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What Your Favorite Color Says About You – Color Psychology

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It is well known that colors can have a psychological effect on your mood, perception, and even behavior. However, have you ever wondered what your favorite color says about you? Below, we delve into your favorite color’s meaning, how it relates to your personality, and what it says about you.



The Psychology Behind Favorite Colors

Colors can have all sorts of meanings and effects on you and your mood. The influence that colors have is thought to be the result of how we associate them with different objects and experiences rather than the color itself. This is why although some colors can seem to have a very universal effect, they can still differ across cultures and from person to person depending on their own personal life experiences.

psycology behind colors

In general, warm colors such as reds, yellows, and oranges can produce strong feelings like rage, passion, love, and comfort, while cool colors like greens, blues, and purples give off more muted feelings such as calm, revitalization, depression, and even indifference. The psychological effect of colors is often used throughout art and marketing to convey certain emotions and moods to the viewer, as well as to create specific atmospheres in a place’s interior design.



What Your Favorite Color Says About You

You might already know what your favorite color is, it is usually the color you feel most drawn to. Your favorite color could be the color that reflects something of your personality or maybe one that echoes what you are looking for out of life. We have compiled a list of favorite colors, which can give you insight into your own personality and preferences, as well as the color psychology you can find in the world around you.


Black Color Meaning

Color NameColor Hex CodeRGB Color CodeCMYK Color Code (%)Color Hue
Black#0000000, 0, 00, 0, 0, 100

Black is not just a singular color, but a mixture of all colors. Black is a weighty color that gives off a sense of sophistication and strength; however, it can also be domineering and pessimistic. If this is your favorite color you probably have a powerful, mysterious, and strong personality.

You value your privacy and often hide your vulnerabilities, which can make you feel a little misunderstood. 

Bright Favorite Color

You are independent and confident in yourself and there is purpose behind everything that you do. If this is your favorite color, you often have a natural commanding presence with a little flair for dramatic elegance and perhaps an air of mystique. Because of these traits, you make great entrepreneurs or leaders both socially and in the workplace, however, you can be a little controlling and rigid, even with yourself.


White Color Meaning

Color NameColor Hex CodeRGB Color CodeCMYK Color Code (%)Color Hue
White#FFFFFF255, 255, 2550, 0, 0, 0

While black is a mixture of colors, white is the absence of color. White creates feelings of cleanliness, purity, and hope but it can also be cold, boring, and bleak. If you are one of those who love white, you tend to have a robust sense of justice, strong convictions, and usually hold yourself to a higher standard.

This might make you quiet, which can sometimes come off as distant and disengaged.

White Favorite Color

You are respectful and sincere, and many find you very interesting to talk to because of your wealth of stories and knowledge. If white is your favorite color, you are usually very organized and logical. You appreciate well-crafted and beautiful things even if they are not the most eye-catching. White reminds us of a blank slate and people who are attracted to this color have this same sense of optimism and positivity, which leaves you open to opportunities.


Gray Color Meaning

Color NameColor Hex CodeRGB Color CodeCMYK Color Code (%)Color Hue
Gray#808080128, 128, 1280, 0, 0, 50
Silver#C0C0C0192, 192, 1920, 0, 0, 25

Gray is an equal mixture of white and black and so is often thought to represent neutrality and balance and has the effect of stability and calm. Gray is an unusual color and if this is your favorite color you are probably quite unique yourself. You are reliable and like to keep the peace through compromise, and many value you for your ability to identify alternate avenues and solutions. You achieve this through your ability to be objective and set your own feelings aside, however, you are sometimes considered to be detached from reality because of this and can seem emotionless or afraid to commit.

You appreciate balance in all aspects of your life.

Gray Favorite Color

You are practical, intelligent, and calm, which makes many rely on you in times of stress. However, it is important to remember not to always hide your emotions and feelings from those who care about you and to rely on others when you need to. Silver is a special metallic variety of gray. If this is your favorite color you also have a balanced calm, however, you have an air of sophistication and a quieting presence that commands respect. You are resourceful and adaptable, which means you are not afraid of change; however, you should be careful not to deceive others to get your way.


Brown Color Meaning

Color NameColor Hex CodeRGB Color CodeCMYK Color Code (%)Color Hue
Brown#964B00150, 75, 00, 50, 100, 41

Brown is a neutral color made by combining red, yellow, and blue. This color reminds us of strong tree trunks, soft fur, and old books, and so has a grounding and comforting effect. If you are one of those with brown as your favorite color, then you are an honest and reliable person who values stability and simplicity.

A grounded and down-to-earth person, you are genuine, transparent, and dependable, and many value your friendship and insights.

Brown Favorite Color

Brown is a balance of all the primary colors, and this balance is seen in those who love this color. You are patient and despite your high standards, you set realistic goals, which you work tirelessly to achieve. You can sometimes be a little timid and hesitant to branch out and try new things, because you are comfortable in your stable ways. Some may also view your calculated stability as boring or predictable. Those who like darker browns have a strong character and are practical individuals, while those who prefer lighter browns are friendly and often very wise.


Red Color Meaning

Color NameColor Hex CodeRGB Color CodeCMYK Color Code (%)Color Hue
Red#FF0000255, 0, 00, 100, 100, 0
Rust Red#AA2704170, 40, 40, 76, 98, 33
Scarlet#FF2400255, 34, 00, 87, 100, 0

Red is a hot and fiery color, the first color of the rainbow, and the first color babies see. Red often evokes feelings of passion, love, and energy, and is well known to be associated with anger, aggression, and even hunger. The eye-catching red is also linked with a sense of danger and urgency, which is why it is most commonly used in warning signs and lights. If red is your favorite color, you are likely just as intense and passionate as the color itself. You are bold, ambitious, and full of energy, which gives you a passion for everything life has to offer.

You are both physically and mentally strong and tend to love using your body and being physically active whether that’s at the gym, playing your favorite sports, or fun hikes.

Red Favorite Color

If you love red you are likely very driven and always looking forward to your next project or adventure. Your determination and outgoingness make you confident and ambitious both socially and professionally. You can be hot-headed, aggressive, and a bit of a thrill seeker, especially if you prefer brighter reds like scarlet, however, you are generally honest and positive. This infectious energy makes people appreciate the positivity your friendship brings to their lives. If you are drawn to darker or more earthy reds like rust red, you are usually more down-to-earth and balance your fiery personality with an appreciation for more stability and security. You may not jump blindly into things, but you probably won’t let anything you see stop you from leaping either.


Pink Color Meaning

Color NameColor Hex CodeRGB Color CodeCMYK Color Code (%)Color Hue
Pink#FFC0C8255, 192, 2000, 25, 22, 0
Hot Pink#F81894248, 24, 1470, 90, 41, 3
Baby Pink#F4C2C2244, 194, 1940, 20, 20, 4

Pink is made by adding a little white to red and this mixture is reflected in this color’s effects. Pink tones down the strong emotions of red and represents romance, compassion, comfort, and playfulness. If you love pink you may have a more innocent view of love and life and often romanticize them. You are kind, light-hearted, friendly, and warm, which makes you very open and affectionate with others. Pink is often considered the most calming color, and this is reflected in your gentle personality, which leads you to surround yourself with people that make you feel loved and secure.

This peace and calm are also important to your daily life and routine; however, you are not afraid to let loose on occasion and have fun.

You are sensitive and have an easygoing, approachable energy, which makes you very charming. People who love pink tend to see the good in others and genuinely love to see those close to you succeed. However, with your generous heart, you should be careful not to always put the needs of others before yours. You can be a little naïve and have a tendency to avoid confrontation, even if it is necessary. You also tend to avoid taking matters seriously, which could get you into trouble, and you can sometimes have an unrealistic view and ideas about the world.

Magenta Favorite Color

If you prefer brighter pinks, such as hot pink, it means you have a more energetic disposition and a love for adventure, while darker pinks like rose highlight the elegance and romance in your personality. Those who like softer and lighter pinks, like pastel or baby pink, are more prone to being playful and young at heart.


Orange Color Meaning

Color NameColor Hex CodeRGB Color CodeCMYK Color Code (%)Color Hue
Orange#FFA500255, 166, 00, 35, 100, 0
Burnt Orange#CC5500204, 85, 00, 58, 100, 20
Peach#FFCC99255, 204, 1530, 20, 40, 0

Orange is a vibrant color, made by mixing red and yellow. With the determinism of red and the optimism of yellow, this combination creates a color that invigorates you and makes you feel a sense of positivity, friendliness, creativity, and warmth.  This lively color is mirrored in the people who love it. You are warm and inviting, face challenges head on, and always get the most out of life adventures. You are spontaneous, live in the moment, and have a positive outlook.

This means you rarely worry too much about the future and like to take things as they come.

Favorite Color Tones

Your energy and enthusiasm, however, can lead you to be a little reckless, irresponsible, and impatient. You also might have a tendency to be unpredictable and inconsistent. Overall, you are highly sociable and filled with optimism and appreciate fun and freedom in your life. If you prefer deeper oranges like burnt orange, then you tend to be a steady source of warmth and comfort to those around you, however, you can be selfish at times. If lighter oranges such as peach are what you love, then you love to be friendly and spontaneous.


Yellow Color Meaning

Color NameColor Hex CodeRGB Color CodeCMYK Color Code (%)Color Hue
Yellow#FFFF00255, 255, 00, 0, 100, 0
Gold#D4AF37212, 175, 550, 17, 74, 17
Lemon#FFF36D255, 243, 1090, 5, 57, 0

Yellow is a color associated with optimism, happiness, and zeal. It has a clarifying, energizing, and inspiring effect that is seen in those who love this color. If yellow is your favorite color, you attract people to you with your infectious, pleasant, and delightful personality. You bring light and a breath of fresh air to any room with your optimism and positive energy, and you always try to see the bright side of life and don’t take yourself too seriously.

You are intelligent and creative; however, you can be a little anxious and easily overwhelmed with emotions in times of stress.

Yellow Favorite Colors

You are ambitious and a go-getter, however, you can be a little bit of a perfectionist. Your upbeat and caring personality gives you a drive to help the world with enthusiasm. You can be shy, but love talking with those within your close social circles. You are a safe and reliable confidant and a friend that can always be counted on. Gold is a warm yellow and those that are drawn to this color are highly loyal, dependable, and intelligent people. They tend to be very organized as well and this makes them great leaders who work well to build up their team. If you prefer a lighter yellow like lemon, then you are someone who appreciates a sense of peace and often has great charisma and a sense of humor.


Green Color Meaning

Color NameColor Hex CodeRGB Color CodeCMYK Color Code (%)Color Hue
Green#0080000, 128, 0100, 0, 100, 50
Olive Green#6D712E109, 113, 4632, 17, 89, 46
Emerald Green#50C87880, 200, 12060, 0, 40, 22
Mint Green#A2E4B8162, 228, 18432, 0, 33, 0
Forest Green#0144211, 68, 3399, 0, 51, 73

From the leaves on trees to the money we use every day, green is a color that we see all around us. Because of this, green symbolizes many things and can have many effects on your mood including making you feel revitalized, relaxed, balanced, and hopeful. Green is also associated with more negative emotions such as envy, inexperience, being judgmental, and materialistic. Made by mixing yellow and blue, green is a color that balances the emotions from both warm and cool colors. This balance is reflected in the personality of individuals who have green as their favorite color. You are a generous and diplomatic individual and your emotions are a big driver of your decisions. You do not, however, let negativity rule and you tend to be very open, frank, and not afraid of vulnerability.

Loyal and supportive, your sensitivity to social decorum and manners makes you a composed and consistent friend. You crave order and balance both within yourself and within your lifestyle, which is made easy with your great affinity for time management.

If green is your favorite color, you are intelligent, productive, level-headed, and have an energetic practicality that makes you great in leadership roles. Your analytical mind can, however, make you envious of others, impatient, materialistic, and possessive of those who you are close to. You also have a love for nature and your work, hobbies, or interests often include things that bring you closer to it.

Green Favorite Color

If you prefer warmer greens such as olive green, you tend to hold balance and stability as important to your life and often act as a conciliator between your friends. If cooler greens like emerald green are more your style, then you tend to be ambitious in life and exude a quiet confidence. Lighter greens like mint green highlight a gentler and kind personality that invigorates those around you, while preferring darker greens such as forest green tends to speak to a reliable and safe personality that values harmony.


Blue Color Meaning

Color NameColor Hex CodeRGB Color CodeCMYK Color Code (%)Color Hue
Blue#0000FF0, 0, 255100, 100, 0, 0
Navy#0000800, 0, 128100, 100, 0, 50
Baby Blue#89CFF0137, 207, 24043, 14, 0, 6

The color blue was not included in the vocabulary of any ancient cultures, aside from the Egyptians, until around 4,500 years ago. This is because blue is considered one of the, if not the number one, rarest color to find in nature. Despite this, blue has become the most common favorite color around the world today. Like green, blue is also associated with many different things such as deep waters, clear skies, or striking sapphires. Because of this blue can have many positive effects like confidence, reliability, freedom, serenity, and trust, but it can also have negative effects including depression, disconnect, and predictability.

If you are one of the many with blue as your favorite color, you value honesty and are a reliable and encouraging friend.

You tend to be spiritual, artistic, imaginative, charming, friendly, and a little emotional. While you are generally confident, you prefer to have a smaller close-knit group of friends and may have a habit of retreating to places of safety in times of stress. You are empathic to those around you, and you always consider the needs of your friends and family when you make decisions. This compassion also makes you great at remembering names and information about new people you meet, which only makes you more popular.

Blue Favorite Color

You can be a little cold and aloof at times, especially during periods of stress. This is usually because of feelings of insecurity or imposter syndrome, which often come from overthinking and being overly critical of yourself. Your love for consistency makes you dependable, but also means that change is difficult for you. If you love darker blues such as navy blue, you have a lot of creativity and often follow your intuition and sense of responsibility. You are concerned about the world around you and often find deep connections in spirituality or nature. If you are drawn to lighter blues like turquoise or baby blue, you tend to be more free-spirited, easygoing, and optimistic.


Purple Color Meaning

Color NameColor Hex CodeRGB Color CodeCMYK Color Code (%)Color Hue
Purple#800080128, 0, 1280, 100, 0, 50
Magenta#FF00FF255, 0, 2550, 100, 0, 0
Eggplant#33003351, 0, 510, 100, 0, 80
Lilac#C8A2C8200, 162, 2000, 19, 0, 22

Purple is a mixture of two colors at the opposite end of the color spectrum, red and blue. This gives purple an inspiring and enlightening effect that evokes feelings of compassion, imagination, and spirituality. Purple is also historically associated with royalty, wealth, and wisdom. If purple is your favorite color, you are intuitive and creative with a strong connection to others and the world around you, and many are drawn to your intriguing and charismatic personality. Your observant nature is often reflected in your artistic explorations, and you pride yourself on perfecting the finer details of an undertaking.

You are ambitious, have a good sense of self-worth, and you know who you are.

You are down-to-earth and can be very private, which many mistake for being closed off. In fact, you try your best to help others in need and are often involved in welfare and humanitarian work. While you appreciate the finer things in life, you should be careful not to become overly concerned with material things. Your individuality and guardedness can make you a little introverted and you may have a tendency to suppress your emotions and feelings. Despite this suppression, you feel your emotions very deeply and this can result in moodiness and further closing yourself off from others.

purple favorite color

If you like more vibrant purples such as magenta, you tend to have a rich inner world, which is often expressed in the arts. You are often drawn to spirituality and find it in many places from religion to the natural world. If you prefer darker purple such as eggplant purple, you are more introspective and thoughtful, with an air of sophistication that gives your presence weight in any room. Loving lighter purples like lilac speaks to a more lighthearted personality that is sensitive and compassionate.



Statistic of Your Favorite Colors

As mentioned earlier, blue is the number one favorite color in the world, with one study finding that almost 60% of men and around 35% of women have it as their favorite color. In the same study by Hallock (2003), purple was found to be the second most popular color among women and green was the second most popular among men.

The colors that were least likely to be favored were identified in the study as orange and brown.



How to Identify Your Favorite Color

Some people, when asked about their favorite color, will have an immediate answer spring to mind. Other people require a minute to think about it, or struggle to pin down an answer at all, however this is not uncommon. While your favorite color is a personal choice, there are many things to consider if you are having trouble identifying it. Your favorite color will be the one that you are most drawn to.

Pastel Favorite Color

It can be the color you wear most often, the color you use to decorate your home, or even the color of your favorite water bottle. Have a look around you and find the color that uplifts you or brings you joy, and this will most likely be your favorite color. Remember as you grow and change, so can your favorite color change to reflect you and your personality. Do not be afraid to explore different shades and colors throughout your life.


Whether you are drawn to deep purples or prefer bright yellows, your favorite color can say a lot about your personality and outlook on life. Your favorite color is a personal choice and may even change throughout your life, so do not be afraid to experiment with different colors, as you may be pleasantly surprised.




Frequently Asked Questions


What Is the Psychology Behind Your Favorite Colors?

The psychological effect that colors have is thought to be caused by the memories and objects that we associate with the colors. Because red reminds us of campfires, it can have a warming and invigorating effect, or make us angry. This is why many believe that your favorite color can say a lot about you, as the color you feel drawn to can reflect your personality and outlook on life. For example, if red is your favorite color, you are likely to be passionate and active, but may also be a thrill seeker or a little hot-headed.


Which Color Is the Most Popular Color?

Blue is the most favored color across the globe, with one study in 2003 finding around 60% of men and around 35% of women listing it as their favorite color.


How Do You Pick Your Favorite Color?

Your favorite color is often the color that you feel the most attracted to. If you are trying to find your favorite color, have a look at which color you use to decorate your home or the color of your favorite t-shirt. It may also be the colors of things that you use frequently, like a water bottle, towel, or even your phone case. Your favorite color is usually the one that makes you feel happy or uplifted.

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