You want to post your pictures on Facebook, put them on your website or an online gallery or just take them as a souvenir? Then you’ve probably already experienced that it’s not that easy. In this article you will learn how to photograph your pictures professionally yourself. We have paid particular attention to ensuring that your wallet is not unnecessarily burdened and that you can still take professional photos. Have fun with the topic: Taking pictures – we bring light into the darkness.


Why photograph your own Paintings?

If you want to sell your pictures, you need professional photos. Especially if you want to put them on your website, register in an online gallery or use them for social media or mailings. Only with high quality photos of your polished pictures you have a good chance to sell them.


What do you need for your own Photo Studio?



professional pictures painting

Basically, you can use almost any camera to take pictures, provided you can mount it on a tripod. Ideally, you should be able to do a manual white balance with your camera. This ensures that your photos don’t have a color cast, which then has to be corrected in a photo editing program.




painting photographyPhotos that are taken exclusively with daylight require a longer exposure time, as the natural light available is usually not sufficient for sufficient illumination. When photographing in front of a white background, the background almost never appears white. In addition, depending on the incidence of light, unattractive shadows appear. This is why photo lamps – also called softboxes – are recommended. These guarantee uniform illumination and also the ideal light colour. For optimum illumination, it is advisable to place one such lamp on each side of the picture to be photographed and thus be able to take professional photos.


Background System:


photography paintingA white background is important so that the colours are not falsified. With a background system and a roll of white background cardboard a so-called hollow groove can be created, the background fuses optically with the background. A white background also makes it much easier to crop the image. With a background system you are flexible and can adapt the background to the spatial conditions. An alternative is a light cube, which is recommended if you want to photograph small pictures up to a maximum length of 60cm.



Required Equipment

If you want to photograph your pictures in a good quality, it is advisable to set up a small photo corner. The following list should show you what you need for an inexpensive start in picture photography:


In the next article we’ll tell you step by step how to set up your little photo studio and photograph your pictures to get the best results.