Resin Flower Preservation

Different Applications for Dried Flowers

Resin preservation can be used for wedding bouquets, botanical coasters, jewelry, flowerpot holders, picture stands, paper weights, and sun catchers!

Materials Needed

Resin Molds Dried Flowers Mixing Cups Craft/Popsicle Sticks Toothpicks Heat Gun/Hair Dryer Sandpaper Safety Goggles Respirator Nitrile Gloves Plastic Drop Cloth

Mixing the Resin

Take your plastic or paper cups and start to mix the resin using your craft or popsicle sticks.

Pour the Base and Place the Flowers

Pour the first layer of resin in the bottom of your mold and make sure it covers the whole area.

Casting the Mold

Use a spirit level to check that your work surface is level.

Removing Air Bubbles

Make sure any air bubbles that have formed are removed with a toothpick.

Curing and Finishing

Allow the resin to cure properly, this will differ for all resins so follow the manufactures instructions to be sure.

Is it Better to Seal the Flowers Before Casting in Resin?

Yes, if you give your flowers  a protective coat before you cast them, it will stop the resin from causing any change to your flowers.