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acrylgiessen.com was launched in 2018 as an information resource for the topic of fluid painting. The focus was primarily on the then new painting techniques Acrylic Pouring, Resin Art and Alcohol Ink. We created many tutorials on this, tested products, wrote buying guides and made videos.

Over the years, the website has evolved steadily – from the translation of the website into other languages to the thematic fanning out into the complete creative field.

Meanwhile, acrylgiessen is a well-visited, digital creative magazine, that covers all areas: painting, drawing, color theory, art history, arts and crafts.

We hope to inspire you with our posts, broaden your artistic horizons, and show you useful tips and tricks to help you grow.



What we Cover


Resin Art

Learn all about creative work with epoxy resin. This fascinating material offers you almost endless creative possibilities as an artist. You’ll learn how to color resin, mix epoxy, sand epoxy, and polish resin with our guides. In addition, we give you instructions for the most important projects, for example, making a table out of epoxy, and creating resin art, and have created a resin calculator for you.



Drawing is probably one of the most creative activities because here you can let your imagination run wild – and this both as a beginner, but also as an advanced artist. We have created countless drawing tutorials for you, for example for drawing flowers or if you want to draw a butterfly. Moreover, we also have easy drawing ideas to draw for you.



Learn how to paint with different painting media on all kinds of surfaces. So we have tutorials on how you can apply acrylic paint to fabric, how you can paint wine glasses, what are standard canvas sizes and how Acrylic Pouring works. In our ideas articles, for example, for easy acrylic painting ideas, you will find countless templates for your next artwork.


Color Theory

Knowing the basics of color theory is immensely important for you as an artist. That’s why we’ve created helpful guides for you on mixing colors, different hues, color combinations, the application of the color wheel, and more. With our Online Color Mixing Tool you can try it all out digitally right now.



When we write about creative hobbies, the crafting category can’t be missing, of course. We have created various craft ideas, which are suitable for young and old. We also introduce you to various crafting techniques, for example, fire pyrography


General Art

Want to get started as an artist or learn more about art history? Our Art category has all that information. Especially recommended to get started here is our article on how to find an artist by name, best printers for stickers, or our polymer clay ideas.



Meet the Team


about acrylgiessen.comThe founders and owners of acrylgiessen are Martina and Thomas Faessler, a creative couple from Zurich, Switzerland. Acrylgiessen is owned by Faessler Media Ltd. Artistically active are both already quite a while: Martina discovered her creative streak as a child and has always been passionate about painting and illustrating. Today she works as a graphic designer and art director and art still plays a big role in her free time. Thomas was active for years as a sculptor/art turner before painting and creating lathe noble sculptures and hollow vessels made of burl wood.



Duncan van der Merwe | Color Theory Expert, Video Editor


duncan van der merwe

Duncan is a Videographer and Color Theory Expert. He graduated with a degree in Film and Television Production from CityVarsity in 2018 and continued to dedicate himself to film after that, while also taking an interest in writing along the way. Due to his vast experience in film production and video cutting and editing, he has acquired a great knowledge of color theory in general, different hues, color combinations, and all that goes with it. In video editing, color theory helps enhance your storytelling, create contrast and harmony, and evoke emotion in your audience. Duncan writes the Color Theory blog posts for acrylgiessen.com. He is also responsible for video editing of the drawing tutorials on our YouTube channel.


Charlene Lewis | Content Writer for Painting and Crafting


charlene lewisCharlene is a trained aromatherapist and reflexologist. She has been working as a content writer for years and is very interested in arts and crafts. Charlene has been writing blog posts for acrylgiessen.com on the topics of painting and crafting since 2019. In 2005, Charlene completed her wellness degrees in therapeutic aromatherapy and reflexology at the International School of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy. In 2015, she discovered her enthusiasm for writing. Since then she has worked as a freelance content writer. As she is a very creative person and likes to be active in different fields of arts and crafts as a balance to writing, working at acrylgiessen.com is perfect for her.


Megan van Schoor | Content Writer for Drawing and Painting


megan van schoorMegan is a writer and researcher who graduated from the University of Cape Town with a degree in Social Sciences, specializing in Psychology and Environmental Science. Her passion for knowledge and leaving a positive impact has fueled her current work in conscious and sustainable growth in Southern Africa. Megan is interested in the physical and psychological effects of color in our environment on our mood and well-being. She is also concerned with how art and creativity have become an integral part of society since the beginning of human history. Megan has been writing blog posts in the areas of painting, drawing, and color theory for acrylgiessen since 2022.


Matthew Matthysen | Drawing and Painting Artist


matthew matthysen

Matthew Matthysen is a multidisciplinary artist. He completed his fine art degree, majoring in History of Art and Contemporary Drawing Practice at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. Before joining acrylgiessen in 2020, Matthew worked part-time as an art teacher


IzzyBll | Digital Artist and Content Creator


izzybll authorIzzyBll is a digital artist and content creator from Israel and currently residing in South Africa. Originally coming from videography, Izzy then turned to digital graphic art. He specialized in using digital drawing software such as Photoshop and Procreate. Drawing and photo editing has always been a sort of second nature for Izzy. In doing so, he can now look back on 5 years of experience in the industry, completing commissions for various well-known brands such as Audi. Izzy creates drawing tutorials on his drawing tablet, and related content for acrylgiessen.



Our Guest Editors


Edith Lüssi | Fuid Painting Artist


edith luessiEdith Lüssi lives with her husband and daughter in Eastern Switzerland. Since her youth, she has been engaged in painting. A few years after completing her training as a chemical laboratory assistant, she learned how to make porcelain dolls. Together with her husband, who dedicated himself to mold making, she ran a manufactory for porcelain dolls and ceramics in Johannesburg / South Africa for over ten years. After her return to Switzerland, Edith began to paint again in acrylic in her spare time. To reconcile family, job, and hobby, she took part in a two-year correspondence course for drawing and painting at Hamburg Academy for Distance Learning. Further online courses in different painting styles followed. Today she focuses mainly on her great passion for fluid art and also gives workshops.


Seda Özses | Artist and Content Creator


seda oezses

Seda Özses is a mother, computer scientist, artist, and content creator from Austria. Every day she masters the balancing act between all these different obligations and responsibilities. That’s why Seda always takes short breaks in nature to recharge her batteries. In her search for a creative outlet for herself, she also found a super way that completely fills her: art. She loves painting and colors, for her they are pure moments of happiness. Her creativity lets her forget everyday life and immerse herself in a magical world. Seda creates various artworks from resin, alcohol ink, and acrylic paint. Recently, she has also discovered the drawing of mandalas for themselves. 


Sylvia Hauffe | Mixed Media Artist


sylvia hauffe

Sylvia Hauffe is married and has a 17-year-old daughter and three French bulldogs. She lives near Dresden, Germany. In her free time, she is often out in nature with her family and her three four-legged friends. Nature clears her head, relaxes, inspires, and motivates her. Creativity has always played an important role in Sylvia Hauffe’s life. Twelve years ago she developed her passion for painting and collage. During this time she experimented a lot,  attended workshops to develop herself further, and participated in smaller exhibitions. Sylvia’s passion lies in abstract, spontaneous, and informal canvases and collages. She likes to work with textures, collage materials (especially from nature), with different color techniques, pigments, and resin.


Jennifer A. Pace | Fluid Painting Artist


jennifer pace

As a musicologist, art is part of Jennifer Pace’s daily life; creative work has always been part of it. Whether through photography, sketching, writing and calligraphy, or expression through abstract art. Fluid Art is currently her favorite form of expression. What applies in photography to the principles of image composition and the interplay of colors can also be transferred to abstract art – with the loss of control – and that is what makes it special. Instagram captures the passion for visual art in a casual way. Time-lapse videos of Alcohol Ink art and Acrylic Pours can be found on YouTube.


Célio Antonio Romani | Artist, Photographer, Woodworker


celio antonio romani

Célio Antonio Romani is an autodidactic Brazilian artist, inspired by nature, driven by the universe, and surrounded by atmospheric feelings. Célio lives with his wife and son in Curitiba, Paraná State. Célio has always been very interested in learning new things and changing things. Although he has worked for the same company for a long time, he always wanted to try something new and do what he liked. So he began to paint and create art with different techniques. With art, he found a way to express himself more freely and to convey a part of his personality and soul to the viewer. In addition to his artistic resin wood furniture, Célio also creates beautiful resin pictures and is a gifted photographer. With years of experience in international companies, Célio has the ability to deal with pressure and changing circumstances, and not long ago he decided to create a second foothold with his art, especially wood and resin furniture.


Jane Lenahan | Resin Artist


jane lenahan

Jane Lenahan is a resin artist and lives together with her daughter and fiancé in Wales, UK. She works as a carer for the elderly, which is challenging but also extremely rewarding. Sometimes it is not easy to reconcile her job, family, and her resin art. Jane describes herself as a daydreamer, who loves quotes, whimsical worlds, and loves being outdoors in nature. Another of her great hobbies is knitting. Jane tries to incorporate all this into her art. Her great passion and trademark are her unmistakable “botanical pieces” made of resin. Jane runs her online shop Maia and the Wildflower, where you can buy her unique objects and jewelry made of resin.


Patricia Jaggi | Resin Artist


patricia jaggi

Although Patricia Jaggi has been enthusiastic about painting since her youth, she discovered her true passion a few years ago with Resin Epoxy Art. After studying economics, she worked as a business consultant and as a scientist, which left her little time for painting. After the birth of her children she allowed herself more freedom to be artistically active again. Today she works with various techniques in her studio in Basel – her great love, however, is resin art. She was fascinated by the luminosity of the paintings and their depth effect. It is her wish to arouse enthusiasm and positive feelings in the viewer through her paintings as well. Since Patricia wants to share her joy and her knowledge about resin art with others, she now also offers courses.


FlatLand Artistry | Resin Geodes Artists



FlatLand Artistry is the mother-daughter duo of Christi and Madison. Their passion for resin geode art comes from their love of nature and the outdoors. Christi once owned her own faux painting business during its craze and incorporates that knowledge into her art today. Madison is a certified welder and is in the process of designing steel sculpture stands for the display of their geode art. Madison is currently expecting her first child and will soon be moving to Texarkana with her new baby, husband, and 3 step-children. Christi is happily married and has two other children and a stepson. Artists who have had a huge hand in inspiring FlatLand are Mitch Gobel, Crystal Ma, Liza Vaughn, and Karen Cain. FlatLand Artistry is currently open for commissions and their art is for sale.


Karin Zimmer | Artist and Herb Pedagogue


karin zimmer

Karin Zimmer lives in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Already from childhood on she has been working as a craftswoman, artistic/creative and very close to nature. She likes to try out different painting and creative techniques again and again. The constant thirst for knowledge is her inner drive. After almost 20 years in the IT department of a bank as an administrator and coach, she now works independently as a wild herb pedagogue and freelance artist. She gives herbal tours, individual and group courses, and (intuitive) workshops in both areas. At the end of 2016, she discovered Acrylic and lets each of her paintings flow intuitively and with feeling. She sees her task in imparting knowledge and in triggering the pure joy of colors and structures in the viewer.


Julia Knoll | Artist and Content Creator


julia knollJulia Knoll is a mother of two children and an ophthalmologist from Ulm, Germany. She has been artistically active alongside her profession for many years with oil and watercolor paintings and portraits. Until she stumbled upon acrylic casting about five years ago. Since then she has devoted herself to flow techniques. Her great passion, however, has been resin art for some time. The possibilities to develop creatively here are almost unlimited. Take a look at her Instagram account and let yourself be inspired!


Danielle Desantis | Mixed Media and Assemblage Artist


danielle desantis

Danielle Desantis is a mixed media / assemblage artist living on the US East Coast. She was born and raised on beautiful Long Island, New York. Since Danielle often finds it difficult to sit still, she has always filled her free time with an artistic hobby. Besides art, her great passion is collecting various unique objects. Thanks to her curiosity, Danielle is always trying new things in her art. A big theme in her artistic work is, among other things, working with resin. Most of her ideas are inspired by music, movies and other artists. A lot of what Danielle does is artistic experimentation. She wants to give the viewer of her art the feeling of a visual journey – a journey through a magical treasure chest of past and present.


Angela Schneider | Fluid Painting Artist


angela schneiderAngela Schneider is 49 years old and lives with her family and her dogs in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Angela’s hobbies are painting, journaling, nature, and her dogs. She loves everything that has to do with design and crafts and likes to be inspired by other artists and via the internet. Angela loves it fancy and colorful: her apartment is decorated with great attention to detail. Most of the furniture comes from bulky waste, which she has lovingly spruced up in “shabby punk style”. Angela likes to spend the evenings in front of the TV, watching mystical series. Angela works part-time in a service company as a room cleaner.



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