Wood Craft Ideas

Wood Craft Ideas – Fun DIY Timber Projects for All Skill Levels

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Various wood craft ideas have taken the internet by storm, particularly those that involve wooden pallets. However, there are a few ideas out there that we would not recommend as they are simply unsafe, which is the reason for the treasure chest of ideas and craft concepts that are featured below. This is by no means an instruction guide, but rather something that will give you the inspiration to try something new. Let’s get going!



Introduction to DIY Wood Crafts

Wood is an incredibly versatile material that can be used to make almost anything whether it is functional or meant as decor. There is a project for almost every area in your house. Table scape trays are ideal for dining room decorating. Wooden plaques provide a blank canvas for whatever message or image you like.

Easy Shelf Wood Craft

We have a few possibilities for you if you are interested in a one-of-a-kind table. Headboards and benches may completely change your bedroom. These simple wood craft ideas have something for everyone. It makes no difference if you are a seasoned DIYer or just starting out. These ideas provide something for everyone.

The majority of the components may be found in a craft or hardware shop. You only need a few hours to create a distinctive piece of artwork for your house. But before you can begin, you will need a few basic tools to help you put everything together.



Tools and Materials Needed

The tools that we have featured below are necessary to ensure that you are able to complete pretty much any project that you start. They also ensure that you are able to get through the project without running into any significant issues caused by not having a particular tool on hand.


Cordless Power Drill

A few screws will need to fall, and be driven into every DIY project. You should have a portable power drill together with multiple drill bits available since regardless of how long or intricate a job is, you will usually need several different screws. Drill bits enable you to be ready for anything that comes your way.

Cordless Drill for Wood Crafts

Some drills come equipped with a big and small bit driver, as well as compatibility with a few useful accessories such as a bit driver extension, ratchet driver, and additional bits. For quick screwdriver requirements that do not require a lot of force.


Electric Sander

While you could use sandpaper and ultimately end up with tennis elbow to smooth up the end product, using an electric or an orbital sander is a much better investment. Invest in a tiny, portable palm sander to turn a good-looking DIY effort into a true showpiece.

Orbital Sander for Wood Crafts

There is no need to go out of your way to spend hundreds of dollars on a sander, but a small one will work wonders, particularly if you are working on small projects.


Speed Square

Speed squares, like the carpenter’s pencil, are small yet effective DIY tools. They assist you in making precise corners, marking angles, and scribing lines to direct your saw cuts. They are quite convenient and just as helpful as a tape measure. This is one of those tools that will likely be passed down to you as they are incredibly durable, but you will also be able to purchase one for next to nothing.

Speed Square for Wood Crafts


Carpenter’s Pencil

It may appear to be an insignificant item, but carpenter’s pencils are far superior to any pencil you seem to have lying about (let alone if it’s sharp). They’re carefully designed to show up on not only wood but also concrete and stone, so you can draw markings to use as a cutting guide with confidence.

We would strongly suggest that you get your hands on a few along with a carpet knife to ensure that they are always sharp.


Circular Saw

A circular saw is ideal for woodworking and construction applications because it creates rapid, clean cuts across wood. The biggest advantage of a circular saw is that you are able to alter the depth as well as the angle of the blade to create exact cuts for different types of timber. Add a few clamps to keep your wood from moving while you are cutting. They are not expensive, but they are really important in terms of safety.

Circular Saw for Wood Crafts



Beginner Wood Craft Projects

The wood craft ideas that are featured below are very easy and can be completed in an hour or two. If you are new to doing crafts with wood this would be the ideal place to start as any mistake can easily be fixed.


Rustic Wooden Signs

A rustic wooden sign is the perfect project for a beginner as you will not require any complicated tools or materials. You can use any old piece of solid wood that has been sanded and all you need to do next is either use a stencil or you can free-hand a design. This is an incredibly simple project that can easily add a bit of life to your living space.

Wooden Sign Craft Project


Cutting Board

This will require a bit of effort, but we recommend it since it is something that you can use. Try and use three or four different types of wood and cut them into even pieces.

This will give you a unique striped pattern that will pop once you finish it with mineral oil that is safe for food.

If you are not comfortable with cutting wood, you can ask someone to cut it for you and all you will need to do is glue the pieces together and hold it in place with a few clamps. There are also plenty of different cutting board designs you can make from a single piece of wood.

Wooden Cutting Board Craft Idea


Pallet Table

This will make a great addition to your hallway as it is small and is the perfect place to put your key bowl or other small decorative pieces. This project requires four pieces of 2×2 lumber that will be used as the legs and a wooden pallet that has yet to be water-damaged. You can add two support beams that join the legs of the table and then cut pieces of the pallet to make the top of the table.

Everything can easily be attached with screws and you can finish it in a coat of paint or wood stain. Once, you’ve got the hang of building with pallets, you can go ahead and attempt to build an entire lounge suite.

Pallet Furniture Wood Craft


Wooden Plant Stand

If the notion of creating a wooden item with a mid-century flair has piqued your interest, but you are uncertain if you need an additional side table, this is a great option for plant lovers. This is essentially a four-point stand that houses a pot plant and you will be able to make it in a way that suits the aesthetic of your home.

Plant Stand Wood Craft Idea


Pencil and Crayon Holder

A wooden crayon holder is an easy DIY project as all you need to do is find a stable block of wood and drill holes that are large enough to accommodate the crayons. It is important not to make the holes too big as this could make it difficult to get them out without flipping over the holder.

This might seem like a pretty basic project; however, it will allow you to practice different finishing techniques.

Alternatively, you can build a basic five-sided box with one side cut to include two triangles for ears, and paint it to look like a cat.

Pencil Holder Wood Craft Idea



Cheap Wood Craft Projects

Regardless of how we look at it, doing crafts with wood can easily become very expensive. Unless you are able to get your hands on high-quality wood scraps, you can easily spend up to $100 on a few pieces of wood if you are not careful. Fortunately, we have a variety of wood projects that are cost-effective and will prove to be incredibly useful. Take a look at some of the fun wood craft ideas below.


Table Top Herb Garden or Flower Box

If you are able to make a box out of pallet wood, this should be a breeze. You will also need a few mason jars and the amount depends on how big you would like your herb garden to be. Cut the pallet wood to ensure that the mason jars have a snug fit, but are also easy to remove. Your next step is to paint or stain the wood to ensure that it lasts. You will be able to find herbs at your local nursery and some grocery stores also sell herbs or flowering plants that are ready to repot.

Wooden Planter Craft Idea


Pallet Art

This is easily one of the cheapest DIY projects that you can do and it would provide enough of a challenge too. All you will need is pallet wood and paint, the rest is up to you. Nail pieces of pallet wood across the vertical boards to hold it in place and paint any design onto it.

It is incredibly simple and it will give your living space an extra bit of rustic charm.


Wood Serving Tray

If you can get your hands on some reclaimed wood then this will be an amazing project. All it takes is some strong wood glue and two extra pieces to be screwed into the base. You could also get creative with the handles to give it a unique look. Since you will be using reclaimed wood, it is important to sand it to ensure that it is smooth to the touch.

Serving Tray Wood Craft Idea


Scrabble Wall Art

Whether you are looking for something wholesome or edgy, Scrabble wall art will easily change the look of your living space. All of the tiles will need to be the same size, but the color and your letter choice are up to you.

If you are using cheap wood, it will be very easy to attach to the wall with double-sided tape. Try and refer to a Scrabble online handbook to get the proper values for each letter to maintain some accuracy.


Scrap Wood Storage Ladder

A wood storage ladder is a great bathroom piece, especially for the area above your toilet. You will need a minimum of four pieces of wood. Two long pieces for the legs and two short, yet equal, pieces that will be used to hang different items. All you will need to do is screw everything together in an “H” pattern. You could paint it if you want, but unless the wood is in really bad shape, we would suggest leaving it as is.

Ladder Wood Craft Idea



Intermediate to Challenging Craft Projects

If you are after a craft challenge then we would recommend that you take a look at the DIY wood projects that we have listed below.

Each of these will take you a while to finish, so it would be best to take your time with each one. Additionally, they will require slightly more materials and they can be very difficult for beginner DIY enthusiasts.


Adirondack Chair and Love Seat

The Adirondack chair and love seat project, with its traditional style, is not only beautiful but also totally adjustable to your proportions. The curves are intended to support your back. And since the slope is softer than in classic Adirondack chairs, you will have no trouble getting out of this one.

Adirondack Chair Wood Craft Idea

This chair as well as the love seat combination is constructed of pressure-treated wood, and you may paint or stain it later to further personalize this DIY patio furniture. You may also customize the rear design by selecting from curved, gable, or circular styles.

This magnificent exterior wooden furniture set requires simple equipment and costs between $20 and $100 to create.


Built-In Planter and Bench

This built-in seat is tiny enough to fit onto practically any deck or patio while providing comfort, and functionality. The corner design incorporates chairs and built-in planters, allowing you to enjoy your aromatic blossoms. If you want added privacy and a bit of shade, you can add some trellis screens to transform it into an arbor.

This outdoor project should ideally be made of pressure-treated wood, and you may finish it with any kind of paint or wood stain.

It is a multi-day procedure that may be completed over a single weekend if you do not want to stain it. This DIY outdoor seating project is straightforward to construct, albeit you will need to understand how to drive toe screws precisely, and it will cost roughly $250 to complete.

Planter Bench Wood Craft Idea


Patio Chairs

DIY patio chairs make the perfect garden chairs that are lightweight and simple to carry around. These well-cushioned chairs are quite soft, and the armrests are broad enough to accommodate a drink or a small plate. This DIY project will cost roughly $60 if you use pine, but it will cost $90 if you use cedar.

This DIY patio furniture design is suitable for beginners because it just takes a little expertise and basic supplies. The steps are thorough, and cover techniques like using a speed square to check that the legs are level.


A-Frame Bench

Perhaps you have had a little more woodworking expertise than we have mentioned here, and you have been wanting to build a functional piece of furniture instead of simply something little and decorative. In such a scenario, you could be the ideal candidate for something like a traditional A-frame bench. This piece could fit into most spaces and can be used as a decorative piece if you would like.

A-Frame Wood Bench Craft Idea


Log Lamp

A full-length lamp is unquestionably a conversation item in any living space. Sure, you can get one at IKEA or your local home décor store. But what about making a customized floor log lamp?

It may be the ideal plan for an extended period of woodworking and relaxing at home with a DIY project. You will need to get your hands on a plexiglass tube and a wooden log with some LED lights.



The Best Objects to Use for New Craft Projects

Any object can be used to create something new, but there are a few that have cemented their place in the DIY world. Below are some of the best objects to use for your next DIY project, so if you see them scattered around your home, be sure to hold onto them.



Glass jars are a flexible medium for crafters to work within a range of crafts. Glass jars come in a number of sizes and forms, allowing you to utilize them in an assortment of applications around the house and yard.

Glass jars represent an essential component in a crafter’s arsenal, from DIY crafts to homemade gift ideas.

Jars can also be used for food and drinks, organization around the office or home, and as functional pieces around the garden. Glass jars can easily be found around your home as they usually contain different food products, so check your fridge and maybe it is time to get rid of that pickle brine that is lurking at the back of your fridge.

Glass Jars for Wood Crafts


Pallet Wood

Pallet wood may be used to build furniture like bed frames, coffee tables, and desks. You may also use it to make wood pallet décor such as wall maps, beautiful clocks, and holiday decorations including advent calendars and small trees to adorn your shelves.

Pallets for Wood Crafting

If you are using a free wooden pallet found on the edge of the highway or on the outside of a dumpster, it is in your best interest to ensure that it is clean. Also check if it is devoid of oil-based or similar stains, and has not been treated with toxic chemicals.


Jute Twine

Jute twine may be used in a variety of crafts, notably crocheting. Jute twine may be crocheted into coasters, bags, pot holders, tablecloths, decorations, and much more. Furthermore, jute twine may be used to make necklaces, papier mache crafts, keychains, and much more. This is also a useful material for making wood crafts that will be suspended.

Twine and Wood Craft Ideas


Old Furniture

There are several methods to reuse and recycle items that would otherwise end up in a landfill. We are confident that with some creative thinking, you can find some fantastic new uses for your old furniture.

Old drawers can be used as flower beds, old doors can be used as table tops, old boxes can be used as contemporary pieces to hold larger items, and much more. You can even create a bespoke and truly unique kitchen from combining old wooden pieces into a new whole.

Old Furniture Wood Craft Ideas



If you would like to get your kids interested in DIY crafts, then using cardboard is the best place to start. Even if you are a seasoned crafter with many skills under your belt, it is occasionally great to make something simple. We occasionally return to the origins of our craft and feel the need to do some cutting and pasting, coloring, or constructing something from cardboard.


When it comes to wood craft ideas, it is important to think outside of the box. Not everything has to be done in a specific way and this could take a lot of the fun out of it. Feel free to use a variety of materials in tandem with your wood craft project, as this will make it more dynamic and you will end up with a much more unique product. Ultimately, we recommend that you always wear safety equipment and that you do your best to enjoy the project. Good luck!




Frequently Asked Questions


Are Wooden Crafts Expensive?

The cost of making wooden crafts will depend on the type of materials that are used. Some materials are incredibly cheap and are sometimes free, and it only gets expensive once you start spending a lot of money on tools and new materials.


Is It Difficult to Come Up With New Wood Craft Ideas?

Not at all! There are plenty of simple wood craft ideas that are floating around the internet and you can easily take something old and turn it into something new. The only limiting factor is your imagination, as you could easily repurpose something old and transform it into something unique.


What Are the Most Important Tools Needed for DIY Wood Crafts?

There are a variety of tools that will help you to make any project easier; however, as a beginner, there are only a handful of tools that you would actually need. This includes a tape measure, a hand saw, a cordless drill, a set of screwdrivers, and a variety of screws and bolts on hand.

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