Crafts to Do When Bored

Crafts to Do When Bored – Exciting Things to Make When You’re Bored

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Perhaps it is the last days of school holidays when the kids are looking for things to do, and you do not want them sitting in front of the television or computer. You might also want to utilize your free time better. Thankfully, there are thousands of crafty things to do when bored. Some can be made into home décor, while other crafts can even be sold. However, in the end, it is about having fun and being creative. Read further to discover our fun list of crafts to do when bored.



Things to Make When You’re Bored

Sometimes, you get those days where you do not feel like reading or watching television, and you cannot go outside because it is raining. So, what can you do, and are there any fun crafts to do? Yes, there are many great craft ideas, and in many cases, most of the things you need can be found around the house. There are also those crafts that might require you to take a quick trip to the craft store, but nothing that should cost too much money. When considering what crafts to do when bored, you have your usual craft ideas like painting, sewing, crocheting, or photography.

However, there is an abundance of fun crafts to do, and we will be sharing some of these with you.


Fun Crafts to Do With Food

When you are bored, you tend to visit the kitchen for snacks more often than not. So, instead of simply eating those snacks, why not make them into something more fun. There are many fun ways for you and the kids to enjoy your food even more.

Food Crafts to do When Bored for Kids


Ice-Cream in a Bag

There are many crafts to do when bored for kids, and this is a fun idea for those hot summer days. You require only a few ingredients for this to work. Once done, you can then add on your favorite toppings. You will need to place half a cup each of whole milk and cream into a Ziplock bag that seals properly. To this also add some vanilla essence and 15 ml of sugar. In another larger bag that can seal, place some ice until the bag is about half-filled. To this add about 60 ml of salt. Place the smaller bag with the milk and cream into the large bag with the ice. Add more ice on top, but not too much that you cannot seal the larger bag. You must then shake all this up for at least several minutes. You can then remove the smaller bag and rinse to take off any salt.

Open and you should be able to scoop your ice cream out.


Cookie Decorating

This is a fun activity for both kids and adults. Not only can you make and decorate cookies for yourself, but these make great gifts as well. The basic things you will need include a good sugar cookie recipe, as you at least want your cookies to taste nice and look good. You then need some frosting or icing that you can color yourself with food colors. You can make your own piping bag or purchase a piping bag to squeeze the frosting onto the cookie. To round things off, you can add sprinkles or any other topping you like. There are also cookie-making kits you can purchase today, that have all the items and ingredients you need.

Crafts to do When Bored for Kids


Making Rock Candy

This can be an interesting science experiment and you can eat it in the end. To create rock candy, you only need a few things including something for the crystals to form on like a string or popsicle stick. You simply dip the stick or string into some water and then roll it in granulated sugar. You then make a sugar solution on the stove, to which you can add color and flavor. This solution is then poured into a container and the stick with the granulated sugar is suspended in it.

After at least several days, you should be able to notice a fair amount of rock candy formation.


Playdough and Slime

This is popular with the kids, and it is fairly easy to make both dough and slime. There are many recipes you can find online for the playdough, but the basic ingredients usually require some flour, salt, cream of tartar, vegetable oil, and food coloring. You can also include essential oils if you want them to smell nice. There are also different slime recipes, the basic one includes borax, water, and glue. However, borax can be toxic, so other recipes do not have it included. Another version is with glue, saline solution, and baking soda. Other recipes can also include food coloring, glitter, sand, and shaving cream.

Slime Crafts to do When Bored for Kids


Marshmallow or Grape Sculptures

Crafts to do when bored for kids is an apt description for this craft idea. Not only is this super easy, but it is also fun as well. Playing with your food is actually allowed. All you need for this are some marshmallows or grapes and a whole lot of toothpicks. The aim is to create a form using the food item and the toothpicks.

Take the toothpicks and stick them into your food item and repeat the process until you have created your sculpture or shape.


Cute Dinosaur Eggs

To do this, you boil some eggs and leave them to cool and dry. Gently tap them on a countertop surface until small cracks appear all over. Try to avoid big shell chunks from coming off. Drop the eggs into a cup filled with water and a little food coloring. Leave the eggs in the fridge for a few hours or more and then remove them from the colored water. Rinse them off and remove the shell to reveal the vein-like colored egg beneath.

Food Fun Crafts to do


Popcorn Wreath

Wreaths are used as a décor item within the home, or they can be placed on the front door during certain holidays. For this project, you need loads of popcorn and if you are making a garland, some string. However, for a wreath, you need a base to work from and this can simply be a cutout piece of round cardboard in a donut shape. You can then glue as much cooked popcorn as you can to the cardboard.

As a final touch, you can attach some ribbon and use this to hang the wreath up.



General Fun Crafts to Do

Following is a list of general crafty things to do when bored. Most of these projects are simple and easy to do, so the kids can also get involved. With all of these things to make, you should not be bored in the first place.

Easy Things to Make When You're Bored


Wind Chimes

There are many ways you can create some beautiful wind chimes. You can also simply use glass pebbles or pieces of mirror to also create sun or light catchers. As for the wind chimes, you can use anything from cutlery or old spoons to shells. Some more ideas for windchimes can include:

  • Bottle caps
  • Lengths of chain
  • Use driftwood pieces
  • Pieces of stained glass
  • Painted metal mason jar lids
  • Beads
  • Tin cans
  • Wine bottles


Easy Fridge Magnets

If you have a fridge in your home, you most likely have some sort of fridge magnet on the door. These magnets are not only for holding up restaurant menus and photos, but they can also be great decorative pieces. There are many ideas for creating fridge magnets, but we are going to mention a few of the easier ones.

  • Draw and color cardboard cutouts, then glue a magnet to the back of the cutout so it can be placed on a metal surface.
  • Paint small pebbles or stones, or you can use small gemstones and attach a magnet to the back.
  • Most of us have spare buttons lying around, so why not make them into a magnet.
  • Convert those colorful mosaic tiles into magnets.

Mosaic Things to Make When You're Bored

  • You can use fabric scraps and use them to cover a cardboard cutout, place a magnet at the back, and there you go.
  • An easy letter magnet idea can be to convert scrabble tiles into magnets.
  • Maybe you have some of those small plastic toy animals? Cut them in half, paint them and glue a magnet to the flat cutoff piece.
  • Take some clothespins and stick some washi tape onto the surface.


Puffy Paint With Sand

This is a fun and different kids’ craft idea using some shaving cream and sand. It would be great if you could get some empty condiment squeeze bottles as this makes the application of the sand paint much easier. Take some shaving cream and fill the bottle. Then add some sand, preferably the play sand you can get at the store as it comes in different colors.

You can then paint onto some cardstock paper, or you can also use wax paper for your creations.


Rock painting

Painting rocks has become quite popular recently and besides placing them in the garden, you can also place them inside the home. Paint a whole bunch and put them into a bowl or use them as paperweights. There is another craft idea you can try using plain pebbles. The various size pebbles are used to create a pattern, which you can then frame and display.

Rock Crafts to do When Bored for Kids


Water Gun Painting

This can easily fall under the category of crafts to do when bored for kids. For this, you need a canvas, squirt gun, paint, water, and an easel of something to hold the canvas up. You can add the paint and the water to the squirt gun. You will have to test the consistency and if it seems overly thick, you can put in more water. Then you can aim and shoot onto the canvas.

This is most definitely a craft idea that should be done outside.


Ideas With Yarn

Yarn is quite a versatile material and can be used for many things. The most obvious being things like weaving or macrame. Then with some cone-shaped cardboard and yarn, you can make a unique Christmas tree. There are also many more not-so-common yarn craft ideas you might like to try.

  • Tassel earrings
  • Yarn wreath
  • Yarn wall hangings
  • Knitting or crocheting

Fun Crafts to do with Yarn

  • Yarn balls using glue
  • Wrap flower pots
  • Wrapping frames
  • Create yarn fonts by wrapping pipe cleaners


Straw Sculpting

Creating sculptures with straws is done by many professional artists. Some of these are created to bring attention to the problem we have with plastic and ocean pollution. Kids can also take this simple item and create various geometric shapes. You could use straws to decorate frames, or containers. Straws can also be used in other ways.

For example, you can paint with a straw by blowing the watercolor paint on paper to form all kinds of shapes and designs.


Toilet Roll Crafts

You would not think that a simple cardboard toilet roll could have so many uses. You can make more intricate designs for wall art using toilet rolls or you can paint and embellish to create various animals or characters with the toilet rolls. You could try to make anything from unicorns to puppies, butterflies, owls, and bunnies. Why not try some of these ideas with toilet rolls as well.

  • Create a bowling game
  • Make your own marble run
  • Toilet roll binoculars
  • Bird feeder
  • Toilet roll characters

Toilet Paper Fun Crafts to do

  • Do-it-yourself phone stand
  • Toilet roll planters
  • Gift boxes
  • Confetti poppers
  • Toilet roll shaker instrument


Jazz Up Your Pencils

Pencils can be quite drab, so why not jazz it up with some sparkly glitter. All you for this craft is some pencils, glitter, glue, and nail polish. You simply coat the pencil with glue and shake some glitter over the pencil. You can even add more than one color to the mix, and once dry, coat with some nail polish to prevent the glitter from falling off. You can use either chunky or fine glitter for this project.

If you do not want to work with all the glitter, which can somehow get everywhere, you may consider using glitter or washi tape to decorate your pencils.


Painting Blanks

There are many blank items you can purchase and paint. Some may even have a design you can paint as well. For example, painting a T-shirt, or getting some white shoes and decorating them. You also get several shaped wooden blanks you can paint or decorate. Many also enjoy painting or drawing on ceramics.

Fun Crafts to do When Bored


Coffee Filters

The one craft idea that pops up the most is to use the coffee filters to create different types of flowers, from peonies to poppies and roses of all sizes. Another craft idea is to make coffee filter butterflies. This is quite simple, and you only need a coffee filter, marker pen, and a clothespin. Pipe cleaners can also be included for added effect as the butterfly feelers.

Coffee filters can also make great snowflakes, you just have to know how to cut the filter properly to form the snowflake.


Craft Stick Dolls

Popsicle sticks are cheap and easy to find at any craft store, and they can come in many different colors. There are many forms of craft stick dolls or figures you can make. You can keep it simple by just painting or drawing onto the stick, or you can add in other elements like fabric, glitter, or pipe cleaners to create your doll. These craft sticks can also be used in many other ways.

  • Coasters
  • Create a popsicle stick birdhouse
  • Garden labels

Popsicle Fun Crafts to do

  • Bookmarks
  • Build a shelf or frame
  • Build a popsicle stick airplane
  • Popsicle stick puzzles


Coloring Books

Let us not forget simple coloring that can be included in crafty things to do when bored. There are many coloring books for both the younger generation as well as adults. You can easily use colored pencils or pens, gel pens, markers, and even watercolor pencils.

When it comes to adult coloring books, there are many different kinds from animals and flowers to geometric and pattern coloring as well as inspirational word coloring books.


Recycle Old Crayons

Do you have quite a few old and broken crayons you do not use anymore? Do not toss them out, there are a lot of ways you can make use of them. The first idea is to melt the crayons and pour them into silicone molds to make new crayons. You can select different shapes, for example, why not use letter shape molds. Crayons are mostly made out of was, so you can use crayons to make candles. Although, if you do not like the smell of crayons, you might want to rethink this idea. If you have an array of different color crayons, line them up on a canvas and use a hairdryer to create a melted drip crayon canvas, otherwise known as crayon drip art. You can also use crayons to color play dough, instead of adding food coloring.

Crayon Fun Crafts to do


Bath Fizzies

Bath fizzies are relatively easy to make, all you need are some baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, Epsom salts, food coloring, essential oils, and a spray bottle of water. You use a silicone mold to create various shapes, or a simple muffin pan should do the trick. Besides Bath Fizzies, there are many other bath and body products you can make at home.

  • Bath salts
  • Body and foot scrubs
  • Shower steamers
  • Body oils
  • Melt and pour soap
  • Lip balm
  • DIY bath crayons


Repurposing Old Bottles

If you want to help save the environment, one way is to reuse or upcycle glass bottles and containers. Most households have wine glasses, soda bottles, or jars, and instead of just throwing them out, be creative and make something new out of them. It can be as easy as using a bottle as a candle holder, however, there are many ideas you can try.

  • Convert bottles into liquid soap dispensers
  • Turn a wine bottle into a bird feeder
  • Make into a vase
  • Jar desk organizers
  • Glass bottle picture frames
  • Bird feeders

Recycle Fun Crafts to Do

  • Bottle wind chimes
  • Unique table lamp
  • Fairly light décor
  • Bathroom container for toiletries
  • Food storage containers
  • Glass bottle planters


Paper and Felt Flowers

Paper flowers are quite popular and easy to make. Paper flowers can be big or small and can be used in many ways. You can simply make them for fun or use them as decorative elements in the home. Smaller flowers can be used to make gifts or cards, headbands, wreaths, flower garlands, to spice up a picture frame, and used as party décor. The same goes for felt flowers, it is just a different material you work with.

The felt will also be more durable than the paper variety.


Tie-Dye Ideas

The art of tie-dye has become popular recently, especially for creating colorful T-shirts. There are many patterns and folding techniques, each of which makes a unique product. There are also many different materials you can use the same technique on, just make sure you get the right dye for the specific material. Most of the kits you get for tie-dye are made to work on cotton.

  • Tablecloths
  • Curtains
  • Tote bags
  • Sneakers
  • Napkins and tea cloths

Tie Dye Crafts to Do When Bored for Kids

  • Skirts and shorts
  • Pillows
  • Scarves
  • Socks
  • Towels and blankets


Chalk Board Paint Ideas

Chalkboard paint, when applied, creates a surface that can be written on. You can paint on almost anything including glass, concrete, wood, metal, and more. This means you can also paint cabinets, door frames, tables, wine glasses, picture frames, and lots more. You can even paint an entire wall with chalk paint if you want.

  • Label pot plants using chalk paint
  • Create chalkboard labels for containers
  • Paint the outside of your fridge
  • Paint a mug
  • Chalkboard wall calendar
  • Decorate an old chair
  • Chalkboard a vase or wine bottle
  • Make chalkboard placemats



Home Crafts to Do When Bored

These are also considered fun crafts to do but are aimed at providing something for the home, so these can be functional as well. Decorating your home can be expensive, so making your own items can be more affordable and is great for things to make when you’re bored.

Fun Crafts to do at Home


Spice Racks

A spice rack can be a messy affair for some, while others like theirs alphabetized and placed in order of color. However, what if you can make a spice rack to your own specifications while upcycling certain items? There are easy to more difficult ideas, it is all up to how creative you feel.

  • If you have space somewhere underneath a cabinet, why not hang some repurposed jars underneath using magnets.
  • You can purchase some magnetic spice jars and place them on your fridge, where you will never have to scrounge in a drawer or cabinet again.
  • Sand and stain a wooden pallet, which you can convert into a spice rack.
  • You can use a draw and fill it with jars that will fit. Paint the lid with chalkboard paint and put the spice names on so you do not have to go looking for anything when you are in a hurry.


Wall Hangings

There are many different ways you can do this, from various painting ideas to photos, prints, and mirrors. The ideas are endless, some more challenging than others. You will have to consider your color palette and what theme you are going for, but otherwise, anything goes.

  • You can use wooden sticks
  • Shells
  • Hanging shelves
  • Paper cutouts wall hanging
  • Macrame or yarn ideas

Macrame Crafty Things to do When Mored

  • Feathers and beads
  • Frame vintage scarves or fabrics
  • Colorful plates or baskets
  • Hang rugs
  • Mounting things like a bicycle or skateboard


T-Shirt Pillow

This is a great way you can recycle old T-shirts and shirts. The idea is especially nice if the shirt has sentimental value but is too damaged or worn to wear. You can still keep something you love, simply make it into something else. Many use this idea for those loved ones who have passed and make their clothes into something you can keep close and as a remembrance.

There are patterns you can use, where you will need to do a bit of sewing. However, there are also no-sew patterns available.



Making coasters is a great way to get into crafting as they make great décor items as well as gifts. There are many ways you can make coasters and a lot of different kinds of materials you can use. Some of the more common ideas include the following.

  • Tile coasters
  • Cork coasters
  • Wood blank coasters
  • Use scrabble tiles to make coasters
  • Crochet coasters

Home Things to Make When You're Bored

  • Fabric coasters
  • Felt coasters
  • Resin coasters
  • Coasters made from glass or clay
  • Coiled yarn or rope coasters


Marble Mugs

This is a unique and fun way to add color to white mugs or other items. All you need is a container filled with water, place your chosen color nail polish in the water and dip the mug. You should avoid the area where you sip from, and you can apply a layer of dishwasher-safe Mod Podge to make the effect last longer.

There are also other ways you can decorate your mugs, for example, you can use sharpie pens, or you can dip the mugs in ceramic paint.


DIY Rug Ideas

Rugs are nice to add to a room, providing extra color and texture. This can also be one of those crafts to do when bored. Again, there are all kinds of ideas for making rugs. Most of these ideas will take a little effort, however, you will be most satisfied with the results.

  • Pom-pom rugs
  • Coiled twine rug
  • Stencil and cut a faux fur design
  • Old bedding strips tied to an anti-slip mat

Rug Crafty Things to do When Bored

  • Paint stencil designs onto a plain rug
  • Use a hula hoop for weaving a T-shirt yarn rug
  • Attach some fabric to a piece of vinyl flooring


Feather Lampshade

If you love feathers, you will like this craft idea. You can easily purchase feathers that come in a variety of colors, some are real and others are synthetic. You could go for a lampshade or try making a hanging light fixture. An easy idea is to get some feathers and a round Chinese paper lantern.

You can then use some hot glue to attach the feathers to the lantern, which you can then hang over your light fixture.



Craft Something for Pets

Pets form an integral part of many of our lives and we can show our love towards them in many ways. Instead of purchasing expensive items, why not try making something your pet will love. Below are a few simple ideas you can try.

  • Create a wall-mounted or framed kitty scratchpad. Hopefully, this will help protect your couches.
  • Making a dog bed is an easy craft project.
  • Dogs love treats, so why not make your own doggy biscuits? Make sure to follow a proper doggy recipe and not make unhealthy sweet treats we often consume.

Animal Crafty Things to do When Bored

  • You can take some T-shirt yarn and braid it to make a dog toy. Braided material can be quite durable, especially if your dog wants to play tug of war.
  • Kitty Teepee: Cats usually love to crawl into things, and this will make a unique and fun addition to your home décor. Your basic materials include some sticks and canvas; however, you can also use any fabric. The canvas is just more durable and stronger.


Glitter Plate

Most of us love a bit of sparkle, and you can add this to your plates or other plain white dishes. You can create a pattern with some painter’s tape, apply a thin coat of Mod Podge and sprinkle some glitter over the wet area. Gently tap to remove any loose glitter and follow the same process until all areas are covered.

Allow this to dry and then add another thin layer of Mod Podge for protection.



Happy Holiday Crafts

When Christmas or any other holiday comes around, it is the perfect time to get the creative juices flowing. There are many things to make when you’re bored during the holidays. This is a time when you can also get everyone in the family involved. Of course, these projects can also be done throughout the year, so that when the time comes, you are ready to go.

  • Christmas tree decorations: These can be all shapes, sizes, and materials. As simple as hanging up ginger cookies to sparkly, beaded baubles.
  • Christmas garlands: Garlands can be made from many items including food like popcorn or sweets. You can also use paper, felt, fabric, beads, and lots more.

Fun Crafts to do with Cork

  • Halloween crafts: The kids will love getting involved in this one as there are so many ideas you can use. From pumpkins to spiders and ghosts, let your imagination run wild.
  • Easter Crafts: There are lots of Easter craft projects with eggs and bunnies to keep everybody busy.
  • Valentine’s day: There is nothing better than a homemade gift for Valentine’s Day as it takes a lot of thought, time, and love to finish.


Crafting With Wallpaper

If you have wall-papered your home, and have some rolls lying around, you can use them for many projects around the home. Sometimes, you can also get free samples, which you do not have to throw away. Here are a few left-over wallpaper suggestions.

  • Wall Art: Attach strips to canvas or wood and make them into wall art. You can also frame pieces of wallpaper.
  • Stair Décor: Do you have stairs in your home? You can use wallpaper strips to cover them with.
  • Cover or wrap items: The wallpaper can be used to decoupage many items.

Fun Crafts to do with Wallpaper

  • Light switch covers: Light switches are often ignored, but you can bring some color and life by making a light switch cover from wallpaper.
  • Wallpaper Wrapping: Use the wallpaper as gift-wrapping or make your own envelopes or gift tags.
  • Paper Lanterns: There are some amazing wallpaper patterns, which can be used to make beautiful paper lanterns.


There are times when you might feel boredom creeping in, more for some than for others. In these moments, you can seize the opportunity to create, use your imagination, and simply have fun. We hope we have presented some inspirational ideas for crafty things to do when bored. Also check out our crafts for adults and craft ideas for seniors articles. Also check out our fall crafts for kids inspirations.


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Frequently Asked Questions


How Can You Get Started With DIY Crafts?

You can begin by starting with small craft projects and when you gain more confidence, you can move on to something more challenging. Choose something you enjoy, that does not cost too much and does not take too long to complete. There are many craft projects where you can use simple items lying around the house.


Why Should Kids Do Crafts When They Are Bored?

All crafts, as well as art projects, can help to boost a child’s self-esteem and improve their creative abilities. Arts and crafts can also effectively improve things like decision-making. Crafting is also a great way to get the kids away from the television and computer screens in today’s modern world.


Can You Do Crafts When You Travel on Vacation?

Yes, there are many crafting ideas for traveling on holiday. You can choose anything from knitting and finger weaving to string art and papercrafts. The aim is to have the least number of supplies, so you do not have to take too much with you.


How Long Should a Craft Project Take for Kids?

This article is about doing crafts when the kids are bored, but you might also have the problem of choosing a crafting project that takes too long to finish. First, you will need to choose a craft the kids will enjoy so that they will focus on it more. Depending on the person, you can get craft projects that take only a few minutes to complete, to others that take half an hour to longer. Of course, the age of the child should also be considered.

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