Easy Art Ideas

Easy Art Ideas – A Few Exciting Art Inspiration Ideas for Beginners

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Do you have a creative streak, but you’re not quite sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. You don’t have to create fancy, elaborate works of art to truly make an impression through your designs. Usually, simple yet impactful artworks are what resonate the most with people. We have some easy art ideas for you to try out and practice to master the techniques.



Where to Draw Art Inspiration Ideas

The beautiful thing about creating art is that it doesn’t need to be of a high-end nature to be considered high-quality. Art is subjective, so it can look different to everyone. Since the concept of art varies from person to person, the places where we can draw inspiration can be from pretty much anywhere. The idea that life imitates art is profound enough to show a distinctive link between art and how it can influence our ideas and inspiration.

Some of the common places people tend to draw inspiration for cool art projects is the world of literature. For centuries, people have expressed themselves and their feelings through thought-provoking works of writing, emotive poetry, exciting play scripts, and other forms of literature that captivate the reader.

Art Projects Ideas

Music, over time, has been another captivating form of inspiration for creatives to be inspired by. Music can create a picture in our minds through lyrics, melodies, and synths. We begin to envision and imagine certain concepts through music, which can be visually conceptualized through art. We also have an art prompts generator to inspire you for your next drawing.

As the concept of television first made an appearance and became a widely-viewed form of entertainment, ideas for art would flow freely in the minds of viewers. Movies and television series can inspire creatives to dive into whichever themes are highlighted in these shows and let that inspiration be the main focus of their creative outlet. Something as seemingly insignificant as a color scheme of a show can help invoke a certain emotion, and the same can be done through an artwork. In case you didn’t notice, color palettes are used to depict certain emotions on television. Blue usually holds a range of feelings, including depression, melancholy, peace, or even calm, depending on the scene and music accompanying it.

Easy art ideas can be discovered through the world of media, literature, and music without much effort. Art inspiration ideas will likely flow freely after exposing yourself to these mediums, without much effort from your side.



The Best Basic Art Projects

Art projects can be easy while still being hard-hitting, as what is impactful doesn’t necessarily need to have all the bells and whistles attached to it. If you have taken a deep dive into the forms of media and literature mentioned above and still find yourself without any inspiration for simple art concepts, here are some simple art ideas for you to try out when you feel like exploring new ideas.

Fun Artwork Ideas


Easy Art Ideas for Painters

Each art form has simple artwork ideas that different types of artists can enjoy without the use of expensive art mediums and elaborate creative methods. In this case, we will look at the best ideas you can try out with painting. The following supplies are needed for these ideas:

  • Paint (preferably acrylic)
  • Canvas/paper (including a black canvas)
  • Round and flat paint brushes (one of each at least)
  • Jar of water
  • Chalk
  • A toothbrush
  • A pencil
  • A spray bottle
  • A bowl (for tracing)
  • Q-tips
  • Wooden skewer
  • Paper towels


How to Paint the Moon

The first idea you can play around with is the basic yet well-loved simple art idea of painting the moon since it does not require any extensive painting experience or skills. First, grab a black canvas (using a black canvas will help you properly execute the idea), your bowl, and chalk. Place the bowl on the black canvas and trace it around the bowl, creating a perfect circle as a baseline.

Next, you can either continue to use your chalk or you can grab your pencil and create an outline of the areas which are the darker parts of the moon, such as where the craters are more distinctive. You can search for a template online for a reference on where to create these darker spots.

Moon Art Projects

Once that is done, grab a flat brush and white acrylic paint and begin to paint the other areas around the craters and darker areas you have created. If you want to create extra texture between the lines of the moon craters and the lighter parts, dip your white paint in some water and go a little bit into the lines of the craters, still keeping it just touching the border though avoid messiness.

Grab your black and white acrylic paint and mix the two to get a gray shade. Use the gray shade to paint the craters in. The white and gray may mix but this will create a more realistic look at the end anyway. Next, grab a dry, round brush and gently dab around the borders of the craters you made since this method helps to blend the image as a whole.

Moon Ideas for Art

Add the final details to the crater by making smaller and larger white dots with the white acrylic paint. You can search for a reference image to see where the best placement for these is. Use a dark shade to highlight the darkest areas, making sure you use a darker gray than the one you used above (add more black for a darker hue). Take a Q-tip and blend some of the spots out, for a more realistic look (ejecta rays). Finally, paint a white ring around the entire moon for a more stand-out look.

These simple, easy-to-follow steps are the best way to create an easy moon image with all the necessary details to make it look realistic, without any fancy painting skills necessary.


How to Paint Lavender Flowers

Another simple art idea that will help you flex your creative muscles without needing extensive experience is painting flowers. Lavender flowers in specific offer a more striking floral image than your standard garden flowers, yet don’t need fancy painting methods to be executed.

In this instance, we will use a white canvas to create the artwork. Grab your spray bottle filled with water and spray the water onto the canvas, making it only slightly damp. Use both white and black acrylic paint and make paint drops on the canvas, using more white than black. Use your preferred paintbrush and create vertical brushstrokes for blending the black and white paint. The aim of this is to create a gray background that has different tones.

Lavender Artwork Ideas

At this point you can use a paper towel with drops of white paint on it and dab it across the canvas, creating some extra details that make the background of the painting truly stand out. Once the painting is dry, add green paint to your wooden skewers and press it against the canvas to create flower stems. Keep repeating this method with different shades of green to create a more dimensional look.

Once the bottom of the canvas has the described number of stems that you are comfortable with, add some lavender paint to a Q-tip. Use the Q-tip to start dabbing around the branches, creating the flowers. Lookup a template online for a reference if you are unsure exactly how these petals are located.

Art Inspiration Ideas

After that is dry, take a darker shade of purple and make pops of richer purple over just some of the other lighter purples to make the image stand out. Lastly, use a lighter purple than the two different shades of purple previously used (you can also add white to a purple shade to make it lighter) and repeat the earlier dabbing method. Although you may assume that a lavender floral image may be difficult, it is a rather simple painting when you follow these simple steps.

Those are just two of the various easy art projects that painters can use to create stunning works of art without too much work or hours put into it. Painting with acrylics may be intimidating for amateur painters, but these two simple painting ideas are a great way to start.


Basic Art Inspiration Ideas for Sketchwork Artists

Not all artists express themselves through paint, and some prefer to draw their creative visions as a form of self-expression. Sketching also assists you in creating a baseline for a later painting, should you wish to use it as a template. Here are some ideas for you to utilize and explore your sketching talents. You will need the following items for these easy ideas for art:

  • Sketching pencils (at least three)
  • Sketching paper
  • A white plastic eraser


How to Draw a Landscape

Landscape portraits are a well-loved image to create for all forms of artists, and it doesn’t require as much time and effort as you may initially think. Landscapes are especially popular among sketch artists as they look awe-inspiring once done and also help you practice your sketch work.

The first thing you need to create this landscape image is high-quality sketch paper. Once you are confident in your paper, source a landscape image as a reference for you to use as you go along. Begin by creating the most predominant shapes and the horizon as these will be your focal points. Keep in mind where the shadows and highlights will be on the image and create references for yourself to remember these important areas as you go along.

Landscape Art Projects

Next, you will add contour lines to your drawing. Contour lines are when you refine both the inside and outside of a shape or image without directly shading. To do this, you will slowly trace around the chosen image and keep a steady hand. How light or dark you want it depends on how hard you press so it comes down to personal preference.

Before finishing off with the finer details, we have to complete the tones of the image. Using your reference image as a guide, begin working on the tones and shading; starting from the background and working your way towards the foreground. Finally, it’s time to work on the details. Focus on the nitty-gritty aspects of the image that make it look multidimensional and realistic and create the details from the reference image used. You will once again begin in the background and sketch your way to the foreground of the image.

Now you have a fully-detailed landscape image without much requirement of professional skills or an abundance of available time to pull it off!


How to Draw a Bird

You may want to try something a little different from the standard landscape image, yet still, stick with relatively easy artwork ideas. You can achieve this by drawing something detailed yet simple, such as a bird.

As with all other artworks, you will begin with the rough shape of the image and work your way towards the details. First, draw a line that will show where the bird’s posture stands, as a reference point. Then, draw a circular or somewhat oval shape around the line, which will be the bird’s ‘body’. Add the head of the bird at the top, drawing just the general outline. At this point, you can find a reference image of a bird if you do not want to draw a generalized one.

Simple Art Ideas

Take a step back and look if the scale of the head to body lines up. If not, rescale accordingly so that you don’t have to go back and fix it later. Once that is done, create an eye bill line that will guide you on where the bird is facing and looking, with the eye that will be added later in the area that connects the circle and the line. Add the tail of the bird next, starting the line from a little bit inside of the bird. It’s advised you use a reference of a bird if you are unsure where to place this.

Next, add the angles of the bird, including the way the wings and body are generally shaped. Pay special attention to the way the angles may begin to change as the areas connect, and keep the flow of the image going. Create the area where the front end of the wing is, taking into consideration whether the wing is rested or outstretched. Create a line where the bottom feathers break from the top part of the wings. Add the legs, focusing on the direction the bird is facing once again.

Finish with the details of the image, including the individual feathers and the shading. You will need a reference image of the bird in mind for this part since you want to be sure of the details. You’re left with a simple yet stunning bird artwork that you can keep practicing to perfect in the future.


Simple Cool Art Projects for Embroiderers

Easy art ideas are not simply reserved for those who paint or draw. If you’re curious to get into the art of embroidery, it’s useful to know certain tips to begin your designs without much hassle. Here is one way you can plan and begin to start you off on your journey and refine your skills. This is what you will need for easy embroidery art projects:

  • An embroidery hoop
  • Embroidery fabric
  • Embroidery floss
  • Embroidery scissors
  • Embroidery needle
  • A reference image

Embroidery Ideas for Art


How to Do a Running Stitch

The most basic of stitches to know is the running stitch, a great method that can create a distinctive outline of your artwork. Remember to tie a knot at the end of the embroidery floss to avoid it going through the material. Once you’re sure that is done, push the needle up through the material and begin to “weave” the thread.

You can begin creating however many lines/rows you wish.


How to Do a Satin Stitch

If you’re feeling confident and ready to take on more with your embroidery skills, you can move deeper into your skills and fill in your stitched shapes and images through this method.  Begin by creating a single stitch and keep weaving through to create a more solid, filled-in look. (you can use the earlier beginning method, but instead of weaving, stitch as close to the thread used as possible).

Fun Embroidery Art Projects

Basic embroidery skills like the ones mentioned above are all that are needed to create stunning patterns and images through the method, and the kind of stitches you use can make all of the difference in how the image turns out.


Easy art ideas can be found in various forms of art creation, and the ones you prefer will depend on what your chosen artwork medium and specific skill set are. Through these various forms of art, you can find a simple artwork idea that will suit your preferences and help you upskill your creative work.



Frequently Asked Questions


Where Else Can I Look for Ideas for Art?

If you have used these simple ideas and other suggestions for art inspiration, there are other ways to find creative inspiration. There are various unique ways to get your creative juices flowing. Some of these ways to spark your artistic inspiration includes going on a walk through nature, visiting an art museum, watching plays, or listening to live music. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself to get creative inspiration then and there; it may happen sporadically and you should be patient.


Do Cool Art Projects Take Time to Create?

You may assume that a show-stopping work of art takes many hours and an extensive set of skills to create, but the reality is that awe-inspiring artworks do not need to be fancy, high-end pieces to be impressionable. Simple yet effective cool art projects can be done by anyone at any time. You just need a passion for art and easy, step-by-step methods to follow, much like the methods mentioned earlier in this article.

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