String Art Ideas

String Art Ideas – Designs and Patterns for Nail and String Crafts

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If you are searching for a unique gift idea or an original décor idea, then you will want to go through our list of string art patterns and ideas. String art is easy to do and is an affordable hobby that can be done by almost everybody. We have made a fair collection of string art designs; we hope you find something that piques your interest.



What Is String Art?

The basic materials needed for string art, include your string, a wooden, cork or craft board, and some small nails. In most cases, you also need a hammer and a pattern to follow. An idea can be anything you can think of and can be used as wall art or something to spruce up the baby’s room.

What is String Art

The string, which is usually embroidery string, is wound around the nails to form a pattern. You can use a simple wooden background or add in a bit more color. String art can be done on smaller boards to much larger designs.

How to Make String Art

String art was invented in the latter part of the 19th century, by Mary Boole. She created what was known as “curve stitch” activities, which helped to explain mathematical ideas to children. The idea later became popular as decorative art later in the 1960s.



String Art Patterns

String art can be used all over the house as beautiful décor items. However, they make great gift ideas for birthdays, Mother’s Day, and valentine’s day. Let us start with some of the easier string art patterns.

Easy String Art Design Idea


String Art Patterns for Beginners

These nail-and-string art ideas can be done by anyone as they are simple and require very few materials to complete. Kids who are old enough can benefit from doing string art, as it helps to strengthen muscles and also helps to improve dexterity.

Beginner String Art Pattern


Practicing With Shapes

You can begin by practicing the easiest string art patterns. These can include simple shapes like a square, a round shape, stars, a cloud, a basic house shape, arrows, or a cross. You can also create designs on a smaller block of wood or slightly larger designs, more commonly an A4 size. Another idea is to create more than one shape on a board that can either be placed vertically or horizontally.

For example, a bunch of balloons on a vertical piece of wood.

String Art Home Decor


String Heart Design

This is another simple shape and easy string art design that is quite popular. You can use bright colors to make a bold statement or keep it neutral to fit into your desired décor look. Go for single colors or try several colors for a more vibrant effect. You can go small on a wooden block or go a bit bigger. You can also do multiple hearts on a single board.


Letter String Art Designs

Letter string art is a way of customizing your project or creating words from each letter you make. This can take up some time to complete, but it is worth the effort in the end. The letters or words can be used in the kids’ bedroom, or even as something you can use in a business or shop setting. How about an idea for a wedding gift? You can form words with individual letters, but you can also create single entire words. T

he more popular words include “family”, “love”, “joy”, and “dream”.


Flower String Art Patterns

Flowers are a great starting point with string art as there are many easy designs you can choose from. These will require more colors than some other designs and is a fun way to create something beautiful. Some popular examples include simple daisies, sunflowers, and roses, and the cactus is also quite trendy. You can create designs that represent only the flower, or you can include the stems or a vase.

Various shapes and designs of trees can also be achieved with string art.


Mason Jar String Art Design

The mason jar string art idea is a perfect follow-up to the flower designs. However, instead of creating the string art flowers, you can use real or fake flowers and place them into the mason jar string art design. This is a really fast and easy idea, that has an interesting visual impact.


Animal Outlines for String Art

There are numerous ideas for animal string art, some easier and others more challenging. Create a simple silhouette or go for more detail. Ideas can include anything from birds, dogs, and cats to wildlife like elephants, giraffes, lions, wolves, butterflies, and horses. In keeping with easy string art patterns, it is best to choose a simple animal outline.

A deer head outline is a popular choice.


Christmas and Easter String Art Patterns

You have numerous nail-and-string art ideas for all holiday occasions. You can make smaller Christmas tree designs as decorations that you can place on the tree. Another simpler design is a star outline with string. Larger decorative pieces can include snowmen, candy canes, or snowflakes. Then there is Easter, designs can include bunnies, eggs, little chicks, or a straightforward cross.


Fall String Art Crafts

Easy string art patterns for fall can include leaves and, of course, anything involving Halloween. You can take the mason jar idea and create a pumpkin and into the pumpkin, you can place flowers, or just leave at the pumpkin. Why not create some string art on the pumpkin itself, which can serve as the canvas?

A simple ghost outline and the words “boo” are also popular. Or how about a string art skull, a bat, or a witch’s hat? A spider’s web is the perfect pattern for string art.


No-Hammer String Art Ideas

Do not feel like hammering nails, then this string art idea is for you. As with all string art, you do need a bit of patience to complete the project. However, this idea is easy and all you need is some cork board, embroidery or crochet threads, your pattern, and some push pins. You can follow this process for most of the designs we have already gone through. There is even cork faux wood you can purchase, for a more authentic wood look.

String Art with Pins Idea

For a simple and colorful design without using nails, you can also use embroidery hoops. There are various sizes available, and all you do is wind the thread around, using a single or different color. Place a sturdy shape, for example, a heart, in the center and secure in place as you thread the string all around, leaving the centerpiece open in the shape of the heart.


Rainbow String Art

This is where you can use all the colors in the rainbow in your designs. You can create a traditional rainbow or there are plenty of other ideas that incorporate the rainbow colors. You can use the colors in practically any string art idea from words to hearts and fun geometric shapes.


String Art for Air Plants

You can use simple geometric shapes to create a platform on which you can place air plants. These are perfect for those who tend to forget to water their plants and are a unique way of bringing some plant life into the home or office. Simply choose an air plant that can fit securely into the string art design you created and display.


Character String Art

You can get the kids involved with this one, or this would make a great gift idea to those who love their characters be it Spiderman or Snoopy. This is also a good idea for a baby’s room if you want to add a more unique element.


More Ambitious String Art Designs

Sting art is an easy crafting idea, but some designs do require a little more skill and know-how. Most of the more challenging string art ideas may also require a little more patience to complete, as the designs are a little more complicated and sometimes have lots of detail added.

String Art Patterns and Designs


Quotes String Art Ideas

We have already mentioned you can create letters and single words with string art. To add to this, you can create quotes or sayings using string art. A little more planning and a lot more thread or string are required for these types of projects.


Three-Dimensional String Art

Some of these ideas stand out from a flat surface, while others are completely three-dimensional. These are definitely more challenging and complex and require a bit more planning and tools to finish the job. There are various shapes including simple heart shapes you can purchase as a kit from Amazon.


Dandelion in the Breeze

Dandelions can be quite a complex design and many even have dandelion pieces floating away. The design is quite popular and there are various designs to consider. Many online designs help you to place the nails and how to use the string to create the proper look.

It looks like a fairly simple design, but there is more to it than meets the eye.


Snowflake String Art Pattern

Snowflakes are in themselves unique and have intricate details. To recreate this in string art, might be the challenge you are looking for. Create a single design or go for multiple unique patterns to display together. This is a great winter or Christmas project to try.


Two- to Three-Part String Art Designs

These designs involve using two or three separate parts or patterns, which when placed together create a whole picture. A lot of canvas art pieces are printed this way, and it creates a beautiful and unique look. The string art could also be a set of images, not necessarily a part of a whole, but a set of similar themes.


String Map Art Ideas

Do you love maps? Why not take your love for maps a step further and create string art? You can do an entire United States pattern or just keep it to an individual state. You could even do the entire map of the world if you are a bit more daring and enthusiastic about it.

You could also bring in the three-or-more-part idea and fit a few pieces together to form a world map.


Reverse or Inverse String Art Ideas

Instead of using the string to fill up an area or create a letter, word, or image, you reverse the process. The string is used to fill the entire area around the pattern you want. So, a simple idea would be to use a heart shape, but instead of filling up the heart, this is left clear, and the area around the heart is filled in. You can create words and any other image you want.

The idea is not difficult, it is more time-consuming, and you will likely use a lot more string.


Framed Weaving String Art

There is a small twist to this string art idea. In this case, the nails or upholstery tacks are placed within a frame and the string is placed from one end to another. So, instead of using nails to form the picture, they are used to hold the string and image together. Color threads are then woven into the prepared string to form the picture.


Portrait String Art

This idea is getting a lot more challenging and might require more skill to complete. You will also need an algorithm for the portraits, which works out the best nail order for the image. So, if you are into a more mathematical approach to string art, then this project is for you.


Detailed String Art Designs

Some string art patterns can involve a lot of detail, colors, and even shading effects. This means a lot more nails and string and planning in the design. For example, landscape string art designs, detailed animal designs, sailing ship patterns, or extremely refined geometric string patterns.


Large String Art Ideas

The smaller and medium size string art is more common, but there are even larger designs you can create. You will most definitely use more nails and string for this type of project. You can create larger letters and words, a large heart pattern, or any design you think can work in a larger format.

You could even consider applying the string art directly to a wall.


Other Forms of String Art

We have gone through nail-and-string art, but there are also other forms of string art. Most of these are also easy string art ideas that most anybody can do. These ideas also require very few materials and only need a few different materials to complete each one.

Types of String Craft Design


Pulled String Art

This is a fun way to combine string and paint to create unique pieces of artwork. Acrylic paint is commonly used, which covers some strategically placed string on a canvas surface. There is a piece of string that is left off the edge, so you can grab and pull it. When you pull the string, the paint creates beautiful unique patterns.


Paper String Art

This is very similar to nail-and-string art, but instead of using nails, you puncture holes into the outline or design on the paper. The string is wound through the holes, back and forth until you have completed the design. You can attach the paper to some more sturdy cardboard to keep it from tearing and providing more stability.

This is also called string art paper embroidery and it is perfect for card making and scrapbooking.


String Art Jewelry

You can use the string art idea and use it to make jewelry. The most common shapes for this type of jewelry include teardrop and round forms, which are easier to work with. You can make beautiful earrings and necklaces like this. There are various methods you can do, first, if you can find a pendant base to work from, you can begin immediately with stringing the design.

You could also create a specially designed 3D print of the jewelry base, or you can use wires to create a shape and place to wind the thread around.



Tips and Tricks for String Art Crafts

When working with sharp objects like nails and using hammers, you must consider safety first, especially if kids are going to participate. The wood or surface you are working on should also be smooth for the best results. Looking for some help with string art, read below for further tips and tricks.

  • The spacing between the nails is best at about one centimeter or a little less than half an inch. You can try using a comb to space the nails evenly.
  • Tape your pattern to the board so it does not move around and make another copy of the pattern to refer back to when you are stringing.
  • When hammering the nails, use needle nose pliers so you do not hammer your fingers.
  • Do not hammer the nails too deeply, just about halfway, and keep them all even. You can also use a craft hammer, which is smaller.
  • Remove the pattern once all the nails have been hammered in, any paper that tears off and remains can be removed by the sharp pliers.
  • Consider working from the outside in, and when starting, tie the string with a knot and also end with a knot.
  • When working with the string, do not make it too tight but only firm enough. You do not want to pull the nails skew or even pull them out if it is too tight.
  • Think about your design as you can use various thread thicknesses, and you can add more than one color.



String art ideas are abundant and if you are just entering the world of string art, you have the pick of the bunch. String art is easy, affordable, and accessible to all, and is a great way to get the family involved in a creative project.



Frequently Asked Questions


What String Is Best to Use for String Art?

You can use any colored string, wool, wire, or yarn to create string art. However, the most popular string used is embroidery thread. This type of string comes in a variety of colors and can also come in different thicknesses.


What Are Some String Art Patterns for Beginners?

When starting string art, it is easy to simply begin by threading some basic shapes. Once you have perfected these, you can try more challenging patterns. Simple shapes include squares, stars, round objects, and other easy outlines of images.


Can String Art Be Done on a Canvas?

Nails are best used for wood boards, but you can also use canvas for string art. In this case, you will not have to hammer in the nails, but simply place dressmaker pins or decorative finishing nails for the design. When compared to wood, the nails in canvas might be a little wobblier than if placed in wood.


Can You Paint the Surface Background for String Art?

Whatever surface you are using, you can leave it as is for a more rustic appeal. However, if you are using plain threads, a nicely painted and colored background can add more depth to the final string art piece. You can also consider securing some cloth or felt to the surface for added texture and effect.

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