Greenware Ceramic

Greenware is a kind of ceramic that has only been air-dried and is still quite delicate. 

Bisque Ceramic

Paint effortlessly adheres to the surface of the bisque and is readily absorbed to create a strong bond.

Glazed Ceramic

Glazed ceramic is made by applying a colored glaze to bisque and then firing it in a kiln a second time but at a higher temperature.


Bake-on Markers

Ceramic paint markers are one of the most popular choices if you are looking for a versatile option when painting ceramic.

Using Markers

Shake your ceramic paint marker before you begin to ensure that the paint is properly mixed.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paints are very affordable and easy to find but are not food-safe and cannot be baked in an oven or kiln.

Using Acrylic

Before you get started, you should think about your design and consider drawing a rough design onto the ceramic in pencil.

Bake-on Enamel

Gloss enamel paints are very versatile and convenient for use on ceramic. There are many kinds of enamel paint available.

Using Enamel

Make sure that your ceramic is clean. Use some warm soapy water to clean off glazed ceramic.