Tempera paint, also referred to as “poster paint”, is a water-based paint that is mixed using a chemical binding agent, and is allergen-free and non-toxic.

The fundamental ingredients include starch, water, calcium carbonate, cellulose, and pigments.

Egg Tempera Paint

This type of tempera is used only by professional artists. It is a mixture of eggs and pigments that are artist-grade, where the egg acts as a binder.

Powdered Tempera

You can now buy tempera paint in powder form, and all you need to do is mix it with some water and you have liquid tempera paint.

How to Use Tempera Paint


Make sure all your tools and equipment are close by and easy to reach. Tempera paint dries fast, so you cannot waste any time.

Create an Outline

Take your pencil and draw an outline of the picture you want to paint on the drawing paper or whatever type of surface you have prepared.

Prepare and Mix the Tempera Paint

Place the paint you want to mix onto the plate or palette and use the craft stick to mix it.

Begin Painting

Use your brush to apply the paint to the surface you are painting on, and remember to use thin layers as tempera paint does not blend well.