Crafts to Do at Home

Crafts to Do at Home – Our Best Family Craft Projects

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Family time has become so precious to all of us, and with more people spending so much time at home, television has become our number one escape from reality. Of course, we all know that sitting around doing something could be better. If you have time, why not use the opportunity to attempt a few fun crafts to do at home? Let’s look at a few cool craft ideas to do at home.



Fun Crafts to Try at Home

If you have been wracking your brain trying to think of fun crafts to do at home, then look no further than our helpful list of crafty ideas. We are certain that you will find something exciting to try, many of which are suitable for the whole family.

Fun at Home Craft Ideas


Decoupage Vases

Ever wondered how you could help save the earth? Just by recycling your tins and glass bottles, you are contributing. Few people think about crafts to do at home when looking at tins and container jars, but these two items are so popular to upcycle!

Decoupage Vase at Home Craft

You will need a paintbrush, Mod Podge or glaze, and a few bright-colored disposable napkins. That’s it. That’s all you will need for this easy craft! Disposable napkins are now sold in the most amazing patterns and colors. The brighter the picture, the brighter your vase will be.

  • When wanting to recycle used jars, the most tedious part of the job is to soak them in hot soapy water to get the labels off. That can quickly be done at night so that it doesn’t interfere with the creative juices when you start decorating. The tags will fall off without much scrubbing when you get to the tin and glass jars the following day.
  • If you look at a disposable napkin closely, you will see they have three layers; carefully peel the back two white layers off from the top picture layer. The top layer with the picture is what you will use to decorate your tin or bottle.
  • Once the napkin has been separated, place it to the side and then paint the entire container or glass on the outside using the paintbrush and mod podge or glaze. While wet, place the napkin onto the surface and lightly press down.
  • Place the napkin onto the glass or tin, covering small areas simultaneously to minimize the air bubbles. Your napkin can be partially straight; if you need to use more than one napkin, don’t worry if it overlaps. That will add to the texture of the finished craft project.
  • Once you have covered the entire surface, paint an additional coat of mod podge over the napkin surface and let it dry completely. If any frayed ends are sticking out at the bottom or top of the tin or jar, gently remove them with your fingers while it is still wet. The frayed edges will come off quickly enough.

Decoupage Home Craft Idea

The jars and tins can now be used as cutlery holders on your table when having a barbecue with friends. They also make helpful holders for pens and pencils in your home office. And if you want to decorate a table for a special occasion, they can act as your centerpiece vases with little bunches of flowers.


Wallpaper Lined Trays

In many homes, some trays could look a little grubby, and the best way to recycle them would be to spruce them up. Using wallpaper or your favorite magazine picture will do the trick. You can even use a family photograph printed onto white paper. Wallpaper-lined trays are another one of those easy things to make. You can do this project outside in the sunshine, and the best part of these cool crafts to do at home is that they do not make much of a mess. You will need your old tray, paintbrush, chosen picture or wallpaper, and Mod Podge or glaze bottle.

Wallpaper-Lined Tray Craft

  • Clean the tray with warm soapy water and let it dry. If your tray is particularly grubby, you can use vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to remove the grime.
  • Once you have chosen your picture or wallpaper for the tray, make sure it will fit by simply putting the tray down on the paper and drawing the outline. You will put the picture onto the tray to measure it, so it fits perfectly on the flat surface. If the tray has handles, these can be painted at a later stage.
  • Once the tray is clean, dip the paintbrush into the mod podge or glaze and paint the entire flat surface. Starting on one side of the tray, place the paper down and press until you get to the other end. Once the piece is flat on the surface, ensure all air bubbles have been eliminated by pressing them out, or you can even take a small pin and prick the bubbles to let the air out.
  • When you are happy that all the bubbles have been removed, paint the picture with another coat of mod podge which will seal the image nicely to protect it from water damage. Let the tray dry in the sun while you have a cup of tea, and once it is completely dry, you can now put it up in a place of pride in your kitchen or use it when you next serve refreshments to visitors.


Greeting Cards

Cards for special occasions are still important, as people love reading them when they receive a special gift. Making your greeting cards is always a great gift. The person receiving the card will know that much effort has gone into creating a special gift for them. Making greeting cards is one of the best fun craft ideas; imagine how surprised your family will be if they all receive their personalized card for Christmas. You will need cardboard, a pair of scissors, glue or a glue gun, colored pencils or markers, a black pen, a pencil, and a ruler.

Greeting Card Home Craft Idea

  • Look at what size you want the card to be, draw straight lines with a pencil and ruler, and cut out the cardboard so that when you fold it, it will be the size you want. If it’s around Valentine’s day and you want to make a valentine’s day card, you can cut the cardboard into a heart shape, which is a great way to create a different look.
  • Once the card is cut out, your imagination can run wild. If somebody in your family loves sewing, you can glue old buttons onto the card with either glue or a glue gun using an attractive pattern. If somebody loves sparkly things, you can use glitter or diamantes to decorate the front of the card, and if somebody flowers, you can either draw flowers on the front or get small artificial flowers and stick them down on the card.
  • Once you have finished with the front of the card, on the inside, you can write a personalized message using calligraphy writing. Greeting cards are expensive, and by using your imagination for fun crafts at home, you will delight a friend and save money.


Painted Stones

Suppose you are invited to a tea party with friends or perhaps a barbeque. You can take a gift with you for the host. Instead of going to the shops to purchase flowers or a bottle of wine, why not think about cool crafts to do at home, such as painting a few stones as a gift for your friend’s garden or patio? You need a few nicely shaped stones that you can purchase from a garden center. If you are lucky enough to live close to the beach, you may be able to collect some lovely round stones to paint.

Stone Painting Home Craft Idea

  • You will need five or six nicely shaped round stones to make a lovely gift. Some mod podge or glaze, at least six different bottles of acrylic paint, a paintbrush, a dark pencil, and a few permanent markers.
  • Once you have chosen your stone collection, please put them in a sink with warm soapy water to clean off any sand and wipe it dry. These easy crafts are ideal to do outside in the garden on a warm sunny day.
  • Paint each stone with a coat of mod podge and let it dry. Once it has dried, you can paint the stone with acrylic paint, and once again, you can let your imagination take its course here. If you want to paint specific things such as flowers, first draw the flower on the stone with a dark pencil so that this can guide you when you paint it. It will stand out perfectly if you paint a white daisy on a blue stone.
  • You could also paint small butterflies or even little ladybugs on the stones, and if your talents don’t include drawing, how about just painting the stone a solid color or even a multitude of colors? You may think about writing a special message on the stone with marking pens as well.
  • Once the painting or drawing is dry, paint an additional coat of mod podge over the entire stone and leave it to dry in the sun. Once completely dry, you can package them in a beautiful box with some tissue paper and wrap them up. If you want to be unique, place the stones around a lush green potted plant where they will be on display quickly.
  • If you are a talented artist and can create great pictures on a small surface, this is just brilliant as this can quickly turn out to be a hobby that you can use to make some extra cash. You can display all your home crafts at markets where many people are now buying colorful stones for their gardens or as gifts.


Body Scrub

All bath and shower time products are a big hit and have become one of the more accessible crafts to do at home. Suppose you have enough money to purchase a few small glass bottles for packaging purposes. In that case, you can quickly start a small home business where you can sell your product to friends and family and may even look at the possibility of selling your product at weekend markets.

Body Scrub at Home Craft Idea

  • To make your two-in-one body scrub, mix four tablespoons of brown sugar in a bowl and add one teaspoon of clover honey and half a tablespoon of sweet almond oil.
  • Next, add four small drops of lemon essential oil and three small drops of orange essential oil. Stir the mixture well, spoon it into your small glass bottles, and seal it.
  • To make the bottle look attractive, you can add a color lid or ribbon and a personalized embellished label. Better yet, you can even personalize the bottle by painting it with mod podge and acrylic paint.

The body scrub is ready to be used in the bath or shower. Rub it over the areas of your body, such as feet, hands, elbows, or knees, and then wash off with warm water. The soft feel after using this body scrub is addictive, so remember that you may need to double up on the recipe because it could become a nightly habit.



More Home Craft Ideas

When thinking about home crafts and fun craft ideas, your imagination could be the only thing stopping you! If you have to watch the pennies, there are plenty of cheap crafts to do at home for your enjoyment, and if you are thinking about easy things to make where you can start a little business and have a bit of cash to spare, then your fun crafts to do at home will be much more lucrative. The above ideas you have read are only a few of our favorites. Let’s look at what else you can do in terms of crafts at home.

Home Crafts that Sell


Make a Bunting

If you are busy arranging a kid’s party, the order of the day is that it must be fun and colorful. The easiest way to incorporate color at any party is by using bunting. If you have leftover scraps of material or old clothes that are ready for the junk heap, you can easily make colorful bunting which will add to the atmosphere you want to create. You can also use cardboard or colored paper to make bunting, and it’s one of the fun crafts to do at home to get the kids involved so that they feel they have also contributed to their birthday parties.

Cut Paper Bunting Home Craft


Create Some Clay Jewelry

Jewelry making from clay has become very trendy, mainly because it is a cheap way to make accessories with color. Making your jewelry is rewarding and can become a good business. The secret to making your jewelry is practicing it to become almost perfect.

Polymer Clay Jewelry Home Craft


Make Your Own Candles

Candle making is an art. It is expensive to make candles, but everybody loves them, especially scented candles. Although quite costly to produce, there is a massive market for candles, and it will be one of those fun crafts to do at home. We are sure your friends will happily support you in this great adventure.

Home-Made Candle Craft Idea


Soap Making

Glycerin soap is trending right now, and if you choose soap making as one of the crafts to do at home, you will never look back. It is in high demand and a bit costly to start, but once you have bought everything you need to create your home crafts, the ingredients go a long way. It is a perfect gift for a ladies’ lunch or, better yet, the ideal way to start your small home business.

Make Soap at Home Craft


Bath Salts

Like soap, making your bath salts is relatively easy and a hot seller. There is nothing better than lying in a nice warm bath with bath salts after a hard day’s work, and getting it as a gift makes it all the more special. Bottling the bath salts is a bit pricey but remember, people look with their eyes when they purchase things or receive a gift, so having an attractive package will help sell your home crafts much easier, or help make your present more appealing to fussy aunts and friends!

Make Bath Salts Home Craft


Fabric Painted T-Shirts

Printed T-shirts on demand are trending right now. People are looking for personalized T-shirts with funny sayings or dramatic pictures. If you can afford one of the many computer packages currently being sold to enable you to print customized T-shirts, you will likely make a killing. With a bit of time and practice, you will be able to market your product, and a small adventure of fun crafts to do at home will soon become a lucrative business. With some fabric paint in hand, the sky is the limit!

Painting T-Shirt Home Craft


Make Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are one of the easy crafts to do at home and are in high demand. If you can master the art of creating Christmas wreaths, they will be bought up in no time by friends and family. Christmas wreaths are undoubtedly one of those brilliant, fun craft ideas. You can also combine making wreaths with crafting easy DIY velvet mushrooms.

Wreath-Making Home Craft


Try Your Hand at Knitting

The art of knitting and embroidery has taken almost a back seat compared to many other beautiful crafts to do at home. However, it is an industry that will never die, and if you have the talent and the money to invest in good machines, you could even create a home business and you can market your creations online. Corporate companies are always looking for branded embroidery items, and if you can get your foot in the door in just one company, your order book may be filling up before your eyes.



It is clear that sitting and watching television programs could quickly become a thing of the past once we start thinking about fun crafts to do at home. The hardest part of any project is always getting started. Once the creative juices start flowing, you will realize that making unique crafts can be therapeutic and perhaps a money-making opportunity where creativity will have no bounds. We hope that we have tempted you with these easy things to make. All that is left to say is: take that leap, you won’t be sorry!



Frequently Asked Questions


What Are Some Fun Craft Ideas?

Now that we spend so much more time at home, many easy crafts to do at home are uppermost in our minds. Let’s list a few things off the top of our heads that you may want to consider. Wallpaper-lined trays are a brilliant way to liven up a kitchen area. For the collector of glass jars or tin cans, these are the ideal things to create bright vases for the garden or bathroom.


What Craft Is Trending Right Now?

Needlepoint is the trending thing right now. If you don’t have a sewing machine and want to get ahead with the trend, don’t worry too much, there are a few things you can make without a sewing machine. The thought of a little handmade wallet for your bag would be an excellent home craft idea. The wallet can be made from square fabric using a thread and a needle.


What Home Crafts Make Money?

The biggest money maker when thinking of crafts to do at home would be making jewelry. If you want to progress even further, other cool crafts at home include making bath salts and homemade soap. If you are very adventurous and have the equipment, candle-making is also a big seller. Personalized cups and t-shirts are also a big hit now, but only if you can produce them on demand.

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