Easy Paper Crafts

Easy Paper Crafts – Fun Paper Art Projects for Kids

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There are thousands of paper craft ideas you can try at home, from ideas aimed at kids to beautiful home décor pieces you can use in your house. Paper is an easy material to come by and there are numerous easy paper crafts for you to discover. Below, we have provided a long list of paper art projects that cater to all ages! We will begin with some simple paper crafts that everyone is bound to love, and then we also have a few paper crafts for kids and, after that, some ideas that are aimed more towards adults!



Simple Paper Crafts

We will begin with these simple paper crafts that everyone can do. These fun paper crafts do not require any skills and are easy enough for beginners and kids alike. The only materials you will need include paper and maybe some scissors or a craft knife, and glue. We are sure that you are aware that there is a variety of papers available. Some paper art projects require thicker paper, such as kraft paper, which is stronger than printing paper and is used mostly for packaging.

Let us have a look at a few more different types of paper commonly used.

  • Printing paper
  • Butcher paper
  • Cardstock
  • Origami paper
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Recycled packaging
  • Newspaper

The recycled packaging can include scraps or off-cuts, paper bags, magazines, and even cereal boxes. Of course, you can use any type of paper you have available, even something from a notebook or another old book where you can use the pages. Next, we will be looking at some fun paper crafts.

Easy Diy Paper Crafts


Basic Origami Ideas

You can get some pretty complex origami or paper folding projects, but there are also many fun ideas that even kids can do. All you need is some origami paper and some instructions on how to fold the paper to create a design. If you are a beginner, it is best to start with really simple ideas like a simple origami dog or cat, an origami butterfly, a jumping frog, flowers, or fish.

Not only is this type of easy paper craft great for improving motor skills and helping with concentration, but it is also fun too.


Card Making Ideas

Cards have become quite expensive, so why not try making one? There are numerous occasions you can aim for including birthdays, Christmas, weddings, or simply just because. There are also numerous ideas you can try. You can make it easy and simply use stickers, stamps, and some glitter, or you can go all out with different shapes and added embellishments. You can even go for something more challenging, such as a pop-up card.

Paper Art Projects


Paper Quilling

Paper quilling is something anybody can do, and all you need are a few tools and materials. You will need some different color quilling paper strips, a quilling tool, and your baseboard or paper. You can also use a toothpick or skewer as your quilling tool and cut out your own paper strips. However, it is more effective and easier to get a simple beginner quilling set. You can create a variety of items with paper quilling, such as bookmarks, photo frames, gift tags, jewelry, and even cute three-dimensional miniatures. There are a few quilling techniques and shapes to learn, but the ideas are endless.

Any design is possible, from animals and flowers, and abstract designs. Keep it simple and easy or go for more complex and challenging designs.


Paper Fan

You can take simple cardstock and shape it into a beautiful fan. This is one of the easy paper crafts and has most probably been done by most of us. You can use solid colors, or go for a patterned look, maybe even paint the paper or card, and add glitter before you begin folding. You will be using a concertina-type fold to create the fan. Once done, you can staple or glue one end, which is where you will hold the fan. You can also make multiple fans and glue them together to make a fan wheel you can use as a decorative element.

Simple Paper Art Projects


3D Paper Snowflakes

You can create beautiful snowflakes in the wintertime to hang anywhere or make them Christmas ornaments for the tree. To create the snowflakes, you must get some paper, scissors, glue, and instructions. There are many styles to choose from, and most of the instructions you can find online. All of them require some folding, cutting, and sticking or gluing. You also do not have to stick to white, you can choose any color to create a snowflake.

Simple Papercrafts for Kids


Paper Flowers

This is another popular DIY paper crafts idea and there are many ideas you can try. Everything from small flowers to bouquets, and large flowers. You can use the paper flowers to decorate cards and gifts or place them in a vase like you would real flowers. You can use the larger paper flowers as decorative elements in the home or at events like weddings. You can also make chains of flowers or garlands and wreaths from paper flowers.

There are many different flowers to choose from as well as those that are simple to create, to those that are more detailed and challenging.


Paper Vase Covers

You can use paper to create some amazing vase covers or sleeves. You can make it easy and quick by using a simple crumpled paper bag that you have decorated with ribbon or twine. You can also take patterned tissue paper and decoupage this onto a vase using mod podge.

Fun Paper Art Projects


Paper Wreaths and Garlands

Wreaths are decorative items that are often found hanging up on the outside of front doors.  Christmas is specifically a popular holiday for displaying wreaths. There are many approaches to making a paper wreath. There is usually a round base onto which you can glue or stick various paper objects. You can use multiple paper leaf shape cutouts, create paper flowers to stick all around, or fold paper into shapes to place all around. Garlands are another popular decorative paper idea. The most common one is to cut out thick strips of paper and make a tube shape, which you then link with the other strips of paper to create a chain link garland.

In both cases, you can use single colors or multiple colors for a more interesting design.


Paper Bookmarks

Paper bookmarks are easy and fun to make, and they are functional as well. There are different ways to make them, from a simply decorated cutout with tassels to cute and funny corner paper bookmarks.


Paper Butterflies

There are many ideas and ways you can cut out and fold paper butterflies, which can then be used to decorate cards, gifts, or even used as unique wall art. If given with a gift, it also has meaning and is seen as a symbol of beauty and hope. There are numerous designs to choose from, such as origami butterflies or creating cutouts.

Simple Paper Crafts for Kids


Paper Fortune Cookies

You can turn the fortune cookie dessert into your own paper version to give with a birthday card. You can also use them as a unique way to send a special message or even use them to do a baby gender reveal.

They can also simply be used as a fun addition to parties and events, as they are very easy and quick to make.


Paper Pinwheels

This is an old fun paper craft idea that requires only a few materials to complete. You will need some paper cardstock, some glue, a push pin, crayons, a pencil, and an eraser. You can decorate the cardstock yourself or purchase one with a design already on it. There are many instructions or templates you can find online to help you fold and create paper pinwheels. The kids can play in the wind and watch as they spin, or you can use the pinwheels as a decorative element.

Quick Diy Paper Crafts


Paper Beads

You can learn how to use the scrap paper you have and turn it into paper beads. All you need is paper and some mod podge or glue. The process is affordable and easy, even the kids can do it. The easiest method is to cut strips of paper so that it tapers to a point. Then apply a thin layer of glue on one side, and coil it around a skewer, knitting needle, or stick, with the glue side facing out. Allow to dry and finish off by applying some varnish, and finally remove the stick.

The beads are then used to create items, such as a necklace, bracelets, or earrings.


DIY Wrapping Paper

You can do this for your own gifts you wish to wrap, or help the kids create the wrapping paper for the presents they wish to give. Making the wrapping paper adds to the uniqueness of your gift and it helps you to save some money. You can also recycle or repurpose newspaper or leftover rolls of brown paper. You can stencil the paper, add embellishments, hand draw, or paint the paper. Hand lettering words all over the paper add a nice touch.

Diy Paper Crafts


Paper Weaving

Weaving paper can be fun, relaxing, and something a little different from other types of simple paper crafts. The process is simple, and there is no mess, so it is perfect for kids as well as all ages. The basic idea is to take long pieces of paper, preferably in different colors, and weave them into vertical and horizontal lines.

You can use the creations to add to cards or frames and hang them as wall art.


Tissue Paper Sunflower

This is another example of countless nature-inspired crafts with paper that can be done by anybody. All you need is some cardstock, a pencil, scissors, glue, and different colored tissue paper. Sketch out a design on some paper to use as a template, for example, a sunflower. The idea is to take small portions of the tissue paper, scrunch them up, and glue them to the sketch template. For example, you will take small pieces of yellow and glue them onto the sunflower petals. Once done, you should have a colorful tissue paper representation of your sketch. You can also do something similar by cutting out pieces of different color paper, which will have a mosaic-type effect once completed.

There is also a paper collage, which is similar but besides paper, you can also add other materials, like fabric or beads that are glued to a supporting surface.

Easy Paper Crafts for Kids



Paper Crafts for Kids

The above are examples of easy paper crafts that can be done by everyone of all ages. However, some ideas might only appeal to kids. Although, in many cases, mom or dad may also be involved in the process as well. Let us see what paper crafts for kids there are.


Paper Plate Craft Ideas

Paper plates are perfect for many different craft ideas, and many of us have some laying around in the pantry. There are so many ideas you can play around with, from paper plate snowmen to different animals, rainbows, a clock, or simply creating your own patterns and ideas.

Paper plates are also ideal to use as cut out masks of all kinds.


Toilet Paper Rolls Craft Ideas

Do not throw away your toilet paper rolls! Reuse and recycle them by creating all kinds of craft ideas. You can transform toilet paper rolls into binoculars, various animals, a space rocket, or pencil holders. There are numerous ideas you can search for and have fun with. Most of the time, you only need a bit of paint and a few other materials to get started. So, it is affordable and easy to do.

Fun and Easy Paper Crafts


Paper Bag Puppets

Have some paper bags you do not know what to do with? These paper bags are quite effective for creating different types of puppets. Again, there are many ideas you can try, such as paper bag animals, paper bag monster puppets, or paper bag butterflies and frogs, among others. The materials needed are also minimal, depending on your idea, but it is always good to always have some paint, glue, and glitter ready to use. Paper bags can also be used in other interesting and fun ways. Apply some paint, string, tassels, or streamers, and you can create your own paper bag kite.

Just like paper plates, larger paper bags can be made into different masks. An affordable idea for next Halloween, maybe?


Paper Air Balloon

A paper air balloon is just one of many three-dimensional paper craft ideas. The result is a picture that pops out from the page surface. In most cases, you will need some instructions and a template to help you cut out the paper and create the proper dimensions. In this case, the balloon part consists of several shaped pieces of paper stuck together. When glued to the surface, it creates a 3-D effect. Add some string beneath the balloon, which attaches to the basket. This can be a simple piece of a square board. Cut out and glue a few clouds around the balloon, and there you have a completed paper air balloon.

Fun Paper Crafts


Paper Cloud Pillow

Why not combine paper crafts with a bit of sewing as well? This can be fun and can help to improve fine motor skills. You will need some white butcher paper, yarn, a hole puncher, a little bit of poly filler, crayons, and a black marker. Draw a cloud shape onto the paper and cut out two of the same shape and size. Punch in some holes along the edges. Use the black marker to add in a mouth and eyes, and you can use the crayons to color the cloud in if you want.

String the yarn through the holes but remember to leave a space so you can add in the filler. Fill the pillow and then close the open section with more yarn.


Paper Planes

There are different ideas for this, some will create a plane that is just to look at for fun, while others are designed to fly. You can use different colored paper and different types of paper or cardboard. The design can be as easy or as challenging as you want to make it. You should be able to find numerous templates and instructions online.

Paper Crafts for Kids


Paper Bracelets

Making paper bracelets is a fun craft to help keep the kids busy. You can paint some paper and let it dry before using it, or use old paintings you have lying around. There are a few ways to make bracelets, some involving a lot of cutting and folding. One simple idea is to take a fairly large square piece of paper and fold it corner to corner, forming a triangle. Simply make small folds from the base of the triangle to its point and glue this down.

You now have a long strip of paper you then fold over. The ends can be glued or stapled to create the bracelet.


DIY Paper Spinner

Paper spinners are another fun and easy paper craft that does not require many materials. All you need is some paper, heavy cardstock, scissors, glue, yarn, and something sharp, like a toothpick. You can cut three circles out, each the same size, two from the paper and one from the cardstock. You can then decorate, draw, or paint the paper on one side. These two pieces of paper are then glued to the sides of the cardstock on both sides. Take your pointy or sharp tool and place two holes on either side of the center of the prepared disk or circle. Thread the yarn through the holes and tie the ends. The trick is then to try and get the spinners to spin.

Quick and Fun Paper Crafts


Paper Snake

You can make this paper snake using different colored construction paper. You will also need scissors, glue, markers, and wiggly eyes. The first step is to cut the paper into a strip, lengthwise. Make sure to make one end pointed and the other end flat. The flat side will be the head of the snake, to which you can glue the wiggly eyes. You can also then add details with the markers all over the rest of the strip of paper. You can also cut out a snake tongue from red paper and glue this to the head.

The last step is to coil the paper around a marker pen and hold it. Unwrap slowly, and the snake should remain in the coiled position.


Paper Toys

You can easily go onto YouTube and search for paper toys. There should be a variety of ideas for you to try out. Many of the paper art projects only require paper, however, some might need a bit of decoration, some cutting, and a little glue or tape. One of the popular ideas is the paper fortune teller, where you place your fingers in some pockets, and ask a friend to choose a color or word displayed. You then open and close the teller until you stop on a certain one. Open the flap to reveal a fortune or joke. Another simple idea is a paper cup and ball, where you create a cup and attach some string with a ball at the end. The ball can be made from aluminum foil that has been crumpled. The idea is to get the ball into the cup. Here are a few more paper toy ideas.

  • Paper water bombs
  • DIY paper fidget toys
  • Paper helicopters
  • Origami boomerangs
  • Paper boats
  • Paper finger puppets
  • Shooter toys using a straw and paper

Simple Papercrafts for Anyone



DIY Paper Crafts for Teens and Adults

Next, we are going to be dealing with DIY paper crafts aimed at those who are a bit older. These easy paper crafts are great for adding to the décor in the home or can also have some functional use. There are a few more materials and steps needed to complete each project, but all of these ideas remain simple paper crafts.


Paper Lantern Craft

The designs for a paper lantern can range from fairly simple to more detailed and challenging to create. You can hang these up as pretty decorations, and if you place a candle inside, make sure it is a battery-operated one.

You can also take a step further, and create paper lampshades, which are functional and have an electric light connection.



This is a version of origami and involves some paper folding but includes cutting the paper. Each design pops up and forms a three-dimensional image on the page. This requires a bit more skill and patience, which is why it is a great idea for adults.


Papier Mâché

This is a popular craft that uses a type of adhesive paste and paper to create various objects. You begin by layering the paper and using the paste on a surface and as this dries, it turns hard. You can then paint and decorate your creation. Paper mâché can be used to make sculptures, bowls, jewelry, and anything your imagination can think of.

Simple Papercrafts


Photo Backdrop for Parties

If you want to make your event or party more unique and fun, why not incorporate a paper photo backdrop? A simple idea is to layer wide strips of different colored crepe paper against a wall. To make it easy for the paper to stick to the wall, try using some glue dots.

Creating some large paper flowers and placing them on a backdrop is another idea or creating a colorful paper chain and hanging a few of these in a row to create an interesting backdrop.


Contact Paper for the Home

Consider using contact paper for various ideas. This type of paper is an adhesive vinyl that you can apply to most surfaces, to help decorate shelves and other flat surfaces. There is a variety of designs and patterns to choose from, and it is easy to use. For example, create a marble top look for your table. Stick some around planters for a more sophisticated look. Below are one or two more ideas for the contact paper.

  • Designer bowls
  • Coasters
  • Dishwasher covers
  • Plate holders
  • Decorative boxes
  • Vase covers

Simple and Easy Papercrafts


Paper is one of the greatest crafting materials you can get, as you can take part in countless paper art projects. We have only just touched on a few of the more popular easy paper crafts, but there are many more ideas just waiting for you to try them out. So, the next time the kids say they are bored, get going with some fun paper crafts!



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Frequently Asked Questions


What Are Some Easy Paper Crafts?

There are many different paper art projects you can do. Some of the easier ideas include paper wreaths, garlands, flowers, simple origami designs, easy paper animals, paper weaving, paper fan, and paper bookmarks, among many other ideas.


What Types of Paper Can You Use for Paper Crafts?

There are quite a few different types of paper you can use for papercraft projects; the type will depend on what you plan to do. There is normal copy paper, then there is construction paper, crepe paper, cardstock, kraft paper, newspaper, scrapbook paper, tissue paper, origami paper, decoupage paper, poster paper, and washi paper, among others.


What Are Some Techniques You Can Use for Paper Crafts?

There are many techniques you use to create your DIY paper crafts. Some of these include decoupage, papier mâché, stamping, stenciling, and various paper cutting and folding techniques, to name a few.

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