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Best Alcohol Based Markers – Extended Alcohol Ink Pens Overview

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Have you ever faced those art-frustrating moments whereby a puddle of ink settles on the surface of the paper, refusing to dry? These are deemed to be the most irritating moments by most art people because their progress is slowed down while trying to fix the ink problems. It is not only the surface of the paper that gets messed up, as sometimes the smears of the ink will get smudged on your hands and you can even get some of it on your clothes. We have discovered that since the introduction of the best alcohol-based markers, these problems have become minimal. The markers get the work done perfectly well and most art people swear that they are the best in their industry. The good news is that these markers come in different shades and brands, thus giving you a variety of choices to choose from, depending on the type of work you want to be done. Some of these alcohol-based markers will be fully discussed in detail in this article to give you a better picture of finding one that will fit your needs.



Types of Alcohol-Based Markers

The process of choosing the best alcohol-based marker to use for your artwork can become daunting for you as an artist. The best marker should not give you the problem of seeping through the paper and getting everywhere and on everything. You should choose your markers based on the importance they possess. For example, if you choose the bright colored ones, then expect the best in creating mesmerizing and unique artworks. This is why it is very important for one to have vast knowledge about the best markers to choose from. The right marker might just inspire you to try something different and add a spark to your creations as an artist.

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COPIC Ciao Markers

This is a 12-piece set that is top-ranked by most artists around the globe. The Copic Marker is rated as the best of the best because the quality, consistency, and performance are compared to none. We vouch for the performance of this marker because it has a vibrant, smooth color that is permanent and non-toxic. These markers have been designed in such a way that the colors really blend and work well together on any type of art. They are rated the best because they perform excellently on different sheets of paper.

COPIC Ciao Markers Basic Set, 12 pcs.
  • Ink dries acid free, Permanent and non-toxic
  • Refillable and Replaceable nibs available
  • Medium Broad Chisel tip and Super Brush Nib tip
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We recommend Copic Markers for thin line drawings because they dry very fast and leave no room for smudging. We have discovered that Copic Markers are excellent in giving the right shapes and textures when the ink is absorbed onto the paper.

  • The tip performs above par even when the marker is slanted.
  • The colors are designed so well that they blend together seamlessly in the process of creating fine art.
  • You can say goodbye to the problem of smudges and smears, because their ink dries up really quickly.
  • This product has no disadvantages.

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ARTIFY Artist Markers

We have known these markers to be on top of the range due to the massive variety of colors they bring to the art business. You will not go wrong with their quality of ink nor the tips of the markers themselves. As you continue using them, you will enjoy the smooth flow of the ink that blends together with every color. We have also noticed that the packaging is inclusive of a white pen, which is an important asset when it comes to doing creative artworks on a variety of colorful papers.

ARTIFY Brush Dual Tips Professional Artist Markers, 48 Colors
  • 48 pcs. excellent pigmented ink that gives out pro-level distribution of rich colors
  • Great contrast, impeccable blending abilities, good control of saturation of ink
  • Resistant Brush Tip keeps most of its shape when pressed against a surface
  • Non-Toxic Alcohol Ink , 100% safe for kids to use
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The problem of making fatter lines has long gone since the introduction of these markers, because of their dual-sided design. You will have the joy of creating new artworks due to the variety of color options that blend together. The chisel tips are durable and resistant to damage, meaning you can enjoy the long art-ride for a while. The only problem comes when you do not use the right kind of paper. This can cause a little bleed on your artwork.

  • Artify provides you with 40 different colors and their packaging is quite handy.
  • Thanks to the inclusion of the white pen, your creativity will know no limits.
  • Their dual-sided design has promoted the art of drawing.
  • We consider them to be the best option for your starter pack as an artist.
  • If you do not use the correct type of paper, you will experience a little bleed on your artwork.
  • Some of the colors are not vibrant enough.
  • The set contains quite a number of similar grey hues, limiting the color variety.

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CALIART Dual Tip Markers

These are some of the best markers used by most artists because of the variety of colors in the case. They come in a beautiful case with a zipper which makes it easy to store them upright. The zipper case will protect them from damage and loss while you are on the go. The zipper case will also make it easier for you to carry your work whenever you want to. Each marker has a label on top of the cap, which makes the process of identifying them a lot easier, as this means you will not have to take out the entire case and rummage through them looking for your preferred color. You can just zip the case open and fish out the color you want without much hustle.

CALIART Alcohol Based Markers, Dual Tip Permanent, 81 Colors
  • Excellent smudge-proof and waterproof qualities on most surfaces
  • Dual Tips and Round Pen Holder, Broad chisel (1-7mm) and fine point (0.7mm) nibs
  • The highly pigmented and vibrant markers are built to last without worrying about smudges, allowing you to color in at least 300 m worth of drawings and blend beautifully for added dimension to your artwork
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Their selection of colors is the best since they also contain similar shades of different colors. This makes it easier to choose shades that are not too drastic. They have two tips, one of which is a broader chisel, and the other a fine tip. The dual tips will enable you to do calligraphy and other intricate designs. The markers are thick enough, which makes them easy to grip while doing your artwork Their ink usually tends to bleed, so it is advisable to use them on a thicker paper. If you are using a thin paper, you should put another paper below it in order to avoid spoiling the next page.

  • They have a mild scent, which makes them preferred by most users.
  • They have vibrant colors that are suitable for most artists.
  • You will consider them to be a great value for your money as you continue using them.
  • Color choices can be limited since most of them are similar.
  • The cap easily falls off when you try to put it on the other end.

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DARICE Studio 71 Markers

Darice Studio is a strong, top-rated brand that has been around for years. The markers come in a variety of sizes and even the smallest size performs above par when it comes to creativity. If you are using rough paper for your art designs, these markers will be your best choice. Not only do they come with a dual-sided design, but their tip also produces excellent fluid-thin lines. The chisel tip will make it easy for you to draw both fat and thin lines without any hassle. When you think of pop-art, you would think of Darice Studio. This is because the 48-piece set adds a lot of excitement and vibrant art that mimics older top-ranked art styles.

DARICE Studio 71, Alcohol-Based Marker Set, 24 Pieces
  • 24 Dual-tipped markers feature a pointed brush tip, great for enhancing detail
  • Chisel-edged tip, ideal for wider strokes and filling larger areas
  • Colored cap for hue identification and a no-roll pen barrel design
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We have noticed that these markers leave no signs of smudges and bleeds. They continue to be consistent in producing fine art, even after being used for a couple of hours. They are color-coded for early identification when in use. You will not have to face the problem of rummaging through a pile of colors looking for the right shade.

  • They have a dual-sided design and a fine chisel tip.
  • They make fluid lines on even rough paper due to the consistency in the colors and the way they blend together perfectly.
  • They are a perfect alternative when it comes to expensive markers.
  • This brand can be limiting if you require a large variety since this set contains only 22 pens.
  • The case is not suitable for carrying around, so you will have to make arrangements for proper storage and on-the-move packaging in order to stay organized.


CHAMELEON Deluxe Color Tones Set

This set of markers is known as a professional-quality set. They are considered to be more suited for graphic designs and art projects. They come in a 22-piece set, which also contains a chamber for mixing. The pack contains both light and rich-toned colors. This will make it easier for you to get rid of tonal gaps efficiently. Each of the pens in this set has two nibs, where one is a brush nib and the other one is a bullet nib. These markers have a low odor and are non-toxic.

CHAMELEON Changing Color Permanent Pens Deluxe Set, 22 pcs.
  • Feature a double-ended design, a Japanese SuperSoft brush nib and a bullet nib
  • Permanent on most surfaces, non-toxic, and low-odor
  • Set of 5 vibrant color tones produce over 25 color tones to create stunning effects
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  • The packet comes with a high-quality pen which is most suitable for shading and drawing.
  • The markers are odorless, making them suitable for sensitive people.
  • They work well on paper, thus making them the perfect brand.
  • This brand can be limiting if you require a large variety since this set contains only 22 pens.
  • The case is not suitable for carrying around, so you will have to make arrangements for proper storage and on-the-move packaging in order to stay organized.


ARTEZA Inkonic Fine Point Pens

The Arteza brand is preferred by most customers because the brand offers the best alcohol-based markers.  Most users have reviewed that these are markers are very reliable, confirming that they have been tested on the market. They are unique because they provide highly vibrant and pigmented colors. The markers provided by this brand have a wide range of colors, which is an added advantage that this brand has over others.

ARTEZA Inkonic Pens Premium Fineliners, 0.4mm, Set of 72
  • This set provides fine-tip pens in 72 vivid colors. Value and performance are guaranteed
  • Arteza pens all have odorless ink that dries quickly without smudging
  • Bboast ultra-thin 0.4mm tips, clad with hard metal casings for precision and durability
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The brand has also managed to put more consideration into labeling the markers with the color name so that users can easily recognize the caps. The set of markers comes with a blender that will enable you to blend different shades of colors and layout your artwork. The ink is suitable to use on a variety of surfaces, including glass, wood, or plastic. They also have dual tips just like any other brand of top-rated markers.

Their chiseled tip will enable you to draw both thin and thick lines. They contain replaceable tips that will enable you to use them for a long time without buying a new pack. This is because replacing an old tip with a new one is much cheaper than buying a new set of markers all the time. The case accommodates at least 72 colors, which gives you room for a large variety of colors to choose from. Given that option, the 72-color case is very portable and allows you to carry it wherever you want to, making your life on the go easier. The markers are triangular-shaped, which makes it easier for you to hold them and stops them from rolling off the table. The only problem is that these markers lack skin tones, which might be a problem if you require any skin shades on your art.

  • They blend easily and effortlessly.
  • The brand is best for beginners.
  • The markers are easy to use.
  • The markers’ triangular shape offers the users a good and comfortable grip.
  • The brand is well known for its unique colors it provides.
  • The replaceable tip makes it cheaper for users to continue using the brand.
  • The colors do not bleed.
  • The markers have colors that tend to fade off easily.
  • The brand does not contain any skin-toned shades.



Comparing & Evaluating Alcohol-Based Markers

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best alcohol-based marker. You will need to think about the colors you need, the type of tip, how long the ink takes to dry, the flow of the ink itself, as well as the ingredients of the alcohol ink.



When choosing a marker for your artwork, make sure that it has a bright color, as it should pop out on most papers. Art is meant to be colorful and bright, adding more excitement to the finish.  If it does not pop out, then the color is not bright enough. No one wants to look at dull and boring paintings. Make sure that your chosen colors blend well with each other. Without proper blending, your options for exploring the world of art will be limited. Your markers should be able to deliver according to your expectations.

Experts in art recommend that you to choose a package of 12 or more markers to give you a variety of colors and a wider room of selection.

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The design of the tip plays an important role in evaluating markers. A dual-sided design marker is a lot easier to use and will make your artwork a lot easier to handle. A chisel tip will be the best option because it will give you the ability to draw fatter lines. A top-rated marker should be durable; it should allow you to do more work over a longer period of time. If you later find out that the marker you bought is not that durable, do not buy it next time. Durability leads to more sessions in your artwork. The tips should be able to make the right lines – if they do not, then you should continue with your search for the perfect ones.



If you do not want to face the problem of having smudges and smears on your artwork, then go for alcohol-based markers, as these are known for their quick drying times. Smudges and smears have ruined a lot of the top-rated masterpieces in the art field. If it does not dry up quickly, then it is not worth your money. If it dries up fast, then it does the job.



Alcohol-based markers are mostly made from two ingredients, which are dye and isopropyl alcohol. The dye used in the process of manufacturing the marker has a greater impact on how the marker performs. This means that it is advisable to buy markers made from superior dyes since they have brighter colors with better blends. As it can be difficult for you to identify which alcohol is made from the best dye, the only way to choose the best marker for sure is to follow other customer reviews.


Ink flow

When choosing the best marker on the market, make sure that it has a good ink flow. This is important because a marker that has a bad ink flow tends to be messy and can ruin your work by spilling out excess ink. You should also make sure that the ink flow is consistent and does not dry up easily. A smooth ink flow is the best option.

best paper for alcohol markers



Benefits of Using Alcohol-Based Markers

There are several benefits and advantages to using alcohol-based markers.

  • They blend easily. They have a certain way of adding unique tones to every artwork. A set of colors will blend together easily, adding a vibrant and exciting touch to the world of art.
  • They dry faster. Alcohol-based ink dries much faster when it meets the surface. They do not cause the problem of smudges and smears like other markers.
  • They work on most surfaces. Alcohol-based markers can be used on most surfaces, including glass, cardboard, wood, plastic, and so on. Once applied, they can last for a very long time.
  • They can be refilled. Every individual has that one favorite color that runs out faster than the others. Refilling can be the best cost-saving option compared to buying a new packet of markers. This is a plus on alcohol-based markers because they are refillable.
  • Any accessories can be replaced. Alcohol-based markers have nibs that can be replaced easily when they are worn out.



Frequently Asked Questions


What are Alcohol-Based Markers?

Alcohol-based markers are a type of marker that contains ink that has been mixed with alcohol. The ink from these markers dries up quickly since alcohol evaporates quickly. This makes them the best in delivering consistent results and fewer ink bleeds.


What is the Best Paper for Alcohol-Based Markers?

Non-coated paper is the best when using these markers. Non-coated paper is smooth and prevents the nibs from fraying too easily. Another paper should be placed in-between so as to prevent the ink from bleeding to the next page. This is because most alcohol-based markers bleed frequently.

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How Do You Use Alcohol-Based Markers?

You can use alcohol markers just the same way you would use regular markers. To have the best experience, just make sure that you buy markers that have the best tip to suit your needs. Alcohol-based markers usually come with dual tips: a chisel tip and a bulleted tip, making them great for sketching and drawing. You can also fix the ink by placing the tips in alcohol for at least 24 hours with the caps placed on. This alternative works well and saves you from buying new sets all the time. Most alcohol-based markers come in sets which already include the blender. Use the blender for blending colors well and complete the process by rubbing it on the area you want to blend.


How Can I Care for My Alcohol-Based Markers?

These markers can be a little bit costly, so it would be advisable to take proper care of your own sets. Proper care will save you money since this will prolong the lifespan of the markers. For proper care, use a damp cotton cloth to wipe off any ink smears from the body of the markers after use. Always make it a habit to place the cap on immediately after use to prevent the ink from drying up. Store your markers in a horizontal position all the time when not in use. This position will ensure that the ink is evenly distributed in the marker at all times. Never leave your markers in direct sunlight, but rather store them in a cool, dry place. Too much sunlight can affect the ink colors, causing them to change.


Are Alcohol-Based Markers Considered to be the Best for Artists?

Yes, definitely. They are the best compared to other markers and can be considered as the only option for every professional artist out there. Newbies in the art profession find the alcohol-based markers as the best starting point with little hassle. They deliver the best service as promised. They do not fade that easily and are more permanent than any other marker on the market. Their ink also dries up super-fast.

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