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Who is behind acrylgiessen.com?

Behind acrylgiessen.com are Martina (35) and Thomas (34) Faessler, a creative couple from Zurich, Switzerland. Both have been artistically active for quite some time: Martina discovered her creative streak as a child and has always been passionate about painting and illustrating. Today she works as a graphic designer and art plays an important role in her free time in the form of acrylic pouring. Before painting, Thomas was active for many years as a sculptor/art turner and created noble sculptures and hollow vessels from burl wood on a lathe. His main occupation is computer science and project management.

They came to Fluid Art by chance when it came to refining one of Thomas’ sculptures with acrylic paint. Once Fluid Painting had been tried out, neither of them could get away with it any longer and gradually acquired a great deal of know-how about this fascinating technique through countless pourings.

At the beginning of 2018 they had the idea to share this knowledge with other pouring enthusiasts and launched acrylgiessen.com. The blog has grown considerably in the meantime and today it is no longer exclusively about acrylic pouring. Fluid Painting in general, which also includes resin art and alcohol Ink technique, should have a platform here. Today Martina and Thomas increasingly work together with other artists who enrich the blog with their guest contributions.


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