about us

acrylgiessen.com was launched in 2018 as an information website for fluid painting. The focus was primarily on the then new painting techniques Acrylic Pouring, Resin Art and Alcohol Ink. We created many tutorials, tested products, wrote buying guides and made videos.

Over the years, the website has developed steadily – from the translation of the website into other languages to the thematic expansion into the complete creative area.

In the meantime acrylgiessen.com is a well visited digital creative magazine, which covers all areas: painting, drawing, color theory, art history, arts and crafts.

We hope to inspire you with our articles, broaden your artistic horizons, show you useful tips and tricks to help you grow.

Who is acrylgiessen.com?

Behind acrylgiessen.com are Martina and Thomas Faessler, a creative couple from Zurich, Switzerland. Both have been artistically active for quite a while: Martina discovered her creative streak as a child and has always been passionate about painting and illustrating. Today she works as a graphic designer and art still plays a big role in her free time. Before painting, Thomas was active for years as a sculptor/art turner and created noble sculptures and hollow vessels from burl wood using a lathe.

The two of them came to Fluid Art by chance when it came to finishing one of Thomas’ sculptures with liquid acrylic paint. Once they tried Acrylic Pouring, both of them couldn’t get away from it and through countless Pourings they gradually acquired a gossamer know-how about the Acrylic Pouring technique.

In addition to the original Fluid Painting techniques, other important creative topics such as color theory and the creation of drawing tutorials were added.