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Wow-effect – glitter dust for dazzling pictures

  If you want to give your pictures that certain something, then glitter powder / glitter dust is a recommendable product, which you can apply in addition to the color. In this article we will explain exactly how this works and where you get high-quality glitter from....

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Take professional photos from your paintings

  You want to post your pictures on Facebook, put them on your website or an online gallery or just take them as a souvenir? Then you've probably already experienced that it's not that easy. In this article you will learn how to photograph your pictures professionally...

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Pouring Medium: Market overview and comparison

  Various types of pouring media can be used for acrylic pouring, also known as fluid painting. A distinction has to be made between so-called professional and alternative pouring media, which are not actually intended for acrylic pouring, but also work well and are...

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Drying and sealing of your acrylic pourings

  If you have pour your painting with the acrylic pouring technique, there are still some work steps, which you should accomplish. You should observe the drying times, clean your painting of silicone residues and then protect it with varnish or resin. In this article...

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