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Best Spray Tan Machine – Guide to Spray Tanning Kits

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For many, an evenly tanned body is part of the summer. It stands for vacation feeling, self-confidence and attractiveness. A sun-tanned body lets however also always thoughts of the harmful UV-RADIATION arise. The so-called airbrush or spray tanning, tanning with the help of an airbrush gun is a healthy alternative. Some time ago, only Hollywood stars could enjoy this method, but now it is available to everyone. For a vacation tan, you can either go to a specialized cosmetic studio or a special tanning studio or you can get a tanning kit for at home.




What is Spray Tanning?

The term airbrush tanning probably brings to mind that brown color is applied to the skin to make it look tanned. However, this is not the case.

With this technique, the self-tanning lotion is evenly applied to the skin by the fine mist of the airbrush gun. This technique is also called tanning shower or spray tanning. A special airbrush gun and a professional tanning lotion are required for this technique.

The skin can be tanned with Spray Tanning either in a tanning studio or in a specialized cosmetic studio. With an airbrush device, the right tanning lotion and with a little practice, a tanned complexion can also be conjured up on the skin at home.


airbrush tanning kit



How does Airbrush Tanning work?

To help you understand how tanning with the airbrush works, we will first explain how the skin is structured and how a natural tanning process takes place:

The human skin is composed of several layers. The uppermost layer, the horny layer, is the first protective layer against penetrating UV radiation. As soon as sunlight hits the skin, the horny layer thickens and absorbs part of the radiation. The UV (B) radiation that penetrates into the deeper skin layers causes melanin to be formed.

Melanin is a pigment that further protects the skin from UV radiation. Melanin absorbs further radiation. However, it can only absorb UV radiation to a certain extent. Increased UV radiation on the skin has negative consequences. Skin aging can be accelerated and even skin cancer can develop..

With airbrush tanning, only the horny layer, i.e. the uppermost layer of skin, is tanned. The tanning lotion contains sugar, which reacts with the proteins and amino acids of the skin. This reaction produces melanin in the horny layer. These are natural tanning substances that are responsible for the brown complexion.



The tan is therefore not painted on, but the tanning is done by spraying on a self-tanner. In this way, the top layer of skin receives a beautiful and evenly tanned complexion.

After 8 hours the airbrush tan is visible and it cannot be washed off. The complexion fades only after the cells in the horny layer have been renewed. With this tanning technique, there is no risk of injury to the lower skin layers and the negative consequences that may result. A single tanning with the Airbrush Tanning has about the same effect as three to five visits to the solarium.



Pros and Cons of Airbrush Tanning

The tanning of the skin using spray tanning offers both advantages and disadvantages:


  • Not harmful to health
  • Fast, even tanning
  • Color shade can be selected individually
  • With appropriate handling and correct preparation spotless tanning


  • The skin must be prepared with shaving and peeling
  • Increased showering, intensive full baths and heavy sweating causes the tan to fade faster
  • Clothing that is too tight or rubbing causes light-colored stains
  • Very expensive in the long run

airbrush tanning system



The best Airbrush Set for Airbrush Tanning at Home


Professional MaxiMist Evolution Pro HVLP Best Spray Tan

Call the MaxiMist Evolution Pro HVLP a spray tan booth if you will because this spray tan machine permits about 25 spray tans during each day. Again you would think that this spray tan machine is essential for only professional salon usage but novices can use this spray tan machine too. The reason it is simple for all to use is because of its instinctive design which was crafted bearing simplicity in mind.

The MaxiMist Evolution Pro kit contains a 570-watt dual-action HVLP compressor that controls the airflow almost like an airbrush tan machine would. When we look at the MaxiMist Evolution Pro HVLP spray tan kit it becomes clear that it makes mobility an option. It is lightweight yet contains a spray gun storage place, a flexible hose, many screw-top lids, the tanning liquid, and a big tent. The big tent can be used as the spray tan booth.

The best part of this type of spray tan kit is that it ensures a precisely contoured tan. It does not result in an overly tanned appearance and produces an effortlessly smooth finish.

We could call it one of the best spray tan devices ever particularly because of its flexible nature. To allow a variety of spray patterns, simply readjust the gun to allow the knob to decide on the flow of the spray. When you realize how much does a spray tan of this caliber cost, you will realize how worth it the MaxiMist Evolution Pro kit actually is.

MaxiMist Evolution Pro HVLP Spray Tanning System
  • Pro Series Spray Gun, with stainless steel needle and tip Pro Series Spray Gun Value Package
  • Easy Spray Adjustment: a simple front gun adjustment allowing a quick twist to spray in either a horizontal or vertical spray pattern
  • Detailed Instruction Manual,  Includes Tampa Bay Tan Spray Tanning Products, that are 100% Vegan
  • HVLP Mobile/Salon unit for 25 + applications a day, Beginner Friendly Light Weight Mobile design
View on Amazon


  • Suitable for professional, but also for private use
  • Very simple to handle
  • Adjustable air flow


  • A bit pricey


Bang for the buck – MaxiMist Lite Plus

When looking for a best spray tan gun for a novice user, we suggest that you choose this budget-friendly brand. The MaxiMist Lite Plus offers new users all the details necessary to actual squirt some spray tan. Included in this spray tanning kit are: a spray gun, hose, turbine-controlled compressor, and spray gun cups.

The spray tan system makes traveling a possibility having its own carry-along bag. A benefit of the bag is that it becomes a spray tan tent as well.

The MaxiMist Lite Plus has a 300-watt turbine which leads to fine mist being given off. We believe in the power of this spray tan system for beginners because it allows for a maximum of 10 spray tans per day. The limited amount of spray tans allowed does not make it an ideal choice for tanning salons but a perfect kit for people who want to slowly start a tanning business or save a few dollars by self-tanning.

MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning KIT
  • Spray Gun with horizontal and vertical pattern and flow adjustments Non-stick needle for virtually clog free performance
  • Cup features conical design and wide base for optimal solution
  • Home/Mobile/Backup unit for 10 plus applications a day. Includes Professional Style Heavy Fabric Tent,
  • Detailed Instruction Manual, includes Tampa Bay Tan Spray Tanning Products that are 100% Vegan, Not Tested
View on Amazon


  • Everything you need to start spray tanning
  • Good power with 300 watt with fine mist for best spray pattern
  • Adjustable air flow


  • Spray Tan Tent could be better quality and easyer to set up


BELLOCCIO Salon Pro Plus Spray Tanning Machine

We can highly recommend the Belloccio airbrush kit because it is a high-quality kit for easy spraying that results in a professional spray tan. The machine is a equipped with a high performance 2 stage turbine air pump to deliver a fine and evenly distribute spray. The HVLP spray gun itself is made from high quality metal with connectors designed for quick and easy attaching and detaching. Ideal for a busy salon or mobile beauty technician.

While professionals choose this spray tan kit, a novice can use it too. An 10-foot slim, flexible, and durable hose allows for full control and ease of movement. This spray kit a professional’s dream. Not only is it quick and efficient to use, the quality and durability of its materials is reflected in its design. The kit includes a 4 oz. bottle of Belloccio DHA tanning solution – Opulence. Get that airbrush tan look with no fuss and no mess.

BELLOCCIO Salon Pro Plus Spray Tanning System
  • Turbine air-pump and precision spray metal HVLP application gun
  • Quick connect fittings suitable for salons and mobile technicians
  • Durable and easy to use with detailed online video tutorials
View on Amazon


  • High-quality air-pump and spray gun
  • Satin technology
  • Suitable for professionals and beginners
  • Durable and easy to use


  • The metal clips can heat up during use


spray tan machine



Spray Tanning Paint

The tanning lotion used for spray tanning is based on a natural substance responsible for the self-tanning of the skin. This substance, dihydroxyacetone (DHA), is a sugar that is extracted from plants and vegetables. The more DHA is in the tanning lotion, the darker the tan tone.

In addition, most airbrush tanning paints contain alcohol, which makes the paint thinner and therefore easier to spray. If too much alcohol is contained, however, this can make the tan look cracked.


SUNTANA Spray Tanning Paint with Chocolate Scent

Suntana’s Tan “Chocolate” spray contains 12% DHA and is therefore suitable for medium to dark skin types. With a darker undertone, a natural and intensive tan is created.

The Suntana tanning spray lasts a long time and fades beautifully evenly. The spray also has a chocolaty scent. The tanning lotion contains no parabens, was developed without animal experiments and is vegan.

Suntana Coconut Fragranced Spray Tanning Solution
  • Free from Parabens - Not tested on animals - Suitable for Vegans
  • Natural looking tan - not 'fake' looking like other brands
  • Longer lasting results with even fade
  • Reccomended for fairer skin types and those looking for a natural glowing tan
View on Amazon


Spray Tanning Lotion from NORVELL

The family business Norvell comes from America and has been producing excellent self-tanning products and spray tanning products since 1983. The products of this company have all been developed free of animal testing and contain selected herbal ingredients.

Norvell’s products enable individual tanning specifically for every skin type. The orange effect, which occurs with many other products, is minimized by using Norvell products. In addition, Norvell Tanning Spray does not smell of the typical tanning spray smell and the skin does not feel sticky after application.

Norvell products contain a special combination of antioxidants and vitamins. This micro-nutrient technology provides a special radiance to the skin.

Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution
  • All sunless tans are a blend between your base skin color, the active ingredient DHA and cosmetics bronzers it the spray tan formula
  • Designed for use in all airbrush/HVLP systems regardless of manufacturer
  • This spray tan solutions is fragranced-free with the essence of raspberry almond
View on Amazon

The Tanning Premium Handheld Solution Spray “Venetian Plus” delivers a rich and dark brown tone. If you want a more delicate tan, you should choose the Cosmo light, Clear or Original version.



Airbrush Tanning – Step by Step Guide

Before the airbrush tanning appointment you should consider the following:

  • Before applying the airbrush tanning, you should apply a full body peeling, for example with a peeling glove. The peeling ensures that the skin is free of dead skin flakes.
  • After the peeling and especially on the day of tanning, you should avoid applying any cream, as tanning adheres best to dry skin. Also pay attention to the ingredients of the peeling. Peelings containing oil are rather unsuitable to prepare for airbrush tanning.
  • Also make sure that your skin is shaved smoothly. To prevent skin irritation, it is recommended that you exfoliate and shave the day before tanning.


Implementation of the Airbrush Tanning

Once you have carefully prepared the skin, you can prepare for the tanning session in the beauty salon:

  • You can either choose a seamless tan or, if possible, take an old, dark bikini or underwear.
  • To avoid coloring your hair, you should pin up your hair when it is long.
  • To protect the toenails and fingernails from the airbrush paint, they are treated with a special cream. This often applies to elbows and knees and, if necessary, to the soles of the feet.
  • The paint is sprayed from a distance of about 15 to 20 cm. Spraying takes about 15 to 30 minutes and the paint does not have to dry after application.

tan machines


What you have to consider when Airbrushing Tanning

  • The paint must be allowed to work for about eight hours before it is really abrasion-resistant. During this time you should wear loose clothing and not take a shower. When the application time is over, you can remove excess paint while showering.
  • As soon as the paint is properly absorbed, you can shower, bathe or even go swimming. However, you should not stay in chlorinated water for too long. The chlorine affects your tanned skin like bleach and makes the tan fade faster. You should not use peeling either, as this also leads to a faster fading of the tan..
  • Your skin needs further care after the spray tanning. However, you should not use fatty products like body butter. The best way to care for your skin is to use a gentle body milk. This will prevent the tanning lotion from fading.
  • Spray tanning is usually left on the skin for one to one and a half weeks. It can then be removed with a peeling and then reapplied. It is important to remove the old peeling thoroughly, otherwise unsightly stains can occur.


The cost of an Airbrush Tanning Treatment

The cost of an airbrush tanning treatment in a beauty salon depends on various factors and can vary greatly. On the one hand, the desired degree of tanning and the body part to be tanned play a role. On the other hand, the costs also depend on whether the tan should be permanent. In this case, you would have to repeat the tanning every seven to ten days.

Depending on the desired tanning level, the costs for a full-body tan are usually between 25 € and 50 €. For tanning of the face or décolleté, the costs are about 10 € to 20 € and for the legs you can expect a price of about 15 €. For additional effects such as fragrances, tattoos or glitter there is an additional charge of 2 € to 10 €..

In many beauty salons there are bonus cards, subscriptions or other benefits for customers who regularly use the airbrush tanning.



Frequently asked Questions and Answers

In the following you will find answers to frequently asked questions on this topic:


How long does the Tan last after Tanning?

How long the tan lasts does not necessarily depend on the color used. The most important factor for durability is how quickly your skin cells renew themselves. The faster the regeneration of your skin cells takes place, the faster the tanning effect disappears again.

In addition, how you have prepared your skin for the treatment also affects the duration of the tan. The duration also depends on the care and behavior after tanning. Frequent sweating or showering, for example, causes the tan to fade much faster.


Does airbrush tanning damage the skin?

You don’t have to worry about airbrush tanning damaging your skin because it is absolutely safe. However, you often feel that your tanned skin is protected from sunburn. This is not the case. Airbrush tanning does not provide protection against UV radiation!

The skin has not produced melanin by the spray tanning and is therefore no more protected from sunburn than your skin normally is. As usual you have to apply a sunscreen before contact with the sun.

professional spray tan machine


How can the Development of Stains in Spray Tanning be prevented?

To reduce staining, you should prepare your skin well for tanning. Shave the body parts to be tanned thoroughly, use an exfoliator and avoid body lotion, creams and perfumes. Products containing oil increases the risk of spots on the skin. Make sure that the peeling you use is oil-free.

After the application time, which is usually eight hours, remove the excess tanning lotion thoroughly. Residues that remain on the skin for too long can make individual areas darker than the rest of the skin.

To prevent stains, you should avoid excessive sweating on the day of tanning, e.g. through sports.

Before applying new tanning, the old tanning spray should be thoroughly removed. A gentle peeling is best suited for this.


How Long Does a Spray Tan Take to Dry?

It is hard to ascertain what the actual drying time of spay tan is or even to say how long a spray tan will last. Different solutions have varying drying times and how long a spray tan will last depends on the tanning machine and solution used. Certain types of spray tan solutions have certain cosmetic properties that prolong the drying time and how long the tan lasts. The wait for the spray tan to dry can take less than 10 minutes.

The spray tan guns which work on high volume of air at a low pressure give off heated air steam. The gun doesn’t allow the heated steam to actually be felt but if the hose is used to spray the tan, the heated air becomes apparent. For this the gun must be removed and the hose needs to be used instead.


What is Advisable to Wear for a Tan?

The less clothing you wear when getting a tan, the better. Clothing leads to tan lines. Post the drying time of the tan, continue to wear loosely fitted clothes. Fabrics such as wool, nylon, and silk must be avoided in cases where it will interact negatively with the tan. To ensure you get the best spray tan wear try not to wear too many clothes before and after the tan.


How Different is Airbrush Tanning from Spray Tanning?

The difference between an airbrush spray tan and the spray tan is that airbrush spray tan is simply a form of spray tan applied with a gun. The air brushes particularly the enormous air brushes mimic spray guns. The spray gun allows spray liquid to flow fast. Whereas the airbrush allows for precision during tan application.

The spray tan doesn’t really need the controlled precision required from the airbrush. The spray works well for tans because a standard pattern needs to be applied. Bigger airbrushes have begun to be used due to how fast it makes it for you to apply tan. Still, everyone prefers using spray tanning equipment. It seems that many people believe that both airbrush tan and spray tan are actually the same thing.


Can You Provide the Difference Between Cosmetic Bronzers and DHA?

The FDA has gave consent to the use of the DHA ingredient. DHA is basically a color-free carbon sugar that can be dissolved in water. Once dissolved and placed on the skin, it reacts to make one look more tanned. The DHA product works only when in contact with the skin, however, it actually develops after a good few hours.

Bronzers are also approved skin coloring agents. They are included in FD & C dyes. Types of bronzers used include walnut stain and caramel coloring. After the bronzer is applied and dried and you step into the shower, you will notice color run in the shower. The actual sun-kissed color of your skins only becomes visible thereafter. The color produced after the initial rinse-off is the true tanned color. Bronzers work well to give that instant tan-like look.


How May DHA be Dissimilar to Erythrulose?

For starters, DHA is known as the sun-free tanning ingredient. The FDA has approved this carbon keto-sugar ingredient. The difference is DHA is 3 carbon sugars whereas Erythrulose is made up of 4 carbon keto-sugars. The two ingredients (DHA and Erythrulose) are similar because they are both termed sunless ingredients. The main difference is that DHA’s counterpart Erythrulose works much more slowly. It can take between a day or two to develop. Also, Erythrulose tends to fade far quicker.

However, promoters of Erythrulose state that the ingredient leads to a more even tan with an ideal tone that is long-lasting. The truths of the promoter’s statements are yet to be considered making their opinions seem less objective. The reason why fewer people opt for Erythrulose is because of how costly the substance is.

If it has been used in a tanning spray, the Erythrulose will account for a mere 1% of the ingredients or slightly less than 3.5%. Many high-quality solutions can be found in which some contain Erythrulose and some don’t. We advocate that the quality of the tanning spray is found in all the ingredients and not in the presence of Erythrulose alone.


Is it Common for Hands and Feet to Soak Up Too Much Tan? How Can You Prevent This?

Look at your elbows, the grainy parts of your skin can be compared to sponge. Like sponge these areas absorb far too much of the tanning solution which may look too much. Therefore to avoid certain parts of your hands and feet from soaking up too much solution, keep the spray gun further away from the skin (especially further for those skin areas). Also spray on the tan for a far less amount of time.

Weeks before going for a tan, start to apply a high quality moisturizer so certain skin areas will become softer. Just before the tan, you can apply barrier cream to prevent over-absorption.

The feet end up collecting far too much tanning solution. Therefore even before another tan, you may have some tanning solution on your feet. Try to leave the feet for after all the other areas have received the tanning solution. We could suggest you stand in the tanning liquid but this would mean having heavily tanned soles. Instead we would hint that you wear throw-away stick-to-your-feet sandals or stand on an old towel to prevent unattractive tanned soles when spraying your feet.


Are Sun-free Spray Tans also a Type of UV Protector?

Sun-free spray tans being a type of sun blocking agent is a myth. The tanning solution is brownish in color but the color is not because of the melanin pigment. In fact, there is no concrete evidence that states that melanin does actually cause skin protection. Melanin is produced when the skin is exposed to the sun’s rays but the sun-free tanning agent is produced without this UV exposure. We are uncertain if there ever was an SPF additive in a sunless solution but we would think it would be inappropriate to add in this contradictory ingredient into a tanning solution.

Does DHA Cause Facial Flaws and Freckles to become highly Visible?

We believe that the sunless tan solution results in a smoother skin tone. Therefore based on this principle, DHA will conceal rather than alert one to the underlying skin flaws or freckles.

You should, however, worry about the rough patches of skin because they will be more absorbent of the tan which could produce two different skin shades. Older people face this issue. The idea is to smoothen out rough areas so consider applying tons of moisturizer to the area so that rougher spots become softer and take well to the tanning liquid.


Can Tanning Solution Stain your Hair?

Of course! if you spray the tanning liquid directly on your hairline, the tan can become apparent on the shaft. It is a minor setback and not necessarily so visible because the liquid that went on the hair is little. Lighter hair colors like ash blonde or grayish-white may show the tanning color slightly more but this will wash-off during a shower after the tan is settled. We suggest that you avoid spraying directly on your hairline to avoid having a messy hairline.

A tip would be to wear a hairnet that can prevent tan from seeping into the hairline. The hairnet also works to keep your hair off your face during the actual tanning process in a tanning booth.


How can Tanning Accidents be mitigated?

It takes about eight hours for the paint to become abrasion-resistant. Within this time, the tanning lotion is water-soluble. If you are completely dissatisfied with the result of the tanning, you can remove the color within the application time.

To do this, you should lie down in warm water for at least half an hour and carefully rub off the color with a gentle sponge or washing glove and shower gel. To make the color disappear as good as possible, you should start removing the color as early as possible..

If you find the tan just a little too dark, you can take your first shower or bath about six hours after tanning. This way your tan will not disappear completely, but will only be slightly lighter.


What other Health Risks can arise from Spray Tanning?

Again and again there are discussions about whether the spray mist in airbrush tanning is harmful. In order to keep the potential danger as low as possible, you can choose a cosmetic studio that has an exhaust system or good ventilation. Some studios already have so-called LVLP machines (low volume low pressure). These machines produce only a small amount of spray mist.

If you airbrush tanning at home, you should make sure that the room is well ventilated. You should also wear a mouth-nose protection during the treatment.

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