Easy Watercolor Paintings

Different Watercolor Painting Ideas

We have many beginner watercolor ideas for you to develop your water painting skills, from delicate floral image painting ideas to more abstract art.

Floral Watercolor Painting Ideas

Watercolor Rose

A watercolor rose is a fantastic flower to start with. Begin by creating a loose outline with a wet brush, then build the colors up gradually. 

Watercolor Sunflower

Much like roses, sunflowers are a well-loved flower for artists to paint and admire. A bright, lighter yellow is the best choice here.

Watercolor Poppies

Luckily this simple flower is already fairly easy to paint, requiring basic skill levels. Its delicate aesthetic perfectly contrasts the bold colors. 

Watercolor Leaves

Once you’ve created your stunning flowers, you may want to add a bit of flair to them with watercolor leaves.

Watercolor Landscape Ideas

Watercolor Sunsets

A breathtaking sunset is essential in creating a landscape painting that grabs attention.

Watercolor Trees

Trees are an amazing addition to any landscape image as it brings more detail into the scenery. There’s no need to use difficult methods for realistic watercolor trees.

Watercolor Clouds

Clouds add a dreamy touch to any landscape painting, and thankfully, they’re quite easy to do too. They also add a lovely finishing touch.

Watercolor Beach

Watercolor beach paintings are a favorite for artists to paint, and all of the above-mentioned extras including sunsets and clouds help finish off this serene painting.

Watercolor Mountains

Mountains add some awesome detail to any landscape painting and can provide the perfect backdrop for a stunning sunset too.

Creative Watercolor Painting Ideas

Watercolor Butterfly

Painting watercolor butterflies is an awesome way to exercise your creative brain.

Watercolor Galaxy

Painting a watercolor galaxy may seem intimidating, but the process is simple. This method we will highlight is quick and easy, yet still leaves you with a striking image.

Watercolor Water

If you want to make a body of water the main focal point of a painting, some methods can help you create a realistic yet easy water setting.

Beginner Watercolor Techniques

The Best Techniques

Watercolor techniques make a major difference in the overall outcome of your painting, as each technique offers a vastly different finish to the next.