With our Acrylic Pouring Calculator the calculation of the required amount of Pouring Paint is now very easy! You can easily enter the length and width of your painting ground and you will get the amount of paint you need for a covering layer. The calculator also offers you the possibility to specify whether you want to cover the sides of your painting ground or not.



The output values are guide values.


Further influencing factors

An important factor for the required amount of pouring liquid is the viscosity. The more liquid it is, the less paint you need and vice versa. A thicker consitency forms a thicker layer than a more liquid. The values in the pouring calculator are based on an average viscosity. If you want to pour with a very thick consistency, you can add 5% – 10% to the quantity.

Another factor is the surface of your painting ground. If you use a new canvas, which is relatively coarse, you will need more liquid than if you are pouring on an already poured painting. Using the Pouring Calculator you have the guided value for your required amount, which you can correct upwards or downwards based on your experience.


calculate pouring amount


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