What Colors Make Teal

Teal is a combination of the colors green and blue and provides a feeling of calmness, balance, and renewal. We will be taking a look at what colors make teal, the different shades of teal, and how to make teal paint in this article.

There is a species of freshwater duck known as the Common or Eurasian Teal, which has a blue-green stripe located on its head.

A History of Teal


The teal color is a tertiary color. So, when it comes to what colors make teal, you will need to combine a primary blue with a secondary green color.

True Teal Color

The most common two colors used to make teal include phthalo green and phthalo blue. This brings us to a bit of color theory and takes into consideration the color wheel.

What Colors to Use

Teal, like any other color, has many shades and tones and you will need to find the right color that fits your requirements.

Different Shades of Teal

The general method for creating this color is to blend blue, green, and then white paint. Depending on your needs, you will have to decide on the shade or tone of teal you are looking for.

Making Teal Paint

You can add white to the mix for a light teal color, however, for a lighter and brighter version, consider selecting a few shades of yellow.

Adjusting Your Teal

Teal can create a calm and inviting atmosphere in any space and has become a popular color in many homes and even businesses.

Decorating with Teal

Golds, browns, and neutral colors work especially well with teal; however, cream, pinks, and navy colors can also be used.

Teal Compliments 

Painting can be an exploration of color and techniques, where anything is possible if you only try. However, you do have some tricks that artists have learned along the way.

Tips for Teal