Matthew Matthysen – Drawing and Painting Artist


Background and Experience




Matthew’s Role at acrylgiessen

Matthew has been creating drawing and painting tutorials for acrylgiessen since 2021. He was able to deepen his knowledge of various painting media with his commitment to acrylgiessen. For example, with watercolor techniques, calligraphy and lately with digital drawing, which is becoming increasingly popular.

Matthew creates drawing and painting tutorials for acrylgiessen and captures them not only photographically and in written form. He also records the creation of his works in his own creative studio as in video format, from which later with a voiceover and a video editor also drawing tutorials for the Youtube channel of acrylgiessen are created.




Work Experience

  • 5 years experience as a content creator and author (art tutorials)
  • 5 years of experience as an illustrator for online art magazines
  • 1 year experience as an art teacher
  • 3 years experience as an artist for an online art gallery (ArtGazette)
  • 8 years experience as a freelance artist


In the Media

  • Matthew is a contributing artist for the renowned online art gallery/catalogue ArtGazette.
  • He is also creating content for other brands of Faessler Media Ltd, namely for Art in Context and Craft Art.


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