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Color Mixer Online Tool – Mix and Share your Results

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Try out our free color mixer which gives you the possibility to blend and mix colors and see the result immediately. Create an endless number of color mixes and try out your preferred color mixes. You can change between color modes to have maximum flexibility.


Usage of our Color Mixer Tool

You can start directly with our color section or you delete them and add your own preferred colors you would like to mix with each other. You have the possibility to mix each color with your desired amount. You can see the result of your mixing process immediately and save the custom color as an image. We have programmed this color mixer with different color modes to give you the maximum flexibility to create your desired custom color – for example Hex Code, RGB and HCL.

Did you mess up your color mix? No problem, just reset everything and start from scratch and create a new color combination. Do you like what you see and want to share or bookmark it for yourself? Just click on the icon right of the URL field and you can always open this specific mixture.

We have an extensive number of posts about color theory, for your start we recommend to have a look at our mixing color guide.



What Can a Color Mixing Tool Being Used for?

A Color Mixing Tool can be used in many fields to combine and mix colors, some examples are:

  • Painting: Artists can mix colors to get the desired color for their artwork.
  • Graphic design: Graphic designers can combine colors to create a harmonious color scheme for their designs.
  • Photography: Photographers can combine colors to adjust the color balance in their photos.
  • Fashion industry: Fashion designers can combine colors to create new color combinations for their collections.
  • Interior design: Interior designers can combine colors to design and decorate rooms.
  • Web design: Web designers can combine colors to create an appealing color scheme for a website.
  • Printing industry: Printers can combine colors to get the desired colors for printed products.
  • Product development: Product developers can combine colors to develop the color of products, such as toys, home appliances, etc.


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