Good Color Combos

Various colors and good color combinations can have a positive effect in many areas of life including your home, workplace, school, and even out shopping.

If you are interested in understanding colors and tcolor combinations, you need to have some knowledge of color theory.

What Colors go Together


These colors make each other stand out and provide contrast. Use these color combinations to create images that stand out.

Complementary Colors

These are simply colors that can be found close to each other on the color wheel and can be any number from two to five colors.

Analogous Colors

There are four colors involved, which are all equally distanced from each other. This means no color has clear dominance.

Tetradic Color Combinations

As the name suggests, these colors can be found equal distances from each other in a triangle shape. For example, the primary colors can be seen as triadic colors.

Triadic Colors

Color scheme ideas that involve a monochromatic set of colors are a safe bet, as they cannot easily be messed up.

Monochromatic Colors

Using colors to create moods is known as color psychology, and can help to improve concentration, or create a tranquil or stimulating atmosphere.

The Meaning of Colors


The vibrant color works perfectly as a color for marketing as it draws your attention and can work well with a variety of colors.

Blooming Dahlia and Ultra Violet

When using this color combination for interior design, the colors work well when matching up with wood.

Moss Green and Forest Green

You can use this color combination to significant effect if you would like to create more of a masculine feeling.

Black and Mustard

This is a refreshing color combination with dark gray paired with a more vibrant living coral and forest biome.

Forest Biome, Storm Gray, and Living Coral

This is reminiscent of the beach and helps to produce feelings of calm, peace, and warmth.

Navy, Salmon, and Seafoam

These soft colors provide a fresh and clean color combination and are easy to look at.

Clear Water, Lightest Sky, and Grass Green

A fresh, sweet color combination.

Turquoise, Aquamarine, Pink Tulip, and Canary Yellow

The color names themselves inspire warmth and luxury.

Honey Yellow, Medium Champagne, Celadon, and Vermilion