Olive Color

When describing olive green, you can say that it is a deeper yellow-green, similar to that of the green olive fruit.

The color name can be traced back to first being used during the mid-12th century. 

A Brief History

In general, the meaning of green is associated with life, renewal, nature, growth, and rebirth. Since an olive branch is associated with peace, so is the color.


Explore the Different Shades of Olive Green

Quite a bold color, it works well with other colors like blue as well as other browns and greens, which will make an analogous color palette.

True Olive Green

You can pair the dark olive green with shades of yellow and red. You can also pair it with more neutral colors like white, beige, or black.

Dark Olive Green

This is the color that was and is still used by some countries for their military uniforms. The name was first used in the late 18th century and became “olive drab”.

Drab Green

This is a more desaturated yellow color, and it pairs well with natural colors like beige as well as maroon and tan. 

Light Olive Green

Using Olive Green Colors in Design

The color works great with most skin tones and can be layered with other colors like your off-white, shades of brown, maroon, coral pink, purple, and black.

Fashion Design

Darker olive green shades are said to be more elegant or classy and can create a modern backdrop to a room.

Interior Design

When using a color wheel, you will notice that olive green lies somewhere between your green and yellow shades.

Making Olive Green