For Alcohol Ink painting you need some materials to create your first colourful paintings. With the following supplies list for the Alcohol Ink technique we want to give you an overview of the required materials so that you can create your own works of art as soon and inexpensively as possible.




Which Supplies do I need for Alcohol Ink Painting?

For the Alcohol Ink technique some materials are necessary to achieve convincing results. In Germany. We have started a search for you, so that we can compile a list with the most important products for you.

alcohol ink art




Alcohol Ink Paintings

The basics for painting with alcohol ink are of course the alcohol inks in different colours. Here it is particularly important to use high-quality products which are highly pigmented, i.e. have a high colour density and are accordingly productive. Alcohol Ink paintings are alcohol-based paints which adhere to all non-absorbent substrates. They are semi-transparent and liquid and dry quickly due to the alcohol they contain. The Alcohol Ink painting can be dissolved again with the addition of alcohol and modified accordingly. Alcohol Inks can be used to colour polystyrene, metal, glass and plastic. The Alcohol Inks are available in small bottles with a fine dosing tip and are very economical.

Jacquard Pinata Color Exciter Ink Pack, Multicolors
The Jacquard Pinata Alkohl Inks are known for their exceptional quality: high pigmentation, fast drying time and acid-free. These Alcohol Inks dry waterproof. With this set you are well equipped for the first tests. View on Amazon
Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Reinker Set
Distress Oxide Ink does react to water - this reaction creates an oxidized effect if you spray on it with water. You can use it with stamps, stencils, and spray it directly on the surface. You can blend it with using Ink Blending Tools and Foam. View on Amazon
Ranger Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Set Beach Deco
Permanent, fast drying, transparent, acid free dye ink specially formulated to create a vibrant look. View on Amazon



Alcohol Ink Blending Solution and Isopropylalcohol

With the Blending Solution, Alcohol Ink painting can be lightened, smudged or removed from non-absorbent surfaces. Besides the possibility to change the Alcohol Ink colours, the Blending Solution can also be used for cleaning. Isopropanol has a similar effect and can be used as a cost-effective alternative.

Ranger Adirondack Alcohol Blending Solution
The Alcohol Blending Solution from Ranger has two functions: First, it can be added to liquid alcohol ink to make it more transparent. On the other hand, the Blending Solution can be added to the dried alcohol ink to create exciting effects. View on Amazon
Jacquard Claro Extender
The Claro Extender from Jacquard has two functions: First, it can be added to alcohol ink to make it more transparent. On the other hand, the Claro Extern can be added to the dried alcohol ink to create exciting effects. View on Amazon
Isopropyl Alcohol 91%
Isopropyl alcohol with 91-99% alcohol content is the inexpensive alternative to blending solutions and works almost as well. View on Amazon



Painting Ground

In principle, the Alcohol Ink technique can be applied to any correctly prepared surface. So that you can swivel and mix the Alcohl Ink colours in Isopropanol, this must happen on a smooth surface. For your first attempts, Yupo Paper, which was specially developed for the alcohol ink technique, is ideal. So you can start right away with the first works.

Yupo Painting Paper sheets A4 85gsm
The Yupo paper from Frisk convinces with a good price-performance ratio. View on Amazon
Legion Yupo Paper 11inch x 14inch
The Yupo paper from Legion convinces with a good price-performance ratio - ideal for the first attempts. View on Amazon



Alcohol Ink Applicator

For the application of Alcohol Inks on the painting surface we recommend the application with an applicator in addition to the direct instillation. An applicator works similar to a stamp – there is a velcro on the underside to which a felt strip can be attached. The Alcohol Inks are applied to the felt strip and can be applied to the painting surface for smaller jobs.

Mini Ink Blending Tool with replacement foams
For small areas you can use this applicator for your Alcohol Inks, otherwise the principle is the same as with the large applicator. View on Amazon



Permanent marker for setting Accents

After the picture has dried, you can set further accents with permanent markers such as Copic Marker and embellish your work with patterns, outlines and other forms.

Sharpie Permanent Markers, 12 Pack
These Sharpie markers are very suitable for painting more precisely defined shapes for the Alcohol Ink technique. View on Amazon
Pigma Micron Fineliner Kit
Fine, waterproof drying fineliners: Rich colours, even and clean lines, perfect for outlining. View on Amazon
Alcohol Markers Set of 40 Colors
This inexpensive set includes alcohol ink markers with 40 different colors and two different tips. View on Amazon



Aids for beautiful Color Gradients

Using the materials listed here, you can let the freshly applied alcohol ink painting flow into each other and thus create beautiful color gradients and color transitions. This way you can get even more out of your artwork and expand your creative possibilities.

Jumbo Smoothie Straws
The same effect can be achieved with the drinking straws as with the hair dryer, but with your own lung power and without electricity. View on Amazon
Hair Dryer for Faster Drying
To let the alcohol inks run into each other, you can use a hair dryer with cold air level. This way you can achieve other fascinating effects. View on Amazon
Plastic Bottle Spray Refillable
To atomize alcohol Tine you need these spray bottles with which you can create exciting effects. Small funnels are included so that no paint goes off. When spraying Alcohol Ink, we recommend that you wear a breathing mask so that you do not inhale the sprayed inks. View on Amazon



Protect your alcohol Ink painting

Protect your paintings from uv radiation, so that the colours don’t bleed out.

Krylon Kamar Varnish Spray
Cover and protect your Alcohol Ink paintings with a clear coat of varnish. View on Amazon



For your safety working with Alcohol Ink Painting

You should work with alcohol ink in a room that is as well ventilated as possible. If this is not possible, we recommend a cheap respirator for your health. We also recommend that you wear gloves as the alcohol dries the skin.

Nitrile Gloves
The painting surface for Alcohol Inks should be as free of grease as possible, therefore we recommend to wear rubber gloves. It is also very difficult to get alcohol ink off your fingers, which is another reason for using gloves. View on Amazon
Half Mask Respirator
If you are not able to work in a well-ventilated room, we recommend that you wear respiratory protection when working with Alcohol Ink. Even if you use Alcohol Ink with a nebulizer, we recommend that you wear a respirator. View on Amazon



What else is there to know about Painting with Alcohol Ink?

Warning: When working with alcohol ink, evaporation produces vapours which are highly flammable. This applies in particular to spraying. It is therefore important that you work in well-ventilated rooms and do not set up open flames (candles and the like).

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