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How to Spray Paint Interior Walls – In-Depth Guide and Tricks

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We know how important it is to make the walls of a room look appealing. One popular method of wall design is spraying paint on the interior walls. In this article, we will give you step-by-step instructions on how to design your interior walls yourself using a sprayer. With our instructions, you can create a professional and unique wall design that will improve the aesthetics of your home.


Tutorial on How to SPray Paint Interior Walls


Step 1: Preparation

Before you start spraying, it is important that you prepare the room properly. Cover all furniture and floors with foil to protect them from paint splatters. Make sure the room is well ventilated to ensure proper air circulation. Thoroughly clean the walls of dirt, dust and cobwebs to ensure that the paint can be applied evenly.

Step 2: Tool selection

Choose the right sprayer for your wall design. There are two types of sprayers: airless and air-powered. Airless sprayers are best for larger projects, while air-powered sprayers are better for smaller projects. Make sure you have the right accessories for your sprayer, such as different nozzles and filters.

Step 3: Color selection

Choose the right color for your wall design. There are a variety of paints on the market, but be sure to choose one that is suitable for indoor use. Pay attention to the quality of the paint to make sure it is applied evenly. You should also choose a color that matches your interior design style.

Step 4: Paint application

When spraying the paint, you should coat the wall evenly. Start spraying from the top down to get an even result. Be sure to keep the sprayer at a constant distance from the wall to ensure an even coat thickness. Spray the paint in an even motion, overlapping the sprays slightly to achieve an even appearance.

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Step 5: Drying

Allow the paint to dry completely before applying more coats or moving the furniture back into the room. Drying time depends on the type of paint and the humidity in the room. It usually takes between 24 and 48 hours for the paint to dry completely.



Tips and Tricks When Using Paint Sprayers

  • It is highly recommended to make sure you do a background preparation before starting the actual paint job.
  • The place you want to paint should be free, clean and conducive to carry out the job. For example, make sure there is no rubbish around, furniture or artwork since this can be affected by paint splashes. Wrap or cover objects you do not want to be affected by paint.
  • A thorough background preparation is vital to make sure walls are clean and free of moisture, cracks, holes and dust since this can affect your work. One can also check the best tools available on the market.
  • You are also encouraged to make your health a priority. Paint is highly harmful to humans. Always wear protective gear and equipment for example goggles, gloves, respirator, and masks.

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Benefits of using Paint Sprayers

There are a lot of advantages when using paint sprayers, one of the major reasons is that they allow you to paint and cover bigger projects over the shortest period or space of time. There is a variety of Paint sprayers for example; they come in different power ranges, sizes, capacity, weight, functionality and types. They are better than traditional tools of painting for instance rollers and brushes because they are easy to handle and operate. The following factors outline major benefits of paint sprayers:



Paint spray machines are made in different sizes, styles and shapes to cater to everyone for example you can use them for home purposes, industrial and bigger projects. There is quite a range and types of paint sprayers to choose from, for example airless sprayers, compressed air sprayers and finally HVLP (high volume, low pressure). For all your painting requirements, paint spray tools can be gas-powered, cordless or electric. You can find devices that are handheld or with wheels to enable easy movement and flexibility when spraying. For smaller paint projects, you can use portable devices and heavy-duty paint sprayers for bigger projects.

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Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Paint sprayers are very easy and do not require complicated materials to clean. For example soap and water can do a good job, although other areas of the machine require mineral spirits. The other benefit is that many manufacturers of paint sprayers educate consumers on how to use their products. Maintenance of paint sprayers is never a difficult process, immediately after cleaning to avoid paint hardening or clogging paint sprayers can be safely stored anywhere as long there is no moisture and direct penetration of the sun.


Smooth Coating

Brushes and rollers are very difficult to use and do not create smooth finishes, but a paint sprayer can do the job exceptionally well. This is because paint sprayers create a smooth mist without leaving spaces on the platform. Using paint sprayers is more interesting since the devices are very easy to use, which saves a great deal of time.



Safety is very important, paint sprayers are highly considered very safe, interesting and easy to handle and operate. It is mandatory for manufacturers to sell paint spraying devices with user guides or manuals to educate consumers on how to operate the devices and the dangers or risks involved.


Easy Access of Paint Sprayers

There are a number of sources you can consider before purchasing a good paint sprayer for example on Amazon. You can look at information such as reviews, recommendations, articles, tips and tricks as this will lead to a comprehensive buying decision. In a nutshell, you can use this detailed article to decide the best paint sprayer without complications.

After a considerable assessment, we have discovered that there are a lot of paint sprayers on the market but the best outstanding ones are Wagner Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer, HOMERIGHT, Finish Max Paint Sprayer and GRACO MAGNUM Airless paint Sprayer. There are a lot of varieties of paint sprayers sold on the market for painting, be it big or smaller projects.

Note: Great maintenance of tools will guarantee protection and durability of tools. A lot of paint equipment can be washed or cleaned by simply using soap and water however there are some products that require mineral spirits. When the spray tools are clean, there is need to store them in a safe place. Normally, you must put your paint and the paint sprayer under a cool dry place to avoid moisture and direct penetration of the sun.

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Comparing and Evaluating Paint Sprayers

Paint sprayers are divided into three groups, namely airless sprayers, which are popular in producing smooth surfaces under high pressure.  Compressed air sprayers, which are generally cheaper and uses huge volumes of paint. And lastly, high volume low-pressure paint sprayers, which costs higher than normal but uses fewer volumes of paint and prevents over sprays. They can all be used for internal and external purposes for example brick or concrete walls, wooden or metal furniture. It is vital to learn that their designed nature can help one identify the desired results or objectives.



Size is a very important factor to consider especially for indoor paint sprayers, the reason being that in a number of cases an indoor paint job is a tricky one in terms of space. No one wants to have a heavy-duty paint sprayer when there is a shortage of space to move around. The amount and nature of the job usually require a specific size of a paint sprayer. Before purchasing, you need to look at the nature of the job to be done to avoid getting the wrong size. The good news is that paint sprayers come in all shapes and sizes.

Depending on the coverage area, you need to closely pay attention to the size of the sprayer. For example if the surface to do be painted is somehow large then you have to get a bigger paint sprayer with wheels for easy movement.

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The size and nature of your job determine how much paint your paint sprayer can handle. To avoid refilling up all the time when completing a bigger task, it is advisable to get a sprayer with a bigger capacity. The same goes with smaller projects, getting a paint sprayer with a smaller tank will help you move quicker since a bigger one will be heavier to lift. A smaller portable one will not be difficult to clean after painting.



This also goes for the environment and nature of the job to be completed.  For example, if you have to work on a platform that is probably on a high story building then you have to confront the fact that carrying spray paint that is overweight will be quite challenging. A good assessment will be to assess whether you will be going to paint a smaller or bigger surface because whatever the case it will lead you into having the correct paint sprayer. You would not want to break your spinal cord carrying a heavy-duty machine when you can obviously use a smaller paint sprayer that can save your time and yield more outcomes.



A filter that goes on a heavy duty paint sprayer is not the same as one that goes on a smaller one. The type of filter determines how often you are required to regularly clean the paint sprayer. Those paint sprayers with integral filters are always better because they prevent blocking, which reduces the amount of time you have to clean the filter.



A good paint spray has to be tough and durable in order to resist challenges. Make sure you buy a strong paint sprayer that will save you money from buying the same product for the same purpose. A durable paint sprayer will allow you to cover a lot of professional and successful projects.



We all have different preferences and expectations, especially when it comes to paint sprayers. All of your preferences are already covered because paint sprayers come in all styles just to meet your needs. There is a quite range of paint sprayers to choose from, for example airless sprayers, compressed air sprayers and finally HVLP paint sprayers (high volume, low pressure).


Type of Paint

Each paint sprayer works better with certain types of paints for example, extremely thick paints can require a paint sprayer that has higher compression pressure. This is because they need to process the paint to a smoother and finer state in order to yield better results.



Frequently Asked Questions

We have come up with widely asked questions with the aim of assisting you in addressing and providing solutions on all common problems. We know it’s a challenging process to select the best paint sprayer that will meet all of your requirements.


What are Paint Sprayers?

A paint sprayer is a tool or equipment that is used for painting walls by means of high pressure rather than brushes. They are excellent for spraying external platforms such as lattice, decks, shutters, ceilings and fences.


Can a Paint Sprayer be Multi-task?

Most definitely, but you need to properly wash your paint sprayer after each use. The best way will be to have different filters specified for each and every material. To be more specific you can get different guns for varnish, lacquer and polyurethane.


How to care for Paint Sprayers?

Maintenance of tools will determine longevity and durability of tools. Paint sprayers can be washed or cleaned using soap and water but some other types need mineral spirits. After cleaning, consider proper safe storage for your paint sprayers. Put the paint and paint sprayers under cool dry conditions to avoid moisture and direct penetration of the sun.


Where to Purchase Quality Paint Sprayers?

You can be able to use local online stores to purchase the best paint sprayers for example Amazon, Wal-Mart, just to mention a few. The best advice for you is to always check reviews and the comment section before making the final buying decision.


What can I do After Spraying Myself?

We highly recommend visiting a doctor immediately after accidentally spraying yourself; paint is not safe for human lungs and might create serious health problems. You should use a face cover or respirator just to stop toxic properties from entering your lungs. If you happen to inhale paint spray, you must consider it as a state of emergency and a doctor’s expertise or assistance can go a long way.


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