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Best Felt Tip Pens – Your Guide to Buying High-Quality Artistic Pens

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In this modern age where everything is digital, most people capture or record their information using cell phones, tablets, or computers. However, the age-old writing medium of the pen is still popular, as it gives that personal touch. The felt-tipped pen is one of those writing mediums that can be quite useful whether you be a student, housewife, office worker, or artist. The problem is to find the best felt tip pen that will suit your needs. We will be guiding you through the process and making it easy for you to make the right choice.  



What Are Felt Tip Pens?

Depending on the country you live in, felt pens are called by different names. In some countries it is referred to as a felt tip pen, other countries call it a marker pen or a fine liner. Apart from the various titles it carries, the felt tip pen is a type of pen that has a special tip, or nib, that is made of pressed fiber felt. The pen also consists of a pen barrel that is made of plastic or metal, and this is where the ink is stored. Last, the cap is used to protect the ink from drying out as well as protecting the felt tip from fraying.

Fine Tip Pens


How Do Felt Tip Pens Work?

Felt-tip pens are versatile, allowing you to alternate from drawing to writing in an instant, giving you excellent results every time. This is mainly due to the various felt tip sizes that are available, making them suitable for sketching, writing, or even coloring. Unlike the acrylic paint marker or the fountain pen, which requires you first to prime them before you can use them, the felt pens immediately dispense the ink.

This is very similar to the marker pen, which works the same way, the only difference between these two pens is the felt tip pen has a fine or a medium-size tip or nib, and the marker pen nib or tip is a lot broader or thicker.


What Are the Best Uses for a Felt Tip Pen?

The felt tip pen is a very versatile instrument and is popular amongst many different users. The day that bullet journaling became a craze, people were buying marker pens by the dozen so that they could decorate their journals. The felt tip pen or marker pen is used for this purpose as they come in very handy for setting goals, organizing tasks, marking calendars and charts, as well as for calligraphy.

Artistic Pens for Drawing

For the student, the felt tip pens are used extensively for underlining important information in textbooks, taking notes during lectures, and many more school projects. If you are an office worker, the felt tip pens are ideal for tasks such as mind-mapping or brainstorming. For the mom at home, the felt tip pens can be used for labeling certain containers, making notes, journaling, and marking calendars for important dates. The artistic pens for the creative person are perfect, as they provide neat and smooth lines. These pens come in various nib sizes, so they can be used for coloring as well as drawing lines or finer details.


The Importance of Felt Tip Pens

Many may argue that modern gadgets, like computers and cell phones, are more efficient for recording your information. However, nothing can come close to the feeling you get when you experience drawing or writing with your own hands. It may be a lot slower than modern gadgets, but with your handwriting, you can control the strokes of the letters, giving your work that unique quality and personality. There may be other writing instruments you can use, for example, the fountain pen, a pencil, or the ballpoint pen. However, the felt tip pen offers a lot more versatility. For example, the felt tip pen has fiber tips or nibs that allow you to write with ease between the lines in your journals and notebooks. There is also a wide range of various colors available, which you can use to mind-map, draw graphs or charts, underline text, as well as to sketch with.

Others will appreciate it more when you express yourself and draw or write to them on a card for a special occasion. The hand-written cards take more effort and love to make, and they can be treasured for years by loved ones.

The felt tip pen is very versatile and offers the user a host of different options. The secret lies in the special type of tip it is made from, which is felt. This type of material is used mainly in the textile industry for making clothes, tents, shoes, and much more. However, when it was introduced into the making of pens, it revolutionized the pen-making industry.

Felt Tip Pens

Just like all other products, the felt tip pens also have disadvantages that make them unsuitable for certain applications. The ink is fairly permanent, and it may be difficult to fix mistakes. Left-handed users may find the pens smudge easily when taking notes. They should consider using alcohol or oil-based pens. Many left-handed users have suggested the Sharpie felt tip pens as a brand that offers the least number of problems.

  • The pens come in a variety of different colors and inks, for various applications.
  • There is a large range of tip sizes you can use for different purposes.
  • The colors used for the ink are highly saturated, ideal for creating bright and bold colors for your art projects.
  • The ink in the pens flows out with ease and allows you to produce even and bold lines.
  • Felt tip pens are ideal for notetaking and color-coding as they glide over the paper, making writing quick and easy.
  • The medium-tipped pens cannot be used for precision work as you need finer tips for this.
  • It is difficult to layer or blend colors, as the ink dries quite fast.
  • When the ink dries, the color could be slightly lighter than what you expect it to be.
  • The felt tip pens tend to bleed through thinner paper, so make sure you use the correct type of paper for your work.



Types of Felt Tip Pens

The felt tip pen is porous, which is what makes it unique. These pens can fall into the same category as the marker pens, but with a finer tip or nib. Marker pens and felt tip pens come in different colors as well as ink compositions, making them ideal writing instruments. The felt tip pens are normally used for writing, sketching, document signing, but can also be used for coloring or line art. Below are a few of the various types of felt tip pens you can get.

Felt Tip Pens Options


Medium-Point Felt Tip Pens

With a medium-point felt tip pen, you will be able to draw a line from 0.04 inches to 0.05 inches thick. This can be used for medium to large handwriting that has no fine details, and also when writing in an alphabet language like English but is not suitable for Chinese language script. The fine point felt tip pen has a tip or nib from 0.03 inches to 0.04 inches and is used for small writing. The pens should be used on paper that is porous and absorbs the ink more readily.  It is perfect for sketching, drawing, handwriting, diagrams, and coloring, and is used extensively by students, office workers, and artists. The fine point felt tip pen is also used when writing symbols like Chinese characters as some of the characters are very intricate and need a fine tip pen. Some of the characters require you to get 35 strokes between two lines of your paper or notebook.

This type of pen is also used for other types of calligraphy.


Fine Liner Felt Tip Pens

A fine liner felt tip pen can have a plastic or a fine fiber needle-point tip or nib. The thickness can range from 0.01 inches to 0.04 inches. However, when buying a fine liner, you need to check the size carefully as some manufacturers label the pen on the lid as 0.03 inches, but the actual size of the tip may only be 0.02 inches.

Felt Pens

The fine liner felt tip pen is very versatile and can be used for writing, giving you crisp thin lines, and is especially helpful for Chinese characters that require great precision. The pen is suitable for all styles of handwriting. It is also the ideal tool for sketching or drawing, giving your work some character. The pen is also perfect for the architect or graphic designer, as well as all types of journaling when creating illustrations, layouts, and color-coding. Just a note of caution, when using a fine liner pen, you must not apply too much pressure as the tip is specially designed for light use and writing at an angle without using excessive pressure. If you do apply too much pressure, you may run the risk of damaging the tip, causing it to fray.


Brush Felt Tip Pens

Brush tip pens are mainly for use by artists, as they are not suitable for forming western characters. So, what do you use brush tip pens for? The name comes from the brush that artists use, but whereas the brush requires that you manually coat it with paint, the brush pen automatically contains the pigment in the pen, which feeds it directly to the tip. The material of the tip can vary as some brush pens are made from natural hair bristles and they behave in the same way as a real brush does, while others are made from synthetic fibers or nylon and behave the same as a real brush but are a lot easier to handle. Then some are made from felt or plastic and are a lot firmer and produce consistent lines, which makes them easy to control with no mess.

A main advantage of the brush tip pen is its portability as you can easily and conveniently carry it around with you in the field without having to worry about bottles of ink or paint that you need to take with you.



Our Recommendations for the Best Felt Tip Pens

Finding the best felt tip pen could prove to be a challenge. However, it all depends on the purpose you have in mind and what you want to do with the pens. You may discover that the type of pen used effectively by other users may not work the same way for you. When you go shopping for your felt tip pen, try not to concentrate too much on the expensive brand names as some of the cheaper brands may be just what you need. We will now guide you through the process of buying your felt tip pen and making sure you purchase the one that is just right for you.

Finding Felt Pens


Best Overall Felt Tip Pens: PAPER MATE Flair Felt Tip Pens

Paper Mate has been manufacturing these types of products for decades and the Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pen Set is just another impressive addition. This pen set boasts 32 brilliant and vivid colors, making sure you will not be left without a color to use for your artwork. The pen is an ideal instrument for teachers to use when grading their student’s test papers, as there are numerous colors to choose from, and it is also an excellent pen to use for scrapbooking and note-taking. The Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pen Set is a reliable hardworking tool, as they can be used continuously without the tips fraying. Due to the special point guard, the tips will remain flexible and are not prone to breaking.

The pens have a fine point felt tip measuring 0.03 inches, making them ideal for clean and bold writing, journaling, drawing illustrations, and much more. The fine point felt tip is very versatile and convenient for coloring, filling in shapes, and creating fancy handwriting. The felt tip is also sturdy, making your writing experience very comfortable. It is not only the tips of these pens that are durable but also the ink that is used in the pens.

PAPER MATE Flair Felt Tip Pens
  • Point Guard prevents the tip from fraying even after repeated use
  • The quick-drying and water-based ink resists smearing 
  • The assorted 24 colors do not bleed through paper
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The ink will not seep through or feather, even if you use very thin paper. This makes this felt tip pen set ideal for the artist. This is because the ink dries very quickly, not giving it time to bleed through, irrespective of what medium you are using to write or draw on.

Unlike many other felt tip markers that require two sheets of paper to prevent the ink from staining your table or desk, this pen set writes very smoothly, even when using regular paper. As the ink dries so rapidly, you will find that when writing on glossy card or paper, it dries so fast that you do not have to be concerned about smudging the ink. The pen also supplies the tip with a steady even flow of ink on the surface of your paper, where it dries immediately. However, because the ink dries so rapidly, it can also be a drawback. If you do not replace the cap straight away after using the pen, the ink will dry quickly, and if left open for a whole day the ink can dry up completely.

  • Ink will not bleed through paper
  • Comes in sets of 32 vivid and brilliant colors
  • Has point guard that protects the tip
  • Ideal tool for note-taking, scrapbooking, doodling
  • The quick-drying ink prevents smudging
  • Excellent ergonomic design
  • Ink is water-resistant and will not fade
  • The pen can dry out if left without the cap


Best Calligraphy Felt Tip Pen: PENTEL Fude Touch Sign Felt Pen

The Pentel Fude Felt Tip Pen Set has very flexible tips that make it an ideal choice for calligraphy. The tip allows just enough ink, making it glide effortlessly over the paper surface, similar to brushes or the traditional calligraphy pens. The pen will provide you with an ultra-smooth style of writing, giving you bold thick lines. The pen set comes in 12 water-based colors, but this set has six colors including black, which is the most popular of the colors used. These pens are easy to clean if you accidentally get some on your hands. Another major advantage is because the ink is water-based, there is no strong odor.

PENTEL Brush Touch Felt-Tip Pen
  • The ink is water-based, non-toxic, and does not produce an odor
  • The snap-fit cap prevents the ink from drying out during storage
  • Perfect for calligraphy style writing and many other applications
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So, you should not feel dizzy after working for an hour or two. The pen is supplied with a snap-fit cap, which means you will not be able to overtighten it, even if you try. As soon as you hear the cap snap onto your pen, you can be confident that it is fitted tightly and will prevent the ink from drying out. You do not have to worry that the cap may come loose in your pocket or bag. The environmentalists will be very happy with this pen, as it makes use of 80 percent recyclable plastic, giving you a pen that operates amazingly well and plays a part in saving the environment. The only drawback with this pen is that the ink dries slowly, which could result in some of the ink smudging easily.

  • The water-based ink is not toxic
  • There is no strong smell
  • Excellent pen for calligraphy and other uses
  • Easy to control
  • The snap-fit cap makes it perfectly safe from drying out
  • The makeup of the pen uses 80 percent recyclable plastic
  • The ink dries too slow


Best Fine Liner Felt Tip Pens: IBAYAM Fine Liner Felt Tip Pens

The iBayam Fine Liner Felt Tip Pens come in vibrant and vivid assorted colors. There are sets of 48, 36, or 24, and you can also get sets of 18 black felt tip pens. These fine tip pens are very fine, measuring 0.015 inches, making them ideal for journaling, exam papers, inscribing small text, application forms, document signing, sketching, and designing. The pen set is great for artists, designers, teachers, scholars, office workers, and is also useful for family projects.

IBAYAM Journal Planner Pens
  • The pens come in 18 unique and vibrant colors of ink
  • The fine-line markers are fantastic for drawing details
  • Water-based ink has minimal bleed through on paper
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The ink flows easily through the nib and can keep up with the speed of your writing style, even when used continuously for long periods. The ink dries fast and does not smear or seep through the paper unless you are writing on very thin paper. The pens have a superfine fiber metal-clad tip, making them perfect for smooth writing. These fine tip pens are perfect for creating fine lines, sketching, drawing, coloring, journaling, and much more. The pen set is also compatible with stencils and templates.

  • Suitable for writing in small spaces
  • Affordable price
  • Ideal for precise sketching and many more applications
  • Does not seep through or smear on most papers
  • Can be used efficiently for long periods
  • The body of the pen may be uncomfortable to hold



Features to Consider When Purchasing Your Best Felt Tip Pens

When shopping for a felt tip pen, the most common thought going through your mind might be the price. However, apart from costs, there are a lot more aspects you need to consider when buying the right pen for your project or needs. As soon as you understand these factors, the purchasing of a felt tip pen becomes a lot easier. Here are the factors or features you need to consider.

Felt Tip Pens Colors


Size of Nib or Tip

Whenever you purchase pencils, pens, markers, or felt tip pens, they are all available in a range of different sizes. You need to make sure that the felt tip pen you purchase suits your style of writing. You can simply confirm the pen size in the description on the box. It is also important to note that the size of the tip or nib will determine the thickness of the line you draw, which is also governed by the amount of pressure you apply to the pen while you are making the stroke.

This means the more pressure you apply, the thicker the line.

The nib size will determine what you can do with the pen, like highlighting, bulleting, or sketching. If you want to use the pen for coloring or filling in large spaces, then the size of nib you will need should be about 0.04 inches to 0.05 inches. However, if you want to do line art or smaller writing, you will need a nib with a size of around 0.02 inches to 0.03 inches.

Felt Pens Tips

The larger tip or nib is ideal for designing blueprints, art projects, or similar activities. The larger the tip, the less control you have over the lines you create. If you are interested in calligraphy, then the pen with a nib size of 0.01 inches to 0.02 inches is the one to choose. On the other hand, if you are an artist and you want the same effect as a paintbrush, then the brush felt tip pen is the right choice.


Tip or Nib Material

When it comes to the type of material used to make the tip or nib, there are two options. The first option is the thin and firm tip made from plastic, which is encased in metal and gives you an even and smooth writing experience. The second option is the standard material used for most markers, and that is the felt tip, which is softer and conical.

This allows you to draw or write using the front as well as the side of the tip.


Color Options

Whatever type of project you are busy with, you should choose a set of felt tip pens that include a large range of different colors. The colors that you get are usually very vivid and deeper than the colors of the ordinary colored pencil or crayons, which makes them ideal for the artist as well as the hobbyists. Colors play a vital part for any artist as it is a way of expressing their feelings through their work.

Artistic Pens Colors

However, a standard set of black felt tip pens will be sufficient for those who are signing documents or using them for basic writing tasks. While teachers use red felt-tipped pens for marking exam papers, others use bright yellow, green, aqua, or orange for highlighting text.  It is important to know for what purpose you want to use the felt-tipped pens, as it can help you decide how many colors you want to buy in the set.


Type of Ink

Manufacturers of felt-tipped pens use a variety of types of ink for their pens. Some pens have oil-based or alcohol-based ink, while others have acid-free ink. The majority of the felt-tipped pens are made with water-based ink.  The type of ink used will determine the quality of the pen, for alcohol or oil-based ink the ink is normally thick and can be difficult to write or draw with. The water-based ink is perfect for all kinds of applications, but you need to ensure that it is also acid-free. Another important factor concerning the ink used in felt-tipped pens is the time it takes the ink to dry.

For an ideal everyday use felt tip pen, the ink should dry the minute it touches the paper.

This will prevent any form of smudging or smearing of your letters or lines. Artistic pens are normally slow drying ink as they have vivid and brilliant colors, while the general-purpose felt tip pens dry almost immediately, preventing any form of mess. Does the ink bleed through your writing surface? This is important to consider, as you do not want your ink to bleed through to the sheet underneath; this occurs more when you use thinner paper for your project. You also need to ensure that the color indicated on the pen cap or body is accurate and the same color as the ink in the pen.



Some of the felt-tipped pens on the market are not resistant to water, so they will smear if brought into contact with water or other liquids, which can be a disaster if your carefully written notes are destroyed. Also, water-resistant ink has a lot less probability of staining your clothing. Generally, alcohol or oil-based inks are more water-resistant than water-based inks, but manufacturers have developed water-based ink felt tip pens that are water-resistant as well. These pens are smudge-proof and do not fade over time. You need to read the details on the pens and packaging to ensure you buy a water-based ink pen.

Felt Tipped Pens



One very common issue when using a felt-tipped pen is feathering, which occurs when ink flows out of the pen excessively, leaving unnecessary marks on the paper around your drawing or writing. It also makes your writing more difficult, and at times, causes your notes to fade or look dull.

Therefore, you must buy a felt tip pen that has a proper ink flow, which is the case with water-based pens.



Like all writing instruments, the felt-tipped pens are available in assorted sizes, shapes as well as weights. This means that if you have small hands, it is a good idea to buy a set of more slender pens. Maybe you have bigger hands? You should then go for the bulker pen barrels. There is no hard and fast rule to follow, but ensure the pen set you buy is comfortable to hold and work with.

Sharpie Felt Tip Pens

The material that is used to make the pen barrel or body is also of importance, as this will decide the durability of the pen. Most felt-tipped pens are made from very durable hard plastic, but you also need to consider what type of grip it offers you. Many artists and professionals like to take their felt-tipped pens with them on their travels, and the best option available is the portable metal carrying cases that include cap hooks. If you have already bought your felt tip pens that come without a portable carrying case, then you may want to consider buying a good quality pencil case to store all your pens and other accessories.


Now you should have a better understanding of how to buy the best felt tip pen set. As you have become aware, there is no one specific pen set that is the absolute best, and it all depends on what you want to do with your pen. For example, fine liner or fine tip pens are excellent for many different purposes, but they are not suitable for coloring. This means that you need to be sure of what you want to accomplish with the felt tip pen set you choose.



Frequently Asked Questions


Can Felt Tip Pens Soak Through Paper?

The bleeding of the pen is not always about the ink but can also occur due to the type of paper you are using. Therefore, the paper, as well as the writing instrument, can be contributing factors in the bleeding of the ink. If the paper you are using is too thin, then this can result in the ink bleeding, which is not the fault of the ink or the pen.


How to Use a Felt Tipped Pen?

Felt-tipped pens are easy to use, all you need to do is remove the cap from the body of the pen and start to draw or write. Unless you have purchased a retractable felt-tipped pen, then you first need to release the tip by clicking the button on the top of the pen’s barrel, then you are set to go. The maintenance is also very low; once you have finished using the pen, just replace the cap firmly on the pen to avoid the ink from drying out.


What Can You Use Felt Tip Pens For?

Felt-tipped pens are very versatile and can be used for numerous applications, similar to normal pens or pencils. However, most users make use of the pens for calligraphy, coloring, scrapbooking, journaling, or simply making notes.


Can You Recycle Felt Tip Pens?

Technically speaking, all felt tip pens can be recycled, and there are companies like Pentel that make some of their felt tip pens from recycled plastic.


Can Left-Handed People Use Felt Tip Pens?

Left-handed people are faced with challenges, and they may find it very difficult to use a felt tip pen as the little pinky finger always leaves smudge marks on the paper when they write. From reports gathered from left-handed users, they recommend the Sharpie felt tip pens or Staedtler brand as the best to use for felt tip pens.

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