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How to Clean Epoxy Floors – Complete Floor Maintenance Guide

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Epoxy floor coating is a very resilient type of flooring, and as such is used in numerous applications. This type of flooring is used on sunroom floors, garage floors, warehouse floors as well as hallways and walkways that attract high traffic volumes. In workshop areas where large machinery is used, an epoxy floor surface works well as the epoxy floor is very tough. Maintaining an epoxy floor is easy if you have the know-how. In this article, we will be providing you with a guide on how to clean epoxy floors as well as epoxy floor maintenance.




What’s the best Cleaner for Epoxy Floors?

Diluted ammonia is the best cleaner for epoxy floor surfaces. All you need to do is dilute 2 to 3 ounces of ammonia with a gallon of warm water, then apply the solution to your epoxy floor using a microfiber floor mop. Try to avoid using ordinary natural fiber mops, as some of these fibers can come off and stick onto your epoxy coated floor.

You must keep your epoxy floor surface clean from any sand or dust, especially if motor vehicles or heavy machinery is being moved over the floor surface. This is important, as any dust or grit left on the floor will become embedded or scratch the epoxy surface. You need to do this regularly because the floor can get damaged. Even though an epoxy floor is tough, numerous scratches can occur over a long time.

The most effective way to clean is by using a strong suction vacuum machine, which also has a soft brush attachment. You can do this on a daily or weekly basis all depending on how often the floor collects dirt or dust.

how to clean epoxy floor

If you intend to move some heavy machinery over the floor, take extra care to make sure the floor surface is free from sand or dust.



Spot Cleaning

If some liquid has been spilled on your epoxy floor surface, you need to clean it up straight away. Normally, this will only occur on a small area of the floor surface and can easily be cleaned using a strong suction vacuum cleaner. The vacuum will also ensure that any dirt is taken away.

Next, take the microfiber floor mop and clean the soiled area with some warm water. Remember, that all epoxy floor surfaces are extremely water-resistant and can easily be cleaned whenever any liquids have been spilled on it.


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Epoxy Floors and severe dirt Areas

When you have excessive dirt on your epoxy floor, we suggest this method:

  • Remove anything from the floor that could prevent you from cleaning up the dirt properly
  • Use a broom to remove the excess dirt, then vacuum the floor
  • Next, take a hard foam mop and carefully remove all the built-up dirt from the area with some warm water
  • Lastly, take a diluted mixture of 2 to 3 ounces of ammonia with 1 gallon of warm water, which is an excellent epoxy floor cleaner, then use a microfiber floor mop for a final cleaning



If you find stains like rust, take a soft deck brush or a kitchen scrubbing sponge, and with some warm water softly scrub the area. Do not use strong chemicals or steel wool, as these items are very abrasive.

Avoid using all cleaning compounds that contain acid or citrus, also vinegar as these compounds will break up the epoxy catalyst and damage your floor.

how to clean epoxy floors


Fuel, Car Oil and other Chemicals

How to clean epoxy garage floors? Any car related chemicals like oil, antifreeze or fuel need to be cleaned up immediately and not left for long periods on the epoxy floor. Take some paper or shop towels and wipe up the mess as soon as possible.

Car related chemicals can be harmful and damage your epoxy floor if you leave it for too long. Other chemicals like household cleaners and paint also need to be cleaned up as soon as possible to avoid damaging your epoxy floor surface. You can use paper or shop towels.



Cleaning Epoxy Garage Floor from Vehicle Tire Marks

  • Use a concrete epoxy floor cleaner and soak the area where the tire marks appear
  • Leave the cleaner on the floor for a few minutes
  • Take a brush that has stiff nylon bristles and softly scrub the area
  • Try to remove the tire marks as soon as possible, as it will only get more difficult the longer you leave it
  • If you are going to store your car in the garage for a long time, then put a piece of cardboard or thin wood underneath the tire to protect your epoxy surface

how to clean epoxy garage floor



Use Walk-Off Mats

Place a walk-off mat at the entrance of your garage, this will attract all the dust and dirt from your shoes and help to keep your garage clean. In the winter months think about using a long walk off mat.



Cleaners that should not be used on your Epoxy Garage Floor

How to clean epoxy garage floors? Avoid using cleaners that contain citrus or vinegar when cleaning epoxy garage floor. All of these cleaners contain acid, which will break down the epoxy catalyst and remove the glossy surface. This will damage your floor over time. Garage floors that have a high traffic volume need to have a good clean every 3 to 4 months.

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Also, try to avoid using cleaners that contain soap, as the soap leaves streaky marks and will eventually take away the shiny finish from your epoxy floor. The soap will also leave a film on the epoxy floor, which will make it very slippery when it gets wet.



Questions and Answers


Can bleach be used on Epoxy Floor Coatings?

We strongly recommend that you do not use any strong chemicals like ammonia or bleach to clean your epoxy floor. Instead, take the ammonia and warm water mixture described above and gently scrub the affected area.

Struggling with a stain, then you can use some Soft Scrub Cleaner to help remove it. We do suggest that you regularly clean your epoxy floor with some warm water and a squeegee to keep it stain-free and prevent grime build-up.


Can Epoxy coated Floors peel or chip?

If industrial-strength epoxy floor coatings were professionally installed, they should not peel or chip. This type of epoxy floor coating is available with a lifetime warranty, but the epoxy floor coating for residential use carries a 2-year warranty.


Is steam cleaning Epoxy Floors advisable?

Steam cleaning of hard floors is an ideal method, as it successfully lifts the stains, like oil or grease, off the floor leaving it clean and shiny. Epoxy floor coating will always retain its shine, but it still needs to be kept clean.

how to clean epoxy floor


Can I repair scratch Marks on my Epoxy Floor?

Take a soft cloth and furniture polish, then rub the marks using a circular motion over the scratches until you notice the scratch fading away.


Is pressure washing Epoxy Floors advisable?

If you have just had a new epoxy floor correctly installed there should be no epoxy floor maintenance needed. All you need to do is take a damp cloth or towel and wipe the floor down.

Do not use abrasive chemicals on the floor, as they could damage it. However, if your epoxy floor is very dirty, mix some dishwashing liquid with warm water and lightly scrub the floor, then rinse it off thoroughly with your garden hose.

So, you do not need to pressure wash your epoxy floor. However, if you do decide to do it make sure that the nozzle is not too close to the floor.


Is it advisable to Wax Epoxy Floors?

Because the epoxy floor coating has a natural shine and glossy finish, it is not necessary to wax. But if you have an epoxy painted floor and it has lost its shine, you can apply a few coats of wax to bring back the shine and also helps to protect the floor. If you have a high traffic flow in that area, you will need to apply more coats of wax to the floor.

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