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Painting Ceramics with Acrylic Paint
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Painting Ceramics With Acrylic Paint – The Best Paint for Pottery

  Do you want to attempt a piece of artwork made from clay or ceramics? The scope of ceramics is wide open as you can create any form or shape. However, you need to take care and follow certain procedures if you want to create your very own masterpiece. Working with ceramics is fairly simple,…

What Is Bristol Paper
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What Is Bristol Paper? – The Versatility of Strathmore Bristol Paper

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How to Paint Styrofoam
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How to Paint Styrofoam – The Best Method for Styro Painting

  Using Styrofoam for craft ideas may have come to you at some stage whilst thinking about home projects, and this begs the question, can you paint Styrofoam? The answer is yes, painting Styrofoam is wonderful for school projects, crafts for kids, and stunning seasonal decor. That said, Styro painting requires a little know-how as…

Shades of Orange
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Shades of Orange – Exploring the Versatility of the Orange Palette

  Orange colors are warm and bring to mind sunsets, autumn leaves, pumpkins, and fruit. The different shades of orange are located between red and yellow on the color wheel and generally are associated with feelings of joy and happiness. There are many orange hues, and some of the color names include exotic names like…

Best Airless Paint Sprayer

Best Airless Paint Sprayer – Finding and Using the Top Airless Paint Gun

  Whether you are looking to repaint your interior or exterior walls, or simply looking to add a splash of color to your latest DIY creation, you are going to want to ensure a beautiful, smooth finish. You will also want to get the project done in the most efficient and professional way possible. This…

Best Copic Markers
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Best Copic Markers – An In-Depth Copic Markers Review

  Copic markers are a brand of high-quality art pens, which are made in Japan, that are available in an assortment of colors. Japanese Manga artists are artists which relate to graphic novels, cartooning, and comics, are big fans of the Copic pens. Over the years these pens have gained popularity throughout the world and…

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Fluid Painting / Fluid Art

Fluid Art or Fluid Painting means nothing more than liquid art. In contrast to conventional painting, the paint is not applied with a brush or spatula, but the paint is poured in a liquid state on the painting ground. Without any previous knowledge, you can start right away and create your first works of art. These techniques are very suitable for beginners, but also for advanced students there are always new possibilities to discover.

Acrylic Pouring – The Pour Painting Technique

In Acrylic Pouring, the Acrylic Paint is made more liquid and pourable with a pouring medium. This mixture is then mixed with additives such as oils and poured onto the canvas. The applied color mixture can then be brought into various shapes and gradients by tilting the canvas. In combination with the colors, the additives ensure the formation of cells. Casting with acrylic paints

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Alcohol Ink – Pouring with Alcohol Ink

With the Alcohol Ink technique, you can create beautiful colored works of art. As the name suggests, you work with Alcohol Inks, which are inks based on alcohol. These are dripped onto a waterproof surface, sprayed or applied with an applicator. The special thing about this is that you can liquefy the applied colors again at any time and make changes such as color gradients.

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Resin Art – Resin Epoxy casting

Resin or also called epoxy resin or epoxy consists of two components: The resin and the hardener. These are mixed together, provided with liquid or solid pigments and then poured onto the painting base. Within a few hours, the resin becomes hard due to a chemical reaction. Several layers can be poured on top of each other. You can cast classical pictures as well as forms or jewelry. The resin art is the most demanding of all the variants presented here. But you can also create breathtaking works of art with it.

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General Information

Resin Projects

The World of Airbrush

Airbrush is a fascinating form of art. You can use this technique also for all kinds of DIY and Home projects.