What does yellow and purple make

What Does Yellow and Purple Make? When Yellow Meets Purple

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Yellow and purple are two colors that are rarely mixed or used as a color combination, simply because of how different they are. However, more often than not, the question of, “what does yellow and purple make when mixed?” pops up, and now we have the answer. Below, we have provided everything that you would need to know about mixing yellow and purple!



Yellow and Purple in Color Theory

Yellow is the color of sunlight, and it is capable of making everyone smile. No other hue can rival purple when it involves royalty. While each of these hues looks cheerful and vibrant in normal situations, you will be astounded by what they make when blended.

yellow purple

Whenever purple and yellow are combined, they produce either gray or brown. As you may know, gray and brown are both neutral hues, and the final generated color is determined by whether the dominating color is purple or yellow. More yellow in the combo results in brown, while a greater amount of purple results in gray.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Yellow#FFFF000, 0, 100, 0255, 255, 0
Purple#6A0DAD39, 92, 0, 32106, 13, 173
Tan#A67B5B0, 26, 45, 35166, 123, 91


Understanding Yellow

Yellow is a particularly brilliant color in the visible spectrum. It is the hue that draws our interest far more than every other color. It is the hue of optimism and happiness, knowledge and imagination, springtime and sunlight. The evil side of yellow lurks in the background with qualities such as cowardice, treachery, egoism, and lunacy.

In addition, the color yellow represents warning and bodily illnesses such as malaria and jaundice.

Purple and Yellow Makes What Color


Understanding Purple

Purple has had a magical aura for millennia due to being scarce in the outdoors and the high cost of producing it. Purple additionally has the most intense wavelength across the spectrum, and it has a rich history that has changed throughout time.

Considering all aspects of purple’s history and present, purple represents magic, ambiguity, faith, the subconscious, innovation, and monarchy, and it invokes all of these connotations far more than every other hue.

Mix Yellow and Purple

Purple shades transmit distinct meanings such as light purples being cheerful, flowery, and romantic. Darker colors are more scholarly and elegant. Purple has negative connotations such as materialism, arrogance, and pomposity, while also being a mourning color.


Tan Symbolism

Tan, like other browns, creates feelings of warmth and comfort. It also has the same earthy solidity as several relatives of the brown group. Tan is regarded as neutral, and because of its paleness, it may be matched with practically any other hue on the spectrum of colors.

Naturally, there are a variety of different shades of tan, but this is the byproduct of what occurs when you mix yellow and purple.

Mixing Yellow and Purple


Making Lighter and Darker Shades of Tan

There may be a time when you would need to lighten or darken the shade of tan that you have. Add extra white for a lighter tan. Add equal amounts of yellow ocher as well as burnt sienna for a deeper tan. This mixture creates a normal tan with no yellow or red undertones. It is also possible to make pure brown when mixing the right shades and ratios of purple and brown paint.



Different Variations of Purple and Yellow Blends

Brown is created by mixing yellow and purple paint. The yellow and purple you use will influence how bright or dark the brown looks. The end effect is typically a lighter brown. Because purple is composed of both blue and red hues, combining yellow as well as purple is equivalent to combining all three fundamental colors. Brown is created by combining equal quantities of all basic colors. So, “What does yellow and purple make?”, take a look at the table below to find out.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Xanthic#F6E9180, 5, 90, 4246, 233, 24
Saffron#ECD2300, 11, 80, 7236, 210, 48
Maximum Yellow Red#E3BC480, 17, 68, 11227, 188, 72
Indian Yellow#D9A6600, 24, 56, 15217, 166, 96
Antique Brass#D090780, 31, 42, 18208, 144, 120
Old Rose#C679900, 39, 27, 22198, 121, 144
Pearly Purple#BD63A80, 48, 11, 26189, 99, 168
Fuchsia#B34DC07, 60, 0, 25179, 77, 192
Dark Orchid#AA36D821, 75, 0, 15170, 54, 216



Making Brown With Primary Colors

Brown is created on the RYB color wheel by combining all three primary colors. As a result, the most frequent approach to produce brown is to combine equal parts blue, yellow, and red. Another simple technique to obtain brown paint is to combine complementary colors. Yellow and purple are just two complementing hues. Types of brown can be created by combining green and red or blue and orange. When complementary colors are blended, they include all three primary colors.

yellow and purple design



Mixing Colors to Make Yellow and Purple

Now that we understand the answer to, “what does yellow and purple make when mixed?”, we need to know how to make them. There is no need for concern if you are low on yellow and purple paint. You could be able to replicate them with other colors. Purple is a simple color to create since it is a secondary color composed of 50% red as well as 50% blue.

Nevertheless, because yellow is a primary hue, it can be difficult to achieve in painting.

You can produce a form of yellow by adding a lot of white to orange, but it will be considerably lighter than a regular yellow. So, when you run low on yellow paint, it is best to buy it instead of trying to make it yourself. Yellow is simpler to create in lights by combining red and green.


Making Multiple Colors

Despite the fact that purple and yellow are simply two colors, based on the medium used, they can produce three distinct color combinations. Since numerous color models are employed while combining different materials, the outcomes are distinct. The order in which the colors are combined might also change.

purple and yellow mixing

Blending paint, for instance, entails swirling two separate colors together so that they form a new one. To blend lights, however, simply overlay one hue on top of a different one. As a result, various procedures may produce different outcomes. Certain color combinations provide the same results across all mediums, although this is not necessarily the case.



Using Yellow and Purple

Yellow and purple are complementary hues that might clash in designs when used together. Yet, they are frequently used in logos and ads to make pictures and text stand out more. Below is some information regarding the usage of yellow and purple in graphic design, fashion design, and interior design.


Yellow and Purple in Graphic Design

Yellow and purple are used together to indicate opulence. Purple is considered the royal color. Having a piece of purple jewelry, garment, or anything suggested it was quite luxurious. This relationship has grown over time, and artists continue to employ purple to convey richness.

Color is important in branding since it helps to create a distinct image. Take, for example, FedEx.

Mix Yellow and Purple in Logos

The company’s logo is purple and orange. While orange is not exactly yellow, it is near enough on the color wheel, and when combined with purple, it forms a vivid and unforgettable image. It exemplifies the importance of complementary colors in branding.


Yellow and Purple in Fashion Design

Some people are afraid of combining yellow and purple clothing as they do not want to look like a Los Angeles Lakers logo. However, there are plenty of subtle yellow and purple shades to take advantage of. Consider this winning combination for fashionable individuals wishing to include more purple in their collection. Purple and mustard not only complement each other, but they also make you appear and feel like nobility. We recommend wearing a stronger reddish-purple color so that the colors are warmer.

For the bolder personality, you could also use a brighter shade of purple with a slightly lighter yellow, for example, a purple jumpsuit and a yellow coat.

Mix Yellow and Purple in Fashion


Yellow and Purple in Interior Design

Everyone wants to establish a home environment with harmony. Using an unusual blend of bright colors is the simplest method to make the inside of a house boring and original. Among these is a purple and yellow combo. These colors are remarkable and dazzling on their own, so you must carefully consider their combination in design and furnishings.

An understanding of proportion is essential when designing a yellow-purple room. Otherwise, you may have a room that would look great on the front page of a glossy magazine or an interior design publication, but it will be tough to remain in for an extended period.

Yellow and purple are frequently utilized in interior design. These hues are complementary and completely balance one another, harmonizing the decor. The yellow on the inside represents hope, youth, and comfort. Violet, on the contrary, views most individuals as strange, difficult, and potentially harmful.

Mix Yellow and Purple in Interior Design

We may deduce from this that while designing the interior, the yellow hue should be utilized as the foundation, and the backdrop, and purple must be employed to create contrasting highlights. There may be some exceptions. A violet-yellow color scheme is inappropriate for designing a bedroom, with the primary objective of promoting rest.


Having a clear understanding of the question, “what does yellow and purple make when they are mixed?”, is an important part of getting the right color for your next design project. While the color wheel provides a good indication of what you can expect when mixing certain colors, your best course of action would be to play around with different shades of purple and yellow until you reach the desired outcome. Nevertheless, we hope that you find the perfect blend!




Frequently Asked Questions


Purple and Yellow Make What Color When Mixed?

This depends on how much purple and yellow are mixed. If you mix yellow and purple with an emphasis on yellow, you will end up with colors such as Indian yellow, saffron, and xanthic. However, mixing more purple will give you colors such as old rose, pearly purple, and fuchsia. An equal ratio of purple and yellow will give you antique brass and other shades of brown depending on the type of purple and yellow that is used.


How Can You Darken Brown Paint?

So, you found out the answer to the question, purple and yellow makes what color, and you ended up with light brown. Brown shades are generated by using a small amount of black. Nevertheless, black paint tends to overpower other colors, so employ it as little as possible. An additional option is to increase the amount of purple when blending.


What Does Purple and Yellow Make in Light?

Light blending is not comparable to mixing paint. Yellow, as some may be aware, is a secondary hue in lighting, while purple is classified as a tertiary color. As a result, while they remain on opposite sides of the spectrum of colors, they are not as freely crosswise when they are positioned as they are across the RYB (red, yellow, blue) color wheel. White is produced when the three main colors used for lighting are mixed at maximum intensity. Since yellow and purple continue to be the primary hues in this color scheme, they also blend to form white.

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