What Can You Make with a Cricut Machine

What Can You Make With a Cricut Machine? – Crafting With Cricut

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Are you looking for a hobby that could also potentially make a bit of extra cash on the side? Do you want to buy something versatile that is fun to use? If you answered “yes” to those questions, you should consider a Cricut machine! It requires an initial investment, but you will not be sorry that you took the opportunity. So, what can you make with a Cricut machine? In this article, we hope to share with you what a Cricut machine is and the multitude of things that you can make with a Cricut, so you do not have to go searching. Let us begin!



What Is a Cricut?

This is a crafter’s dream come true, as you can use the Cricut machine for a variety of purposes, from greeting cards and stickers to customizing T-shirts, and much more. The Cricut machine is an electronic cutting tool you can use to create a variety of designs from materials like vinyl, paper, card stock, and even leather or wood.

What can a Cricut do? Well, this electronic cutting tool can do anything that scissors can, but so much more.

Things to Make With a Cricut

You also have a lot more precision and speed when using the Cricut machine. Machines like these are also recognized as craft plotters as well as die-cutters. Some brands offer similar types of machines, but the Cricut is manufactured by a company in Utah known as Provo Craft & Novelty. You have three main types of Cricut machines you can purchase, and these include the following:

  • Cricut Explore 2
  • Cricut Explore 3
  • Cricut Maker 3
  • Cricut Joy

The Cricut 3 is an upgrade to the Cricut 2 and offers more features, has a sleeker design, and is faster than its predecessor. The Cricut 3 is also a great mid-level option and is one of the best-selling machines, perfect for the beginner. As you move up in features and price, you have the Cricut Maker, which can cut more types of materials and comes with a variety of tools. The Cricut Joy is smaller and offers a more portable option.

You can purchase a Cricut machine from the company’s website, or you can go to Amazon, or find one at selected craft stores.


How Does a Cricut Machine Work?

Instead of printing words and images on paper as a printer does, a Cricut machine uses small blades that move and cut out your design from various materials including paper. All Cricut machines come with an application (app) or free design software known as Cricut Design Space. This means you can use the program on your laptop, desktop computer, or your mobile phone. Loads of designs and ideas are pre-loaded that you can choose from. You can also create unique designs in the program or upload your design to the program.

Many of the images available on the program are free, however, others do require a subscription to Cricut Access within the design program, which provides access to exclusive projects and images.

What Can A Cricut Do

You will need internet access and time to figure out how to use the app, which should not take too long as it is one of the more straightforward programs you can use. After the design has been created, it is sent to the Cricut machine, and the design is then cut out on whatever material you are using.


What Do You Need to Get Started With a Cricut Machine?

You can purchase a Cricut machine, which should come with all you need for a test run once the machine has been set up. However, you can also purchase Cricut bundles, which come with extra blades, mats as well as materials, so you can start creating straight away. Depending on what projects you have in mind, you can get extra paper, such as card stock or scrapbook paper. If you want to create vinyl products, you can stock up on iron vinyl, transfer tape, and adhesive vinyl.

There are also tool kits available from Cricut that include items like scissors, a scraper, tweezers, a paper trimmer, and a scoring stylus among others.

Simple Things To Make With a Cricut


What Can You Make With a Cricut Machine?

The Cricut machine can be used to make a range of creative crafting projects. What is great about using the Cricut machine is that all your projects can be customizable. You can select your own designs, patterns as well as colors to make something that is unique. There are loads of ideas online from Pinterest and you can join the Cricut Facebook groups to get inspiration from others. However, you can simply read further to discover the amazing things to make with a Cricut machine.


How Do You Maintain a Cricut Machine?

As you use your Cricut machine, it can collect dirt and dust, and grease can begin to build up. Before you clean your Cricut machine, always disconnect the power. You can clean the plastic surfaces with a soft cloth and some spray glass cleaner or any other gentle cleaner. Do not spray directly onto the machine, rather spray the cloth, and then wipe the surface. Baby wipes and microfiber cloths are good options.

You can remove any dust that accumulates with a dry clean cloth. Any grease buildup on the carriage shaft can be carefully removed, using a cotton Q-tip or soft cloth.

Easy Things To Make With A Cricut

The Cricut mat you use for materials can also get dusty and dirty and needs to be cleaned. The different color mats can handle different materials, for example, a blue, light grip mat is for paper or thin cardstock, while a purple mat is for heavier materials like wood. Follow instructions on how to clean accessories and Cricut blades.



What Can a Cricut Do?

Anybody who has a Cricut machine and kids know how wonderful it is to have a Cricut machine to make items for a themed birthday party or create some custom outfits. You can also create some amazing gifts or use Cricut to start your own business. To help, we have come up with a list of what you can make with a Cricut machine.


Paper Crafts

We are going to start with the most common use for the Cricut machine, making a variety of paper projects. There are so many ideas for creating with paper, and it is one of the more affordable materials you can get. Make sure you have different types of paper and cardstock available, as well as markers and pens. Have a look at some of the most popular Cricut paper project ideas.

DIY Things To Make With a Cricut


Greeting Cards

Making cards with a Cricut machine is ideal for beginners but is also perfect for those more advanced crafters. Greetings cards are also ideal to make if you are looking for items to sell. You can take any idea you like and then you can use the Cricut machine to make it a little more special. You can make amazing pop-up cards, fun fold cards, box cards, spinner cards, paper lace cards, or simply add embellishments to a card. You can also use adhesive vinyl to create unique cards. Cards can be made for birthdays, and anniversaries, as well as Christmas cards and all other holiday events.

Thank-you cards and get-well cards are also favorites. The ideas are infinite, and you only need to use your imagination.


Personalized Stationery

Today, technology is taking over the world, to the extent that nobody receives handwritten letters anymore. Thank you messages for gifts are simply e-mail or text messages that are done in seconds. There is no real thought that goes into any form of correspondence today. If you want to stand out and provide a special look and feel to your letters, it can tell a lot about who you are and the message you are sending. This can be done for personal use, but many companies are also creating a more personal approach to clients.

Using the Cricut machine, you can create beautiful personalized envelopes, letters, invitations, and gifts.

Hobby Things To Make With A Cricut


Scrapbook Albums and Notebooks

Scrapbooks are special because they provide a way for you to create something that is unique and helps to preserve those precious memories. The Cricut machine can offer you the perfect way for you to create these albums. If you love journaling, you can also customize your writing journal or notebook.


Cake Toppers and Party Decorations

Throwing the perfect party for someone you love can be a daunting experience. This could be anything from birthday parties or Christmas celebrations to graduation parties or baby showers. All these events have something in common; you need decorations and, of course, cake. You can go scouring the local party shops, but what if you could make everything yourself? Using a Cricut machine, you can easily customize your cake toppers and decorations, which could cost quite a bit if you had it done elsewhere. Ideas could include:

Homemade Things To Make With a Cricut

  • Cake and gift toppers
  • Cupcake holders
  • Banners
  • Theme decorations
  • Party confetti
  • Party crackers


Custom Stickers and Labels

You can create some beautiful stickers, using the Cricut machine. All you need is your design; printable sticker paper and you are ready to go. The Cricut machine has a print-then-cut option, so all you do is print the design on the paper and then the Cricut machine will cut it out. You can also create labels for different purposes, for example, organization. Stickers have a variety of purposes, but mostly to decorate an item or surface.

For example, stickers can be used in your scrapbook or on a greeting card or gift.


Cricut Paper Flowers

You can use paper flowers to decorate gifts or create a flower garland or embellish all kinds of projects you might have in mind. The flowers could be roses, carnations, daffodils, or any other flower you want. Each design that is cut can then be folded into a three-dimensional flower.


Three-Dimensional Paper Projects

Sticking with three dimensions, there are many other designs for this as well. Some of the ideas can include gift boxes, paper pumpkins, shadow boxes, three-dimensional paper butterflies, Christmas trees and ornaments, hats, décor items, paper lanterns, and mini paper houses or paper purses. You could even cut out realistic-looking paper succulents to place in a pot and give them as gifts.

Things To Make With a Cricut at Home


Cricut Bookmarks

Looking for a simple gift idea? Then you should consider a bookmark, which is easily done by a Cricut machine. There are many design ideas you can use including creating different shapes and types of bookmarks. Some can be simple straight designs, while others can have multiple layers and more delicate designs. What is great about using the Cricut machine is that the ideas are all customizable.


Advent Calendars

There are various ideas and designs you use for your advent calendar, from simple to three-dimensional designs. If you feel this is just too complicated, why not try making a Thanksgiving tree? You can use real small branches for this, where you can hang up some cutout leaves. The idea is then to write on the leaves and tell everyone what you are thankful for.

Things To Make With a Cricut Machine


Wall Art

You can use paper as well as cardstock to create unique wall art. Again, many ideas for this can be anything from simple projects to more detailed ideas. For example, create lettering so you can make words, or create detailed three-dimensional designs that you can frame.


Vinyl Crafts

Vinyl is an amazingly durable and fade-resistant material that can be used to create a variety of designs and ideas. You can use it to personalize and decorate all kinds of surfaces from metal and glass to plastic, satin-smooth walls, and varnished wood.

Crafty Things To Make With A Cricut


Fridge Magnets

It is extremely easy to make fridge magnets now that you can get printable magnetic sheets and printable vinyl. Combine these elements and you are on your way to creating fabulous magnets you can put on the fridge or any other metal surface.


Customized T-Shirts

Creating customized T-shirts with a Cricut machine is easy and a great project for beginners. All that is required is your Cricut machine, iron-on vinyl, a T-shirt, and a few other accessories. You can design anything you want from words to intricate designs. This is then placed on the T-shirt and the design is transferred when heat is applied.

Art Things To Make With a Cricut


Iron-On Transfers

We have already discussed vinyl applications on T-shirts, using the Cricut machine. However, you can use the same method on a variety of clothing items, such as caps, sweatshirts, baby onesies, or beanies. You can try it on anything that can be worn, to create a customized look. Not only clothes, but you can also apply it to pillow covers. All of these items can be created for fun, or used as special gifts for anniversaries, weddings, or Valentine’s Day. Let us not stop looking at clothes for people, you can even include pet items. Pet clothing has become popular, and if you can customize it, even better.

You can also use the iron-on vinyl transfers to personalize canvas shoes or tote bags.

What Can A Cricut Do For Crafts


Vinyl Decals for Water Bottles

Customizing water bottles and tumblers have become quite popular, and you can do it yourself using the Cricut machine. You can also apply to mugs, to add a unique touch. Try to use permanent adhesive vinyl for mugs or items that are washed regularly, as this is water-resistant and will last longer.


Personalized Phone Cases

Everyone wants to keep up appearances, and this includes fashionable phone cases or even laptop covers. You can also switch your phone covers when you get tired of a design. You can try using printable sticker paper or adhesive vinyl for a more durable option.

What Can A Cricut Do With Paper


Wall Decals

Vinyl wall decals have become quite popular and are an easy option to add that extra something to a room. You can use a Cricut machine to create these decals, however, the vinyl can only be applied to a non-porous surface. So, the paint finish should be as smooth as possible so the vinyl can stick properly. Different words and phrases are quite a popular choice for this type of décor option.

You can also decorate using stencils.


Vinyl Stencils

Creating a stencil with a Cricut machine is very easy. A stencil is a thin and hard material like vinyl, which is then cut into various shapes or designs. The stencil can then be placed on a surface and paint, or some other medium is applied. The design will then be left behind once the stencil is removed. You have many different kinds of projects you can do, such as some of the below ideas.

What Can A Cricut Do With Leather

  • You can use stencils to create a “wallpaper” type effect, or use it as a border on walls.
  • Painting wooden signs is a popular idea.
  • Stencils can also be used for things like cake decorating.
  • Create amazing stencil designs for silkscreen printing.
  • Pre-cut stencils that are adhesive backed are perfect for glass etching or mirror decorating.


Car Decals

Car decals are fun and creative designs you can apply to your car surface. These can be placed on the metal or windows of the car. You can go as large as you can or as small as you want, to make your car more unique. Make sure you use permanent vinyl, which is more durable.


Key Chains

Key chains are always a favorite gift or party favor. You can easily customize the key chain and apply your own design elements. The most common method for this is using the clear acrylic key chain that comes with all its attachments. The design is cut into the vinyl and then applied to the acrylic key chain, which can be square, rectangular, or round.

What Can A Cricut Do With Wood


Vinyl Backsplash

A simple way to beautify your kitchen is to add a custom backsplash, which can be applied behind the stove. However, you can also create look-a-like tiles that can be used as a border around the kitchen. It does not only have to be in the kitchen, but you can also do something similar in the bathroom. The best thing is that, unlike real tiles, the Cricut design vinyl can be removed. So, you can create new designs if you get tired of the old ones.


Fabric Crafts

When it comes to things to make with a Cricut machine, can you use other materials besides paper and vinyl? Most definitely, you can cut a variety of fabrics, including felt and leather using a Cricut machine. Some of the Cricut machines, like the Cricut Explore 3 can cut thicker materials like felt or leather, to a maximum of 2.4 mm. The Cricut Maker 3 can also handle heavier materials, such as fabrics, and also woods like balsa. The Cricut Joy can also handle certain materials, but they need to be quite thin.

Let us take a look at a few fabric craft ideas using the Cricut machine.


Cricut Baby Clothes

Sewing and cutting patterns can take time, however, for smaller projects, you can use a Cricut machine to design and cut fabric. It is a lot easier than doing it by hand. Adult clothes will be a bit too much, however, baby clothes, such as onesies, shorts, baby bibs or small T-shirts can be done. Items like

What Can A Cricut Do With Fabric


Cricut Quilts

Quilting is quite a challenging project, and even using a Cricut machine, you can consider it a more advanced idea. However, you can easily and accurately cut out patterns that can be sewn to create the quilt.


Cricut Fabric Appliques

This can follow from creating quilts, as you can use appliques for a variety of purposes. Some ideas include table covers, blankets, placemats, and tote bags. However, you might need to consider getting a bonded fabric blade, which can be bought separately. You will also need a bonded backing on the material.

What Can A Cricut Do With Vinyl


Cricut Soft Toys

Think of all the amazing soft toys you can design and create with a Cricut machine. You can easily cut out patterns, which can then be used to make soft felt dolls, toys, and stuffed animals. The Cricut machine just makes the process a lot easier.


Cricut Zipper Bag

If you have a material in mind, and you want to make a zipper bag, fabric purse, or other bag idea, you can use a Cricut machine to cut out the pattern. This will make it faster and easier for you to complete your project.

Leather Things To Make With A Cricut


Leather Crafts

The Cricut machine can also cut thicker materials like leather, but make sure to check the recommendations for each machine before purchasing. When cutting leather, make sure your blades are sharp and your mat is clean. You will need the Cricut Maker 3 for cutting leather, which you can use on tooling leather, garment leather, or the Cricut brand of genuine leather. Other machines you could also use include the Cricut Explore Air 2 and Explore 3. Below are some ideas for leather crafts using a Cricut machine.


Personalized Leather Keychains

When using the Cricut machine, you can create a variety of shapes and designs. This could be a simple round or square shape, but you can also do heart shapes or tassels. Once this has been cut, you can also apply various designs of iron-on foil vinyl. Personalizing the leather is also a great idea, you can add initials or names.

Paper Things To Make With A Cricut


Customized Leather Wallets

There are many different designs you can use to create a leather wallet. You can design an easy no stitch, fold-up leather wallet with a leather tie. All you need to do is create the design and have it cut out on the Cricut machine. You can then also add other design elements to the leather surface, such as the iron-on vinyl.


Leather Earrings

You can use the Cricut machine to make some amazing leather jewelry pieces. Some of the more common ideas for this are leather earrings and bracelets. However, you can also consider leather pendants. You can even do finely detailed designs that the Cricut machine can cut out, or you can cut out shapes and add your design elements.

Vinyl Things To Make With A Cricut


DIY Leather Book Cover

As with jewelry, you can also use leather to create covers for your journal or books. Again, the Cricut machine can be programmed to design intricate details or create a basic shape and add design elements after the leather has been cut to shape. This is also a wonderful idea for personalized gifting.


Wood Crafts

Now we are getting to the thicker and more sturdy materials. Thankfully, the Cricut Maker and Cricut Explorer 3 can be used for cutting wood. The Cricut Maker 3 can also cut wood like balsa, basswood, chipboard, and natural wood veneer. Again, when deciding on a Cricut machine to purchase, always check the information to decide on the best machine for your purposes.

Wooden Things To Make With A Cricut


Wood Earrings

When it comes to wood and jewelry items, it seems that earrings are what the Cricut machine does best. The fashion is to make earrings from wood veneer. Again, you can create delicate designs with the Cricut machine, or design and cut a shape so you can add design elements afterward. For example, you can engrave or burn the wood surface.


Upgrading Furniture

This idea does not cut the wood itself but adds design elements to the wood surface to create a new look. You can do this by using two methods; the first method will involve adhesive vinyl that can be applied to the wood surface, while the second is creating vinyl stencils you can use to paint the wood surface.

Printing Things To Make With A Cricut


DIY Wooden Signs

Wooden signs can be big or small and can be custom-made. You can make shapes and letters out of wood, using the Cricut machine. Place the letters together to form a word or phrase. You can also create words or phrases using the adhesive vinyl, which can then be applied to your wooden surface. The signs can be used as home décor, but they can also be used at weddings, holidays, and other types of events.


Personalized Wooden Coasters

Wooden coasters are easy to make, using a Cricut machine. You can create any design from the wooden sheets available. A simple customized idea would be to create a monogram or initial letter, which can be cut out by the Cricut machine. You can also cut the wood into a square or round shape. Cut out a second solid square or round piece, which you can place underneath the cut-out version. In between this, you can place patterned paper to show up the letters.

Another simple idea is to create a cut-out leaf shape that can be your coaster. There are many ideas you can use or come up with yourself.


Customized Wooden Utensils

Customizing wooden spoons seems to be quite popular and can easily be done using a Cricut machine. You will already have your wooden spoon available and will then need to customize it by adding design elements, using adhesive vinyl. You could also cut differently shaped utensils from wood to use as simple decorative elements. Besides utensils, for the dining room, you could make custom name place cards.


Wooden Picture Puzzles

You can use family photos to create wooden picture puzzles, which can be made from chipboard. There are a variety of designs available for this and can use adhesive vinyl to print the image, which can then be applied to the chipboard surface.

What Can A Cricut Do With Glass


Wooden Home Décor

There are many other wooden décor ideas you can do using the Cricut machine. You can try creating a patterned veneer and using it on an old dresser. On various holidays, you can custom make the décor, for example, wooden Christmas trees. How about scrabble wood tiles, hanging closet dividers, or wooden mobiles?


As you might have noticed, there are plenty of ideas and things to make with a Cricut machine. It truly is a versatile tool that you can use for a diverse range of projects. The Cricut machine is also a great investment if you are looking for something to turn into a business, as there are plenty of ideas and products you can create. However, the Cricut machine is also perfect for somebody who is simply looking for a new hobby, or to use for projects around the home.




Frequently Asked Questions


What Materials Can Be Used With a Cricut Machine?

There are a lot of different materials you can use to make designs with a Cricut machine. This includes paper, cardstock, vinyl, various types of fabric, leather, and wood, among others. You can even get plastic sheet materials. Just remember, whatever material you use, it should not exceed 2,4 mm in thickness.


Is It Possible to Use My Own Designs on a Cricut Machine?

There are many designs available on the Cricut program, but your own designs can also be uploaded. Simply create a JPG, SVG, or PNG file, and then import it to the Cricut program. Unique designs can also be made within the program itself.


Is It Difficult to Learn How to Use a Cricut Machine?

If you begin with simple projects, it is very easy to use the Cricut machine. However, it is essential to gain an understanding of all the components and accessories that go with the machine. There is a guide that takes you through the process of setting it up, which makes learning how to use the Cricut simple and accessible to everyone.

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