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Best Resin Coaster Mold
Resin Epoxy Art

Best Resin Coaster Molds – How to Create Exciting Resin Coasters

  While we might not think of them as often as other furnishings in our homes, coasters are one of the little things that can really bring a space together and even complement other furnishings and ornaments in our homes. While our parents and grandparents might have used wooden ones, and even ones made of…

Best Deep Pour Epoxy – Recommending the Best Epoxy for Deep Pour
Resin Epoxy Art

Best Deep Pour Epoxy – Recommending the Best Epoxy for Deep Pour

  Epoxy resin is great; you can use it to create pretty much anything you set your mind to, from jewelry, tabletops, masks, floor coatings, food containers, coasters, and even protective coatings for tabletops! Not all types of resin can be used for every application though, as certain resins are only graded for surface applications…

Resin Crafts to Sell
Resin Epoxy Art

Resin Crafts to Sell – Your Easy Guide for How to Start a Resin Business

  These days, having a second job or side hustle is a pretty common thing. Whether you’re doing door dash or giving Uber a try in your spare time, it’s always nice to have some extra money in your pocket One small business idea that’s really taken off in recent years is the selling of resin…

How to Make Resin Letters
Resin Epoxy Art

How to Make Resin Letters – Exploring Unique DIY Resin Letter Ideas

  If you’ve been watching the crafting scene over the last few years. You may have noticed a substantial shift in mediums used to create various crafts and even professional art pieces. Resin has provided many of us with a means of creating intricate, polished workpieces that have an incredible aesthetic impact as well as…

Can You Use Food Coloring in Resin
Resin Epoxy Art

Can You Use Food Coloring in Resin? – How to Color Resin Easily

  Color: It has the potential to make or break anything. Color can bring a wedding together, make you fall in love with a dress, make you buy a car that’s far outside of your budget, or make your eyes pop through contrast. In the world of resin casting, color can have a huge effect…

How to Get Resin Off Hands – Learning How to Remove Epoxy from Skin
Resin Epoxy Art

How to Get Resin Off Hands – Learning How to Remove Epoxy from Skin

  Finding something you love to do can be an invigorating experience, the feeling of simply enjoying an activity and making something that you’ll be able to admire and covet forever. For quite a lot of people, resin allows them to do this, and if you have ever tried making something from epoxy resin you…

best silicone mold kit
Resin Epoxy Art

Best Silicone Mold Kit – Resin Mold Making Kit Review

  Synthetic materials have become such an integral part of our lives that most of us rarely think about them. Although initially, they had a decidedly bad impact on the environment, we have since adopted more eco-friendly production methods improving their sustainability and toxicity levels. Silicone is one of many such materials, and its uses…

best silicone molds for resin
Resin Epoxy Art

Best Silicone Molds for Resin – Resin Art Molds Overview

  These days, there is virtually nothing you can’t make out of plastic, from toys to tools, to functioning handguns. Plastic, and by extension, plastic resins, have revolutionized the way we live our lives by offering an unparalleled increase in our quality of life. What exactly is resin and how do so many crafters use…

Best Resin 3D Printer
Resin Epoxy Art

Best Resin 3D Printer – Resin Printing Tutorial and Overview

  From miniature figurines to high-tech, medical implant manufacturing, 3D printing has become extremely popular and is set to become even more popular as more industries start utilizing this relatively new method of manufacturing. Read on to find out more about the different types of 3D printing, what the best resin 3D printers are and…

best garage floor epoxy
Resin Epoxy Art

Best Garage Floor Epoxy – Garage Floor Epoxy Coating Tutorial

  Using garage floor epoxy coating has numerous advantages. It offers a high durability floor finish for a busy garage space. The best garage floor epoxy provides resistance to frequent use, chemicals, oil spills, scratches, and any marks or deposits left from hot tires. Epoxy-coated flooring is simple to clean, looks impressive, and is also…

How to use Resin
Resin Epoxy Art

How to Use Resin – Your Resin Tutorial for DIY Projects

  Using resin to make jewelry or other arts and crafts is fun, but it can be confusing with all the products available on the market today. The entire process of using resin can also be challenging. However, it can be pretty straightforward if you keep to the directions provided. In this article, we will…

plastic epoxy
Resin Epoxy Art

Best Epoxy for Plastic – Find the strongest Epoxy for Plastic

  There are all kinds of different glue and adhesive options out there. These include adhesives for DIY and crafting projects, as well as industrial-strength adhesives for manufacturing. If you are a hobbyist, you will use glue for all kinds of projects and applications. It can also be used for doing other tasks, such as…

epoxy top coat
Resin Epoxy Art

Epoxy Clear Coat – Best Top Coat for Floors, Paintings and Countertops

  When coating your floors with epoxy, there comes a time during the process where a clear epoxy top coat can be added. Some would choose to leave the floor as it is, but there are so many benefits that it is highly recommended you go ahead with an epoxy top coat. Once you have…

waterproof epoxy
Resin Epoxy Art

Is Epoxy Waterproof? – Your Waterproof Epoxy Guide

  Epoxy resin has many beneficial properties which include being a filler, it has adhesive properties, is a sealant and it also has waterproofing properties. No wonder it is used in so many industries such as the construction industry for repairs and maintenance as well as for residential use.       History of Epoxy…

polyurethane resin
Resin Epoxy Art

Polyurethane Resin – Complete Guide about Polyurethane Casting Resin

  Do you wish to use resin for your project? Then the choices of resin available to you are many, each offering their own pros and cons. We are going to concentrate on Polyurethane Casting Resin. In this guide, we are going to show all of the most important properties and show you what to…

what is resin
Resin Epoxy Art

What is Resin? – Learn what is Resin made of

  What is Resin? Resin is a distinctive name that is given to a natural organic compound in liquid form, consisting of two-component parts. When the resin is combined with the hardener a chemical reaction takes place binding the molecules of the resin forming a solid, durable plastic substance. What is resin made of? In…

epoxy cleaner
Resin Epoxy Art

How to Clean Epoxy Floors – Complete Floor Maintenance Guide

  Epoxy floor coating is a very resilient type of flooring, and as such is used in numerous applications. This type of flooring is used on sunroom floors, garage floors, warehouse floors as well as hallways and walkways that attract high traffic volumes. In workshop areas where large machinery is used, an epoxy floor surface…

epoxy countertops
Resin Epoxy Art

Epoxy Countertops DIY – How to make Epoxy Resin Countertops

  Many homeowners want to transform their countertop surface in their homes, but they don’t want to spend too much money or hire a professional to do the job. This is where epoxy countertops come in, it is fairly reasonably priced, and you can pour it yourself over any of your existing countertop surfaces. When…

stabilize wood
Resin Epoxy Art

How to Stabilize Wood with Resin? – Guide for Stabilized Wood

  Wood is a raw material that is rather versatile and can be adaptable to various objects such as pens and knives. Wood can also be used to craft furniture and kitchen shelves that we use daily. We need wood, and thus wish to make it last longer. Wood unfortunately, like most materials, tends to…

resin casting flowers
Resin Epoxy Art

Preserving Flowers in Resin – How to Preserve Flowers in Resin

  Resin is a very versatile substance and has many uses, but for the DIY enthusiast embedding items in resin is always popular. You can embed small trinkets, coins, stones, beads, bottle caps and, of course, flowers. Flowers are delicate, beautiful, and perfect to embed in resin, preserving their beauty. In this article, we will…

resin coasters
Resin Epoxy Art

Resin Coasters Tutorial – How to make Resin Coasters

  Resin crafts have recently come into the spotlight as it is something everybody can do. What could be more decorative and useful than a beautiful coaster? Add a decorative flair to your home and protect your wooden furniture at the same time. Personalize DIY resin coasters as a gift, or simply create something for…

sticky resin
Resin Epoxy Art

How to harden Sticky Resin – What to do if Epoxy doesn’t harden

  When using epoxy resin, sometimes you may find that after the curing time you are left with a sticky resin. When mixing your resin and your hardener, there is a chemical reaction. In the case of sticky resin or possibly tacky, or runny resin, this reaction did not occur as it should have. This…

what resin not stick to
Resin Epoxy Art

What does Epoxy not stick to? – Various Materials introduced

  While using epoxy in any of your projects, it is necessary to comprehend which materials it sticks to and to which it doesn’t. In this article, we outlined the Pros and Cons of popular materials. You will also find out which materials are suitable for your resin projects.         What Material…

common epoxy mistakes
Resin Epoxy Art

How to fix Epoxy Mistakes – Common Epoxy Problems and how to fix them

  Working with Epoxy is not exceedingly difficult, but it doesn’t mean you won’t make any mistakes, even if you are a professional. So, in this article, we will be assisting you on how to fix or repair your epoxy mistakes. Bear in mind that it is easier to repair or fix any mistakes while…

casting resin
Resin Epoxy Art

Casting Resin – Find the best Casting Epoxy for your Projects

  For the hobby and art sector there is a wide variety of different epoxy resin products available today. Their properties may well differ considerably, since cast resins are usually designed with a focus on very specific properties. In this almost impenetrable jungle of choices, we would like to give you the following guide to…

art n glow resin
Resin Epoxy Art

Art n Glow Resin – All you need to know about this Epoxy Brand

  There are more and more Epoxy Resin brands on the market. Art n Glow is out there for several years and delivers high-quality Epoxy resin as well as different kinds of pigments and paints for DIY crafters. We would like to give you an insight of the company and its products.      …

high temperature epoxy
Resin Epoxy Art

High Temperature Epoxy Guide – Is Epoxy Heat Resistant?

  The use of Epoxy has become quite popular, with a variety of ways you can use it. These include smaller projects from jewelry and various art projects, to larger more industrial applications such as flooring. You also have many different manufacturers as well as a variety of products, so it can be difficult to…

best epoxy resin
Resin Epoxy Art

Best Epoxy Resin – Find the perfect Resin for all your Projects

  Parallel to the increase in popularity of epoxy resin as a material for creative handicraft and art projects, the range of different manufacturers and products has multiplied over the last few years. Therefore, it is no longer easy to choose the most suitable epoxy resin from this wealth of options. With our following guide…

mica pigment
Resin Epoxy Art

Mica Powder and Pigment Powder – Differences and Use with Epoxy Resin

  You might have wondered, what is mica powder? Well, this powder has been in use right from our prehistoric times and has been widely accepted by many civilizations like Indus, Indian, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, and Aztech. Historians have found its wide use in cave paintings, monuments, Pueblo poetry, Japanese woodblock, and even Ayurveda. We…

mixing epoxy
Resin Epoxy Art

Mixing Epoxy Resin – 12 Ultimate Tips on How to Mix Epoxy [Tutorial]

  The correct procedure for mixing resin determines success or failure in processing the resin. To help you get the best results, we have compiled the 12 best tips on mixing epoxy resin for you in this article.       Tip #1: The correct Mixing Ratio First of all, when mixing epoxy resin, you…

best epoxy for tumblers
Resin Epoxy Art

Best Epoxy for Tumblers and how to make Glitter Tumblers

  Resin Art has always found a special place in the hearts of artists. With Epoxy Resin, you can create your personalized tumbler.  Depending on your own choices, you can the customize the epoxy tumbler your own by using colors, glitter and other materials. These decorations are complimented with the good quality resins used to…

how long does epoxy take to cure
Resin Epoxy Art

How long does Epoxy take to Cure – Complete Guide for Epoxy Dry Time

  Are you looking to create one-of-a-kind jewelry, or to add a unique, waterproof finish to your living room table? Whatever you plan to use it for, epoxy resin is a fun DIY project with endless possibilities. However, using epoxy resin for the first time can be tricky, and curing the adhesive is an important…

food safe resin
Resin Epoxy Art

Food Safe Epoxy – Helpful Guide and Overview on FDA Approved Epoxy

  Working with epoxy resin offers a variety of advantages. The material is extremely flexible and can be used in many areas. However, the resin also has some disadvantages. The most important is the health aspects. In this guide, we inform you how food safe epoxy resin really is and what you should consider in…

epoxy resin
Resin Epoxy Art

Epoxy Resin Guide – The most complete Information Source for Resin

  What exactly is resin and what is the difference to epoxy and casting resin? Here you will learn the differences between the different resins, their areas of application and which are currently the best products on the market.         What is Epoxy Resin? If you search the Internet for information on…

sanding epoxy
Resin Epoxy Art

Sanding Epoxy Resin – Helpful Tutorial on how to Sand Resin

  For the perfect glass-like surface on your epoxy resin work piece, sanding after curing is essential. In the following article we will explain which material you need for epoxy resin sanding and what you should pay attention to. In addition, you will receive step-by-step instructions on how to best proceed when sanding a resin…

Resin Epoxy Art

How to Color Resin – Complete Tutorial and the Best Resin Dye

  Resin is perfect for coloring and is therefore very popular with artists, DIY enthusiasts and DIY enthusiasts. Of course, the normally transparent resin is also often used in its crystal clear, colorless form, e.g. for casting various objects or epoxy tables. For many projects, however, colored casting resin is required and here too the…

How to make Resin jewelry
Resin Epoxy Art

How to Make Resin Jewelry – Tutorial and Best Resin for Jewelry

  Jewelry fans can easily create beautiful individual pieces themselves using epoxy resin. Due to the versatility of the synthetic resin, there are practically no limits to creativity in design. The crystal clear material becomes a real eye-catcher with small incorporated elements such as flowers, pearls or glitter particles. The following article provides valuable tips…

uv resin
Resin Epoxy Art

UV Resin – How to use UV Resin [Tutorial]

  UV Resin is often promoted as a practical alternative to conventional epoxy resins. But how exactly does this resin differ from other casting resins? And for which workpieces is it particularly suitable? In the following article, you will learn a lot of interesting facts about this “resin for the impatient” and receive instructions on…

how to polish epoxy resin
Resin Epoxy Art

How to Polish Resin – Step by Step Tutorial for Polishing Epoxy Resin

  Anyone who has ever made a work piece from epoxy resin will have noticed that after curing and releasing the resin from the mold, it often does not have the desired crystal-clear surface, but a cloudy effect instead – as though covered in a matt veil. Fortunately, there is a very simple application to…

silicone mold for resin
Resin Epoxy Art

How to make Silicone Molds for Resin – Step by Step Tutorial

  In order to make beautiful resin castings or jewelry with epoxy resin, it is essential to use a good negative mold. These are available in numerous designs to buy. If, however, you want to dare special, individual forms or simply want to build something yourself, then you can make a silicone mold without much…

wood epoxy
Resin Epoxy Art

Epoxy Resin for Wood – Tutorial for Creative Ideas with Wood Epoxy

  Epoxy resin offers a variety of possibilities that is unlike any other material. In conjunction with wood, you can achieve a wide range of design possibilities: epoxy resin coated with wood as a protective layer, wood in cast molds, epoxy resin river tables, and much more is possible. We will show you what is…

Resin Epoxy Calculator – Simply Calculate the Amount of Resin you Need
Resin Epoxy Art

Resin Epoxy Calculator – Simply Calculate the Amount of Resin you Need

  With our Resin Calculator, the calculation of the required amount of resin is now very easy! You can easily enter the length and width of your resin painting ground and you will get the amount of resin you need for a covering layer. The calculator also offers you the possibility to specify whether you…

Wow-Effect – Glitter Dust for Dazzling Pictures
Acrylic Pouring | Alcohol Ink | Resin Epoxy Art

Wow-Effect – Glitter Dust for Dazzling Pictures

  If you want to give your pictures that certain something, then glitter powder / glitter dust is a recommendable product, which you can apply in addition to the color. In this article we will explain exactly how this works and where you get high-quality glitter from.       Types of Glitter / Glitter…