At the very beginning of your color mixing journey, learning how to mix colors is an essential step. Green is one of the more complicated colors to mix because there is so much variation. You may think mixing green is as easy as mixing yellow with blue, but things are not so simple. In…