Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Fabric?

If you know how to do it, then painting on fabric is fairly easy.

Before you begin, first mix the acrylic paint with either GAC 900 Fabric Medium or Liquitex Fabric Medium.

Fabric Medium is an acrylic polymer liquid blend, that has no pigments, which you can mix with your acrylic paints to give your painted fabric a beautiful soft feel.

Once the fabric medium has been mixed with your acrylic paint it will improve the use and also the flow of your paint when applied to the fabric.

Tips for using Acrylic Paint on Fabric

Use a separate piece of material to test your paint mixture, as each fabric has a different absorbency and will influence how the paint is applied.

To prevent your fabric from adhering to your work surface, you need to lay down a protective sheet. Insert a piece of cardboard inside a t-shirt to obtain the best results.

Some types of fabric that are suitable for painting are flannel, cotton-poly blends, suede, knitted, leather, cotton, corduroy, woven, most synthetics and silk.