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Resin Art Supplies – What you need for Resin Painting

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In order to create impressive resin art, you need some epoxy resin art supplies. With the following list we want to give you an overview of the products you will need to create your own stunning resin painting as soon as possible and at a reasonable price.



What is Resin?

The definition of resin means synthetic resin, also called epoxy. Epoxy is a polymer compound with two components: First the resin and then the hardener. If these two components are mixed together in the correct ratio, the casting resin mixture is formed, which hardens after a certain time. Epoxy resin is incredibly versatile. In addition to art for paintings, jewelry and sculptures, resin is also widely used in model making, kitchen countertops and flooring.


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What is Resin Art?

Resin Art therefore means nothing other than art made of resin in all its forms: This may be paintings made of cast synthetic resin, special molds or the creation of geodes.



Which Resin Art Supplies do I need for Casting with Epoxy Resin?

For the resin technique you will need additional resin art supplies in addition to the actual resin depending on the desired technique. We conducted a search for you so and compiled a list with the most essential products.



Resin Types: Professional Art Resin / Epoxy Resin

The main component for your artwork is of course the epoxy itself. The professional and high-quality products are characterized by a good UV resistance and are usually developed exactly for a defined and specific application. So if you want your resin painting to look just as good ten years from now, we recommend you use high quality resin.

PROMARINE Supplies ProArt Epoxy Resin
  • Specifically designed for art projects, excellent color stability
  • Very easy to use with 1 : 1 mixing ratio, 100% solids, hard-shell finish
  • High gloss and crystal clear, your all-seal solution, excellent air release
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STONE COAT Art Coat Epoxy, Ultra UV Protection, food safe
  • Specifically designed for art projects, developed with professional artists
  • Heat resistant, scratch resistant, food safe, maximum UV resistant, water resistant
  • compatible with alcohol inks, acrylics, silicone oils, metallics, oil-based paint
  • Extended working time, easy to clean
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Low Cost Resin and Resin Alternatives

Inexpensive resin is particularly recommended for starting out and for testing purposes, since the acquisition costs are much lower here than for the professional art resin. So you can try different techniques without remorse and gain your first experiences.

INCREDIBLE SOLUTIONS Cristal Clear Tabletop Epoxy
  • Get a crystal clear, scratch-resistant surface
  • Very good air release and high UV resistance
  • Suitable for all kinds of coatings (tables, resin painting etc.)
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Color Pigments and liquid Colors

Resin can be colored with various colors and color pigments. Not all colors are suitable for resin, as water-based products won’t work with epoxy. You should also make sure that you do not add too much color to the resign, otherwise it will quickly become tough and can no longer be processed optimally. We have compiled a list of colors suitable for synthetic resin.


Liquid Pigments

LET’S RESIN Opaque Liquid Dye
  • Set contains 18 opaque liquid colorants for epoxy resin
  • Non-toxic and odorless in transparent 0.35 ounce bottles
  • Concentrated and easy to use for achieving solid colors in resin
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RESINTINT Liquid Pigment, Complete Set Bundle
  • This is the ResinTint complete set with all basic colors
  • Also included: metallic & neon set contains 8 shimmering colors
  • High-quality coloring agents for epoxy resin
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LET'S RESIN Translucent Liquid Dye
  • Set contains 16 vibrant and translucent liquid pigments
  • Odorless, vegan-safe, and easy to use
  • Concentrated and blends easily for creating translucent colored resin
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JACQUARD Metallic Airbrush Exciter Pack, 8 colors
  • The airbrush colors from Jacquard are well proven for mixing with resin
  • They are highly pigmented, very brilliant and lightfast
  • With this set you have can add shimmering accents to your pourings
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Color Pigments and color Powders

HEMWAY Pigment Powder in 14 colours
  • Hemway has one of the largest ranges of pigment powder dyes
  • You can simply mix this slowly into resin until the desired ratio is reached
  • Colorfast and lightfast, so your works will still shine brilliantly even after a long time
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JACQUARD Pearl Ex Pigment 8 Color Set
  • High-quality, non-toxic, metallic color, mica pigment powders
  • Includes 8 colors in 5 ounce jars
  • Suitable for multiple art-forms including resin art
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10 Color Glow In The Dark Pigment Powder
  • The neon colour pigments charge up during the day with light and then shine at night in neon colours
  • You can achieve an even stronger luminous effect under black light / UV light.
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Painting Grounds

You can pour resin on all surfaces. However, it is advisable to pour on firm and straight surfaces, as resin is thin and if your surface is not perfectly level, the resin will simply run off of the painting surface. Larger canvases are less suitable because the weight in the middle creates a hollow. Small canvases can be reinforced with a cardboard and thus also be poured. It is not advisable to use porous, i.e. highly absorbent surfaces.

ART ALTERNATIVES Wood Panel Value Pack 8" x 8"
  • The rigid plywood panels are very smooth and very stable if you pour on it
  • Wood painting grounds are distortion-free and offer a good alternative to the normal stretcher frame covered with canvas
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ART ALTERNATIVES Wood Panel Value Pack 11" x 14"
  • Wood panels are ideal for Resin Art or Acrylic Pouring
  • 11 inch x 14 inch, 75 inch Studio depth, pack of 4
  • If you need bigger wooden painting grounds, this value pack offers great value for money
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ARTLICIOUS Canvas Panels 12 Pack 11"x14"
  • A canvas panel is a thin board on which a cotton cloth is applied
  • Due to the solid base, the canvas board remains stable in contrast to a wedge frame
  • These canvas panels are acid-free & archival quality boards
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Additives for Cell Formation in your Resin Artworks

As with the acrylic flow technique, you can also achieve beautiful cells with resin art, for example using casting techniques such as Dirty Pour and Air Swipe. You can achieve beautiful effects with isopropyl alcohol.

Swan Isopropyl Alcohol 99%
  • Isopropyl alcohol, 99% pure in 16 ounce volume
  • Use to create cells in Epoxy Resin Artworks
  • Also suitable to clean your tools
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Tools and Aids

LET'S RESIN Mixing and Measuring Toolkit
  • Mixing and measuring cups, stirring sticks, gloves and droppers
  • Quality non-stick silicone with excellent elasticity and tear strength
  • Mixing cup pour spout designed to prevent mixed resin retention
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  • Two Temp Settings 750ᵒF & 1000ᵒF

  • Use the heat gun to remove air bubbles from your epoxy

  • You can also use the air flow to customize your artwork as long as the resin is flowing
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TINTEC Butane Torch with Safety Lock, Refillable
  • Similar effect as an hot airdryer, but without the resin surface being corrugated by air
  • A butane torch is more efficient when it comes to removing any bubbles from the resin
  • With Safety Lock, refillable, Flame adjustable (max 2500°F)
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SCOTCH BLUE Professional Masking Tape
  • 14 day clean removal leaves behind no damage or sticky residue
  • Medium adhesive, UV and sunlight resistant
  • Size: 1.88 inches x 60 yard, pack size: 1 roll
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Clear Plastic Drop Cloth
You can hardly remove hardened synthetic resin from the substrate immediately. The extensive covering of your workplace is therefore very important. In addition to the worktable, you should also cover the floor if resin flows from the painting surface. View on Amazon




Glitter / Mica Flakes / Deco Stones / Crystals

More resin art supplies? Of course, you can add shine and depth to your resin works of art with glitter, decorative stones and crystals. For example you can pour beautiful resin geodes.

HEMWAY Premium Glitter, especially for art purposes
  • The glitter additive from V1rtus is very well suited for use with resin and is available in many different colors
  • This glitter powder is colorfast and does not fade
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LEOBRO Ultra Fine Glitter Powder
  • Includes 16 jars extra fine glitter and 16 jars holographic chunky glitter
  • Mix with resin, nail polish, acrylic paint, slime, wax, soap, sealer, and more
  • Non-toxic polyester glitter in 32 colors and 8 gram jars
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US Artquest Mica Flake Collection, 12 pcs
  • Colored Mica Flake collection, 12 pcs
  • Perfect for resin casting, hot melt craft, mosaic work, paper arts, assemblage accents, etc.
  • Package contains 12 x 3g jars of mica colors and one little dipper for scooping
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Decorative Stones Gravel Pebble Rock, different colors
  • Add decorative stones to add shimmering or realistic accents to your resin paintings
  • Weight: 2 pounds, about 1000 gram., stone size: 1 – 3 mm
  • Material: glass sand, Volume: 0.22 gallons, colorfast, non-toxic
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AMY&CSICO Crystal Pebble Gravel
  • Suitable for the geode resin casting technique
  • Crushed in a drum to produce a natural shape
  • Raw natural stones
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DIYCICO 12 Box Crushed Glass
  • Includes 12 boxes crushed glass in various colors
  • Fade, melt, break or deform, rust, and corrosion-resistant
  • Suitable for nail art, cast resin, artwork, vase fillings, and more
View on Amazon


WANKKO Mixed Beach Seashells
  • Real seashells in various colors, shapes, and sizes
  • Handpicked and carefully cleaned and packaged
  • Each set contains between 50 and 80 seashells
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Resin Casting Molds and Jewelry Molds

In resin art, it is very popular to cast molds, for example, coasters for glasses. There are special silicone molds on the market for this purpose. After curing, the piece can easily be detached from the silicone mold. In addition to Petri Dishes as glass coasters, you can cast jewelry yourself or any other form.

LET'S RESIN Coaster Molds for Resin
  • Includes heart, round, elliptical, rectangular, and square shapes
  • Top quality, soft and flexible silicone with high tear strength
  • Very smooth non-stick interior for glass-like finish and easy demolding
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EU TENG HAO Silicone Resin Casting Molds, 18 pcs
  • Package totally have 18 items
  • It includes 1 sphere, 1 cube, 1 diamond, 1 triangular pyramid, 2 measurement cups, 2 different crystal stone molds, 10 wood sticks
  • Very flexible, easy to clean and it re-usable, not easily damaged
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LET'S RESIN Resin Jewelry Molds
  • High quality silicone jewelry mold starter set
  • Molds for bracelets, necklace and earring pendants, and rings
  • Suitable for casting, and UV resins, but not for coating resin
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You should work with resin in a room that is as well ventilated as possible. If this is not possible, we recommend a respirator for your health. You should also always pay attention to wearing high-quality nitrile gloves, as contact with liquid epoxy can trigger allergic reactions.


SAFETY WORKS Multi-Purpose Respirator
  • Half-mask multi-purpose respirator
  • Patented nose-bridge design for optimum fit and seal
  • lightweight design with long-life cartridges and hygiene cover
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O'WELL Nitrile Gloves
  • 100% premium nitrile is medical-grade and food-safe
  • Super-strong, 4mil thick, and chemical, tear, and puncture resistant
  • Ambidextrous, latex-free, powder-free, vinyl-free, and finger textured
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NO CRY Safety Glasses with clear scratch resistant Lenses
  • Resin should of course not get in your eyes
  • Therefore you should wear safety glasses when working with epoxy resin to protect yourself
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What else is there to know about Resin Art?

Every beginning is difficult. We have compiled all the information for your first steps with the Resin Epoxy Art technique in a separate article. You already have some experience and would like to do something special? Then check our Beach Art tutorial. If you want to calculate the amount of resin you need for your pouring, we can help you out: With our Resin Epoxy Calculator the calculation of the required amount of resin is now very easy

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