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Best Epoxy Spray Paint – Your Spray Epoxy Resin Guide

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If you are looking for one of the toughest, long-lasting and convenient paint finishes, then be sure to consider epoxy spray paint. This is a type of paint that utilizes epoxy resin and a hardener to create a stronger, more durable finish. You can spray epoxy paint over a wide range of surfaces, and easily maintain and clean it. We have selected some of the best epoxy spray paint options for you to help you find the ideal paint for your next project.



Best Epoxy Spray Paint – Top Product Picks

While there are many different products out there, we have chosen the best options for various categories and uses. Take a look at our choices for the best epoxy spray paint below.


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Best Epoxy Spray Paint for Appliances: RUST-OLEUM Appliance Epoxy

This spray epoxy resin by Rust-Oleum offers a strong stainless steel coat that looks just like a new appliance. This is a brilliant epoxy spray paint to use on indoor metal surfaces to achieve the original appliance finish. This paint is specially formulated for refinishing the exterior of household appliances. It works great on things like dishwashers, refrigerators, laundry washing machines, or any other smaller appliances. It also works great on tables and cabinets thanks to its scratch and moisture-resistant finish. This epoxy spray is long-lasting, easy to clean, and easy to apply.

RUST-OLEUM Appliance Epoxy Spray
  • Superior abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Provides Rust-Oleum Stops Rust protection
  • Tough and durable epoxy coating
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  • An affordable solution
  • Works well on various household metals
  • Scratch and abrasion-resistant
  • Matches original stainless steel finishes


  • Contains some fairly harmful chemicals
  • Not to be used on appliances that produce heat, like stoves and oven interiors


Best Automobile Epoxy Spray Paint: VHT Satin Black All Weather Paint

This all-weather paint by VHT allows you to achieve excellent durability and resistance when renovating exposed surfaces. The epoxy spray paint can be used without a primer, and it provides the appearance of a finish that has been baked-on. One of the great things about this coating is that it’s a one-step coating – making it easy to apply and maintain. This paint provides a rust and salt resistant solution that is great for use on all kinds of automobile parts. The formula is resistant to chemicals and corrosion, and it dries to touch very quickly.  The spray tip is easy to control without painting your fingers, and the cured paint can resist temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

VHT Satin Black Epoxy All Weather Paint Can
  • Epoxy all weather paint is a one step epoxy coating
  • Does not require use of primer
  • Chemical, corrosion, rust and salt resistant
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  • This paint offers serious durability
  • Quick to dry and doesn’t require intensive curing
  • A great product for use on car parts
  • Easy and clean to use
  • Resistant to various chemicals and salt


  • Some preparation is required before spraying
  • Provides quite a thin coating


Best Bathroom Epoxy Spray Paint: RUST-OLEUM Tub and Tile Epoxy

This specialty tub and tile epoxy aerosol by Rust-Oleum is the perfect solution for sprucing up old bathtubs, sinks, or bathroom tiles. The epoxy spray paint formula is able to handle moisture and heat, making it a versatile product. You could use this is the shower, bath, or over any ceramic/porcelain/fiberglass finishes that require a bit of rejuvenation. This spray dries quickly and can cover about 15 square feet. The end result is a durable and corrosion-resistant finish. For best results, try to leave the painted surface completely for three days without any exposure to water. Once cured, you get a smooth and glossy finish. The paint also retains color really well. If ytou are after a professional result through a simple application, then this spray paint comes recommended.

RUST-OLEUM Specialty Tub and Tile Spray Paint
  • One-step epoxy acrylic formula withstands moisture and extreme hot temperatures
  • Dry to the touch in 15 minutes and covers up to 15 sq ft per can
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant finish
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  • Great adhesion in water
  • Cost-effective
  • A great solution for bathroom surfaces
  • Dries smooth, glossy, and durable
  • Can handle heat and water


  • Requires quite a lot of preparation work
  • Has a unique white color that doesn’t always blend with every white bathtub



Considerations for Buying Spray Epoxy Paint

Whether you are buying epoxy spray paint for metal, tiles, appliances, or other uses, there are a number of different products to choose from. Epoxy spray comes in various forms, so it is important to know exactly what you need for your project and what you are looking for. Follow these considerations below when looking for the best spray epoxy resin for your needs.

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Epoxy Spray Paint Colors

There are all sorts of epoxy spray paint colors available. The one you choose will depend on the kind of surface you are painting, and the effect you wish to achieve. Various epoxy spray paint colors are available for decorating wood – these should be tested out to see how the colors come through. For appliances and cars, you can get special epoxy spray paint for metal. These paints dry with a unique metallic finish and can touch up metal surfaces. You also get clear epoxy spray paint if you do not want to add a new color, but just want a layer of protection.



How to Spray Epoxy Paint

Epoxy spray paint is a convenient solution for all kinds of uses. Depending on the type of paint you use, and the surface you are spraying on, there can be some preparation required before you spray epoxy resin. Below are some pointers on how to use these products.


Epoxy Spray Paint Directions

Always check the specific manufacturer’s instructions for the paint you buy. Some will need special surface preparation while others can be sprayed directly. This will also help to establish when you can apply recoats, how the epoxy paint could be mixed, and so on. If the instructions are too much for you, then consider buying a different product. Some epoxy spray paints only require you to clean the surface completely before painting, while others can have additional steps.

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How Much Spray Epoxy Resin Paint to Use?

Knowing how much paint to use is important before starting the job. Once you start painting, you don’t want to have to stop halfway through to go and buy more paint. This saves time, but it also makes sure that the paint dries at the same rate. This could cause uneven surfaces and patches of color. Start by knowing how big your surface is, how many layers of paint you will require, and how big of an area the epoxy spray paint will cover. If you are concerned, rather buy too much paint than too little.



Top Tips for Using Epoxy Spray Paint

This type of paint is seriously durable, versatile, and can adhere to a wide range of surfaces This has made it a popular solution for household use and easy DIY projects. Epoxy spray paint may be a pretty user-friendly product, but there are still things you can do to make sure you apply it properly. Here are some of the best tips and tricks to know when you spray epoxy paint.


Read the Instructions

Regular epoxy paint consists of two parts – a hardener and the resin. These need to be mixed together for the paint to cure properly. When using epoxy paint, mixing sometimes needs to be done, which will require you to check the instructions. Different epoxy spray paints have different instructions. Some cans require you to insert a special plunger into a tube in the base of the can which releases the hardener into the resin. Before you start painting, always be sure to properly read the instructions or user manual first.


Paint on a Clean Surface

When painting with epoxy spray paint, you always have to make sure to do it on a clean and dry surface. Never paint over rust, dust, dirt, or oil. If you are spraying the paint over wood, it must be sanded down and smooth. Never paint over a surface if it hasn’t first been cleaned properly with soap and water, and then dried completely. Painting over dirt will affect the adhesion and finish of the paint.

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Always Move the Paint Can

When spraying on paint with an aerosol can, you must make sure that the nozzle is constantly moving. If you focus the spray nozzle just over one point, then there will be a buildup of paint in that spot. This will prevent you from achieving a completely even and smooth finish. If this type of paint is applied too strongly in one area, it can also run and sage quite easily.


Safety First

When working with spray paint products, there are always fumes and chemicals involved. Because epoxy paint fumes can be poisonous, it is important to work in a well-ventilated environment. Try to get some good airflow going, and wear a breathing mask, goggles, and gloves. When epoxy spray paint, skin irritations can occur if you come into contact with the paint. It is always important to work carefully.

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Be Cautious of Sunlight

Clear epoxy spray paint can yellow under direct sunlight. If the epoxy paint is going to be exposed to direct sunlight, it can also lose its color and glossiness. Therefore, always try to avoid painting in bright sunny areas. Epoxy spray paint is most suitable for indoor objects and appliances. If you need to use the paint outdoors, then try to find a special outdoor or UV-protected paint. You can also add an additional protective coating over the paint.


Storing the Paints

You also need to be careful when storing the epoxy spray paint. Extreme temperatures can affect the shelf life of the paint. Always try to store cans that you aren’t using at a moderate room temperature. If the paint has been used and there is still some left, the hardener will cause the paint to solidify. For this reason, you can only use the paint once after you mix the resin and hardener together.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is Epoxy Spray Paint Durable?

Epoxy spray paint offers a durable, scratch-resistant, waterproof, and often chemical resistant finish. Thanks to its strong adhesion to all kinds of surfaces, epoxy spray paint has become a popular tool for DIY projects.


Can You Get Epoxy Paint in an Aerosol Can?

Yes, epoxy spray paint is available in an aerosol can for easy use. This offers a convenient way for everyone to touch up paint and finishes around the house. However, using epoxy spray paint can be tricky to get a perfect finish.


How Long Does Spray Epoxy Paint Take to Dry?

Generally, epoxy spray paint will be dried to touch in 2 to 4 hours. However, you should wait around 24 hours for it to be dried completely and ready to use. This does vary though, depending on the surface you are painting and the type of paint used.


Finding the best epoxy spray paint for your project can help to make a difficult job far easier. This is a durable and efficient type of paint that can provide a quality finish for all kinds of surfaces. Be sure to check out the above spray epoxy resin products if you are after the best finishes for your needs.


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