Mood  Colors

Each individual color has its own meaning and attached emotion

Red is the color of love, anger, and passion. Red has both very positive connotations as well as very negative connotations.


Orange shares the characteristics of both red and yellow. It is the perfect combination of love, passion, happiness, and optimism.


Yellow is mostly known to be a very happy color. It is a positive color, as it reminds us of the warm sun and bright sunflowers.


The fact that it is so evident in nature is clear when emotions like harmony and balance are perceived when looking at green.


Blue is trustworthy, serene, calm, and wise. Being a very cool color on the color wheel, blue is also seen as a sad color.


Purple is the color of luxury, royalty, and spirituality. Derived from blue and red, it is a very rich color that seems to combine the qualities.


Pink is widely associated with femininity. Other associations include compassion, kindness, and softness.


Brown is one of those colors that have a lot of controversy around it. It has both very positive as well as very negative associations.


Black, known as the absence of color is probably the strongest of all colors and can be used to imitate very extreme emotions.


The universal meaning of white is purity, cleanliness, and innocence. Negative associations include isolation, coldness, and emptiness.