What Color Is Taupe

Is Taupe Gray or Brown?

Taupe can be best described as somewhere in between these two shades as the taupe color resembles a muted and murky shade of dark tan.

Mauve Taupe Color

Best described as a dark reddish-gray color or a shade of pink, mauve taupe is a warm tone.

Dark Taupe Color

The dark taupe color is one of the original shades of taupe and was recorded in A Dictionary of Color in the early 1900s.

Light Taupe Color

The light taupe color is sometimes referred to as a tan color. This light taupe color is said to be more welcoming.

Gray Taupe Color

This gray-brown shade of taupe color is known as gray taupe. The pink undertones in this color enable it to combine well with other warm-tones colors and shades of gray.

To make the taupe color, you can mix equal parts of all three primary colors red, yellow, and blue. This should result in a dark brown color.

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