Colors of the Rainbow!

What Is a Rainbow?

The rainbow you see in the sky is formed when sunlight passes through droplets of water, the light is refracted and reflected, thus creating the rainbow colors.

Colors of the Rainbow

These are the rainbow colors in order, the red on top, moving to the bottom of the rainbow. The colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet!

Different Colors of the Rainbow


This is the first color in a rainbow and forms the top curved color that is easily seen by the eye as it has a longer wavelength.


Orange is a positive and joyful color and can help with producing feelings of happiness as well as comfort.


The color helps to stimulate the brain and is energizing and may help to boost memory and improve communication.


Green is connected to nature and everything natural and is linked to things like growth and regeneration.


Blue represents loyalty, divinity, peace, healing, comfort, harmony, and knowledge.


Indigo forms the sixth color of the rainbow; however, some only see a rainbow having six colors.


Violet can be seen as a lighter shade of the color purple and shares many similar attributes.