Modeling Clay Ideas

What can you make with Polymer Clay?


You can use the clay to create some amazing jewelry pieces from pendants to a beaded necklace or bracelet.


You can add nice textures, stamps, or words to a piece of polymer clay.


You can use cutters and molds for beautiful designs. Or how about some alphabet clay magnets for the fridge?

Garden Markers

If you know somebody who loves gardening, surprise them with some clay garden markers.

Incense Holders

A bowl with a round ball that has a hole for the incense stick is a simple idea.

Covered Clay Pens

The method is fairly straightforward, all you need to do is cover a pen with the polymer clay.

Christmas Ornaments

From something simple like a candy cane and other tree decorations to cute clay art décor items, you can place around the home.

We have loads more fun ideas of things to make with Polymer Clay in our full article.