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Duncan’s Role at acrylgiessen

Duncan has been writing for acrylgiessen since 2022. Due to his vast experience in film production and video cutting and editing, he has acquired a great knowledge of color theory in general, different hues, color combinations and all that goes with it. In video editing, color theory helps enhance your storytelling, create contrast and harmony, and evoke emotion in your audience.

His articles focus primarily around helping up-and-coming artists explore the basics of certain colors, how these colors can be paired with other shades, as well as what colors are created when you mix one with another. All while relating these shades to historically significant paintings that have incorporated them into their color palette. As a lover of the arts himself, he takes great interest in the Renaissance era of paintings, an era that has directly inspired many of his favorite films.



  • Graduated with a diploma in Film and Television Production from CityVarsity Cape Town in 2018.


Work Experience

  • 2 years experience as online video editor
  • 4 years experience as videographer and freelance filmmaker
  • 3 years experience as content writer and author




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