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Best LVLP Spray Gun – All about Low Volume Low Pressure Spray Guns

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An LVLP (Low Volume, Low Pressure) spray gun is best known for having low air consumption, utilizing a lower strength air compressor, saving you money and giving you an upper hand when it comes to DIY projects. If you have those semi-professional jobs that you would like to complete, then this spray gun is your best option. LVLP spray guns can either be Siphon feed or Gravity feed.




Different Types of LVLP Spray Guns

Seriously consider a number of options before making your choice of a LVLP spray gun. LVLP spray guns come in two different forms, gravity-fed and siphon-fed. These two types use a different system in generating a paint spray pattern and getting paint into the air stream.


Gravity Feed Spray Gun

A gravity-fed spray gun has a hopper above the gun; this causes a lot of clogging and requires much cleaning after use. This is because the paint pools up in the fluid tip, causing build-ups and clogging. The end result is that you have to spend a lot of time cleaning it thoroughly. However, gravity-fed spray guns have the ability to minimize waste because they only allow a small amount of paint to be used each time. They are best known for being versatile, very effective, minimizing over sprays and enabling a smooth, quality finish. They can be used in a variety of projects ranging from woodwork, automotive and so on.


Siphon Feed Spray Gun

On the other hand, siphon-fed spray guns cause paint- less sporadic spots because they fail to draw much paint into the spray. The result is that you get less accurate applications. Both tools are made of quality material which is lightweight aluminum and highly resistant to corrosion. They are very durable and longer-lasting, but very expensive for a quick DIY job.

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Best LVLP Spray Guns

If you are looking for a paint sprayer that has been designed to emit low pressure at the nozzle, then you can try LVLP spray guns. These spray guns have the ability to apply low pressure in providing a consistent fan and spray pattern. The benefit is that they do not need a powerful air compressor, meaning you can get the same quality work at a low cost. The LVLP spray gun gives you the ability to create amazing pieces without any high pressure like the HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) gun. The low pressure of these spray guns prevents over spraying. This is the most significant benefit these guns have over the HVLP guns since they exert a controlled pressure-flow in the correct direction. Since they do not have the problem of over-spraying, you can also get the benefit of saving your paint and money.

High-pressure tools like HVLP spray guns are considered to be less safe, but working with a low pressure tool like LVLP spray gun you get the ability of protecting yourself and others.



Best Overall: ASTRO EuroPro Forged LVLP Spray Gun

It takes first place at being the best LVLP spray gun on the market. It is a pro when it comes to durability and you will be guaranteed on having the best machine over the years.  The package also includes lower maintenance costs associated with this lightweight body of aluminum machine. The high level of durability means that it is resistant to corrosion. The Astro LVLP spray gun is a high-quality machine that is a bit expensive, but an impressive masterpiece. It is one of the sturdiest on Amazon because of the aluminum lightweight body. You can trust any of your projects with this spray gun because it is highly resistant to corrosion. It has an accurate curtain-like spray design which is efficient in minimizing over sprays.

ASTRO EVOT14 EuroPro Forged LVLP Spray Gun
  • Forged body provides longer tool life and anodized body for corrosion protection
  • Stainless steel needle and fluid tip with a slick finish for faster & easier cleaning
  • Innovative, advanced EVO-T technology providing finest atomization and classic quality
View on Amazon

This spray gun has a soft trigger which makes it compatible and very easy to use. This feature reduces fatigue as much as possible whether you are spraying lacquer or latex paints. Any small air compressor will be suitable for this spray gun, so you do not have to worry about transfer efficiency. The Astro spray gun has a tip with a size of about 1.3mm and 1.4mm which is made from simple technology. The body of the gun has an anodized covering which makes it durable thereby having a longer shelf life. There is a fluid tip made from stainless steel which enables a simple and easy washing process. To protect against corrosion, the manufacturer managed to coat the internal passages of the spray gun very well. The Astro gun has the ability to work under low pressure thereby producing the best results.


  • It has a light aluminum body
  • Consists of an air curtain spray which reduces overspray
  • Has a soft pull trigger
  • Very easy to carry around


  • Requires more time to be familiar with it
  • Very expensive compared to other models
  • The spray gun cannot be used at a higher speed



Best Budget: SPRAYIT LVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun

The Sprayit LVLP Gravity spray gun is also known as the Sprayit SP-33000 or SP-33000K, meaning it falls under a gun kit version of the LVLP sprays. The overall construction of the gun makes it suitable for most paint projects. It falls under gravity-fed sprayer guns with an aluminum lightweight body which is very easy to clean. This gravity-fed system gives the spray gun more power making it the most impressive and unbeatable spray gun amongst others. It can consume at least 39 CFM at a pressure of 30PSI. When working with a pressure of 60PSI it can still produce good solid sprays without requiring too much pressure. It is most suited to work with lightweight and portable air compressors.

SPRAYIT SP-33000K LVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit
  • One-piece lightweight aluminum gun body with 20 oz./0.6 l plastic cup
  • Separate and adjustable fluid, fan pattern and air controls for precise application
  • Working pressure 28-45 PSI. Maximum pressure 60 PSI
View on Amazon

It is top-rated for having an incredible transfer efficiency which delivers a slick, clean finish through a low rate of air consumption. You have the ability to control the spray pattern and amount of air consumption through a fluid fan which is easily adjustable. This is the perfect gun for any type of paint job because you will have full control of the whole process. This spray gun is able to handle small and detailed projects because of its size. You have the ability to move around while painting, thus preventing scratches or damaging wet paint areas. This is made possible because of the swivel cup that prevents any mess-ups when working in very tight places.

Any type of paint can flow through this spray gun that is why it is best suited for any painting job. You can easily clean the gun after finishing all of your tasks. The fluid fan pattern can be customized to cover an area that ranges from 5.5 to 7.5 inches. It operates very efficiently and effectively at 44 to 58 PSI ranges of air pressure.


  • Consists of a controllable and adjustable fluid fan pattern
  • It performs very effectively and efficiently
  • Quite affordable
  • Allows you to work very effectively in tight fitting places
  • Has a longer shelf life
  • Contains a rust-free stainless steel fluid needle


  • Does not produce a strong spray pattern
  • It is not perfect for respraying



Best High End: SPRAYIT LVLP Gravity Feed Kit

Sprayit LVLP Gravity Feed Kit is also part of the SP-33000K family of spray guns. However, this spray gun is quite large and it contains a variety of components and options for you to choose from. It comes with a controllable fluid fan pattern. It is also known as the SP-33500K and contains a variety of plastic sized cups. These cups make it easier for you to change paints and volumes without any hassles. You can also select different spray configurations and volumes through a regulator knob. The adjustable spray pattern is at least 4 inches narrow and 11 inches wide thus creating specific spray configurations that can fit every single project.

SPRAYIT SP-33500K LVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit
  • Mini Spray Gun One-piece lightweight aluminum gun body with 120cc plastic cup
  • Spray Gun One-piece lightweight aluminum gun body with 20 oz./0.6 l plastic cup
  • Working pressure 28-45 PSI. Maximum pressure 60 PSI
View on Amazon

It is a one-piece embedded spray gun body that is very easy to clean. The variety of plastic sized cups makes it possible for you to continue working with other cups while other cups are being cleaned. It is top-rated because of the low price you pay for such an effective product. It contains a variety of nozzles with different sizes which are 1.3mm, 1.5mm and 1.7mm. The needle and nozzle have been effectively coated making them corrosion-resistant. It requires very little air for operation, which means it can be used with a small air compressor. This spray gun has a specific air consumption of about 3.5CFM to 3.9 CFM at 30 psi. For the best optimal outcomes, opt for a working pressure that is between 25 to 45 psi.


  • Designed with the ability of lasting very long
  • Has got different spray tips
  • Very efficient
  • It has different sized nozzles
  • Consists of a standard paint cup that is suitable for large projects


  • It is very difficult to use compared to other models
  • You can only get the spray gun and paint cup in one size only



How LVLP Spray Guns Work

LVLP spray guns work the same way as any other pneumatic spray guns by exerting some air through the compressor, thereby creating airflow from the pressure built-up.  When the air has been sufficiently built, it is released through the hose into the spray gun kit. This will create a steam that passes through the gun. The type of gun you are using determines how the paint will travel in the machine. Gravity draws paint into the air stream. When the paint is mixed with air that is when atomization takes place resulting in an aerosol.

 The aerosol will allow the paint to be spread very easily through the nozzle.  LVLP spray guns are better than HVLP spray guns because they produce few defects. This is because air bubbles can be produced in high volume which can cause a lot of defects. The LVLP uses low pressure and a thin nozzle which allows a low volume of paint to be pushed out of the gun. The only disadvantage of the low pressure is that this LVLP takes a lot of time in completing large projects. They also have a tendency not to produce thick coats of paint. LVLP spray guns are suitable for small projects since they do not require a much powerful air compressor.

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Comparing and Evaluating LVLP Spray Guns

When deciding on which type of LVLP spray gun to buy, you should not consider the CFM. This is because the pressure and volume of these guns is naturally low compared to HVLP spray guns. You do not have to bother or concern yourself about the strength of these guns because they are generally weak. The only thing you have to consider is the fan pattern and whether the gun is able to efficiently transfer the paint.


Transfer Efficiency

This is the most important factor to seriously consider when looking for an LVLP spray gun. The transfer efficiency will be able to tell you all about the pressure of the gun. You need to assess whether the spray gun has too much pressure that can cause overspray or if the pressure is too low. Too much low pressure means you will not have enough paint to complete your paint project.


Air Pressure

Before you purchase your spray gun, check if you will be able to adjust the pressure with much ease. Easily adjustable air pressure will ensure that you have quality sprays every time you work on your projects. This will also mean that you will be able to get a good amount of paint which suits your requirements.



Assess whether the spray gun you want to buy is easy or difficult to clean. Always opt for a spray gun that does not give you problems when cleaning. Opt for a one-piece spray gun because it does have fewer components that cause clogging. This will also make the cleaning process easier for you because there will be less paint clogged inside the gun.



If your choice of spray gun has a lot of components, make sure that the components can be detached easily. This will allow you to properly clean each and every piece effectively. Every spray gun requires proper cleaning for it to perform very well. Always flush the lines after every use to ensure smooth results.



The last factor to look for when purchasing a spray gun is durability. Opt for an aluminum gun that has the ability to last longer compared to a plastic one. This will ensure that you will have a proper solid product that you can use for a very long time. An aluminum gun body costs more, but the spray gun is worth the investment. Thus, the spray gun is the best purchase that you can use for a long time.



Some spray guns can easily be controlled by anyone but require costly maintenance. Buy a spray gun that will not give you problems when it comes to maintenance. Take special consideration when it comes to selecting the sprayer model. This is because the spray gun has to be cleaned very properly after use. You can affect the durability of the product by not properly cleaning it after use.

Avoid the complex designed spray guns because they are difficult to clean. This is because spray guns wear and tear very quickly due to prolonged applications which results in damaging the sprayer. Minimal use of the product can reduce damages to the sprayer.

lvlp spray gun kit


Material Type

The type of material used by the spray gun matters a lot and should be taken into consideration before purchasing. The best spray gun should have a light and durable material. A good material will not give you any problems when using it. Most experts advise customers to buy the aluminum-based sprayer because it is best suited for both professionals and beginners.



Heavy spray guns can be quite unmanageable and frustrating to work with for long hours. This is because of the bulky size that makes it impossible to easily carry the spray gun around. A lighter model is your best option, provided you can use it for a long time too. Avoid buying large clunky and solid models. Consider a spray gun that is aluminum-based because it will prevent the feeling of fatigue that you may get when using a heavy spray gun.


Product Reviews

Look at customer reviews on online stores before making your choice of an LVLP spray gun. Reviews will prevent you from making the wrong decision and spending your money on a worthless spray model. Browse the internet and look for websites that contain a list of customer reviews concerning the best LVLP spray guns to purchase. Properly do your homework and select your best choice among the variety of spray guns that is available on the market.



This point is very important to you if you are a newbie. Choose a product that is user-friendly because most sprayers require a lot of experience for proper handling. This is due to the fact that most spray guns are quite complicated. Furthermore, it is not ideal to always ask the help of a professional each time you want to use your product. Rather go for a simple model and save yourself from unnecessary stress.



Benefits of Using LVLP Spray Guns

There are many advantages to using LVLP spray guns, such as the ease of use, the smooth finish, the economic use of paint, as well as its ability to cover large surface areas. 


Easy Spraying Process

Crooked surfaces are very complicated and hard to paint using a brush or roller. A lot of corners can be missed when using a paintbrush making it hard to complete the painting process very effectively. However, an LVLP spray gun makes the spraying process very easy.


Uniform, Smooth Finish

You can easily get a uniform and smooth finish when using LVLP spray guns especially if the surface is dry. This is one of the advantages an LVLP spray gun has over normal paintbrushes. A paintbrush can leave some unpainted spots or spots with excessive paint. However, LVLP spray gun can help you in achieving a uniform and smooth coat finish.


Less Waste

Paint is bound to drip when using a brush or roller, thus resulting in paint waste. If you want to prevent these wastes from occurring, it is advisable to use an LVLP spray gun. Not only does it minimize the mess during painting, but it also minimizes paint wastes so that you can be able to use every drop of your paint effectively.


Ability to complete Large Projects

It is quite impossible to handle large projects using a roller or brush. The process can prove to be very frustrating since it will take you too long to complete. Painting projects are meant to be fun and exciting, full of anticipation of wanting to see the final result. Thus an LVLP gun might be your best option in ensuring that you complete any project no matter the size.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do you define an LVLP Spray Gun?

This is a type of spray gun that uses both low volume and pressure when in use. The ability to operate under low pressure ensures that it does not overspray but delivers the best finish compared to other spray guns.


Which is the Best Spray Gun, an HVLP or LVLP?

An LVLP spray gun is better when compared to an HVLP spray gun. This is because it makes your workload much easier and you can finish it in no time. A LVLP spray gun offers a super smooth finish while the HVLP produces a coarse finish when applied to a painted finish.


Which LVLP Spray Gun is the Best?

ASTRO EUROPRO Forged LVLP Spray Gun is the best spray gun on the market. It has an incredible forged body that makes it durable.


What Kind of Projects can I Use the LVLP Spray Gun for?

The LVLP spray guns are suitable for most projects. They are suitable for house doors, motorcycles, cars and so on.

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